His Birthday Surprise

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

I have been planning a special birthday surprise for him all week long and now it's finally here. He's definitely going to be surprised.

His Birthday Surprise

I wake up early and roll over to see you still sleeping. Just looking at you stirs my heart I love you so much! I watch you for a while as I am thinking about plans for later this evening. It's your birthday and I have planned such a surprise for you. I can't wait to have you all to myself.

Just then the alarm goes off signally it's time to get up and get this day started. Reaching over to cut it off.

“Good morning baby girl,” I hear you say in that deep raw sexy morning voice.

God I love to hear your voice. It has always turned me. You have one of those deep voices that when you speak it makes my insides vibrate and turns me on every time.

“Good morning and Happy Birthday, my love”. I say.

“Thanks, baby girl,” you respond while pulling me in for a passionate morning kiss.

Climbing out of bed I head down to the kitchen to start your coffee while you jump in the shower....

After breakfast we head our separate ways to work. We both have a very busy day ahead of us.

* * * * * *

Arriving home after work I start the process of getting ready for our special night out. I take a nice long relaxing bath. After my bath I head into our bedroom to get dressed.

Looking at myself in the mirror once I'm finished. With new dress on, my hair and make-up done I can't help but smile, hoping you like what you see. Tonight is a special night so I went shopping for something just for you.

Hearing the door shut I head downstairs to welcome you home.

“Hey baby girl, how was your.... Damn baby!!! You look fucking hot!”, you say as you take my hand and pull me over to you for a closer look.

Turning me around slowly check me out from head to toe. I left my long hair down just the way you like it, but pulled back away from my face. For my make-up I did a smokey eye and I am wearing the dark red lipstick you love so much. I bought a new little black dress especially for tonight. It's sleeveless with a curved neckline. It gives just a hint of the swell of my breast. Just enough to tease you with the view but not reveal anything. It comes down to just above 2 inches from my knees. My Stockings and 3 inch heels complete my outfit.

Seeing the look of unbridled lust flash across your face tells me I did good with my choice.

“Thank you baby. I'm glad you like it.”, I say with a smile.

Pulling me up against your chest roughly you whisper in my ear, “Like it? I fucking love it. In fact I love it so much I want to bend you over the back of the couch, pull up that sexy dress and fuck the shit out of you right now”.

Grabbing me behind the neck your lips crash against mine in a hungry kiss. Running your tongue over my bottom lip, biting my lip. Fuck I love it when you do that, you've already got my pussy wet.

I reach down and rub you through your slacks. I can tell by the hardness I feel that you are ready to do exactly what you just said.

I kiss you just a moment longer and then push you back.

“No sir, not right now we have reservations. We are going out for your birthday remember?”, I remind you.

“Baby girl, I don't care about the reservations I would much rather stay here and have you for dinner and dessert.”, you tell me when another kiss.

“Nope not going to happen I've been planning this all week. I want to go out for you birthday. I have planned a special evening for you.”, I say pushing out of your arms.

“Now hurry up and get ready so that we are not late, please.” I give you a sweet little smile.

“OK” you respond heading up the stairs to get ready.

Twenty minutes later and we are in the car heading into downtown for dinner. Glancing your way I can't help but check you out. You are the sexiest man and you are all mine. Dressed in black slacks and a black long-sleeve button-down shirt with the top button undone. I can't resist reaching over and laying my hand on your thigh. Slowly I let my hand start to wander.

I hear your quick intake of breath and a low growl. I smirk as I rub my hand over your cock. I can feel your cock growing under my hand as I run over you. “Baby girl, you are playing with fire,” you growl through your teeth.

Smiling I remove my hand and sit back in my seat as we pull into the parking lot.

“Good girl”, you tell me once we park.

Adjusting yourself you get out of the car and walk around to my side and open my door. With your hand on my lower back you lead me inside the restaurant.

I have reserved a table in the back corner of the restaurant. The lighting is dim. The table is beautifully set with long a long black table cloth. A flower arrangement with tea light candles floating in the center of it. The perfect setting for romance or seduction or both. Whichever you desire?

Always the perfect gentleman you pull my chair out for me. Smiling seductively you take your seat across from me.

Looking at the menu after we have given the waiter our drink order. I feel your eyes on me so I look up. “Baby girl you look ravishing tonight. I still say I would rather have you for dinner tonight,” you say with that smirk of yours.

