My last anniversary

My last anniversary My last anniversary

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


A tale of one man's punishment for being inattentive.


A tale of one man's punishment for being inattentive.


Submitted: July 17, 2013

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Submitted: July 17, 2013



I knew I was in trouble. My biggest enemy time was once again out of control and meddling. My mind was panicking, and my chest was tight. I looked at the clock and wondered how that helped. I had desperately been trying to finish off my daily tasks before 5.30, so for once I could get out on time. But as the clocked ticked defiantly onwards to 6pm, I felt like I was running in treacle.

Once again, my mind interjected 'Maybe I should just accept I'm late and kick back'. No! I focused again and put these sub-conscious ramblings out of my head. Not too much more to do, I told myself. My hands were shaking though as I tried in vain to multi-task. Doing two things badly only slowed me further; breath I said to myself.


I had gone into a trance, I realised this as the phone went at my desk and the clock ticked by to 6.10pm. Bugger! I ignored the phone and decided to take flight. The actions of a wimp or the strong decision making of a man in charge of his destiny. I didn't know which one. I didn't really care; it was my nattering mind throwing in its two pennies worth again. I ran to my car. The heavy door creaked as I opened it. The thing was re-assuringly old; worn in, as I liked to look at it. No rust to talk of just faded paint work and a general tired appearance. Much the same as me I thought.


I drove on auto pilot. Like I did every day. I knew the journey blindfolded and often wondered if I dared try it. Of course not, it would end in a flaming ball of steel. I knew that, but when I was nervous I had these thoughts. Non-sensical, verging on insane but they diverted my mind from what was ahead. I had forgotten my wedding anniversary. It was the first time I had ever done that. In ten years, that wasn't that bad was it?  As track -records go. What was I saying, it was terrible, no excuses. I had forgotten and let my beautiful wife down. That hurt more than anything. She didn't deserve that, she deserved so much better. She is a stunning woman, tall, elegant, kind & caring. I wouldn't say I was a slouch, but I was forgetful, inattentive and distracted. I could never put my finger on why I was like that, I just was. It was me. Although, again that was no excuse for forgetting our wedding day.


My mind was wondering again. It was dark outside, a wet November evening. The one drawback of our exotic beach wedding in the Bahamas was that our Wedding anniversary would forever more be cursed with reliable cold, English November weather. I promised myself, next year I would take her away for our anniversary. I smiled to myself and felt marginally better. Although, this changed quickly as I realised that it would take weeks of cold shoulder and reminders of my inadequacy before I could even bring up next year’s anniversary. My sense of doom engulfed me. I pulled up in the drive way. The house looked surprisingly unlived in. Maybe she had gone out? That would be good. It would give me time to perk up the sad looking flowers I had bought from the petrol station. Make the place look nice and be ready to treat her like a princess. I grabbed the pitiful gifts and headed for the door. As the front door opened, something felt different. Normally, the hallway was bathed in light. Tonight, it was almost pitch black. There was a dim, flickering light from the dining room. I headed towards the dining room, as I walked in my wife greeted me with a big smile. She didn't miss a step

as I slightly recoiled. In my mind, I had assumed she wasn't in; to meet her now was a shock to the system. I smiled back and accepted her hug. It was sincere and not as I feared a prelude to her stabbing me in the back with a butter knife. “I made us dinner”, she said to me. 'Smells lovely.' I replied. I started to stammer out an apology for being late and forgetting our anniversary.


'Sshhhh', she interrupted. At this my shoulders dropped. The stress left me in a wave. I started to unwind. 'You lucky Bastard', my mind interjected. Yes I was, wasn't I. I had got away with it. I was a terrible husband but my beautiful wife had forgiven me. I was truly a lucky bastard. I put my hands around her waist and kissed her. 'Sorry!', I whispered.


'Hurry up, sit down and eat', was her reply. I did as I was told. With my stress subsiding, I suddenly realised how hungry I was. A plate of home cooked lasagne was placed in front of me. I smiled back at her as she sat down at the other end of the table. She smiled back and told me to eat it while it was hot. She wanted to give me my surprise. My guilt resurfaced as I thought of the wilting flowers and half melted chocolates. As if reading my guilt, she said it wasn't about presents; it was about spending time together. I really am a lucky bastard. My inner monologue piped up again, and reminded me that my luck couldn't last forever. I decided to ignore that know it all and finish my dinner.


