leo's revenge

leo's revenge

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


"so fucking sweet," he said as he crawled his way back up to me and kissed me. i could taste myself against his swollen lips. he crawled from the bed and stood to his towering hight. his jeans were taken off very quickly along with his briefs. my eyes were blessed with the sight of his weeping cock. so long and so perfectly thick. his dick stood at salute and pointed straight towards me. he crawled back onto the bed and reached over to the night table besides his bed. he slowly, torturously, rolled on the condom. "i need you inside me leo," hell, leonardo was too formal right now, all i wanted was him and that's what i was going to get. •compelling and sexy man ahead beware! rated r for violence, language, and mature audiences read at your own risk and enjoy!


"so fucking sweet," he said as he crawled his way back up to me and kissed me. i could taste myself against his swollen lips. he crawled from the bed and stood to his towering hight. his jeans were taken off very quickly along with his briefs. my eyes were blessed with the sight of his weeping cock.

so long and so perfectly thick.

his dick stood at salute and pointed straight towards me. he crawled back onto the bed and reached over to the night table besides his bed. he slowly, torturously, rolled on the condom.

"i need you inside me leo," hell, leonardo was too formal right now, all i wanted was him and that's what i was going to get.

•compelling and sexy man ahead beware!

rated r for violence, language, and mature audiences read at your own risk and enjoy!


Submitted: August 03, 2016

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Submitted: August 03, 2016



Meeting a stranger at a grave wasn't a normal thing to happen. I came here nearly everyday and visited for a while, and everyday seemed to be the same besides today. A big burly man with a beard taking over his entire complexion had spontaneously stood next to me in front of my sister. He was silent until he haphazardly grabbed my shoulders and threw me into his arms. My body went rigid with fear. 

He started to cry and that seemed to make my mind wander less. For a big burly man in a bikers jacket without the sleeves seemed pretty intimidating up until now. He released me from his embrace and fixed himself to speak.

"I should have visited sooner, you don't hate me do you?" His face was stricken with grief and all this time I had no idea who he was. I didn't want to be rude so I lied.

"It's OK," was my simple answer. 

"Good, good the guys said they would be down later. We're stopping at the bar after down the street, why don't you stop by, I know it's been a while," I blankly started at the teary blue eyed man. 

Yeah, it's been a while. 

"Yeah, I guess, I can stop by," what am I doing, I don't even know who this is? 

"You were always so kind. I remember when you were just a kid you had such a kind, but fierce personality." Ok, so he's known me my entire life...

"I guess I haven't changed a bit then," the big burly man tipped his head back and a deep rumble of laughter escaped his throat. Suddenly a memory struck my mind and I knew who this guy was. Baron, better known as Bones, his laugh was unforgettable it was a deep laugh that you knew was from that distinct person. He had changed a lot. He wasn't the skinnier guy with a well trimmed beard anymore. 

"Bones, wow, you've changed so much!" 

"Yeah, my belly hasn't seemed to  stop growing and neither has the alcohol slowed down," I gave him a small half smile. My father and Bones would drink until day. 

"I didn't know you were back in town," 

"The crew, and I thought it was about time. Our kids have taken over most of our so called legacy and we thought we might bail out Leo,"  Leo, I haven't thought of him in years, last I knew he had murdered someone for calling him a pussy, not really, but I he sure had a temper. He had this thing for my cousin and we got to know him. I was told he was bad news and tried to avoid him as much as I could. I did grow up around him, and his brother a lot. 

"How is Leonardo?" 

"Fine now, he's back on his feet and living a pretty sturdy life thanks to the help of us," he shoved his hands in his pockets he released a sigh and a steam of air left his mouth and into the cold air. 

"It was really nice to see you again Bones, I have to go, but I'll see you later at the bar," 

"Yeah, you go ahead the guys will be here soon anyway," I gave him a smile and turned on my feet. It was nice to see Bones again well, someone that was a close family friend. Later that night I decided to go to the bar. Even though all I really wanted to do was fall asleep on my bed. I put on the only decent dress I had, which was a sleeveless, black dress that fell just above my knees. It had a small slit right in the middle of my chest that's showed little cleavage. I put on my simple black heels and headed to the bar. 

I opened the door to a crowded bar and a lot of bikers. Bones spotted me immediately and raised his beer to me. 

"Have a drink!" He shouted. I nodded my head and asked the bartender for a Shirley Temple. 

"Everyone, I would like to make a toast!" Bones started as he raised his beer in the air. "To Ofelia, and her family, we love you!" He shouted. I took a sip of my Shirley Temple and turned back in my seat. I wasn't in the partying mood and after one more drink I was leaving. I figured I should talk to Bones so that's what I did. I talked to him for a little bit and he hugged me like he hadn't just seen me an hour or so ago. After talking to Bones I stood next to the bar and ordered another Shirley Temple. 

"Haven't forgotten about me have you?" A familiar masculine voice asked from behind me. I turned around and I already knew who it was. 

