The Curator/ 3 Mile

The Curator/ 3 Mile

Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


An art collector seeks a unique piece for her personal collection An evening jog turns into an alluring chase


An art collector seeks a unique piece for her personal collection

An evening jog turns into an alluring chase


Submitted: January 22, 2019

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Submitted: January 22, 2019




-The Curator-?Cora stared at the painting on the gallery wall with fierce intensity. Its broad strokes dripped with emotion and ferocity she had yet to see from this artist before. It's hard red lines were etched across the canvas with an alluring passion that could not be overlooked. She stepped closer and smiled, “yes,” she mused to herself,“ this is what I wanted to see from you…” ??Everyone knew the artists who worked from The Loft were a secretive collection of the most notorious creators in the whole city. From artisains to fabrictors, their installations would spring up overnight and for just one night, at the most prestigious of galleries. Any collector would kill for just one unique piece created by any Loft artist. ??Myra rarely attended her own gallery openings, preferring mostly to allow her installation sales to be handled by the Loft’s designer. But, at last month’s show, feeling compelled to make an appearance, she dressed up and stood by her work. ? Curators from around the city would come to purchase and to admire. Myra was bored with the crowd until her eyes fixated on one woman from across the room whose entire being radiated with such an intensity that Myra couldn't pull her gaze away. The woman caught her eyes and smiled knowingly as she approached.

The woman stood in front of Myra’s work momentarily before turning her gaze to Myra’s knowing face.. “ you work is good… but it lacks a certain… personal touch. I’d love to buy something of your creation that really expresses to me that you’ve put ALL of you into it.. An artist such as you, really knows what I’m getting at, I’m sure…” Her eyes flashed intensely. “I’ll be looking for your work.. maybe i’ll have you make me a personalized piece, for my private collection. Something I could really call mine, made just for me. ” and with a sharp smile and a spark in her eyes, the woman left the gallery.

“Did you know her?” another artist asked Myra casually. “Yea… you could say that…” “Oh yea.. How?” Myra paused before answering “ Intimately.” Myra stood alone in the crowd once again.

Myra worked feverishly on a new piece. She had been told last night’s painting sold to a private collector. Her work always sold, but she had a overwhelming feeling she knew who last night’s anonymous buyer was. Lost in her work, she was startled by a knock on her studio door.??“Myra, I know you don't want to be bothered, but somebody who saw your work last night wants to speak with you…” ??Myra sighed in frustration, her concentration broken. “tell them I’m busy!” ??“She said she has come for a personal portrait. That you would make the time…” Myra’s brush slipped… she looked at the door.??“ yes… yes of course… let her in..”??As the door closed behind her, The woman removed her coat and casually moved into the room.Mira sat behind her easel. Their eyes locked, each searching and scanning the other, neither backing down from the intensity building between them. “ I really enjoyed last night’s display.”??“I thought you would…” Myra composed herself as she stood, she moved out a stool, and motioned for the woman to sit. Myra placed the woman's hands into her lap and tilted her chin.. “ I knew when we spoke the other night… that It was going to take a little bit more on my part to hold your attention. You’ve never had much interest in my art before..” Myra pulled out a few tubes of paint as she spoke “ So, I heeded your advice, and when you suggested I put myself fully into my work..” she squirted a few globs of paint onto the tray “ that's exactly what I decided to do…for you.”

Myra removed a knife from within her apron pocket and squeezed it in her palm before sliding it through her hand. She let a thick heavy red stream flow onto her paint before mixing it in. Myra bled as she spoke to the woman. “ after all, what is art if it's not a piece of ourselves, am I right, Cora?”

Having the upper hand , even if only briefly,Mira smiled as she sat back down behind a new canvas to work. She wrapped her hand in a piece of scrap fabric and took up her brush once again, but the woman had already stood, breaking her pose… and her composure…

Cora moved towards Myra, moved behind the canvas, stood behind her. She leaned down and whispered in her ear “I think you might make a better canvas than this..” she slipped her hand down into Myra’s pocket and found the knife, blade still stained in red. Myra moved to her feet suddenly, knocking over her stool carelessly asked Cora slowly backed her against the studio wall, she pinned Myra’s arms above her head as she slowly pressed the blade to the flesh of her wrist. The fabric wrapped across her hand fell away.

Myra’s breathe caught as Cora pierced the flesh of her palm again, and ran the knife slowly down to the bend of her inner elbow...The woman’s eyes flashed fiercely as a steady flow of wet crimson was released and ran down.

Myra watched awestruck, her heart racing, squirming slightly as Cora bore down on her, her hands clenched into fists,. Cora held her wrists by one hand. She slowly placed the knife back into Myra’s pocket, then , after running a finger down her arm, painted a warm scarlet mark across Myra’s cheek...

Cora lowered her mouth to Myra’s arm, her lips pressed against the flesh of her, blood running gently as her tongue moved from arm to fingers, then back down.

