Play Goat

Play Goat

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Sex life gets bored after some time. You need to spice up before your partner looses interest.


Sex life gets bored after some time. You need to spice up before your partner looses interest.


Submitted: June 17, 2012

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Submitted: June 17, 2012





It had been 5 years since Roshan had bought this farm house. He had appointed a lady caretaker Sanchita, who lived in the local area. She used to clean the furniture daily. The lawn was being maintained properly. He had made sudden inspections, as promised while taking her interview. He had told, if he finds any sign of mishandling, he would spank her with a cane. She was shocked at this, but had no options. The pay was high and she needed money at this time. She agreed and signed the offer letter. He asked for a copy of her proofs as well. He came there once every month, spent 2 days in peace and left. He had called her and notified that he was coming with a guest, this weekend. He had given her instructions and sent some money to change the interiors. With his list of instructions it seemed that he was coming with some lady with her. But she failed to understand why he needed a small goat. He was rich and he can spend money, she cannot ask but she can find out, when he comes here.


He arrived in his SUV, as usual. Once he entered the gate, he alighted and opened the passenger seat door. A very beautiful lady wearing a white shirt and a skirt, alighted. She was wearing sunglasses. Sanchita had seen such girls on TV only, that too on English channels.

"How beautiful!" she exclaimed, resting her hand on his shoulder.

"Thank you, Ragini. Let's go inside." he said and signaled Sanchita to get some water and snacks.

She roamed in the farm house for some time, before settling down to have some snacks and water.

"Did you like this place?" he asked while preparing tea for her.

"Yes, a lot. I like peaceful places, near to nature." she said.

Roshan had asked Sanchita about the goat he had ordered. She had tied it in the backyard and covered its mouth with a plastic box tied to the back of its head. He was happy to hear that, but still she was unable to understand the reason.

"You cook the food, keep it in bowls on the dining table. You may go then." Roshan instructed.

Sanchita nodded head and left the room.

"Good lady, she obeys your orders." Ragini was watching her since she had come. Mostly people appoint male caretakers, bit he had appointed a female caretaker. She knew about it.

"Well, females are more reliable than males, in these cases. Her offer letter saus that she would be spanked if any mess if found in the premises."

"Really, that's interesting, does she know about it?"

"Yes, all terms and conditions had been explained and she signed the documents."

"Wow, you are a cunning man. I must say."

He smiled in return. "She will finish cooking in some time now and leave. We can freshen up and get ready for our afternoon session."

"Done, where's my room?" she asked, picking up her bag.

"The last one at the end of the corridor."

"You chose it, do you have cameras installed in there?"

He smiled, "Do you think I need them?"

Ragini smiled naughtily and left for her room. The room was decorated nicely. The woman definitely knows the taste of sex. She laid her bag on the bed and inspected the room. It had a double bed and was airy. The window opened to a view of plush green fields. This room was built a bit higher and thus she could see the fields from above the wall. She started unbuttoning her shirt. The cool air hit her upper part, she was feeling good after a long tiring journey. She had not locked the door as there were no other people around. She stood at the window in her black lacy bra and panties, feeling the air. Then proceeded to the bathroom. A very beautiful fragrance reached her nose as soon as she opened the door. She was surprised to see the bath tub filled with water and full of flower petals. Sanchita had added various scents to the water. She felt like a princess. She ran out immediately and hugged him. He was taken aback to see her in her undergarments, so early. He hugged her too, his fingers ran on her skin. It was very smooth and silky.

"Hey, you should put your clothes on." he managed to say. She shyed and said. " You're the best."

Turning around she strolled to her room happily. He saw her beautiful ass sway, as she went. It looked delicious in the laced black panties. He would definitely have a hot steamy session with her, as the start was good.


Sanchita was in the kitchen cooking food when she was startled by some footsteps running towards the hall. She quickly run towards the door but stopped on seeing the lady running only in her undergarments. She peeked through the door after she had passed. The lady hugged him and he too ran his fingers on her back. Sanchita had separated from her husband a long time ago and she had a son to look after. Hence she did not marry again. But the body needs someone to take care of. She too, got excited by looking at them. She hastily returned to the table, as madam was returning to her room.


Ragini entered the bath tub and stayed in it for 30 long minutes. There should someone to attend my needs, she thought. A princess should be surrounded by maids. Why not call the caretaker? She thought and immediately started calling her. Sanchita came and found the door unlocked. She entered and found the room empty. She proceeded to the bathroom door and pushed it.

"You called me, madam." she said.

"Yes, is your cooking finished?" Ragini asked.

"Yes," was Sanchita's reply.

"Okay, stay here, while I take a brief shower."

Saying so, she climbed out of the tub. Her body was fully aromated. Sanchita looked at her body in awe. It was milky white with big boobs. She did not have pubic hair. Ragini started the shower.

For 5 minutes, Sanchita stood there watching narrow streams of water flowing down her silky body. Am I getting excited? This is not good. She thought.

"Get the towel and pat me dry." The shower had stopped and Ragini was seated on the edge of the bath tub.