"Leonardo, sadly I haven't," 

"The one and only O," a smirk splayed across his lips when he used my old nick name. 

"I didn't know you were getting out so soon," 

"Eager aren't you, you just couldn't wait to finally see me," Leonardo stood next to me and cradled his scotch in his hand. 

"I think I need to go. It was nice to see you," I set down my drink ready to go, but Leonardo stopped me. 

"Come on Ofelia, what happened to the girl that used to get wasted?" 

"That was me before you got sent to prison, this is me now," 

"Alright, alright," he said while putting up his hands in mock surrender. "maybe you just have to warm up to me first," he added. 

"Bye Leonardo," 

"Missed you too O," he turned his back to me going back to the crowd of people. I felt kind of bad. It took me a while to stop drinking and now that he's back its not going to be any easier. Sometimes a few drinks wouldn't hurt. 

"Hey Bones, I'm going to head out, do you need anything?" I asked him. 

"Come on, you don't have to leave yet!" 

"It's late, and I have to work, sorry," 

"No, no I get it duty calls. Here's my number incase you need anything," he wrote out his number on the inside of my wrist and I gave him a hug. 

"Thanks for coming around Bones it's nice to see old family friends," tears glistened in his eyes and that was my time to leave. I eagerly got out of the hot bar and to my car. Later that night I was lying in bed when I heard something. It sounded like a loud thump. I gingerly rose form my bed and located the room where the sound came from. What sounded like a males groan of pain scared me. I grabbed a metal candle stick and held it up ready to swing at any minute. I opened my kitchen door and prepared for the worst. I squeezed my eyes shut and opened them when nothing happened. 

"Hello? Who's in here?" I screeched when a male figure came into view. 

"Damn, do you have to scream!" Shouted a very familiar voice. 

"Oh my- what the hell Leonardo! You scared the crap out of me!" I put the candle stick down and stared at a drunk Leonardo. "How did you even get in! Wait, how do you even know where I live?" 

"First, you need to stop screaming, and second I ask the questions," he brought a hand to the side of his head and hung his head low. 

"Go sit on the couch I'll be back," I didn't tell him where to go I figured if he knew where I lived he probably knew where my couch was. I grabbed a pain reliever and water for Leonardo's head and found him making himself comfortable on my couch with his feet stretched out. He looked different, his golden locks of hair hung loosely on his forehead, his eyes were a dim green and not there usual vibrant ones that I knew so well. Something changed about him and I'm not sure if I liked it. 

"Here, take these it will help," I gave him the pills and water which he gladly gulped down. I took the glass from him and Leonardo was nearly asleep. He still had his jacket, and boots on. 

"Leonardo, why aren't you home?" I asked, for a second I thought he was already asleep from his closed eyes until his lips parted to speak. 

"Mm sleep," he stretched himself out and was fast asleep before I got to interrogate him furthermore. I set down the empty glass and couldn't help but notice how uncomfortable he looked. His broad shoulders were restrained from his leather jacket and his arms stretched his shirt. I did the decency and grabbed the lapels of his jacket and tried pulling out his arm from one side. It was a lot harder than I expected and it took me nearly 5 minutes just to get it off. I went down to his feet and untied his large boots and proceeded to also take them off. 
I felt like I was invading his privacy so I stopped there so he was in a white t-shirt and his jeans. I plopped in my bed for the second time tonight and let sleep easily wash over me. 

I was drinking my coffee while 
sitting at my small table in the kitchen. I padded to the living room where Leonardo was sleeping. I noticed Leonardo's shirt and jeans were off so he was left in his boxers. I tried not to stare, but he made it hard for me not to. I noticed on his pectorals he had a tattoo of two angel like wings. He also had the word loyalty and respect in black cursive ink going down the right side of his stomach. My train of thought was interrupted by Leonardo's phone he didn't wake up so I answered it. 

"Hello?" I asked. 

"Leo? This isn't Leo, who is this?" 

"It's me Ofelia,"

"Leo was supposed to go home. Why is he there?" Bones asked. 

"I don't know he just showed up, but he's asleep now," 

"Alright, let him know I called, bye O," I said a quick goodbye and set his phone back down. 

"Leonardo," I said trying to wake him up. That did nothing and he continued to sleep. 

"Leonardo wake up!" I yelled this time, still nothing. I poked the skin of his shoulder and all he did was groan. Leonardo looked so peaceful when he slept he didn't have worry lines creasing his forehead, his face was peaceful and he seemed gentle, almost. 

"Leonardo!" I yelled once again. Leonardo groaned. I smacked his chest repeatedly and just as I was about to come down again he grabbed my wrist. My hand was flat against his hard chest I could feel the rhythm of his heart. 

"What?" He asked groggily in a husky morning voice with his eyes still closed. I practically melted from the sound of his morning voice it made me want to hear it again, and again. 

"You need to wake up, Bones called asking where you were." His bright emerald green eyes snapped open to look at me and for a second I was amazed by the color. I willed myself not to let my eyes travel further than his eyes, but it was hard for me not to with him being shirtless. 

