The Night Mistress

The Night Mistress The Night Mistress

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


based on a story that has been inside my head for about a decade, though originally it was straight forward horror, recently i have found myself adapting it, more towards the erotic. Anyway this is very much work in progress and is far from finished, this is just the basic first couple of chapters


based on a story that has been inside my head for about a decade, though originally it was straight forward horror, recently i have found myself adapting it, more towards the erotic.
Anyway this is very much work in progress and is far from finished, this is just the basic first couple of chapters


Submitted: November 06, 2011

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Submitted: November 06, 2011





My name is currently Chrissy Duval, I say currently, because in time it will no doubt change. Names hold no special meaning or attachment to me, I’ve had far to many of them for that. My age is something you should never ask for like most females I will lie about such details, I am by your standards though much older than most of your kind and certainly much older than I look, which happens to be in my early twenties. Most would agree I am pretty, few fools in the past have said I am angelic, but in reality angelic is something which I could never be called nor could I ever attain to be.

I am well traveled, highly astute and definitely very well educated. I know an awful about a great many things, yet I tend not to display the fullest of my knowledge for fear that others out there may become more curious than I would like. I have lived a hundred lifetimes and killed perhaps a thousand or more people, I am a one woman army, capable of the darkest deed and never willing to show mercy to those that have wronged me.

In every aspect I am as human as you look, my appearance gives nothing away, except for the obvious that I am tall, slim in build and keep up with the latest trends and fashion. Beyond what you see lies a beast of the devil, a walking, taking thinking and living creature that born of sinful pleasure. I am that person whom your mother and farther warned you about, I am the corruptor of souls, the destroyer of life and the thing that will and can tempt you into the void of insanity taking your to the home of Satan himself.

Some would tell you I am the child of Satan, not born but created to exploit humanity’s  weakness for the tastes of carnal flesh and the sexual depravity of your race. In truth I can be very good at whatever a person believes me to be, I just can not keep up the illusion of those who think I am some saint. It is true to say I am this worlds greatest sexual predator, it is also true to ay I know the difference between sensual and sexualness.

I am the kind of person who can and will lure you into a sublime and erotic  fantasy and slowly watch you, if not guide you into the descending depth of sexual abandonment, from which there is usually no return. I am a sexual deviant, a carnal vampire of the most intimate creation, a creature that doesn’t stalk it prey for the frenzied bloodlust, but rather for the excitement, gratification of their final and deadly orgasmic pleasure.  I will make a victim plead for release, take you beyond the point where you would promise me everything and then, if your extremely lucky, I will just steel your soul, however if your like the masses of this world, I simply just send you to the depths of sexual hell, where I shall feed upon the nectar of your pleasure till you can supply no more and your body withers and dies. It is your body, your pleasures that sustain my youth, through your exertions of pleasure I can continue to walk amongst you seeking out the next suitable and very willing victim who shall become my savior.




The days I live in a exclusive part of the city, the place where bankers, meet lawyers and stockbrokers, here it doesn’t rain with water but showers with gold. It is true I am wealthy, but then I have lived so long and acquired a few selected benefactors that assist me to keep my standard of living very high.  To them I am there goddess, the person whom they worship, if not idolize, they will follow me blindly, they are subservient victims that I have fed from, but kept alive because they serve some useful purpose and trust me that very rarely has to be a sexual purpose.

The views out of my window show an impressive site, gorgeous, historic, Dickensian city, where the old battles constantly with the new. From my window I can see the narrow streets that wind around, each one leading to focal point of the city, which today is as important to those that life here as it ever has been, that of a billowing gothic cathedral of many centuries age. Yet it is by night that this strange, if not curious city for me at least comes alive, the city is given over not to religion but to sleaze and booze. In the hours of darkness I can smell the odour of sexual tension, the workers from offices, government employees, professional staff from the courts, solicitors and everything that fly headlong into the party mood. When that time comes that they know their day job no longer governs what they ca say or do, so much changes, its like the clothing of respectability gets ripped away from them, revealing the corrupt, promiscuousness of their true identity. it’s a time when clothing shrink, tops get tighter, smaller, the fashions become more risqué and revealing, whilst the booze unleashes the hidden slut and tarts that are otherwise locked away.