Sanchita brought the towel from the hanger and started patting her dry. She was feeling the urge to touch her. Somehow she controlled herself and found Ragini watching her through the mirror. She gave a shy look to her as she too was a woman and she had understood her feelings.

"You need some special attention." Ragini said. "Undress, I'll be back in a moment."

Sanchita obliged. It was as if she was hypnotized by Ragini's beauty. She removed her saree which brought out a torn blouse and petticoat. She removed them as well. She did not wear a bra, her panty was red in colour and covered her ass. She pulled everything off. Her colour was wheatish with an average body. Her boobs were big and she had a lot of pubic hair. Ragini came back with a stick in her hand which had a red button. The stick had a round head and a tapering end with a wire hanging out. She plugged the stick to the electric board.

"Turn around, place your hands on the edge of the tub and spread your legs." Ragini ordered.

Sanchita followed her instructions. She had never been in such a position, in front of another woman. She still did not understand what she would do with the stick.

A humming sound reached her ears and something vibrating very vigourously touched her pussy. Her pussy had not been touched for a long time now. The assault on her pussy felt good. This stick played its wonders and her juices started flowing in no time. She was unable to stand still as her legs were shaking with enthusiasm. She orgasmed vigourously.

Ragini stopped the vibrator and looked at it. It was covered with Sanchita's juices, she indeed had no sex for a long time now. She was the head in water, while watching Sanchita's reactions. She was lying beside the tub still catching her breath.

"You are a good cummer, take this. Use it whenever your body needs it." Ragini gave the vibrator to her.

"What will I do with this, I do not know how to use it " Sanchita explained her problem.

Ragini handed the vibrator to her.

"Plug it, push the red button and touch it to your pussy."

Sanchita obliged. She started feeling excited once again. This time she sat down beside the tub and started playing with her pussy. Ragini smile and got up to dress. She dressed and came back to find Sanchita ending her second orgasm. She smiled at Ragini, "Thank you, madam."

Ragini smiled and handed her one egg. Sanchita looked at it, a bit surprised. This egg had a small button on it.

"This egg goes into your pussy, after pushing the button. It works on 3 small batteries in this compartment. You'll need to change them when the power to vibrate lessens. You'll get these batteries in any shop which sells bigger batteries. This small device goes with you in your pussy anywhere, you can enjoy an orgasm while working, as well. Once you remove it from your pussy, make sure to wash it. Don't open it while washing." Ragini has explained in detail about its working and maintenance.

Sanchita was happy as now she did not have to depend on any man for her orgasms. She had thought of re-marriage but she always thought of her boy and shed the idea.


Sunny was waiting for Ragini in the hall. She arrived in a very thin night gown which she had bought, last time, they went for shopping. It was light blue in colour and thin enough to see her curvaceous body. The room filled with a light fragrance, once she entered. He smiled as soon as her eyes met him. She came and sat beside him on the side of the sofa.

"Your maid is a fountain of orgasms." she said.

"Yes, she did not have sex for a long time now. So, have you started already?" Sunny was curious.

"Yes, you should not waste anytime. I have gifted my vibrators to her. Her body will not feel frustrated anymore." Ragini was happy that she could help Sanchita.

He got up and signaled her towards the dining table. Sanchita appeared and started serving food. The food was brilliantly cooked.

"Take some food home, for you and your son. You may come back, if you want." Sunny said.

Sanchita looked at Ragini.

"He knows. In fact, he had told me about you." Ragini said frankly.

Sanchita felt shy and lowered her eyes. She stood there for them to finish their meal. Once complete she took the plates inside and washed them. Then packed food for home.

Sunny and Ragini were under the tree tying a net for lying in the afternoon, while she was leaving. They smiled and bade Sanchita goodbye, as she passed them with a tiffin in her hand. She closed the gate while going.


"Do you think, she will come back?" Ragini asked. They were lying on the net and swinging slowly. She had rested her head on his chest and thinking about Sanchita.

"She will come back. She will not be able to resist using the vibrator. Let's go to the backyard, I've something for you."

She got down immediately. Both walked towards the backyard slowly. She saw the goat with a plastic box tied to its head.

"Poor thing, how cruel are you?" she said, running towards it.

"Waitit ha been done on purpose." Sunny stopped her and pointed towards his right.

She turned to see a shaded area which was supported on 4 bamboo sticks. The bamboo stick had 4 ropes tied to each, the other ends were left in the middle.

"Come here and undress." Sunny was standing in the middle of the shade. She proceeded towards it and undressed. She was not wearing a bra or panty. Her body was looking great in the nude.

"Lie down." he said.

She looked at the ground, it was hard and uncovered. But she obliged and lied down at the place, he pointed. He proceeded to tie her hands and legs by spreading them to the max. He the stood between her legs and smiled. He was holding a small packet in his hands. All this while she was lying and watching him tie her hands and legs. She also noticed his naughty smile while he was standing between her legs, but could not understand what he was about to do.