Smiling as the waiter returns to pour our drinks. After he walks away having taken our order I look around us nonchalantly. Seeing we are indeed secluded I smile. I reach down and easy my hands slightly under my dress that has risen. I slide my hands up to my underwear and hooking my thumbs on the sides I slowly pull them down trying not to attract your attention.

Sliding them on down my legs, I pull one leg out. Looking at you as you take a drink I bring my foot slowly up your leg. Running it seductively up and down your leg until finally I allow my foot to rest between your legs. Smiling as you lift that sexy eyebrow I start rubbing you my foot over your crotch.

“Baby girl, what are you up to tonight?” you ask while reaching down to caress my foot and finding your present. I bought the sexiest black lace lingerie just for tonight and you are now holding the tiny black lace thong in your hands.

“Such a naughty girl tonight. What am I going to do with you?” you say while I continue to rub you through your black pants. I smile and bite my bottom lip.

Just then the waiter arrives with our meal. The rest of the dinner we enjoy conversation about our day and plans for this weekend. Of course there is a lot of flirting going on as well.

* * * * *

Once we arrive home, you come around to my side of the car and open my door. With your hand at the small of my back we walk to the front door. Once inside and you have closed the door you push me up against the front door. Placing your hands on each side of my face holding my head in place while you crush your lips against mine. Your kiss has all of the pent up energy in it from all the teasing you have received tonight. Running my hands up your back and pulling you closer to me as our kiss deepens.

Feeling lightheaded from lack of air I push back slightly to break the kiss. Taking a deep breath I run my hand along the side of your cheek. Looking into those beautifully hazel/green eyes of yours I say, “Baby I have a special present for your birthday tonight”.

Leading you up the stairs to our bedroom. I tell you to go ahead and get undress and lay down on the bed while I go get your present. Walking into our bathroom closing the door I unzip my dress and let it fall to the floor. Stepping out of it I step up to the mirror and touch up my make-up. I pull my hair up into a ponytail so it's out of the way.

Walking back into the bedroom I notice that you have turned down the lights so there is a soft glow and you have put on some sensual mood music. I walk to the end of bed so you can get a better look at me.

Your eyes are raking over my see-through lace bustier complete with garters and silky thigh highs. “Damn baby girl! That is sexy as hell! Come here,” you exclaim running your tongue along your bottom lip.

Climbing slowly onto the bed I straddle your lap. Kissing you slowly, seductively, and running my tongue along your neck. I smile as I hear your breath increase and you grab and pull me further onto you as my wet pussy touches your hard cock. I nip your neck lightly. Your growl in response and your cock pressing more against me is just the reaction I was looking for.

“Baby, since it's your birthday I have planned something special for you tonight, do you trust me?” I whisper in your ear, licking your ear softly, sucking your lobe into my mouth and nipping it gently.

“What are you up to? You are driving me crazy,” you groan out. “Do you trust me?” I whisper in your ear again. “Yes baby girl I trust you,” you manage to say.

“Good, now lay back, and let's play,” I say as I push you onto your back. I climb off of you and taking your right arm I stretch it up toward the corner of the bed. Reaching to the post of the bed I grab the restraint that you always have attached there for me. I place your right wrist into the soft cuff and fasten it. Taking your left arm I stretch it out and doing the same to that wrist.

I stand beside the bed smiling and looking down at you. Running my fingers along your cheek lightly, across your lips where your tongue comes out to lick them softly and then pull them into your mouth sucking on them. Pulling them out of your mouth I continue their caress down your chest circling first one nipple and then again on the other one. Leaning down reaching out with my tongue I run it over your left nipple sucking it into my mouth and then nipping on it.

I felt you start to struggle in the restraints as you gasp and moan at the ministrations you are receiving. I look at your hard cock that is bobbing against your stomach in excitement. Standing back up I walk to the end of the bed, taking your left leg I fasten it in the cuff there and then repeat it with the right side.

Stepping back I take in the view, all spread eagle in all your sexy glory. The lust and excitement written across your face as you watch me walk to the side of the bed. I reach out and gently touch your hard cock with just my fingertips. I hear your sharp intake of breath. I look up into your eyes as I lean down and run my tongue over the tip of your cock that I love so much. Watching it bounce as I lick up one side and down the other slowly. You moan and throw your head back while raising your hips to try and make more contact with my lips.