I was eighteen the first time I needed to feed, it wasn’t a surprise, I knew who and what I was from a very early age. My parents had told me that I was unique, a one in billion creation, a child that was born human but who would ascend and evolve to a new realm of living. They had never once mislead me, always telling me that the humanity which I was born wit would eventually evaporate and allow the darkness of my sexual vamparic nature to consume me. They had prepared me, accepted and understood it, even if they couldn’t, like me, fully explain it and why it had affected just me, they just told me I was different, unique, someone special who would grow up knowing that I could have the world at my feet and dominate the weaker majority.

The first tie my true nature caught up with me, was many decades ago, to me the only surprise was that it hadn’t actually happened sooner. It was through the sweaty, oppressive heat of Christmas party that I saw her. She was sensuous, beautiful and as unique in appearance as I was, among many human mortals she was a beacon that desired something so far more intense than any normal mortal being could have given her. She stood about five foot six in height, though the two inch heels that she wore helped make her that more imposing. She wore rich, luxuriant type glitzy pantyhose, black in colour that had embedded in them silver specks which shimmered every time the lighting caught them. Her legs were firm yet trim, shapely and looked to sumptuous and delicious to be hidden beneath the alluring and tantalizing fabric of the nylon/lurex mix pantyhose.

Her skirt was more akin to that of a belt, a thin type of taught pvc material that clung the upper part of her legs, ceasing just past the very beginning of her buttocks. It held her shape fantastically, both highlighting the glorious curves of her cheeks and embellishing their natural beauty. Her thighs themselves were toned, perfectly molded, sculptured and shaped with the “perfection” utterly in the creators mind. Her stomach and midriff were naked except for a thin piece of fishnet material that hung down what really could only be described  as a matching pvc bra.

Her breasts themselves were bunched up, pronounced, but not crudely so, their size I guessed at being a delightful thirty six D, they had the appearance of sumptuous cushions of pure feminine silk, their flesh so soft, so alluring that to feel them beneath your aching lips was a tantalizing thought. Her face was sensuous, designed by hands that understood the very definition of the word beauty, her features, soft, yet sublime but also radiant and noticeable. High cheek bones, full bodied luscious red lips, alluring almost bedroom blue eyes that bespoke about so much passion and intensity that them, themselves were almost beguiling, even to me. Her short natural blonde hair crowning serene face, cut styled professionally so that it complimented her face and embellishing the delightful beauty of it all.

In amongst the throng of the masses, I watched her, observing her breathe, how her chest rose and fell so dramatically, each breath she took elevating her bosoms, making them appear more and more seductive. Her posture was elegant, the way she stood, occasionally moving, her eyes never still for any length of time, always, constantly moving, flitting and darting around the environment where she stood. She seemed almost nervous, uneasy, perhaps not really wanting to be here, every so often she would force a smile , the creases of her beautiful lips expanding to produce something which most would of thought was a genuine act.

The more I watched her, the more she infected my mind, I could feel the tinglings of both desire and food stirring within me. It was curious sensation, the mixing of hunger, lust and arousal that swirled together deep inside my body, starting at the pit of my stomach but slowly, gradually expanding outwards, caressing and awakening the nerve ends that until a few moments ago had laid dormant and untroubled. Then however, once one feeling had started it was like a compulsion, a buzz of electricity that rippled out, a low but noticeable charge expanding and consuming you. I could feel it progressing feel it excitedly pass on to the next nerve end that glorious tingled with delight, spreading the contagion with ravenous delight until every part of me was buzzing with some blissful delight.

I could feel the sexual vibrations begin, my feminine sex tingle, its lips buzz, like the minimalist setting of some vibrating toy. I could feel the sensation, slowly, almost achingly begin to sink deeper, spreading beyond the lips of its domain, penetrating the soft satin flesh and slowly wrking its way towards my g-spot. For a moment I stood there, in that room, in which perhaps a hundred people also stood in.