Having suffered food poisoning before, I recognised the signs quickly. The heat in the room reached intolerable measures. I took it by the fact my wife wasn't sweating like me that it wasn't a broken thermostat. She asked if I felt OK, as a looked a bit peaky. I could tell the colour had gone from my face. She got up and walked over to me. I said I was fine, but even as I said it my voice sounded like I was in a tunnel. 'You're anything but fine, my darling'. I sensed the malice in her voice. My brain caught up, 'What have you put in it?', I heard the words but didn't remember saying them.

'Oh, poor baby, are you feeling sick? Don't worry. Death would be too easy. No, I've got something far better. Revenge'.


It was the sound more than the pain that bought me back round. I was disorientated and the impulse was to put my hands to my head where the pain was manifesting itself. For some reason I couldn't bring my hands to head. I considered my condition. I didn't feel like I was paralysed but then what did that feel like. Panic spread and I saw myself in a wheel chair eating through a pipe. My legs, I could feel my legs. Or could I, I had never paid much attention to that feeling before. As my eyes came back into focus someone was standing in front of me. It was my wife, as far as I could make out. Her appearance and demeanour were not hers, at least not the woman I knew. I caught something out of the corner of my eye and then that searing pain again. This time it was easier to work out. I had been slapped around the face by my wife. This was not a playful slap. This had feeling and menace. I didn't bother to ask what it was for; I didn't want to give her the satisfaction of calling me stupid. My mind chipped in, 'Not so lucky now!'. I made a mental note to distance myself from that inner voice after this ordeal.


She could see the bewilderment in my eyes and her persona changed instantly from mean to caring. 'Poor baby, you haven't got a clue what's going on have you?'. I shook my head. Although, a quick glance around I could see I was bound by my ankles & wrists to what amounted to a large X shaped wooden cross. I also knew I was completely naked. I had felt vulnerable before, but this was something completely new. I had no problem with nudity but had visions of a surprise party arriving shortly and I would be the talking point in the centre of the room. She took a step closer to me. With my brain now putting the pieces together I finally paid her some attention, a lack of which had probably got me in this situation anyway.

She looked nothing like my wife; her hair was slicked back into a high pony tail. She had put more than her usual demure make-up on. Her eyes were heavily made up, and the look was finished with some striking make-up. The only light was candle light but I could see she was clad in a skin tight black latex cat suit, which was highly polished and the high shine caught the candle light. She had a great figure anyway, but I was distracted by how good this outfit made her look. She stood in front of me with her hands on her hips; slightly looking down at me which I realised was because she had 6 inch heels on.


'I wanted to make sure  I had your undivided attention. Judging by the way you can't take your eyes off me I have what I wanted. Do you like my outfit?' As she asked this, she turned on the spot so I could take in the whole effect. I noted it had a zip running from front to back; the whole thing would peel off with whoever controlled this zip. At this moment in time, it was most definitely my wife. 'I told you I had a surprise for you.’ she continued. 'I had to drug your food to give me time to prepare it all properly. I'm going to make sure you never forget another anniversary again.' This was not said with menace, just an unfamiliar firmness. 'Look, I'm sorry.' I started, sounding more desperate than sincere. 'I’ve had a lot on, and my mind is terrible when I have more than one thing to remember at a time.' It all fell on deaf ears. She took a couple of steps closer, her heels click on the stone floor of the kitchen. She leant forward and whispered in my ear; 'You're going to be very sorry by the time I'm finished.' With that she walked away, she turned her briefly knowing she would catch me looking at her arse as she walked away. I caught a wry smile from her. Whatever the surprise was, I had an unnerving feeling I was walking into a trap.


