Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy


Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy


Two clans are in a heated war that's been going on for generations. A young werecougar man believes he knows his stand point and position in the war and in his Pride. Until he meets a conflicted werewolf that changes his outlook on the war and the enemy.


Two clans are in a heated war that's been going on for generations. A young werecougar man believes he knows his stand point and position in the war and in his Pride. Until he meets a conflicted werewolf that changes his outlook on the war and the enemy.

Chapter1 (v.1) - WereWars

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Two clans are in a heated war that's been going on for generations. A young werecougar man believes he knows his stand point and position in the war and in his Pride. Until he meets a conflicted werewolf that changes his outlook on the war and the enemy.

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Submitted: October 23, 2012

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: October 23, 2012




The hard packed dirt underneath my paws felt wonderful.  The cool night air that glossed over my golden fur was just a plus to this monthly night adventure.  Most of my pride hated shifting and losing themselves as werecougars, but I was different.  I was born into this.  I wasn’t bitten like most of the pride.  I was quite a rare case and so I’d grown up with expecting the once a month shift.

Of course we could shift whenever we wanted, but we had absolutely no choice the night of the full moon.  This particular night was a cold one and I think that the others were glad to have a layer of thick winter fur over their bodies.  Anyway, a cool breeze wafted into my sensitive nose and I picked up Shawn right away on my left.  We were hunting.  He was usually my partner and he and I had chemistry from the past when I was still a young teen. 

A low growl signaled his presence, though I’d already scented him and he stood tall over me.  Shawn glanced in my direction and his lips curled.  He snarled slowly and purred through his nose to communicate with me.  His tense posture told me that there were werewolves around, which wasn’t really unusual.  Though they hadn’t been this close to our borders in years so I wondered slightly what had made them come so close.  Shawn and I trotted closer to the border and I huffed with my mouth open.  The scent was very fresh.  My head swiveled around, the rest of me standing still and watching for any signs of werewolf.

Flicking my round, fuzzy ears at Shawn I shook my head, telling him that I heard nothing.  I flared my nostrils and turned away from the border line, in the direction of the prey we were supposed to be tracking down.  Shawn followed me silently, seeming to be irritated that I had already dismissed the possible intruder; I just wanted to enjoy our night together.  He and I didn’t get much time alone and I missed him, even if we weren’t boyfriends anymore. 

The rest of the night remained quiet and werewolf free, the loner that Shawn and I had smelt out went stale and it was soon forgotten, though we did report it with the Alpha of the pride.  I was too tired to pay much attention to the boards and I went straight to bed.  Alone in my bed I shivered, longing slightly for the days I shared it with someone, but Shawn had been too rough for me.

“Damien…Hey…blondie, wake the fuck up already,” I heard Shawn yawn from outside my door and bang on it with his fist.  I rolled over onto my side and grumbled slightly, one of my green eyes opening just a crack.

Sitting up on my hands, I groaned, “We don’t have class today do we?  The hell are you waking me up for?  What time is it?”

There was a pause and then the door opened, Shawn walked in wearing nothing but his boxers with a sleepy unshaven look on his face.  His deep brown eyes pierced into mine even though they were only half open, “Remember?  You have day time today.  Go for a walk, it’s getting late.” He responded in a croaky morning voice tone.  He itched his cheek idly and scanned the bare walls of my room; I could almost see the memories cross over his eyes.

“Alright Shawn, I’m up.  You can go,” I offered and stood to gather a clean button up shirt.  I watched him eye me with his mouth open for a moment.  It closed with a small snap and he turned without another word to me.  I didn’t exactly want to be in my human form, I liked it better when it was pure animal instinct that clouded my memories.  As a human, I could easily recognize the scars on my body and think of why they were there.  Shrugging on a pair of lose fit jeans I wandered from my room to the hallway of the building I was staying in with the rest of the pride. 

It was pretty quiet on the bottom floor, but I could hear quiet muffled chatter coming from around the corner.  Two of the she-cougars I guessed and they were conversing about the scenting of that werewolf Shawn had discovered.  Ignoring them, walking past with a long stride even though I was less than average height and long strides never seemed to work with me.  I planned to take a trip around the block first and pan out from there.  I sniffed the air and listened for anything out of the ordinary.  A gentle though cold breeze filled my lungs and my eyes widen as a familiar scent entered my nostrils.  I wasn’t sure why the same werewolf from last night would be wandering so close to this place and I grew curious. 

I headed North-East, in the direction of the musky wolf smell.  I cringed away from it slightly, he smelt like he was alone.  But still, what the hell was a werewolf doing with so many werecougars around?  I stuffed my hands into my pockets, examining the people in front of me, trying to place which one was most likely the werewolf.  It was hard to tell from my stand point, the busy street full of men walking to and from work. I wasn’t worried that it might have been a female; they were even scarcer than she-cougars.  Suddenly discouraged, the breeze changed and I quickly ducked into an alley.  I didn’t need this werewolf to know I was following it. 

The breeze ceased.  I wasn’t sure how long I had till it changed again and I glanced around the corner, peeking though one eye.  A tall man was stopped, turned toward a building on his left.  I breathed in deeply, though I was at least a hundred feet away from the guy.  My eye narrowed, I could see him very clearly thanks to the animal that I was.  I was then sure that it was him, the werewolf Shawn and I had scented the other night.  I didn’t think he noticed me, because he turned his back toward me and kept walking.  I followed him of course, curious as to where this loner werewolf would take me.  Maybe he was some sort of spy for the werewolf pack, maybe he was rouge.  I wouldn’t figure it out unless I followed him.  Carefully, I made sure I kept a good enough distance away from him, and tried to stay down wind of him.  I could tell that the musky wolfish smell was coming from him, not a single doubt in my mind that I was following the wrong thing.

He startled me when he turned sharply into a parking lot and for a second I was nervous that he had discovered that I was behind him.  Raising one of my blonde eye brows I followed him into the small store, losing him in one of the aisles.  It was difficult because he was pretty quiet on his feet.  I scented for him, the small trail he left behind fairly easy to detect thankfully.  I followed the scent out into the back of the store and saw nothing of him.  Disgruntled, I stood in the open walking in place in a circle.  I waited to pick his scent up again, but found nothing.  Growling lowly under my breath, my shoed feet padded softly down the old, smooth concrete.  I glanced around wearily, shielding my gaze from the bright sunlight.  The rancid odor of trash filled my nose, the sweet stench over taking anything else that might have been there.