I stood there and closed my eyes, my mind floating, my body relaxing as it embraced the strangeness of a very low sexual sensation. I could feel the  dew drops of excitement from inside me, the soft fleshy folds of my sex, becoming moist, the continued gentle buzz and the stimulation of needing to feed, both of which gradually began to increase in their power. My body shuddered, my nipples ached, my imagination becoming more lurid, more deeper involved in the sensations that were afflicting my body.

I opened my eyes as the concentration faded, the silence which for all but a few brief seconds had engulfed me, now vanished, replaced by the thundering sound of what was classed as  todays music choice. The room slowly began to come into vision, the mist beginning to lift, I could hear dozens of different conversations, of careless chatter, gossip and just plain stupid drunkard talk. I could feel my whole body altering, my mood becoming more focused more determined. Internally I could still very much feel the erotic effects of this lustful hunger, but I could also feel a surge of mental power. A dominant and controlling aspect of thought entered my mind, my whole body was suddenly filled with a self confidence tha before I had never known or felt. My back straightend, my eyes narrowed around the woman who was my intended victim, my mind flooding with silent commands that somehow I knew would flow directly from me into her.

I silently, but forcefully compelled her to look at me, to stud and notice me, see me. I wanted her mind to be consumed by compulsion to become a sexual cauldron of bubbling desire that would infect and overwhelm her. Whether she felt an attraction to me naturally or not didn’t concern me, for I knew that she would, I knew that my power over her would force her to seek the remedy which only I could give her. She was going to be come my lover, my intense sexual play thing, the first of my carnal victims and the first to whom I was going to be their entire life. I was undoubtedly most proficient at the mind power, but then, considering who I was, that really shouldn’t be a surprise, many would have said it was a gift from the black arts,  and seen as how I had long since known and believed myself to be a child of Satan, or at least a descendant of theirs, it rested just fine with me.

Her eyes finally turned towards me, their deep blue was like an ice of undisturbed ice, there for a moment we stood, eye locking together, gazes entwined as the room and all its rabble faded into oblivion. My demands of her grew, I mentally put myself standing behind her, my body pressing against hers, my head lowered, drawn level with her neck, where I placed a languorous kiss. The moisture of my lipstick covered lips pressed against the naked silk texture of her flesh, my mouth opening, kissing embracing the softness, instilling deep erotic sensations which would ripple and cascade throughout her body.

I smiled softly, still forcing her to hold my gaze, her mind now totally consumed  and submissive under my mental spell. My powers growing, her body shuddering  as she felt the ghostly kiss which I had secretly bequeathed her. Moving her head to one side as though she could actually feel my mouth against her flesh. A shudder of sensual delight rippled and danced through out her body, her face softening with the look of erotic pleasure. Still I persisted allowing my imagination to merge with my visualisation skills to grow and expand the experience, to over power and submit her totally to my will.

Once more I returned to my thoughts, placing myself  behind, but just off to the right hand side of her body I was closer to her this time, so close that the tips of my breasts pressed against the flatness of her shoulder. Sliding myself over more to line up with her, she would feel my arms snaking around her waist, my hands resting against the tautness of her tight stomach. My hold was light but firm and authorative against her slanderous form. I would draw her back against me, so that our scantily clad bodies were pressing against one another. My lips would caress the naked delight of her neck, my tongue sliding down to the tops of her shoulder blade, where it would then allow its very tip to roam against the smooth nakedness of her exposed flesh. I could feel the spasms of delight that flowed through her body, elegant ripples that cascaded and shimmered through out her, I would kiss where my tongue had just caressed, an embracement that was is richly measured by the sensations of desire and lust, those two emotions would be unleashed from my mouth and allowed to infect, to swarm and traverse her delicate, fragile and sexy body with avid, lurid delight.

I could feel the resistance within her weakening, the nervousness disappointing, being replaced by something which she, herself, couldn’t understand, but knew that it had to be complied with. I smiled at her, then resumed my mental seduction of her soul and body, returning to her and drawing my hands slowly up her enchanting body. Soon I could feel the deliciousness of her sensuous mounds, I could feel the hardening outline of her aroused nipples, their pertness delectable and fascinating. Their for the briefest of moments I allowed my fingers to dwell, to linger and let my thumb and forefinger toy with the affections and feelings that swirled so magnificently within her.