The sound of her heels died away, and I was left alone again. Looking at my predicament again I had time to take more in now I wasn’t being chastised. I looked for the clock on the kitchen wall, 9.06pm. I must have been out for well over an hour. Looking around, all the furniture had been moved out of the kitchen/ dining room. I couldn't see it anywhere in my limited view of the other rooms. But I couldn't imagine my wife would have been able to move it all herself, not in the time I was out of it. That could only mean she had help! Oh my god, my mind raced again. I was being setup. I could see it now, all her friends coming round after a mysterious invite. 'Please come and witness the humiliation of my husband.' I imagined the invite would say, probably posted on face book as well so the world would be turning up on my doorstep shortly. They would all come piling in, laughing and joking to be met by the sight of me, trussed up & naked. A cold sweat was forming on my brow and my heart was racing again. I could hear my wife again, but it was not followed by raucous laughter. Just another quieter male voice I couldn't quite make out what they were saying.


The click of her heels on the stone floor came back. Ominously, sometime before she came into view. She walked slowly across the living room, with what I could make out to be a chain over her shoulder, attached to something behind her which hadn't come into view yet. She didn't look at me as she walked in, but walked slowly with a pronounced hip shake towards the centre of the room. 'I've got your surprise, baby' she said to me still without looking at me. She stopped so she was facing me and carried on pulling the chain. The subject she was pulling on the chain came into view. I didn't recognise him, but he looked young, mid twenties. He was tall and good looking. A much better physique than mine, the one I always intended to have when I was younger I supposed. The chain was attached to a thick leather collar around his neck. He was semi-naked, dressed in only his boxer shorts. I noted he was fully erect, judging by the bulge in his pants. 'This is Marc.' My wife said, by way of introduction. There was a general sense that neither of us men were supposed to say anything at that point. Certainly, not the customary 'Alright, mate. Nice to meet you.' The circumstance dictated that my wife was going to be doing most of the talking.


My wife continued to pull the lead that Marc was attached to, so he gradually moved closer to her. 'Marc is my new trainee. I've had a lot of time to spend training him while you've had your mind elsewhere. It’s been very boring while you've been off with your mates or work. So I found a little project that I could use my time on. I'm very pleased with the results.'


'Is that my surprise?’ I questioned without trying to put any emotion into my voice.


'Oh, no.' my wife shook her. 'The surprise is watching what Marc is going to do for me, right in front of you. Seeing as you're not going anywhere, you won't have much choice to watch every minute. Happy Anniversary darling.' She turns to Marc and runs her hand over his chest, her long painted nails dig viciously into his skin. Her hand moves down to the bulge in his pants, and she gently brushed her fingers over the full length of it. As she did this she turns her head towards me and smiles. She leaves Marc where he is and walks over to me, again the movement of her hips exaggerated to full effect, how women know how to get a man’s full attention. She walks over to the cupboard in our kitchen and takes out a smallish box, opening it she pulls out a dubious metal contraption. She walks back over to me, paying more attention to the contraption than me. Looking into my eyes, she reaches down and grabs my cock. It is fully rigid having watched her walk effortlessly in those heels and cat suit. I take sharp intake of breath as she squeezes the life out of my poor cock. I look down and watch the blood rush out of it, from sheer shock probably. As it becomes more flaccid, she slides the contraption over it. On closer inspection I can make out it’s a metal hood, shaped like a semi erect penis. She ties it onto me. Once it’s fixed in position, she give is a playful stroke. 'There.' she smiles at me, as much as you want to you won't be able to get hard. I will have complete control over your cock. I don't want you getting too excited once you see what I have planned.'


She walks back over to Marc and picks up the lead. She walks back towards me, not wavering in her stare. Marc follows obediently behind her. She stops several paces in front of me. She points to the floor next to her and Marc takes his place by her side. She slides her hand over his muscle chest and down his abs. She looks into his eyes and smiles. 'He's got a fantastic body hasn't he? Just what a woman wants in her man. It’s what struck me about him when I first saw him. I haven't told you how we met have I. I really am the innocent party.' She gives me a wicked smile as her hand slides further down his body and round his waist towards his arse.