“Shit…just my luck,” I cursed under my breath and put a hand on my hip.  I clenched and unclenched my jaw, the strain in the muscled visible on my pale skin.  Scratching the top of my head pensively, I sigh roughly and begin to walk back the way I came, though I swore that I could feel eyes watching me.  If he had been onto me, I’m assuming he was, he might be following me in turn. 

I made it out back to the side walk; I had more than enough daylight left, seeing as I had only been following the werewolf for a little over twenty minutes.  I scanned the street, my hands firmly placed within my pockets.  And so the hunter became the hunted, but at least I knew what I was to be keeping an eye out for.  I sensed the werewolf come out from his hide place and I tried my best to look like I’d given up and lost scent of him.  For all he knew, I was just a mere human though I was up wind of him since the wind had again changed direction yet again.  My best option would be to travel back to the pride building and notify the others.  But at the same time, I didn’t want this werewolf to know just where one of our above ground bases were, we did everything we could to keep it hidden from the werewolf pack.  Shuffling between the innocent passersby I crossed the street and turned away from our building. 

I listened for him, but for a tall werewolf he was pretty stealthy on his feet.  Glancing ever so slightly behind me I spotted him and my back tingled with nerves.  The muscles in my shouldered rolled backward and I rolled my neck around before I quickened my pace.  He might have had brute strength on his side, but I had my superior agility if I needed a quick escape.  A foggy smell clouded my senses due to the gasoline that hung sickly in the air.  Damn cars, they did nothing but pollute the air.  As I tried to play the role of minding my own business, I tipped my phone into view.  The small back light gave me hope that if I needed to contact the pride, I could.  It still perplexed me as to why a lone werewolf would snoop around pride territory; did he really think that he could take on more than a dozen of us single handedly?  What an insult to the prides power. 

I eyed the distance between myself and an upcoming corner, an escape looking possible as long as I held out a peaceful stride until I was out of view.  Weaving off to the right, I broke out into a run, ducking in and out of the many people that crowded the sidewalk.  I knew this area; this crowded terrain was not going to be much of a problem for me.  This intruder however, I wasn’t so sure.  I had no idea what kind of training that the wolves were put under like we were.  Stretching my legs out further, I galloped over a parked bike.  I cleared it with ease and cut across the street, sliding atop the cars as they honked at me.  A general direction toward the pride, which was what I was going for, just in case I needed backup.  Hot burning rubber made my eyes water and messed with my sense of smell.  If I had been in the back woods, miles outside of the city, then I would have been long gone in the trees by now, but I was forced to improvise.  My light jacket splayed out behind my, looking slightly cape-ish.  Taking another quick look behind me, I could clearly see my pursuer.

I wouldn’t have considered myself scared or anything.  One werewolf against one werecougar, the odds weren’t terrible.  I personally hadn’t been a part of any major battles, and those times I had been in a shifted form.  And now, with adrenaline pumping through my veins I could feel the slight beginnings of transformation begin within me.  I suppressed it as best I could, knowing that humans wouldn’t understand if a cougar sudden burst out of nowhere.  With vision slightly blurred by the stinging smog from the cars, I booked it down the busy street and turned to the alley that was sort of behind the pride building.  Instantly the wind was knocked from my lungs as a pair of strong muscled arms wrapped around me. 

Hissing through my teeth, I struggling against the werewolf that was trying to pin me to the ground, I wasn’t about to be overcome.  Roughly my arms were folded behind my back, and I could feel the hard rocky ground scrape at my left cheek.  The weight of the werewolf was on my lower back, pressed my pelvis into the ground and I growled lowly.  A sharp pain twisted through my shoulders as the werewolf pulled tighter on my arms.  He growled back at me as I continued to try and gain some footing.

“Coward!  Jumping a man from behind.  Get the fuck off of me!” I snarled at my opponent my eyes already changed into their feline counterpart.  My nose scrunched up as the musky wolf scent hit me full force.  It was defiantly the same beast as before. 

“You’re one to talk,” I heard the werewolf’s deep voice above me, “Tailing me.”

I growled again in response, “It was you that was on out perimeter last night. Did you just think you’d get away scot-free for entering Pride territory and then hang around the next day?  You stupid werewolf.”  I tried to twist my gaze around to get a better look at him, but he kept himself out of my line of sight.

“A living is a living and this stupid werewolf can kick kitty’s butt. At least I have enough sense to hold my breath when going through a store, kitty cat.  Garbage messes with scent something terrible,” The werewolf retorted back in a condescending tone at me.  I shifted and blew away some of the dust by my mouth.

Smirking slightly I chuckled, “I guess we won’t ever know if that’s true or not, seeing as you’ve pinned me down unfairly.  You arrogant fool.”  I curled my lip into a snarl and focused one of my emerald eyes on his face finally, “You know, you forgot one thing, werewolf.  I get out of this if I shift, ever think of that?”

He tightened his grip for a second before he clarified, “You do that and I will have more than enough of your scent kitty.  I can shift too, believe it or not.  Werewolves aren’t all beast, you know.” He sounded smugger than ever and I wanted to claw the look on his face right off.  I struggled again, testing his hold on me.  To my dismay it was firmer than I would have liked.

“I’ve already got enough of yours, and it’s on our territory.  I fail to see what kind of threat you’re trying to make,” I snarled back at him, flashing my teeth though I was beginning to get a crick in my neck from twisting it at such an odd angle.  Laying my head flat on the pavement, I huffed once and then tried to roll over ignoring the sudden pain for a mere moment before it became to be too much for my comfort levels. 

A rough grunt came from the person holding onto me and he snorted, “No use in trying to escape kitty.  I’ve got a good hold on you.” His deep voice mocked me and I let out another hiss.

“Can’t hold me here forever, dog breath!” I yowled and again felt the memorable tingling that meant I was getting ready to change. 

“I wouldn’t bet on that if I were you,” He said, sounding somewhat relaxed in tone. 