Myra felt the pull, the intensity, the release, the weakness... her eyes lost focus, her legs grew weak. Myra focused on her own breathe... in, out... the beat of her own heart raging against her chest...thump thump thump...the woman’s grip on her was overwhelmingly strong as she raised her head, laughing through her wet red, bloodstained lips…

“Cora?..” Myra whispered “Yes, dear.” she replied

The next thing Myra saw with clarity was the canvas in front of her again, as the woman brushed Myra’s bleeding arm across it, leaving a dark crimson streak across the front... The woman gripped her shoulders as Myra swayed, “now this, Love, is one unique work, which I look forward to having in my private collection..” she kissed the mark across her cheek, before leaving the studio out the way she came.

~3miles~?The night breeze did very little to cool Jeni’s sweating skin as she picked up the pace of her stride again on the last half of her walk. A mile and half to go with her heart already thumping actively against her chest. She stopped momentarily to adjust her headphones as she?peered up the path through the dark. She very rarely altered her route, normally choosing to follow the trail that lined the outskirts woods. The trail was paved and dimly lit by lamp posts and mile markers.

Jeni felt her presence long before she could see her. That radiating disturbance of the energy in the air. An intensity that she could feel deep within... Her heart raced suddenly. Jeni smiled defiantly and turned the music up blaring in her ears. “ You want me, dear, come and get me!” she whispered into the shadows as she turned and took off running into the dark of the trees.

Get off the path she thought…Jeni’s shoes pushed feverishly into the dirt and brush as she ran through the forest at a pace she knew she couldn’t maintain for terribly long. Her pursuer was both keeping up and gaining space, her earbuds felt around her neck and she heard the laughter, the footfalls, the breaking brush... getting closer. Jeni turned once for a few paces, and turned around again before she was both twisted in the dark and completely breathless.

Without the glow of the lamps or paved path beneath her feet, she tripped on a fallen log, but quickly regained her footing and ducked behind it. She turned off the music, and listened intently “ Oh, my sweet, you know running away only makes me want to catch you more” a woman’s voice spoke out into the dark... “ I always find you... but you still always try so hard to get away...” Jeni listened, trying to determine the direction and the distance, but the voice seemed all around her, in her head. “ tsktsktsk...make me wait too long and you know what is going to happen.”

Jeni tried to slow her heart and quiet her breathing as she listened in the dark. She was feeling the scrapes along her arms and legs now, stinging slightly with sweat. He knees pressed unconformably in the dirt, she stood up to listen. As she reaching to pull herself to her feet, she snapped off a twig carelessly.The noise of the snapping twig echoed through the trees. Jeni winched knowingly. Only a brief moment passed before the woman’s voice spoke directly into her ear. “Got you!”

Two strong hands came down around Jeni’s shoulders, and shoved her down onto the ground, she stumbled backwards as she hit the dirt. Jeni’s back pressed into twigs and rocks as she twisted against the weight pressing her down.

“Awe, did I hurt you?” the woman teased as Jenibucked under her straddling thighs… “ Keep struggling, I’m sure you’ll get away, this time.”

“ Don’t you ever get tired of the chase, Cora?” Jeni asked breathlessly, grasping onto Cora’s wrists as her hands moved from her shoulders to around her neck. Jeni felt her fingers twist slowly towards her throat.

“Never. Catching you is half the fun. And besides…” She leaned low, her face inches from Jeni’s now. “ You taste so much sweeter when you are out of breathe.” She turned Jeni’s head to the side, licking her throat and grazing her teeth against the salty flesh of Jeni’s neck. “When you make me work to get you, it makes me so hungry..” Cora growled wantingly.

“Cora, I’m all dirty!” she panted.

“Good, because I like you best that way.” Cora noted the small scrapes and cuts around Jeni’s shoulders and down her arms.. The metallic smell of it, the feel of those tiny welts under her hands and lips, “ I want you.”

“ Well you’ve never been one to not go for what you want, have you?” Jeni caught Cora’s eyes in the dark and smiled. Cora felt Jeni give up the struggle and relax just slightly.

“Very true.” Cora’s hand explored Jeni’s tight hip pocket “You’re such a cautious solo runner. I can always count on you to be prepared.” Cora slipped out a small pocket knife Jeni kept on a keychain. She flipped it open between her fingers. Cora lightly traced the small razor sharp blade playfully around the straps which were currently hanging off of Jeni’s shoulder. Cora pressed it down firmly into the skin under her collar bone and wiggled it slightly, knowing it was enough motion and pressure to bring Jeni’s blood running up through the torn skin.

Jeni winched and protested only slightly as the tiny blade sliced its mark. Cora smiled as she leaned down to suck firmly at the wound she created. Jeni moaned involuntarily at the sensation of Cora’s warm lips pulling at her chest. Cora’s hands grasp firmly onto her shoulders, her fingernails grasping sharply as she drank. Jeni raise her knees up slowly behind Cora’s back, and closed her eyes in the dark.

Cora raised her head and spoke. “I’ll always catch you, because your mine.”

“And I’ll never want to really get away, because I’m yours.”

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