I pull back and walk over to our toy chest. Pulling out a blindfold I walk back to the bed. “Are you enjoying yourself so far?” I ask as I come back to the bed. “Yes, but know that you are playing with fire little girl,” you say as you see the blindfold.

“Yes, but I'm the one in charge right now,” I said smiling as I slip the blindfold over your eyes. Adjusting it just right I lean down and kiss your lips and bite your lip. Standing back up I walk back to our toy chest. I pull out a few toys to use on you along with the warming gel.

Walking back to the bed I lick my lips as I look at your body spread out like a buffet for me. Laying the toys on the bed I climb up on the bed straddling your chest, leaning down I kiss you passionately, running my tongue over your lips demanding entrance. Once you open your lips I deepen our kiss as my tongue enters your mouth playing with yours. Sucking on your tongue, nibbling on your lips and biting them a little harder. Raising up I crawl up to straddle your head lowing my pussy to just barely above your face. I can feel your breath brushing my pussy as you breathe out.

“My southern region seems to be extremely wet so I need for you to clean it up,” I say as I lower myself all the way down onto your mouth. Holding onto the headboard I move my hips, rocking back and forth on your face while your tongue licks my clit and my pussy lips. “Mmm, just like that baby...oh god yes, that feels so good,” I moan out as you suck my clit into your mouth hard.

Rubbing my pussy hard on your face, over your whiskers causing them to scratch my lips and clit in the, most delicious way. I feel myself getting closer to the edge, with the combination of your licking and sucking and my rubbing on your face. As I reach the crest I press down harder bringing me tight against your face while you lick and suck me until I fall over the edge. Dropping my head down as I catch my breath I can feel you struggling beneath me and moaning.

Raising up I bring my leg back over your head until I am sitting to the side of you. Your breathing hard trying to catch your breath and your face is soaked with my juices. I reach down and grab hold of your hard cock and stroking you as I lean in to lick my juices off your lips. Kissing you hard while stroking you. You struggle to raise your hips to get me to stroke you faster, however, I have other plans. “Nope not yet,” I say as I climb off the bed.

“Fuck baby girl, you are killing me...I want to fuck you now,” you moan.

“I'm in charge right now remember.” I remind you while picking up the flogger. I run it softly up your leg, letting the leather caress your skin. I continue to run it up and down your other leg, up your side across your chest. All the while watching your hard cock bounce against your chest as you moan. Drawing my arm back slightly I flick my wrist and allow the flogger to hit your stomach twice, then back to dragging it up your side. Flicking my wrist again I let it strike your nipple.

Flicking it over and over again it hits your nipples, your side, your stomach, then the insides of your thighs. Each flick just a little harder than the one before. Watching you struggle and the look of pleasure on your face is hot as hell. Never taking my eyes off of your face I flick the flogger so that hits the side of your cock. “Oh shit...oh god, fuck” you moan out as I continue to let the flogger rotate between your chest, side, thighs, and your cock never in the same pattern.

I can see pre-cum starting to leak from the tip of your cock. I lean down and lick it off. “Mmm, you taste good...you ready for more?” I whisper into your ear. “Oh god yes, please...” you groan while raising your hips up for more.

Smiling I lay the flogger on the bed and pick up the riding crop. Slowing dragging it across your skin letting it make love your skin. The sensations are getting to you. You growl while pulling hard at your restraints as you thrust your hips up as I flick the crop to your nipple, “Oh fuck baby girl!” you ground out through clenched teeth.

Over and over the leather of riding crop kisses the skin of your chest and thighs. Taking the tip of the crop I slide it up and run it along the side of your cock. I hear you inhale a deep breath and hold it waiting to see what I will do. I continue to caress the sides of your cock with the leather until you start to relax you the slightest. Once you do I flick my wrist lightly and smack the side of your cock with the leather. “Oh my god...fuck yes...please baby more...” you cry out as I continue to smack it a couple of more times.

Leaning down I kiss the tip of your cock and take a quick lick before I move up to your lips to kiss you hard biting your lip. As you moan I whisper in your ear a question “More?”

“Yes please!!” you say breathing hard and still struggling. I climb down between your outstretched legs. I reach for the warming gel and dribble it over your cock and let it run down to your puckered asshole. Once I get you good and coated with the warming gel I start rubbing it in, making sure you are good and lubed up. I can feel the warmth the more I rub it in. Sliding my fingers down the side of your cock I slide them down and rub the area right between your cock and your asshole.