'I was just doing some shopping in Tesco's. My least favourite past time, especially when I am hungry and tired. I wasn't really paying much attention to what I was doing and mentally going through a list of things I knew we needed but at that moment I couldn't recall a single one. I suddenly thought I must look quite odd just staring into space. I quickly looked around to make sure no one was watching me, as I did I caught Marc's staring at me. I could tell he was checking me out and he quickly looked away as he pretended to be looking at something on the shelves. I smiled to myself and walked off. As I walked, I couldn't wipe the smile off my face. It had cheered me up no end; I knew he was young; no more than 25-26. But I could tell he liked what he saw, maybe I still had it. I turned the corner into the next aisle, I'm sure I still had the smile on my face. Out of the corner of my eye I saw him come out of the aisle I had just been in. He must have walked at some pace to catch up with me. He realised he had moved too quickly as he hurried past me. It gave me a chance to check him out. I could tell he was very good looking, and from the rear his body looked great. He was just wearing jeans & a tight t-shirt. I couldn't see much sign of any fat. He was at least 6'1 perhaps 6'2. With a crop of short dark hair and olive skin.  I stifled a smile as he was trying to recover his composure. I decided to have a little fun with him. I made a point of walking over to where he was standing. I turned my back to him and bent over very slowly to pick something off the bottom shelf. I'm sure I could audibly here him exhale heavily, I was worried he might have had an accident. I stood up slowly, making sure he could get a long, lingering look at my arse and legs. I knew they looked good in these jeans. I let me hand slide up my leg as I stood up.


I didn't notice what I had picked up, but made a point of putting in my trolley and walking past him without acknowledging him. I walked close enough to brush past him. I could feel his eyes burning into me as I walked down the aisle. I could sense he was following me, so I stopped again. Picking something else off a shelf I could feel him moving closer to me. My heart was racing, I felt like a naughty school girl. But I was enjoying myself, it made me feel sexy that I could control him and I was the cat in this game of cat and mouse.


He stood next me, also looking blankly at the items on the shelf. My heart was beating fast, I hoped he was as nervous as me or the shift in power could change in his favour. As he stood next to me, I reached across him, making sure I brushed against his chest. I knew he would get a waft of my perfume and feel my body brushing against his. I pretended to lose my balance and fell into him slightly. He put his arm around my waist to catch me. I joked with him the he had saved my life; I let him hold me slightly longer than I should, but as I pulled away I let me hand brush against his crotch. I exhaled slightly as I could feel how big and hard his cock was. I smiled, winked as I walked off. I still had control; I knew he would follow so I headed for the women’s clothing aisle. He was sure to follow me, but this would be my territory and I could make him squirm. The thought made me smile again.


I had stopped next to the underwear. I could see him walking over to me; I didn't look up and continued checking through the array of knickers & bra sets. He stopped himself, unsure whether to follow me into this woman only domain. There weren't many others around, so he hesitantly came and stood next me. I ignored him and carried on browsing, I could sense he was getting uncomfortable. I turned to him, holding two hangers with a knicker & bra set on each. One was particularly slutty, the other more my style and demure, yet sexy. 'Which one would you like to see me in?’ I asked him. 'Careful how you answer that, as the right answer will get you exactly what you want.' He was slightly flushed in the cheeks, and meekly pointed to the demure set. 'Mmmm, you are a good boy, aren't you? That was the answer I wanted.' I threw the underwear into my trolley and moved towards him. 'Maybe I should take your number. Then I can text you a picture of me wearing it for you? I'll get my husband to take the picture; he'll think all his Christmas's have come at once.'


He gave me his number and told me his name was Marc. I didn't bother to tell him mine, but told him to hurry home and wait for my text. I turned and left, heading for the checkouts. I still had a smile on my face and a warm, fluttery feeling in my stomach. I had found some long lost excitement, and I liked the feeling it gave me.


My wife looked at me to make sure I was taking all this in. I had never minded her flirting, I actually enjoyed it. Most men fancied her, and I always felt a sense of pride that she had picked me. I was the top of the heap, the pick of the crop. However, something had changed. This was a departure from just flirting. This was affirming her sexual desire for someone else, other than me. I thought I should be having feelings of rage, injustice, hatred & jealous. Instead, I was aroused. I had always found it a turn on when my wife showed obvious signs of hornyness. More than just sympathetically trying to act out my fantasies. More that she had thrown herself head long into a situation that made her feel very sexy. I liked the fact she had got turned on, that she had pursued him, teased him, given him the chance to try the forbidden fruit. Whichever way you looked at it, she had enjoyed the moment and this made me just as excited as her.