My legs twisted and gripped at the ground, my shoed toes trying to push myself out of his grasp.  With another growl I said, “And just what are you gaining my hanging around here?  Pinning me down like such?” I was slightly hopeful that I could distract him long enough to get out from under him.

“Your life and the scent of the pride,” He commented in return sounding truthful to me.

Huffing again I turned to rest my chin on the dirty ground and blew my bangs from my hair, “Good lot that’ll do you.  You’ve only got the scent of one pride member.  So you are a spy.  Just as I thought.”

“One is enough,” He answered in monotone.  I was quite irritated by this point of course.  First he invades the prides territory and then he had me pinned to the ground like he fucking owned the place, “So what, are you going to kill me?”

A small chuckle rumbled from the werewolf, “Only if kitty gives me a damn good reason to.”

“Well for starters,” I began though I wasn’t planning on dying anything time soon, “I know what you look like and I know what you smell like.  I’m going to send my pride into high alert to fucking hunt you down once you release me.” I explained shortly and struggled again.  The hard grip around my arms tightened again and my groaned in pain.  The rocks underneath me burrowed slowly into my skin and I wondered vaguely how I’d gotten into this mess after all of my training and tests.

“I can always just take you into the pack.  They’d be more than happy to have you,” He offered snidely and a glowered at him even though the expression was a waste. 

He pulled me upward onto my feet, which was a big mistake on his part.  I swung my leg in the direction of his hip and his grip on my arms loosened when he went to deflect my attack with one of his hands.  The werewolf flipped me over by my leg, my head whirling through the air.  Just before my back landed on the ground I caught myself, springing off of my legs and pounced on the man before me.  Whipping my head behind me, desperately thinking of a plan, I jumped off of the attacker and sprinted in the direction of the sewers.  He was hot on my heels but my running skills were greater than his.  I maintained a decent distance away from the werewolf, leaping and climbing over plenty of things.  I made my route difficult and just as I reached the opening into the run off sewers I was tackled yet again by the werewolf.

I was thrown into the dirty water, the wolf standing off to the side as I failed into the slick though shallow waters.  Spitting the water from my mouth I crawled up to the other side and retrieved my phone, I was thankful that it was still alright and held it to my ear.  Before anyone could answer, the werewolf leapt over to where I was and snatched it from me, tossing it into the water and rendering it useless.

“Where’s your evidence of a werewolf now kitty, since you’re all wet and smell like a sewer? I will not have you calling for back up,” He growled and pinned me against the low wall. 

Hissing, I spat into his face and struggled hard.  The strain on his face to hold me down was apparent, “It’s useless.  No matter what you do we’ll find you, we’ll hunt you down.”  I yowled at him and worked a leg up in between us and pushed hard into his stomach. 

“Good luck with that, I’ve been spying on your pride for years and no one has noticed,” he jeered after a wheeze and he moved my position till I couldn’t really move. 

“Do you really think we haven’t been doing the same?  Think you’re the only one with spies?” I snapped back at him and turned my face to the side, to avoid looking directly into his golden yellow eyes. 

“It’s really not my job to speculate on that,” He answered slowly and shifted his hands on my wrists which were being held at my sides.

Turning my chin upward I said, “You know evidence or not I can still recognize you.  I know what you look like and that alone gives me an edge over the others.”  I growled within my throat again and kept one eye on him as I watched him think.  He stared down at me.  Literally down at me because he was almost a foot taller than I was.  I could easily knee him in the balls, if only I could have been able to move my legs around more.

“And I have really no problem dispatching you, kitty.  I can recognize both your face and your scent,” He responded before he admitted something that took me by slight surprise, “I do what I have to because I don’t have a choice, I personally have nothing against you werecougars, but I do what I do to survive.”

I glared at him, a flat look on my face, “Thanks for the sob story but no thanks.  Think I’ll really believe you that easily, dog breath?  I’m smarter than that.” I struggled once again, trying to get my wrists free.

Pushing me back to the ground he straddled my hips and locked his shins onto mine.  My arms still lay helpless at my sides as he held them.

Returning my scowl he scoffed, “Believe what you want, tuna breath but I’m serious either way.  And if pussy cat here gets in my way, you’re going to be road kill kitty.”

The threat didn’t bother me; I was used to werewolves making empty threats.  That was how things worked in their pack.  Making a face full of displeasure, I responded, “Go right ahead, I’d like to see you try but I’m not going to become road kill that easily.”

“Be careful little pussy cat,” He chuckled at my remark and my scowl toward him deepened.

I snarled back at him, “I can just as easily say that to you.  You have no idea what you’re getting yourself into.”

Releasing one of my arms, the werewolf gave me an unimpressed look, “I’m serious.” With that he brought a strong fist down close to my head and cracked the concrete to make a point.

I ignored his antics; he was all bark and no bite.  The training I had gone through had prepared me for this kind of thing.  I was to show no fear; I was not to submit, even if it killed me, “A mere puppy dog with brute strength doesn’t scare me.  You’re going to have to try harder.”

Snarling shortly he dipped his head and snapped at my exposed throat.  He lightly pinched the tender, soft flesh with his teeth and rolled off of me quickly.  I remained on the ground, figuring it pointless to continue any further without at least Shawn and rubbed at my neck.  His image flashed brightly in my memories.  Once the hurried footsteps of the werewolf left his ears, I stood slowly.  My body was slightly achy and protested as I hunkered back down into the water to search for my now dead phone.  Running a wet hand through my hair, I stared down at my wrists and grit my teeth.  I needed to train harder.  So I wouldn’t ever be pinned like that again.

I slowly picked me way toward my little apartment and saw Shawn run up to me.

“You reek!  Why are you all wet?  Are you alright?  I tried calling, what’s wrong with your phone?” Shawn bantered at me and I gave him a look as I dripped.

“I need to tell this to Jason, where can I find him?” I ignored Shawn’s concern.  He hardly cared when we were dating and it wasn’t until I succeeded him in the ranks did he begin to care.

Taking a gentle step back, Shawn deflated a little and replied, “Jason went underground.  Why won’t you tell me what happened?” He somewhat pleaded with me as I pushed past him toward my apartment door to change into a much dryer pair of clothes.