In her ear I whispered to her, my voice rich and sensual, filled with a seductive, raspy eroticness that would immediately flood her mind. I told her, commanded her to come to me, to embrace the passion, the desire and release the lustfulness which boiled and simmered within. I told her that I was the only person who could fulfil and understand the yearning that were awakening within her, that I was the only person who could both satisfy and recognise the aching desire that she felt. I wanted her to come to me, to give herself blindly and willingly, to submit to my natural dominance and to transport her into the delightful, subservient creature that she knew she truly wanted to become.

Her nervousness and confusion were about in equal measure to each other, but that was what I expected, her need and the compulsion that infected her was overwhelming and any sense of rebellion within her had been utterly crushed thanks to the infusion of erotic and sexual awakening that had been ignited within her. I knew she would come, I could sense her thoughts, I was consuming her mind, I could sense the arousal, the desire that was boiling and infecting her, the need, the desire, for something so exasperatingly sexual was totally hypnotic and soul consuming. My hunger for her was more potent, more powerful and demanding than the need or the want to string this silly game of mind control over for any length of time. Any one can influence a person, but few can actually make events turn into reality. I had already taken the decision in my mind that I was going to be the bold one, that I would be the person to strike up conversation and initiate the events tat would lead to descent into unbridled adult and sinful pleasure, after all I was the one who possessed the capabilities  to not just seduce but control any person that I so desired. Whilst my eyes continued to focus upon, my mind injecting further erotic and sublime images of her sensual descent into sexual abandonment, I slowly began to walk across the room towards her, negotiating the mass of unaware people, human being, who knew nothing of what was taking place or of the serious threat which was so close to them.

My gaze was uncompromising  and continuous , forcing her to look at me, my magic, my spell becoming more potent, more consuming and over-whelming to her tiny, but undoubtedly beautiful mind. Moving closer to her, my smile broadened, her eyes glistening like jewels, but clouded and shrouded in a veil of lustful delight. Her lithe, delicious body akin to the finest banquet, the short belt like skirt that she wore, somehow managing to hide the feast which now I so desperately desired and needed.

For a moment, when we met, we pause, I stood just a yard in front of her, our eyes entwining, dancing to the silent, sublime rhythm of an invisible erotic masterpiece. Still smiling broadly, I shuffled forwards toe to toe with her, this splendid, erotic human, so close to her now that I could feel her hot, nervous breath against my body. I could hear the pulsing of both her heart beat and the building of tension, both nervous and sexual. I could smell the scent of her perfume, the aroma of her arousal which swarmed through her like a ravenous plague, destined to destroy and betray her, plunging her into the depths of my carnal world.

I breathed deeply, letting my chest rise and swell, feeling my bosoms expand, pushing against the restrictive material that was trying to suffocate them. I saw her eyes look at them, the soft satiny flesh, the erectness of the nipple, how the site tormented her, how she could see herself being allowed to place her lips against them, her tongue flitting and darting, swirling over and around their erectness. The image flashed through her mind, playing itself out before her eyes, her face glistened crimson, her cheeks red and flustered, yet still her eyes could not be drawn away from them.

If there was a moment when I knew I had won, that was it, silently within me, there was joyous celebration, a deep satisfaction that this woman, this female was mine. I knew I had taken someone who had come to this party as a free person and reduced them to nothing more than a willing and compliant sexual subservient who would given the chance do whatever I requested.

My hands slowly reached out and held hers, her eyes moved upwards from my body, the moment we finally made physical contact, no longer was looking longingly at the softness o my breasts, now they had returned  to my own eyes. As her gaze fell upon my face I smiled softly, it was a tender act that was beguiling, her skin in my hands felt like velvet, I could feel the spasms of joy and nerves collide and my thumbs stroked gently the surface beneath them. Internally her body echoed with tiny explosions, which in turn ignited nerve endings into life, that raced and traversed every inch of her sumptuous creation, distant yet pronounced implosions of desire that surged and consumed her, dominating and over-powering her with the sensations.