My wife had clearly picked up on this. Whether she was expecting me to fly into a fit of rage I wasn't sure. But she could easily see I was aroused, despite the restraint. She smiled at me, and gently stroked my caged cock. 'Mmmm, do you like the idea of watching your wife with another man? She said in a playful manner. 'I'm going to enjoy having you watch him satisfy me. Watching him lick my pussy, fucking me from behind, licking my arse. All the things you want to do to me. I'm going to drive you wild. Your poor cock is going to explode, but only when I allow it.'


She walked back over to Marc; she took hold of the lead and pointed to the floor in front of her. Indicating to him to adopt a kneeling pose in front of her. He did as he was instructed. She stroked his hair playfully and looked back over at me. She continued the story where she had left off. 'I was annoyed that you had decided to spend the whole day at the football. We'd argued the night before about it, but you left early in the morning without a second thought. I was seething inside, and I wanted to teach you a lesson. So many ideas flew through my mind, but one thing stuck out. Marc! I had forgotten about him. The excitement I had felt in the supermarket had quickly been forgotten as I returned to my normal life.'


'It didn't take much for me to make my mind up to call him. I was still in a rage and this was the best cure, revenge. He answered on the second ring, although he tried to sound casual, I knew I had made his day and it was only 9am! 'You don't hang around do you? Were you waiting for my call?' I asked him. He mumbled about the picture he'd been hoping for. I told him I had something much better, and I expected him round here in 10 minutes or I would have to hunt around my phone book for someone else.


I could hear him scrabbling to get out the door. I put the phone down with a smile and went to check how I looked. Moments later, I could hear his car approaching. He was only young and was clearly his car had seen better days. It had taken him 15 minutes to get here, so I was prepared to chastise him.


'I don't expect to be kept waiting!' I said as I greeted him at the door. He lowered his head and apologised like a naughty school boy. I was already getting a warm glow inside. I had forgotten how much I had enjoyed teasing him. 'You better come inside', I said sternly.


He walked in the door and into the hallway. I looked him up and down. He looked better than I remembered, and I had thought he was fit first time round. His t-shirt was tighter and showed off his body. In the rush he clearly hadn't had time to smarten up but I was enjoying the rugged look. I walked by him into the living room and beckoned him in. He followed and stood where I pointed. I lifted up his t-shirt and roughly pulled it over his head. I slid my hand over his crotch and up to the belt of his jeans and unbuckled it. I told him to slide his jeans off. I sat on the chair and admired his body. 'Turn around' I ordered and he obediently did as he was told. He looked better than I remembered. I got up and walked over to him. I stroked by long, painted nails down his chest and abs. Then gently slid my whole hand over the throbbing mass in his shorts. I smiled at him, and licked my lips slowly. Before I get you too excited I need to start your training. I handed him a scrubbing brush and pointed towards the kitchen. 'I want you to be able to eat your dinner off that floor by the time you've finished. Now get to work!’ I barked the orders; he was slightly taken aback but without any disagreement headed to the kitchen as instructed. I checked he was getting on with his work and headed upstairs.


In the bedroom, I opened my knicker draw and pulled out the pair he had been so keen on. I quickly undressed and slipped them on. I pulled out the shortest, tightest dress I could find and a nice pair of heels and headed downstairs. He hadn't noticed me gone and was still hard at work. I walked passed him towards the sink, not acknowledging him. I could feel him watching my every step. I knew my legs looked good, so to add extra excitement I took a glass off the side and leaned over the sink to fill it up. I could feel the dress riding up towards my arse. I had to check over my shoulder and caught him looking up my skirt. 'Do you like it?, I asked mockingly. 'You look great.' he replied. I walked over to him and stood in front of him. He was on his knees washing the floor, and I towered above him in my heels. I stood with my legs slightly apart, and I knew from here he would be able to see right up my dress. 'I thought you'd finally like to see them on?' I asked him. I could tell his mind was scrambled, ' See them?' he asked. 'The knickers!' I snapped back. The ones you picked out for me to wear. I know you're looking up my skirt, so you must be getting a good look at them. They do fit perfectly and feel very sexy. I am impressed with your choice. If you work very hard, you may even get a chance to touch them. But that is only for very good slaves.'