Moaning you continue to struggle in your restraints wanting more. My finger glides down to caress your puckered hole. The more I rub your asshole, the more you continue to thrust up and struggle. “Please baby girl...please...” you groan trying to get closer.

Sliding my finger into your ass, I slide it in and out while watching you move as much as you can trying to fuck yourself with my finger while moaning out my name. Picking up the pace a little I give in to you for just a minute sliding it in and out faster and harder. After a minute I add another finger stretching your ass more as you moan louder and struggle harder against your restraints.

“You still want more baby?” I ask as I fuck you with my fingers.

“Fuck yes...” you moan out while pushing yourself against my fingers.

I stop my thrusting fingers and pull them from your ass. Reaching over to the side of the bed I grab the last toy. Pouring warming gel over the prostate massager I got especially for you tonight. Placing it at the entrance to your ass I push it in as you groan and catch your breath since it's a little bigger than my two fingers. As it slides in more and more I slide it in and out, stretching your ass good and listening to you moaning and panting.

Sliding it the rest of the way in until it is seated against your balls and tapping on it lightly you growl and thrust your hips. I move up your body I position my legs on each side your head again. “Be a good boy and make me cum and I might let you cum this time,” I say with a smirk.

Lowering my pussy onto your face you attack my clit with your tongue, licking, sucking and biting it. Oh fuck! Grinding my pussy harder on your face. You start fucking my pussy with your tongue, bringing me closer and closer to the orgasm that is building up. Holding on the headboard again and rubbing my pussy hard on your face as you fuck me with your tongue and suck and bite my clit. Harder and faster until I hit my release flooding your mouth and face as I squirt all over you.

“Fuck, you are so good at eating my pussy...do you want to cum?” I whisper in your ear as I bite your earlobe.

“Fuck yes...please!” you growl. I move back down until I straddle you, your hard cock at my pussy. I reach down, grabbing hold of your cock, positioning it at my entrance, and I slowly slide down onto your hard cock. Moving up and down slowly on your cock I reach for the remote for the vibrating massager in your ass turning it on the lowest setting.

I love hearing your groans as you thrust your cock up into my dripping wet pussy trying to increase the speed of the thrust. I can tell you are getting closer. So I bounced up and down on your cock faster and harder all the while I upped the speed of the vibrations in the massager to its highest setting. Slamming my pussy down on your cock faster and faster meeting your thrusts, while the vibrations from your full ass combined to bring you to a mind-blowing orgasm at the same time I reach mine as well. I can feel your hot cum coating my insides as my pussy walls continue to milk your cock through my release.

Falling over on your chest exhausted I kiss your lips. Sliding off of you I release you from your restraints and remove the blindfold. Snuggling into your side as we both try to catch our breath from our release.

“Happy birthday baby, I hope you enjoyed your present” I say as I kiss your lips.

“Baby girl, I definitely enjoyed it...thank you” you say as you kiss the side of my head pulling me closer into your arms, holding me tight. “Just remember I warned you that you were playing with fire, and we have the whole weekend for me to teach you a lesson in teasing me,” you whisper in my ear as you slap my ass.

Smiling I look up into your beautiful eyes and say, “Yes, sir”.

Submitted: May 10, 2020

© Copyright 2023 Charity Day. All rights reserved.

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My birthday is soon. Do you think you could bing me a surprise pesent.
XoxoX SWx

Sun, May 10th, 2020 5:19am


Happy early birthday! Glad you enjoyed it! xoxo

Sat, May 9th, 2020 10:27pm

Amy F. Turner

I do love playing with fire, don't you? What a lovely birthday of teasing gratification! Loved every bit of this as it sounds like a bit of reversal. Quite sensual and well written, CD. :)

Sun, May 10th, 2020 2:13pm


Oh I most certainly enjoy playing with fire! Thank you Amy, I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)

Sun, May 10th, 2020 7:43am


You are a sensual writer, Charity. This is so intimate, deliciously naughty, hopelessly romantic, lustfully enticing. It's consensual bliss at its finest and I particularly love the panty slip under the table. I can just see the flickering candlelight at dinner, hear the soft music in the bedroom. It's perfect. The soft bondage and teasing are delightful. Well done.

Sun, May 10th, 2020 8:38pm


I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thank you for the review DK!

Sun, May 10th, 2020 2:12pm

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