Drawing her hands to my waist, I then placed my own hands on hers, once more I shuffled closer towards her, as close as I could, so that our bodies were only separated by the thinnest gap of air. My head lowered towards hers, my mouth opened, eyes closing as I forced this delectable creature into displaying her wanton passion for me. We kissed, an embrace that was an wholly erotic act, but equally it was emphatic and lustful, a kiss is something which today is so very underrated, its  the most erotic, sensual and sexual thing that can be done. A kiss when done correctly and when performed with true passion is both devastating and orgasmic in the very same instance. A kiss is symbolic, a prelude to and a preview to the passion which a person can store in their body. A kiss comes from the very depths of desire but it takes time to learn and master, but its values are so beyond belief that any study is always worth while.

It was a kiss that stole breath from her, whilst instilling and fuelling the persons own desire and lust. To feel the pleasure of lips against lips, of satin and silk, it was a kiss designed and created to ignite and explode the sensual fuse that had already been simmering within her. When our mouths merged and tongues swirled, when our lips pressed against the others and nestled around the moistness of willing tongue, when you feel that tongue slip and slide between the velvet cushions of your oral chamber, your body tingles. When you kiss with lust and with love the explosions of eroticisms ignite with shuddering electricity. It can be a plague of desire that is rampant with enjoyment, feeding and injecting a lustful wantonness that is earth shattering and enthralling.

For a moment we withdraw, pausing to allow the feelings that have been ignited within her to be fully digested, it is a short pause, just long enough for the dazed confusion and the delight to subside before once more I lean forwards towards my victim again. Now I no longer am playing the mind games, the visualisations that have leaped from me to her, have ceased, this, like the previous embrace is the real thing. I smile once more and drawn your hands upwards, pressing them against the heaving swell of my breasts. There you hold them, the silken cushions of my femininity, the aching, yearning erectnes of my nipple, as finally the moment is upon us, the moment when your fate is sealed and your destiny fulfilled

The kiss once more is explosive, yet sensual, the joyous sensations of pulsating and rampant delight is a torrent as our mouths merge once more, dancing to the same erotic tune of some silent sensual chorus that only we can hear. By now we have begun to get an audience, but that doesn’t matter, your mind and body is to busy consuming the desire and lustfulness that I am so rampantly feeding you.

The knowledge that we are been observed, somehow feeds the lustful delight, it added perhaps a touch of kinkiness to the mix, that I guess you could say was overwhelmingly delicious. Eyes that watched us, looks of both repulsion and envy, stares filled with emotions that swirled together to produce a frenzy  that made my own body shimmer and ache with delight.

“so tell me”, I finally whispered to her, she made no attempt to remove her hands from my heaving bosoms, “tell me”, I repeated, my soft, sensual and raspy, overtones that resonated and traversed through her body. ”Tell me that you are ready to become mine, to proclaim yourself as the first willing disciple to a true mistress, a Mistress of the night, who is capable of satisfying every sexual and sensual delight that any woman on this earth could ever wish”

Okay, now I know it seems a little over the top, perhaps it was, but then again, I knew her answer and so I really didn’t have to ask, but the moment, the audience watching, all demanded something different, something fitting the occasion, besides which I wasn’t lying, even if she honestly couldn’t at that time comprehend the true meaning of what was meant by my words.

Her lust covered eyes, her shimmering, yearning body, her pulsing heart, the thundering beat of her clit and the excitement that swirled within her was all to much. She could almost feel the humanity of her being evaporating from her body, her mind becoming futile, dormant and submissive, she sought nothing more than to be indulged, to teased, tormented, stimulated and loved. To share in the moment, regardless of what it could or would cost her.

“Anything” was the word she said in answer to my question, her voice wrought with desire, her words failing and soft, her tones portraying the anguish of the sensual and sexual embrace which she craved. I smiled softly but firmly, my lips kissed her, my tongue running over the outline of her upper lip, before my hands wrapped themselves around her hands, removing them from my breasts and leading her from the party out of the room, observed by just about every pair of eyes that could see. No one could ever truly understand how smug and confident I was at that moment, the buzz of desire and delight, the hunger which had wrought my body was for a few seconds replaced with beaming, almost silent boastful delight at what I had achieved and the promise of what lay ahead, as we headed towards the privacy of our hotel room.

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