"OK, I'll get up," he finally let my hand go and he sat up putting back on his clothes. 

"Why'd you come here?" I asked. 

"Because I can and I will," I scoffed. What makes him think he can just invade my home? He walked in the kitchen and I followed after him. My phone started ringing in my pocket and I answered it. My boss's name lit up the screen I had a feeling he wanted me to come in today. He had called earlier today saying I didn't need to come in, and now I probably needed to. 


"Ofelia, I need you to come in today, can you do that?" He asked. 

"Yeah, I'll be there," 

"Thanks," I hung up and sighed in annoyance. I was always called into work, but I did need the money. Leonardo made himself comfortable while pouring Cheerios into a bowl. Wow, he even knows where my utensils are. I went to my room and changed into more appropriate clothes for work. I came back into the kitchen and Leonardo was busy on his phone. 

"I have to leave. Do you want to follow me out?" 

"Yeah I'll follow you out," 

He actually listens. 

Work was finally over. I was heading over to the bar once again. Bones asked me to come over so I guess I was going to. The bar wasn't too far away so I was there quickly. I got out of my car and headed inside. I sat down at the bar and ordered a Shirley Temple. I was engulfed by a hug from behind, I instantly knew it was Bones. 

"Come play pool with us," Bones told me. 

"You better watch out I play a mean game of pool," 

"I bet you can't beat Leo. That boy knows how to play." 

"Yeah, well let's see about that," I followed behind Bones to the pool area. The whole gang was with him they all wore leather jackets and jeans. I knew most of them, but I wasn't up to taking. 

"Leo you're playing against Ofelia. You better win," 

"I'm always up for a good challenge," Leonardo said. 

"Let's get started." 


"Anyone else?" I asked around me. No one said a word, I had about 60 dollars and more from all the bets the boys put on me. 

"Damn baby, can you work my stick like that?" I was taken back when Leonardo whispered this in my ear. I tried to compose myself as well as I could, I didn't want his words to affect me in any way. 

"You wish," I lamely said. 

"Only in my dreams baby," there he goes with that nickname again. My phone started buzzing in my pocket I pulled it out to see Jacobs name. 

"Jacob hey," 

"Where are you, wait! Don't tell me, are you at a bar?" Jacob asked surprised, and excited. 

"Yes Jake, I'am," 

"Where's my invite? I've been trying to drag your ass to a bar with me forever," 

"Jake, would you like to come to a bar with me?" 

"Hell yes, text me the place," I gave Jake the name of the bar which he already knew and he was on his way. 

"Was that your boyfriend?" Leonardo asked. 

"Why? Jealous?" I mockingly asked him. 

"Like hell," 

"He's my friend, and he's stopping by." 

"You've changed a lot. Why is that?" 

"I didn't like the me before so I changed, I cut down on drinking and put my life back together." 

"I didn't mean your personality babe, I meant your body," I glanced down at myself. I guess I have changed quite a bit. I went through a huge stage of depression after my parents, and sisters death. I got back on my feet and started exercising and taking control of my life again after being in what seemed like my personal hell. 

"So have you Leonardo. I didn't know you were the type of guy to get tattoos," 

"I guess we've both changed, now why don't you let me get you a beer," 

"Mm, no thanks I'd rather not," 

"Babe, one won't hurt," 

"I'am not drunk, I'm fine," I was totally drunk. 

"Come on, let me take you home," Leonardo said grabbing my by my arms from behind and steering me towards the door. 

"Wait! Where's Jake?" I screeched. 

"He already left," Leonardo got me outside while still holding onto me. 

"Let me take you home." 

"I can drive, I'm fine. I'm not even drunk!" I pulled myself out of his arms and crossed my arms under my chest. 

"Ofelia, you're barely standing on your own. What makes you thing I'm letting you drive?" 

"I can take care of myself," I pointed to my face in a very exaggerated way to prove my point. Unexpectedly he grabbed my arm and pulled me towards his...bike? 

"I call driving!" 

"Like hell," I stuck out my lip and pouted. Leonardo stuck his helmet on my head and sat on his motorcycle. 

"What about you?" You need a helmet," Leonardo groaned and told me to just get on. I sat behind him and got comfortable. 

"Arms. Around me." He bit out. I did as he said and wrapped my arms around his lean torso. I could feel his hard muscles beneath my hands and I couldn't deny the fact that I liked the feeling. I held on tightly and exhaustion startled to settle in. I opened my eyes and I was sitting on the edge of a bed. Leonardo came in with a glass of water. 

"Take this," he held out his hand to me which had two identical pills. I chugged the water along with the pills down and fell back onto the comforting cloud like bed. Leonardo managed to sit me up right and tucked into the blankets. I was nearly asleep. 

"Get some sleep Ofelia," Leonardo left the room after that. As I watched his retreading back a memory struck my mind that I would surely never forget about Leonardo. We've all done our fare share of bad, but when it comes to certain people, I don't know if it should be labeled bad. Maybe evil. 

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