Sighing, I opened the door and stepped into the small living room, “You know why I can’t tell you Shawn.  Now please.  Go find someone else to bug,” I scolded gently and shut the door as his mouth hung open slightly.  The werewolf’s image still fresh in my mind and I held it there.  I was careful with my clothing, as they still smelled like the werewolf and I would have to bring them to Jason, the current pride leader so he could begin preparations on what we should do.  I bagged my jeans and my button up, changing for a polo pull over and some skinny jeans.  I glanced at my dead phone, deciding to bring it with me.

Shawn was waiting outside my door, leaning his shoulder blades on the white frame of the building, “Let me go with you, Damien.” He demanded from me and I glowered at him.


“Come on Damien!  Stop treating me like trash and talk to me!” He begged in a whine and followed me as my hand rubbed against cold car metal of a fast machine.

“No Shawn, you come on.  How many times do I have to keep telling you, I have no feelings for you anymore!  I said we were over and that’s all we are.  Over,” I exclaimed and slammed the cool car door, starting the engine and pulling out of the apartment parking lot.  Shawn stood dumbfounded in my rear view mirror, a sad look staining my eyes and I blinked it away painfully.  Instead I focused on the task at hand, which was to locate Jason and explain to him all the happened between me and the werewolf.


“Kay so let me get this straight, Damien,” He began simply as I handed him the bagged clothing, “He managed to pin you down, throw you into a sewer, and waterlog your phone?  Is that correct?”

Sighing and hanging my head slightly I nodded, “Right that is correct, Jason.  But I can identify him again if I need to and I know that he’s been spying on us for some time now.” I tried to right my wrong and get out of doing more than five laps around the ever changing training course.  I would have to begin going to the battle arena again, I knew that much, but once I was in the training course, all eyes would be on me to see if I made it unscathed.

Jason shook his head and put his fists on his hips, “I see…Well go find one of the artists around here, and have them draw him out.  Come with me, will you?” he didn’t sound irritated or disappointed; it was just yet another bump in the road. 

I sighed, feeling a little confused that I wasn’t being very punished, after the good job I’d been doing in the training courses, I figured he would have expected better of me, “Alright Boss.  Anything you say.” I confirmed and began to walk away, scratching at my forehead.

“Oh and one more thing Damien,” Jason stalled me.  I stopped and a crooked smile formed on my face, here it comes, “I would like to see you in the courses today, but you already knew that, didn’t you?”

I turned and fake saluted Jason with a little smile, “Right-o.  I did know that.” I turned on my heel, feeling less crappy for having been beaten by a werewolf.  And a lone one at that.  I peeked into the den, looking for someone who was scribbling away and thankfully my keen nose picked him up right away.  I waltzed up from behind him, though he already knew who I was and that I was there.

“What do you need, Damien?” He asked me and I cleared my throat as I sat down at one of the eating tables that was set up.

“So I met this werewolf today and I didn’t catch his name.  Care to help me out?” I asked with a smile, my green eyes making contact with his icy blue ones.  He stared at me for a moment; I could smell the hesitation radiating off of him.

Flipping to a blank page in his sketch book, Brennan kept his eyes on me and took a thin pencil from his ear, “Go on.”

“Oh…right.  Where should I begin?  He had a long nose and a square-ish face.  He had gelled back brown hair, didn’t look that long, but long enough,” I gestured around my face as I spoke, keeping the conversation somewhat hushed.  I continued to explain, glad that I had an excellent memory.  That or for some reason the werewolf was just permanently ingrained within my brain.  The more I talked, the more transfixed I became.  I mind became clouded and soon I wasn’t even talking anymore.  Brennan stared at me, a thing he was good at, the sketch he had was a very good representation from my memories.  Only thing that was really missing was the golden color of his eyes. 

“Damien?  Earth to Damien, is that all?” The meek werecougar waved his pencil around my face.

I did a short double-take and blinked a few times to wet my eyes, “Yeah that’s it.  You did a good job, that’s exactly what was in my head, thanks.  I gotta go and run around the course, so I’ll catch you later, alright?” I chatted absent mindedly and patted Brennan on the shoulder. 

Quietly I loped down into the locker rooms and stripped, not wanting to ruin yet another pair of clothing and fitting myself with a loin cloth.  I shivered, hating the way my pale, scrawny body looked.  I fingered the burn scar under my left nipple with another exhale and stepped on light feet to the entrance.  I coded myself in and waited for the gates to rise.  I loosened my muscles and relaxed and focused on the cougar within me.  Since I was born as a werecougar the process didn’t hurt me as much as it did for those who were bitten.  It was in my genetics to shift.  In a single lurch of my body I was on four strong, beautiful paws.  I licked at a claw, eyeing the opening to the course. 

Purring ever so gently I made my way to the start, a vast maze of different terrains awaited me.  I had no idea what kinds of traps were out there, or if they added something completely new.  The point was to expect the unexpected.  The ring of a gun sounded somewhere to my left I bolted.  Ivory claws bit hard into the dirt, my thick tail out straight in back of me, helping me keep my balance on the sharp curves.  The ground underneath me fell out, a sunken trap, clever of them but I moved too fast.  I bounded off of a nearby tree; the fresh scent of sap filled my nose as I hit the ground. 

 I scampered up a ladder, feeling part of it break underneath my muscle weight and one single jump I dove off of the high platform.  I rolled awkwardly to the side as a boulder went down the path I had just been running on.  I took a different route then, needing to find the exit as fast as I could.  Pellets whizzed by my face, nearly splattering me with the bright paint it was filled with.  Panting a little I skidded away from the pellets, not wanting to get hit with one of course.  If I came out completely unscathed, more points for me.  Darting around, my foot almost became caught in another trap, but thankfully I was plenty quick enough to restep away from it.  I nearly tripped over myself and I came upon a serious dilemma.  There was absolutely no floor, only walls connected to each other.  To my relief it wasn’t a very long stretch and before I thought of stopping I bounced from one wall to the next, the zigzag pattern of it making it easier for my paws to get a grip.

Panting harder, I propelled myself across an area I figured was trapped and spotted the exit.  Almost gracefully I landed on the button to shut off the timer and shook myself.  Clapping echoed in my ears.  I looked around me, many people the pride were huddled around the glass windows looking in on the training course.  My ears perked as well as a sure look set on my muzzle.  Sadly what my gaze landed on was Shawn, looking very aroused at my performance.  I dreaded becoming human again.