He was sat on his haunches. I looked down at the floor. There were dirty prints where I had just walked across in my heels. I told him he was being sloppy and pointed to the foot prints. I told him he better buck his ideas up if he was going to be my slave. I turned and left the room, I could hear him scrubbing the floor harder, clearly heeding my advice and not wanting to blow any chance he had with me.


I sat in my favourite chair in the lounge. With my legs cross, the dress rode up over my thighs nicely. I called him into the lounge. He dutifully arrived and walked over to me. I looked him in the eye and ask him to get my glass of water from the kitchen. As I did this, I pushed the sole of my shoe into the rigid mound in his shorts. He let out a short exhale of breath. I applied some force to crush his member. He obligingly created some resistance allowing me to crush his poor cock successfully. I told him to put the drink down.' He placed it next to me. I told him he needed to vacuum the lounge carpet; I directed him to the vacuum and returned to my newspaper. He started the cleaner, and dutifully vacuumed the room. I told him to ensure that he cleaned under all the sofas & chairs, including the armchair I was currently sitting in. He did as he was told, having been around the room he moved over to where I was sitting. I told him to get on his knees so he could get the head of the vacuum under the chair. As he did this I perched myself on the end of the chair and opened my legs slowly. This gave him a view up my skirt. His eyes wandered to the view of my knickers. I could feel his breath on the inside of my thighs. 'Make sure you get right in. Spend as long as you want. I want to make sure you do a proper job.' I ran my fingers through his hair, and brought him closer to my crotch. His breathing was shallower and faster now. I could feel the heat radiating from him. 'Can you see something you want, but can't get to?’ He nodded; I smiled back and told him that if he completed his training, he might well be rewarded with what he wanted. At that I got up and stood over him. 'I think that's clean enough now. I have another job for you. Tidy away the vac and follow me.'


I strode into the kitchen and opened the back door. He came and stood next to me. I pointed into the garden. 'I need the lawn mowing, the boarders cleared and the tree chopping back.' I patted him on the bum and gave him a gentle shove out of the door.


I watched briefly from the kitchen window, to make sure he was doing as instructed and then headed back upstairs. I could see him out of the bedroom window and was pleased to see him going about the tasks I had set him. There was definitely something exciting about his willingness to please me. I was getting excited about what I had planned for him later. I was hoping his youthful exuberance would give me hours of pleasure. My mind wandered, but I remembered what I had come here to do. It was a baking hot day and I decided while he was in the garden why didn't I enjoy the sun. I had bought a shocking pink bikini several weeks early. I pulled the set out of my knicker draw. It was high cut with a wet look to it. I slipped out of my clothes and into the bikini. I checked myself in the mirror. I checked all angles and was satisfied it looked as good on me as it had in the advert. I rummaged for my sun hat, glasses, and a good book (although I knew I would be too distracted to read much of it) & of course sun cream.


I opened the back door. The noise made him turn so I made a point on holding a pose in the door way so I was perfectly framed for him to take in my figure. It must have worked as he was stuck in a pose of open mouthed awe. I ignored him and head to the sun lounger. It had positioned so as to be discrete from the neighbours view, but I had a good view of the garden which I knew meant he would be able to watch me from where ever he was.


I placed my book on the table. I popped the top of the sun cream and poured a liberal amount into my hand. I extended one leg on the sun lounger and slowly rubbed the cream into my leg. I had always been flexible and my husband had always delighted at my ability to raise my leg straight up without bending the knee. I did this as I applied the cream to my thighs. He was watching I could feel my pulse racing as I slid up my thigh, making a point of lifting the straps of my bikini to ensure no part of me was uncovered. Having covered myself in cream I put my sun glasses on and lay back with my book.


However, I was too distracted to read. I could hear Marc going about his tasks and knew he would be glancing over at me regularly. I made a point of constantly checking that my legs, boobs & tummy were properly covered in oil. I glistened in the sunlight and extenuated my already perfect tan. The heat in the garden was intense, I knew partly from the state I was getting into. I called him over and asked him to get me a glass of water from the kitchen.