He opened the packet and brought out a handful of grains. He carefully created a heap on her pussy. Then he created 2 heaps on her boobs. Finally, he took a piece of black cloth and blindfolded her. She was watching him create the heaps and understood that he had created a dining table for the goat, which was tied there. The thought made her pussy wet. But what is the blindfold for?

He guided the goat to her right boob and opened the box which was tied on its head. It had been hungry for a long time now, as Sanchita had tied the box yesterday. He had also dropped all its turds, so that Ragini does not get messy. The goat started nibbling at the grains on her boobs. The heap on her breasts was lower in height. His nibbling dropped the grains and her nipples were exposed. The goat continued nibbling still standing on the side. Sunny picked it up and placed it on her tummy.


Ragini was unable to see what was happening. But she heard his footsteps going away from her and coming back. Then suddenly she felt some nibbling on her right boob. It was feeling good. She understood at the goat was nibbling at the grains and it was feeling good. Suddenly the nibbling stopped. She felt some weight being placed on her tummy. It's weight was less but the hooves of the goat were hard. It was stamping on her tummy and trying to balance itself. Her nipples were stiffened by now, she had to lay still. If she moved, the goat will loose it balance and it will hit her more while balancing.


Sunny was watching her struggle to remain still while her body was bubbling with excitement. She had started moaning as soon as the goat reached her nipple. The grains finished on her breasts. The goat turned towards her pussy.


She felt the goat's tongue on her breasts and nipples. She was feeling great. The goat will not leave any place and lick all of her breasts, she thought. But the grains finished and she felt the goat moving away. It stopped at the end of her tummy. She felt it nibbling on the area above her pussy. She waited for it to reach her clit.


He was still watching her. She was excited but unable to move yet. She waited with bated breath for the goat to stop moving. The goat stopped moving and started nibbling on the heap above her pussy. He sat on a chair an started stroking his cock. It now needed attention. He had given a few strokes when he saw a shadow beside his chair. He startled and looked behind to find Sanchita standing quietly.


Sanchita had left the farm house but did not bring the toys which madam had given to her. The people around would ask her what it is. She would be unable to answer. So she will get it in the evening while coming home. But she felt good by using those toys. She decided to go back after lunch.

She pushed the gate to find the net empty. The main door was also left open. She remembered she had brought a goat and tied it in the backyard. Slowly she proceeded towards the backyard and saw the goat nibbling grains at her madam's pussy. Madam was excited and moaning whereas sir was stroking his cock. She too got excited by what she saw. She moved towards his chair.


Ragini was getting more excited, the goat had reached her clit. His nibbling sent waves of pleasure through her body. She started moaning. The goat was nibbling a bit slowly as its stomach was getting filled. This was giving her time to enjoy. By now the goat had descended from her stomach and facing her crotch. The only grains which were left were between her legs, in front of her pussy. Some grains had stuck in the juice of her pussy. It was licking them out giving more pleasure to her. She still was unable to move as it might frighten the goat away.


Sunny has stopped stroking. Sanchita signaled that she will take care and kneeled down in front of him. She took his cock in her hands and started stroking slowly. He laid back on the chair and continued enjoying Ragini's struggle. After a few strokes, Sanchita proceeded to take his cock in her mouth and started sucking. He was feeling good as he needed it while watching Ragini enjoy. He dropped her saree from her shoulder. And unhooked her blouse. Continued sucking his cock. She did not wear a bra, but her boobs were tight. She had maintained them properly. He touched them and she moaned. She had felt a man's touch after a long time. It was really good to share boobs with a man. But she knew the cunning people of her area. They were always ready to pounce on her body. But sir was different. He was stroking ner nipples while watching Ragini.


Ragini heard some moans at a distance. Sunny could not stop himself and might be stroking his cock. The goat had nearly finished eating the grains and she was about to have an orgasm. This one was the longest orgasm she ever had. It had taken a long time and lots of efforts to build up. She lay there exhausted while the goat left and started nibbling the grass. Sunny signaled Sanchita to stop and got up from hus chair. He removed his shirt, revealing his whole body and walked towards Ragini. He untied her legs, then hands. Finally, he untied the blindfold and helped her get up. She stood up and hugged him. Sanchita watched as their bodies met. She waited for them to notice her.

"How did you feel?" Sunny asked.

"Great, you had planned this, you naughty boy." Ragini kissed his lips. When she opened her eyes, she saw Sanchita sitting near Sunny's chair and called her. Sanchita got up and walked towards them her saree dragging at her feet. Ragini signaled her to undress and kneel at their feet. Sanchita obliged.

They had got a new slave maid and Sanchita had got 2 new masters.

They started walking towards the house, after Sanchita tied the goat back with the plastic box tied to its head. They asked Sanchita to always be naked when they were around. Ragini bent on the dining table with her pussy juices still dripping. Sunny pumped her with the erect cock due to Sanchita's sucking. Sanchita was under the table licking at Ragini's clit and stroking Sunny's balls with her hands. This was her new role in the house in addition to the role she already had.

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