“Damien what the hell was that!?  You were….you were…amazing!” Shawn exclaimed and embraced me tightly though I was visibly protesting.

Growling, I pushed Shawn off of me, “Don’t touch me, Shawn.  I thought I explained earlier to you.” He pointed a finger in his face and pushed at his hip away from me.  Really?  How much clearer did I have to be with this guy?  What did he want me to do to prove to him I was serious?  Get a restraining order maybe?  Pushing past him, Jason kept a wary eye on me, sensing my distress and discomfort.

“Great job, kiddo.  Next the battle arena, but we can save that for later.  You are remarkably fast,” Jason congratulated and patted me hard between the shoulder blades.  My lip remained in a little curled snarl, but it wasn’t directed at Jason.  He was the nicest leader we’d had.  Though seeing as the last alpha was my fuck head father.  He’d lost nearly have of the pride and it was Jason who had stood up to him.  His dark skin showing a long pale of the epic battle of my father’s death, I was surprised he hadn’t lost his eye in that final fight.  But not dwelling on the past, things were great.  Our list of volunteered trainees was longer than ever and the pride was flourishing.  And we all got along…for the most part.  Shawn and I weren’t the only ones that had couple issues. 

But at least we hadn’t had to deal with the human-werecougar mix.  We couldn’t tell outsiders about our monthly shifts, if the werewolf pack ever found out, the human could easily be broken.  I walked back to the locker rooms, hating to be wandering around naked.  Nudity was never a big deal or anything.  But being naked around Shawn was just…not working for me.  His rough hands on my pale skin was never that much of a turn on.  I dressed with my back turned toward the locker I chosen and out of nearly nowhere the sweet perfume of Shawn’s arousal pressed against my bottom.  A purr buzzed in my ear and a hand scraped along my hip bone.

“Shawn!  Get the fuck off of me!” I yowled and twisted with a violent shove.  Shawn caught my elbow and dragged me with him, closer to him.  Curse being the short man in the relationship, or in this case, lack of a relationship. 

“I want you,” Shawn whispered, his dominant behavior seeped out of his mouth like poison.  He could make any woman fall instantly to her knees, or any guy, he was that gorgeous.  Just not my type in the least.  His ruffled head bed of brown hair tickled my face as he bent.

Tired of his needy antics, I punched him hard into the stomach.  His eyes widened, his mouth remaining open, “I want you….to leave me the fuck alone.” I growled and stood over him, presenting my clear dominance over him.  I didn’t expect him to submit.  He submit to no one but Jason, whether they were about to kick his tail or not.  It was that kind of spunk that most people seemed to like about him.  It drove me utterly crazy…in a bad way of course.  I stepped light footedly away from the wheezing mess on the floor, just wanting to catch a bite to eat while it was still light out.  And get a new phone, seeing as the werewolf had destroyed mine. 

I sat back down in the den, a few other pride members sitting down with me for a little casual conversation.  Which was relaxing, I needed the the social interaction after being pinned down twice and then nearly raped by my ex.  Ruffling at the back of my head, I kept my behavior low and relaxed.  I didn’t want the others to pick up on my tense insides.  I didn’t hear anything from Shawn, and I wasn’t quite sure if it was a bad thing or not.  I got a little quiet after a while, yellow piercing eyes glowed in the back of my brain.  I wasn’t quite sure why I’d been spared.  I chewed on my inner cheek, a fork in my hand picking at the remains of a tuna salad.  I chuckled inwardly, tuna breath.  I found it comical. 

Almost unwillingly, I brought myself back into reality and sat back within the safety of the pride.  A shiver ran down my spine and soon a yawn followed.  I waved my good-byes to my friends and family, leaving them to return to the Shawn-less apartment.  I would have to have a talk with whoever had given him a ride to the underground.  Swiftly I glanced around, scenting the air.  I held my nose to the breeze and did a semi paranoid lap around the building, keeping everything alert.  I felt pretty secure, seeing as many pride members resided within the building, some specially trained.  If they were at ease, then I had enough reason to be at ease as well.  We, the pride, relied much on each other.  We were close knit and held very little secrets.  It was the family I had grown up with, though some had died, been taken captive or moved somewhere to a different pride. 

Another yawn told me that I needed to put my fuzzy butt to bed, even if for the moment it was furless.  Putting the key into the lock was so natural and yet my day overall had been out of the ordinary.  I felt like maybe I had gone through a little metamorphosis, but that’s silly right?  One dog couldn’t change that much about me right?  I really didn’t want to think about it too much, I was just way too tired.  I gently peeled off my clothing, leaving them on a chair for whenever it was I decided to get dressed again.  It’s not like I had worn them for very long.  I sniffed my skin, only a little sweat scent remained so I wouldn’t be desperate for a shower.  I was too exhausted to bathe anyway.  Anymore wetness for the day and I wouldn’t want to venture into water ever again.  I fell onto my bed, the cushy comforters I had been given as a house warming gift let me sink into them.  I inhaled deeply, breathing in my own scent. 

What was better than this, I mean come on.  By that point I just didn’t want to move.  My bare room inviting me into the vast world of dreams.  They stretched like the shadows on my wall, but they were just out of my reach.  Sleep would come, but only once I was secure within my covers.  I dreamt of running from a yellow eyed wolf that night.


When I woke up again that morning I was far beyond sore and decided that there was no way I was going to be super active. My shoulders hurt from having them be pinned by that puppy dog the day before.  Actually, everything just hurt, not one thing, except for maybe my dick.  I was thankful to hear the rapid and usually chipper knocking of my mother outside my front door.  I guessed she knew that I wasn’t going to bother to get up and let her in, seeing as she had her own key that I’m assuming she stole from me at one point.

“Damien sweetheart, are you up my darling?” She chirped at me once she had poked her head into my darkened bedroom, “You know, some vitamin D wouldn’t kill you.  It’s so dark in here…so dreary.” I heard her toe her way to my window and draw back the curtains.  Thankfully I wasn’t blinded; my head was fully buried within my sheets.