On his return he stood next to the sun lounger and placed the drink in the table next to me. As he did I slid my hand up his thigh and across the crotch of his shorts. His cock was still hard and I was again surprised at how thick it was. I was getting myself over excited about having it inside me. I didn't want him to see I was losing control. I took my glasses off and smiled at him. 'I'm very impressed with your work. You clearly know how to work hard. I have a very special treat for you.' I got up off the sun lounger and walked to the door. I looked back at him and beckoned him to follow me.


I walked into the house and up the stairs. He was no more than two paces behind me; I turned to make sure he was checking out my arse as we climbed the stairs. His eyes were firmly fixed on my bikini clad bottom. I walked into our bedroom and told him to pick up a towel from the radiator as I walked into the en-suite. He followed me in obediently, it was a tight squeeze with the two of us in there, but that made it all the more exciting. I told him to have the towel ready for me once I had finished my shower and slipped out of my bikini. I handed him the bottoms and asked him to look after them for me. I climbed into the shower and turned it on. The hot water hit my body; I was still covered in oil so the water was sliding off me. I opened the shower door slightly and ordered him to come in and soap the oil off my body.


He whipped his shorts off and was in the shower in what seemed like one manoeuvre. I had my back to him and turned slightly to hand the soap to him. I glanced down at his erect cock. It looked huge, so I made a point of pushing my arse against him and could feel the end of it rubbing up my back. I was starting to wonder if it would fit in me, my husband was OK sized but this was something new. He started by soaping up my shoulders, gentle movements which sent waves of pleasure through me. His soapy hands glided over my body, he moved to my breasts and stroked them in slow circles. I pushed back against him harder, his hands slid down my stomach to my hips. I put my hand over his and guided it between my legs. His fingers slipped over my clit and explored the swollen lips of my pussy. One finger eased inside me as I let out a gasp of excitement. I turned to him and slide my hand slowly & gently up and down his rigid cock. He was opened mouthed and breathing heavily. I wanted him now.


I opened the shower door, still holding his cock I lead him out of the shower. I picked up the towel and asked him to dry me off. He did as he was told; I took the towel off him and dried him quickly. I couldn't wait much longer. I moved the bedroom and pointed at my husband’s side of the bed. 'Lie down' I ordered. He did as he was told. I straddled him, pinning him by his shoulders. I raised myself up and positioned myself above his face. Supporting myself with the headboard I lowered my pussy onto his mouth. 'Eat it!' I ordered. Again, without quibbling he did as he was told. His hands slid up to my hips to hold me steady. I gentle rocked backward and forward. My swollen clit was pushing against his face. I closed my eyes and let the flood of pleasure flow over me. His tongue was agile and slipping gentle over my pussy and over my clit. I squeezed my legs together, cut off his air supply. The grip on my thighs got tighter and his tongue moved faster. I was enjoying the control I had. I started breathing faster as my clit was tingling. I knew I was going to come and I wanted him to feel every shudder. I started grinding harder against him; he knew what I wanted from him and maintained his slow licking. I pressed down harder and gripped the headboard as the first wave spread across my body. I let out a loud gasp as the feeling magnified. My clit felt hot, and I squeezed my legs together to stop him licking as I was too sensitive. I rolled off him and lay next to him on the bed. My eyes were closed, as I concentrated on the feeling and getting my breath back. I was aware of him moving, but I still had my eyes closed. I felt his hand slid up the inside of my leg, I tried to pull away as I was still controlling the tingling of my body. He had other ideas, holding my hips he spun me onto my front. I pulled away from him, but he was too strong. I felt his rock hard cock slide inside me. My arms gave way slightly and I had a mouth full of pillow as he started to fuck me hard from behind. I steadied myself against the headboard again.


Each thrust was deep, but his slow rhythm let me feel every inch of his cock. He pulled my hair back so I had to support my arms on the bed. I looked back over my shoulder as he smiled at me. I reached behind myself and felt for his hips and pulled him in tighter. 'Oh, just their baby.' I said breathlessly as I felt the perfect spot of his cock sliding in my pussy. 'Keep fucking me like that!'. He never broke stride, and again I felt the welling sensation. I had never cum through penetrative sex so wasn't completely sure what was about to happen, but had no choice but to go with it. I felt flush, as each wave ran through my body. I slumped down onto the bed. I was catching my breath, as I turned to look back at him. He smiled back at me; he didn't even seem to have broken sweat. I was worried maybe this would be too much for me; maybe I had opened Pandora’s Box.


