Lora’s Swan 2

Lora’s Swan 2

Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Lora takes what is hers( again), Cera gives herself freely ( again)


Lora takes what is hers( again), Cera gives herself freely ( again)


Submitted: January 22, 2019

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Submitted: January 22, 2019




“Are you comfortable, dear?” Cera asked soothingly as she looked down on Lora’s naked form spread across the edge of the bed. “I want you, I want you so bad, Lora!” Cera whispered as she ran her hands gently across her thighs. “Woman! what you do to me... I can’t even…”

“Cera, you know I have places to be. I have so much to do.”

“No… I think that this is the perfect place for you to be! Exactly right where you are…on your back, in my bed, minus any clothing.”

“...with you beside me?” Lora coaxed, as she moved her legs to wrap around her, trying to pull her closer. “ With my hands in certain specific areas and my fangs on your skin…”

“ Mhmh… As much as I want your ‘fangs on my skin’, I think I want to make you a wait to touch me!”

Cera slid Lora down to the foot of the bed, and stood looking down at her, longingly.

“Wait..I can’t touch?!”

As Lora laid there looking up at Cera from the foot of the bed, Cera began to trace over her form with her purple vibrator on its lowest speed.

“Hey ...this is vamp abuse! I want more !!!” Lora arches slightly, as she laughed. Cera teased her, letting the vibrator hum over her body. She moved it slowly down Lora’s front, hovering over her left nipple, across her chest to her right nipple, down her stomach.

“Mmm, I love that…” Lora said softly as she laid back and closed her eyes.

As Cera reached the crevice where Lora’s hip bone met her thigh, she turned up the speed just one... then moved it slowly across her mound from one thigh to the next. slowly... Lora could feel the vibrations

“You do know… I’ll get to touch you eventually ...and this monster you created will be let loose ...you are driving me crazy!”

Cera smiled as she moved the vibrator from Lora’s left knee, up between her legs, pausing at the peek to arouse her even more, humming briefly on her clit before moving back down her right leg. She stood between Lora’s open thighs as they draped over the foot of the bed, her opening becoming wet, beckoning Cera longingly as she made her wait…

“Damn ....it .....” Lora moaned

Cera turned up the speed again and found her way slowly back up to her clit, moving the vibrator over her most sensitive spot and only around the lips of her womanhood

“Do you want this inside you?” Cera asked playfully as she turned up the toy to 4 and held it over her sweetest spot, moving it in tiny humming circles. Lora fondled her own breasts as Cera worked slowly on her, pressing her shoulders into the bed and trying to move her hips twards Cera.

“ OOO, your getting so wet now, Lora!”

“Omg ...your killing me …”

“I’ll take that as a yes!”. Cera slid it inside her, moving her wrist in tiny circles as she let it go deep and slowly pull it back out, to Lora’s clit, then slipped it back in, steady and slowly, rhythmically.

Cera pressed into Lora with the vibrator, leaning over her more. Lora’s legs tried to embrace her. Lora twisted her own nipples as Cera worked diligently to pleasure her.

Cera’s free hand ran up and down her leg that was hugging her side. She moved her fingers to grip behind Lora’s knee and pulled her leg up over her shoulder to give her more access to Lora’s opening.

Lora brought sweet pain to herself by twisting and flicking her nipples. She moaned lowly while pushing her pussy towards Cera. She wanted more of what Cera could give her.

Cera slid her hand down the back of Lora’s leg that was exposed over her shoulder. Cera’s hand palmed her ass cheek. Cera started to thrust into her a bit faster. Lora pushed her body against Cera each time she entered her. When Lora looked up at her, all she saw was Cera ramming into her. Cera’s hand was on her ass, while her index finger played around her hole.

“Oh damn Cera ...you’ re going to make me cum ....and I can’t even touch you!”

Lora’s clit was so stimulated, so sensitive. Cera reached her inner spot perfectly as she fuck her. Lora’s pussy dripped around the toy. Her juices made it so much easier for Cera to glide it quickly in and out, in and out. Cera’s hand on her ass moved her. As she controlled Lora’s movements, Cera’s index finger pressed slightly into her from behind as she guide Lora into her thrusts.

Cera looked down on Lora as she worked. Lora’s hands feverishly molested her own breasts, her body glistened gloriously in a thin layer of sweat.

“MMM, Lora... I love having you like this!”

Lora’s body started to shake as the different sensations flooded through her body. Lora arched back, wanting to give it all up to Cera. Lora moaned loudly as Cera fuck her hard.

Cera could feel her start to quiver and tense. Cera turned up the vibrator to its final, fastest speed. Lora’s breasts, her clit, her pussy, her ass, all being worked for her pleasure.

“I love fucking you like this! I want you to cum for me. Give it up for me Lora, I want to make you cum hard!”

“Oh Cera ...yes ..yes ...I want to cum for you!” She moved her hips to cause different sensations “ Oh Cera’ I’m about to cum for you!” Cera moved the vibrator faster, harder, deeper inside her. She moved her hips again, which caused Cera’s finger to slip into Lora’s ass and back out. Cera felt her on the brink.

“Cum for me Lora!” She pressed into her with her whole body. Cera worked on her intensity, feeling how tense she was in her hands.

“Oh god! I’m cuming!” Lora gasp. Cera felt her whole body convulse. Her finger pressed a final time firmly into her ass before slowly pulling it out and circling it around her hole. She slide the vibrator out from Lora’s pussy slowly and ran it over her clit one final time before releasing her legs gently back down onto the bed.

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