Sighing I tugged at the blanket that was over my head till I made eye contact with the brunette woman I called Mom, “Whats up?  You’re here awfully early.  I thought you’d be here for dinner.” I chatted coolly to her.  She and I had made an agreement long ago that we wouldn’t be parted for long as long as we lived close to each other, and she practically lived down the street from me.  I rolled over and scooted away from the center of the bed, waiting for her to join me.  Childish as it may seem, I had my reasons for being such a mama’s boy.

“I was on the phone with Jason earlier.  Heard something about something yesterday, I only came to check up on you, my darling,” She answered and gave me a heartwarming and beautiful smile.  It was good to see her smile again.  When Alan, my father, was around she and I didn’t smile too much.  Can’t blame us though…but that’s a long story.  Before long, Mother joined me on my queen sized bed.  She sat up on one of my pillows; I was surprised it survived the whole night on my bed.  A hand stroked through my golden locks and I began to purr.

“I was attacked while following an intruder, I’m not hurt or anything if that’s what you’re worked up about,” I explained shortly, breaking off the soft purr that was rumbling through my throat.  Mom always seemed to fret over me though I was one of the quickest cougars within the pack.  What with our natural ability for stealth and keeping to the shadows.  Mom made a noise that I guessed meant that she was going to be worried either way, but that she understood I was going to do things my way.  It wasn’t like I lost battles often when I did have them; I was still alive and well wasn’t I?  Shifting to press my back against the sheets I sat up alongside my mother and patted her hand.

“You should really be more careful, why didn’t you take Shawn with you?” She asked good heartedly.  Of course she knew that I didn’t like Shawn, and she knew how rough and demanding with me he was.  But protection was protection either way she would point out if I complained.

I gave her a bemused looked and mumbled, “Your twenty-something son can handle himself.  You should know that of all people.  Besides, the worst that happened was my phone becoming waterlogged.  Speaking of which, I still need to get a new one. Care to join?”

“Damien,” She returned my glance and raised an eyebrow, “being twenty-two doesn’t mean you can handle yourself.  You’ll always be my little kitten.” I couldn’t help but groan at her words.  A mother’s affection could be quite embarrassing at times, but at least she hadn’t said it in front of the pride like she did sometimes.  I rolled away from her, my bare toes touching the hardwood flooring as I landed in a crouch by the side of the bed opposite of Mom.

“Can’t a man just be a man for once?” I asked her, my legs stretching to their full length, which actually wasn’t very much considering I was only 5’7”.  Out of everything my father had given me, why didn’t he lend me some of his height?

A smile crossed Mom’s lips, “You need to eat more young man.  Get some meat on those bones.”  She teased and I looked down at my scrawny self.  If I had been scrawny but covered in muscle I wouldn’t have minded so much, but since I only looked slightly toned, I just felt malnourished.  I was as healthy as a horse so to speak, but I didn’t think I looked it.  I had my mother’s fair skin, which on her looked better because of her dark brown hair.  But I had my dirty blonde hair so I just looked albino, save for my emerald green eyes.  Also a gift from my mother. 

“Yes, yes.  I know you tell me all the time, Mom.  Are you coming with me or not?” I didn’t mean to sound impatient, but sometimes too much caring from her made me itch a little.

 “No thank you.  I can tell you need some alone time, sweetheart,” She smiled at me again and carried herself off out of my room.  She would either find the latest book I was reading or what I had in my fridge, either way I knew my apartment was safe in her hands while I was away. 

I didn’t see Shawn on my way out thankfully, but I heard some rumors that he was prowling around while I was sleeping.  Thank god I changed the locks after he and I broke up.  I leisured my way to my car, the cool silver colored metal greeted me.  I didn’t care much for machines, if I could have run everywhere in my shifted form I would have, but of course I couldn’t.  Traffic around the city sucked as usual and this time I found myself more distracted than usual.  That yellow eyed mutt had imprinted himself within my mind and a single question burned in the back of my throat.  Why spare me?  Why not turn me into the pack and force the answers they wanted out of me?  I figured the only way my questions would be answered was to find him, hunt him.  Damn it.  It was going to be a challenge seeing as he would either see me or recognize my scent.  There was no sense in not trying, I hadn’t much to lose and even less to go off of.  I bit my lip, making my final turn into the store that owned my phone.  Hopefully they could successfully transfer everything without me having to lose much. 


With new phone in hand I glanced at its sleek brand new shine.  The bright spot captivating me for a mere moment before I unhinged myself from it.  I debated on parking my car in a lot and wandering around the city, possibly remaining about the building tops using my excellent acrobatics to get into better shape.  I wasn’t going to let myself be pinned for a third time.  Using my new phone, thankfully keeping all of my contacts I dialed home hoping Mom would still be around to answer.

“Damien sweetheart?  Is something wrong?” She answered, her phone voice sounding squeaky and concerned.

“Of course everything is fine, Mom.  I was just calling to let you know something came up in the pride and I wasn’t going to be home for a few hours,” I explained and heard a relieved sigh from the other line.

She was silent; I think she was probably looking at the clock, “Oh and Shawn dropped by a few minutes after you left.  Did you actually punch him in the gut yesterday?”

 Groaning and rolled my eyes though she couldn’t see it, “The man was pressing himself against me, what else I supposed to do?  Make out with the guy? Anyway, Mom, I’ve got to go.  See you in a few hours.  Stay safe.” I clicked the END button before she could bring up Shawn again though I would get an earful for hanging up on her.  I drove toward werewolf territory, probably a stupid idea on my part but I wanted to find him or at least catch his scent and why not do that by visiting the enemies place?  Maybe it was the blonde hair on top of my head that was making me acting so irrationally, but if that stuck up flee-bag could think he would wander in cougar territory and act all high and mighty he had another thing coming to him. 

I parked about a quarter of a mile away from the beginnings of the boundary line.  Many of our own scouts had confirmed that most of this street was no-mans land and was safe to be on.  Stupid werewolves, thinking they were so much better, better trained and such.  I would show them.  If anything we were equal, which I hated to admit.  Looking at the numbers, they had lost about as many members as we had within our skirmishes.  That would wipe that smug grin out of those yellow eyes.

Werewolf scent was unbelievably strong as I got closer and just as my heart started to thump louder I scaled one of the fire escape ladders to the rooftops of a building.  I was downwind again thankfully and I didn’t see a terrible amount of activity. 