He reached for my leg and pulled me closer. I was dragged across the bed towards him. I looked down at his cock and could see it starting to swell again. I forgot my previous panic, and reached out for his now fully erect cock. I slid my hand slowly up and down the shaft. I looked up at him and caught the look of lust. His hands gripped my thighs and pulled me in tight towards him. I guided his cock into my tingling pussy. I reached around and dug my nails into his arse, this seemed to increase the thrusting as I felt it drive deeper inside me. He was breathing heavier now looking into my eyes, both of us hypnotically caught in each other’s gaze. He broke the deadlock to look over my body. It made me feel sexy to see his wanton eyes devouring my body. I told him to fuck me hard, his grip tightened and I could almost feel his cock swell inside me. He breathlessly told me he was going to cum again, and I could feel his cock flinch inside me as he delivered another load.

I reached down and squeezed his balls as he let out a groan. 'I want to empty you.' I said lustfully.


He slowly pulled out of me and I immediately reached for his cock and gently rubbed it back and forth. He pulled away from me slightly, wary of his sensitivity. I was barely touching him but enjoyed the control I had over him again. I teased him further by lightly stroking my fingers up and down his shaft. I smiled up at him, and told him he was going to be a very useful slave.


At this point in the story my wife stepped closer to me and ran her fingers down my chest. 'Did you like the story? How does it feel to be replaced by a younger model?' she asked me. 'Its what you always fantasised about, wasn't it. Watching your wife with another man. How does it feel now the fantasy is a reality? Does it make you hard?'


With that, she looked down at Marc. Slowly, she unzipped the crotch of her cat suit. Enough to let him slide his tongue inside her. She clicked her fingers, and he responded by kneeling in front of her. She stroked his hair and pulled his head into her crotch. 'Now show my husband how to lick my pussy!' she ordered. He did as he was told, and I could see the pleasure spread across my wife’s face. She looked me directly in the eye and gave me a mischievous grin as she stroked his hair. She let out an exhale of breath as he slowly pleasured her with his tongue. 'You love licking my pussy don't you?' she asked him. He didn't break stride but nodded in agreement. As she pulled his hair, she rocked her hips in time to his licks. I knew she was building up to cum and I was getting harder watching her. Her eyes closed, and she bit her bottom lip, her breathing got faster and she rubbed her clit against Marc's face. 'Oh baby, please make me cum!' she cried as she threw her head back. I knew the moment had been reached when she threw her head forward, eyes wide & wild. She looked down at Marc and sharply pulled his head back. Her clit would be so sensitive now as I remembered from the times I had been allowed to pleasure her. She smiled lustfully at Marc and stroked his head again. 'You're going to be a wonderful slave. I'm going to look forward to rewarding you.'


She beckoned Marc to stand and he took his place at her side. She moved closer to me and slid her hand down the length of my cock. She clicked her fingers and Marc handed her a pair of her knickers. She wrapped them slowly round my cock. 'I'm going to take Marc upstairs to our bedroom.' She whispered into my ear. Her breath on my neck sent goose bumps down my body. 'He's going to take your place in our bed. I'll make sure that you can hear everything from down here. I wouldn't want you to miss out.' She smiled at me and took Marc's lead. She walked slowly out of the kitchen. Both Marc and I were hypnotised by her hips & arse as she walked seductively out.


I strained my ears as she made her way upstairs. I could indeed hear them in the room above. I could make out the sound of laughter, then silence, then the bed creaking rhythmically. I was aroused, exhausted, jealous and heartbroken all at the same time. My wife had found pleasure with another man. But I had so enjoyed watching her. I knew Marc would be a regular feature and I would have to get used to it. I knew my only option was to try and enjoy it, get used to my position in my wife's life and enjoy the pleasure she got from it. I knew at least if I was late for our anniversary again, she would have someone to take my place.

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