After a good running start I somersaulted through the air onto a building that was closer, my sore muscles a little slower to react and I rolled hard on my shoulders, a grunt escaped my lips.  Usually I was much more graceful.  I inspected over the edge, a scarred man standing guard it look like and after scenting the air I detected him as werewolf.  I took a picture using my phone of the building, confirming its location and grinned.  I didn’t see anyone else, but I knew well enough that the werewolves weren’t all stupid.  They were like us, and I knew that they must have some kind of look out other than what I was seeing.  I breathed deeply the werewolf scent, trying to get myself familiar with the musky after taste it left behind in my nostrils.  I knew for sure that we didn’t give off the same amount of stench as the werewolves did.  Our perfume was much less pungent. 

Thinking about their scent I let my eyes scan ahead of me and my ears alert behind me.  Nothing was going to creep up on me from behind.  Part of me wanted to test their skills, wanted to show off.  But being cocky could kill me.  Curiosity killed the cat after all.  I didn’t exactly have a death wish.  But maybe, just maybe, a little fun wouldn’t kill me.  It was better than a training course, it was real.  Excited I scaled down the back of the building, away from the werewolf I had spotted standing watch on the ground.  The fire escapes were easy to climb down and jumping down them was a piece of cake.  When I landed in a crouch, my knees bent up and my fingers splayed on the dirty lot behind the building.  Perfect, simply perfect.  I was within shadow and there was no wind coming through at the moment.  I heard quiet chatter come my way and the reek of wolf.  Using the same technique as the werewolf that I had seen the day before I hid behind a dumpster and held my breath, it wasn’t long before two young adolescent werewolves came within view. 

“What I wouldn’t love to chase something right about now how does that sound Derek?” I heard one say sounding somewhat smug and my eyes narrowed.  They were in luck; I was looking to give chase right about now anyway.

The second chuckled, inexperienced beasts they were.  They acted so at ease and maybe they were but I wasn’t fooled.  Their acting wasn’t that good.  I felt a growl tingle the back of my throat but I kept it still.  They might have guessed I was here somewhere, but they didn’t know where I was just yet. 

“Here pussy, pussy, pussy.  Want a ball of catnip?” They sounded close to shifting, the adrenaline wafted from their bodies, even if I couldn’t smell I could sense their angst.  The hairs on the back of my neck stood and just as the boot of the first werewolf appeared I leapt, I must have taken him by surprise because he stumbled backward as I mounted his shoulders.  I used his shoulders as a spring board, the second just as shocked as the first.  Narrowly I hooked my fingers around the fire escape ladder on the building opposite of me and dashed up it.  I had made it a good distance up before I heard the first land on his ass.  The other hot tailed it behind me.  I slid into an open window moving about the apartment going mostly unnoticed. 

Shouting came from the room I had been in once I made it into the hall and began running.  My feet pounded hard into the floor.  I jumped from stairwell to stairwell till the first werewolf met my path.  I braced a hand on the railing and the other on the wall and power housed a kick to his chest.  Again he fell and I continued running, not taking the second to look back.  I continued down the stairs and out the building, the two young wolves behind me but I sensed they were more than discouraged.  I made for the direction of my car, knowing it could travel faster and offered more protection than anything I could throw at the wolves.  This part of the city seemed less crowded, but I blocked out anything else but the panting of the people giving chase to me.  Seeming to go in slow motion I glided over a car, my gaze wandering for a second and I came in eye contact with the golden eyed werewolf.  My plan had worked.  I’d found him. 

I changed my direction toward the wolf, or at least across the street.  He didn’t follow me the way I had hoped but it didn’t matter, I still had his companions to lose.  But by now I was a good distance behind them; they were losing sight of me fast.  I leapt over a trash bin, glancing behind me for the golden eyed werewolf and I couldn’t find him.  Puzzled I wanted to stop but I kept moving forward.  It was better than acting foolish, he knew this terrain better than I did, I was after all in werewolf territory though I was closing in on no-man’s land.  I came upon an alley and right as I became centered on it my shoulders were grabbed and I tugged violently to my left.  A sharp electric pinch fell onto my neck and I fell limp within the werewolf’s arms. 

“Stupid cat, what are you thinking?” I heard him say, again he made no real move to harm me and I realized as I tried to struggle I was somehow paralyzed and rendered helpless.

He laid me down on the ground and I fixed a strong growl within my throat but I hushed up once two pairs of footsteps came into my hearing.  What were they up to?  Why was I simply paralyzed and not dead?  I would ask these questions, I just had to wait for the right time.

“Looks like pussy cat here got cocky.  I got him and now there’s one less feline within the pride,” the werewolf whom I’d encountered the day before said and righted himself.  What?  I wasn’t dead and he knew very well I wasn’t.  I tried not to scowl with confusion and stayed perfectly still.  I didn’t know what this mutts plan was, but at least I wasn’t dog chow yet.

I heard another growl and then one of the younger wolves barked, “He was our target, we were supposed to do this.” He didn’t sound happy but he instantly whined and submission washed over him.  I didn’t know what the bright eyed werewolf had done to him but it shut him up.

“Keep in mind I sent you after him.  You know your place.  Now go.  I’ll dispose of the cat,” I heard and the other two dispersed.  Kill me and get it over with already.  This is the third time you’ve captured me, what more do you want?  I was again confused.  Was he going to let me go again?

“Why not just finish the job?  Why’d you let me go yesterday?” I questioned immediately after the other two had left. 

The wolf stepped back up to me and replied, “I’m reluctant to kill more than I have to.  I guess it’s my way of rebelling against this war.  But if you come back into pack territory you’re going to be killed.”

I was rolled over into my back and my eyes locked onto the face that had been haunting my dreams, “If you hadn’t surprised me I would have gotten away unscathed, dog breath.  I can take care of myself just fine, I don’t need help from the likes of you.” I was glad that my mouth was working; I would have liked it more if my arms had been working as well.

“Too bad, tabby cat, what’s done is done.  I’ll take you to the edges of the territory as long as you don’t get into trouble with the pack again,” He answered in his deep voice.  I stared at him blankly for a moment.  This animal was going to help me escape?  That was unheard of.  We killed them and they killed us, that’s just how it worked.  We didn’t help each other out.

Eyeing him quietly I took notes on his body shape, now that he wasn’t hiding behind my back.  He was broad chested and had tanned skin.  He looked very much in shape, his arms covered in muscle.  I didn’t have all of the muscle he did, but that made me lighter, sleeker, and faster.  Clearing my throat I retorted, “I know my way back to my car, I don’t need an escort.  You’re wasting your time, get lost.” I kept my tone blunt and looked away from him before I became oddly transfixed on him.

“Well you’re going to be paralyzed for an hour, good luck trying to get back to your car on your own,” he answered sarcastically and smirked a little.

“I have the time,” I began slowly, trying to find a way out without needing this dogs help, “I’ll just wait it out, now like I said, get lost.”

“Not with the pack around you don’t,” He shook his head at me and I watched him from the corner of my eye.  I growled again and tried to move but it obviously wasn’t working.

Roughly sighing through my nose I asked, “And just how do you plan on moving me huh?  I would rather wait here.” I wasn’t about to let this flee-bag man handle me anymore than he already had.  His putrid scent was hard to scrub off of my body.  God Jason was going to kill me if he found out I had ventured into werewolf territory without telling anyone.

Instead of just answering me directly, the werewolf did what I was dreading most.  I tried to protest but my arms, as well as the rest of my body, were useless.  I was tossed somewhat gently over the werewolf’s shoulder, my arms falling limp by his ass.  My breath came out unevenly as his wide shoulder duck into my stomach, cutting off airflow.

“Does this answer your question, tuna breath?” He asked and stood beginning to walk deeper into the alley.

“One problem tail chaser, I can’t breathe,” I sputtered and he adjusted my position.  One of his large hands was holding high up on my thigh, the other wrapped around both my knees.  I couldn’t help but feel a little molested.  “Get your god damn hand off of me,” I hissed and moved my face as best I could so I wasn’t face planting into his back every time he took a step.

“Do you want to fall?  Really?” The werewolf sounded amused and for a second I was thinking of biting him.  We, or rather, he walked for a little longer till we came to secluded part that I hadn’t known about.  I became curious and looked around with wide eyes.  I had no idea there was a place this closed off and yet so open.  Almost gently, the werewolf set me down into a sitting position and hunkered down in front of me.

“You’re leaving now, right?” I asked and eyed him.  His sitting position was very relaxed, one leg stretched out in front of him, the other bent up.

With a chuckle the werewolf returned my stare, “Not until you can move properly.  I have a few things here, want something to eat?”

My nose scrunched, my face contorting with distaste.  I didn’t want anything to do with this guy but I felt like I would never get rid of him.  That he was going to watch over me until I could leave on my own perplexed me.  He sounded sincere, but I wasn’t about to let my guard down with the kind my family had been at war with for years and years.  “Go away,” I grunted and looked away from him, “You’re wasting your time.”

All I got as a reply was a chuckle and him saying, “I’m only offering, no need for a bushy tail.”

“I’m not taking anything from you.  For all I know you’ve poisoned everything you have stored in this place,” I refused bluntly and raised my lips in a little snarl.

“Well that’s a smart idea, tabby cat,” He chuckled again and ate whatever it was that he had offered to me.  It wasn’t like I could have taken it if I had wanted to; my arms were still limp in my lap. 

I scoffed lightly and rolled my eyes, “Of course I’m smart.  What gave you the impression that I’m not?” I felt insulted, though the rumors about blondes seemed to haunt me wherever I went. 

“Well it’s not so smart to get caught three times, by the same werewolf,” The wolf chuckled at me again and I scrunched my nose into a glare.

“Smartass,” I growled at him and barred my teeth.  The mobility in my fingers was coming back to me thankfully, but not enough to flip him the bird.  There was a long silence after that.  No reason to continue conversation with this…animal.  And as much as I tried to loath this person before me, I couldn’t help but find myself interested to figure out more about him.  A person whom had spared my life and didn’t even know my name, not that I would have told it to him if he had asked anyway.  That would be worse than foolish, telling this mangy mutt that kind of information, that would certainly get me killed.  And once I was able to get back to my car I wouldn’t even think of this person ever again.  I had my answer, his reasons for sparing my life.  That was all I wanted from him. 

My mind would be able to rest at peace and if we ever came into battle, I wasn’t sure if I could show him the same courtesy.  If he was found on our lands again…the threat was the same…he would be killed.  Jason wouldn’t have it any other way, so I thought.  We were from two different worlds and were connected by the bloody string that was war.  Slowly the movement came back into my limbs and the stranger watched as I stretched and worked my arms.  I figured that my legs would take longer, but hey I was getting somewhere finally.  A distant howling rang within my ears and the wolf stood, his gaze on the horizon. 

“You’ll be back to standing within another few minutes.  Remember, if you come back onto pack territory you’re going to be killed,” He warned and swiftly left me to myself.  The moment I could no longer hear his footsteps I whipped my phone out of my pocket and checked to see if the pictures I’d taken of the base were still safe within my phone.

Sure enough I was again able to use my limbs and though stiff I made it back to my car without injury.  I was only minimally shaken and I battled with myself on the way home to either tell my mother or not.  The stupid werewolf, rebelling he said.  What was a one man rebellion?  I didn’t want to think too deep on it.  To my relief there was no sign of Shawn and after a few quick sniffs, I didn’t smell too much like that werewolf.  At least Mom didn’t have the same smelling ability as the rest of the pride. 

“Damien sweetheart?  Are you home?” I heard her say from the small kitchen.  She greeted me with a pleasant smile though it faded when my own face didn’t reflect the same smile.

I quickly fixed a smile onto my face and said, “Of course I’m home.  Do you know of any other blondes that live here?” I chuckled lightly and dropped my keys on the little table I had by the door.  Surprisingly I noticed that my little apartment looked cleaner than when I had left it and it was already pretty clean.  Leave it to my mother to find things to tidy up.

“Is that all you’re going to say?  What was it you went to go do?  Did you get a new phone?” She asked and peered up at me before wandering into the small pen kitchen on the left. 

“Are you sure you really want to know?  I mean it’s nothing exciting, but I saw that werewolf again,”

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