The education begins

The education begins The education begins

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


the story of seduction of lesbian love and submission, from the very beginnings of one lady who is by her her Mistress re-taught the art of seduction


the story of seduction of lesbian love and submission, from the very beginnings of one lady who is by her her Mistress re-taught the art of seduction


Submitted: August 06, 2011

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Submitted: August 06, 2011



Tonight you shall see the art of true seduction and eroticisms in full flow, though you shall not take part, instead being a voyeur to our desires, you shall observe, learn and study, before finally you shall embrace that role which, I have ordained for you.

Tonight your life begins, your destiny awakens and the charming, elegant, sensual lady within you shall begin to come forth and explore her desires.  You will learn everything you need to commence your submissive descent into elegant and erotic desire, to become a creature that every lady will desire as her sexual toy and your powers and willingness to seduce shall be second to none.

There was a glint in her eyes, a shimmering echo of pure sinful delight that pulsed with lurid desire, a strand of excitement, of tormentation whistled through my body as I sat there, bound to a wooden chair. My body almost naked except for silk panties, suspender belt and stockings, my arms restrained behind the chair, fastened by soft satin like material, my legs fastened at the ankles, to front legs of chair.

I was positioned a few yards from a large four poster bed, its soft intricate lace curtain sides, gathered neatly to each side, allowing me to see the satin sheets peach in colour, with flame red pillows. In my chest my heart thundered, my body trembled, not with fear but through an excitement of unknown possibilities. I knew of nothing that was going to happen over the next few hours, but I knew that was undoubtedly going to be both sensual and arousing. I could feel the pleasure stirring, my mind compounding with issue as it merged with my imagination, creating everything from total debauchery through to sensual love making.

I waited, each second that passed felt like an hour of time, the unknown quantity building, racing within me, I had never thought I would find myself in this position when I signed up to be with her, but then I wasn’t really sure what position I would have found myself in. The tension within me continued to build, the apprehension, excitement and sensual delight swirling within my body, mixing together to produced a cocktail that was beyond sensually arousing and yet still I waited, my heart thundering, my body trembling, my eyes and mind ready, prepared to feast upon the mystery that she was about to provide for me.


I had been told by my Mistress that I was going to be remodelled, re-made, created into something exquisitely sensual and erotic, that this was going to be a journey of sexual and sensual adventure and that the end result would be a submissive who would be amongst the best in her well groomed and renowned stable. I had been told that I would for now have to give myself fully to her, to become a slave to her desires, to embrace sexually slavery to accept and become part of greater desire.

“if you can master slavery then, certain freedom’s will be granted for you to become a true submissive, open of regal, almost royal desires. You will learn how to kiss, how to touch, how to be tender and embrace your feminine side in a true, and often decisive erotic manner. You will be a creature of elegance beauty and refined sexual delight, ultimately you shall become the one that many shall envy and thousands shall seek to control.” With that she had placed a deep erotic and lingerie kiss upon my mouth; I felt her tongue stab at my lips, then slip almost effortlessly into my mouth. Her hands held the sides of my face, drawing me tighter, closer into the embrace, but not expecting me to respond, which was incredibly difficult.

Mistress was a tall slender lady standing about five foot seven in height (stocking feet) her hair is shoulder length dark auburn, her figure hourglass and sumptuous, long legs that rise upwards majestically upwards, sculptured so that their trimness is mesmerizing. Blossoming at the tops, embracing feminine shaped hips, semi-circular in shape, that in turn give way to a trim taut stomach. Her breasts are like that of soft silken pillows of passion, their 36E shape, refined, sumptuous and so very tempting.

Her face is angelic in design, crafted from the very definition of the word “excellence”, high check boned structure, soft almond brown eyes, light sparse touches of make up, that compliments her natural beauty and luscious red lips that embellish the whole vision to perfection.

Tonight she was wearing very casual clothes, yet even in those, everyday things, she still managed to look adorably sexy, as I sat bound to the chair, dressed in just lower half lingerie, I could feel the twinge of desire of hatred that I wasn’t able to fully or even partially please her. Dressed in loose jeans and blue soft jumper, its plunging neckline clearly and visibly showed her adorable feminine swell off for those lucky enough to be granted a view. Sat there as I was waiting, not really knowing what was going to happen, just watching mistress laid on her side resting against her arm, whilst her legs tucked up in front of her, eyes watching both me and the doorway behind me.

Her smile was soft, gentile, yet also tormentative, her eyes vibrant filled with lust and pleasure, they sparkled with an intensity and desire that was contagious. The atmosphere in the room was one of pensive desire, sexual tension that was yet to really begin.

In the silence footsteps could be heard, soft tender noises, a light clapping noise as feet touched the varnished wooden floor. It wasn’t feet enveloped in heels; perhaps ballerina styled shoes, slip ons that had a tiny, raised heel. My heart began to thump, beating solidly within my chest, my near naked body once more resonating from the pleasure of my over acted mind and body that so desired something majestic.

I breathed deeply, my chest raising, I could feel my nipples swell and tighten, hardening, their low pulsing ache once more beginning to echo throughout me. Each footstep brought the mystery woman one step closer, advancing towards her fulfilment in tonight’s desire. Everything about this night had been expertly planned, thought through so that each second was drained for the long moment of exacting sensation.

Finally I saw my Mistress stand up, her beaming smile glowing, her luscious red lips sparkling, her tongue’s tip dancing over the top lip, her eyes cavorting wildly on the person behind me. I wanted to turn, to see the figure behind me, the temptation strong, burning like the embers of a fire ablaze at my heart. How hard it was not to do such a thing, but I knew Mistress didn’t want that, she was in charge, no submission to her had to be complete full and trusting, she would allow me to see her when she was good and ready.

Rising from the bed, Mistress walked slowly forwards, moving slightly and walking around me, then finally behind me. I could now smell the enchanting odours of both my mistress and her as of yet unknown lover, the clash was sublime and sensual, intoxicating and addictive, a scent that I inhaled deeply, so deeply that for a moment I closed my eyes and focused upon its seductive blending.

Straining to hear I could make out the vagueness of small, but tender embrace, in my mind I could imagine the meshing of fine exquisite lips, of tongues caressing, teasing before reluctantly been withdrawn away. I could imagine their body’s been drawn together, held tightly, clothes pressing against clothes, hands touching the others rear or back.




Sat on the bed’s edge, before me, a few yards away from me was my Mistress and her lover, two women of erotic design and tender passion. People who in their eyes had the simmering, if not burning flames of desire, their angelic body’s clothed yet sensual in their construction. The atmosphere was palpable, the sensual heat was growing, and the air thick with expectancy, desire and sexual innuendo hung in the air like a veil of thin mist, rolling in of a mythical coastline.

I watched as my mistress allowed her finger to run along the edge of her plunging blue top, tugging at the hem where it loosely held her wondrous feminine charms, allowing it to be ever so slightly pulled down, so that the very edge of her dark areola was permitted to be seen.

I watched as the tip of her thumb allowed itself the encircle the throbbingness of her nipple, the very summit of her thumb, touching, lightly teasing, caressing its delightful surface, causing tender sparks of pleasure to erupt and awaken within her. Her lover watched, her back straightened, her eyes fixated on the slight glimpse of mistress’s flesh, the soft sensuous skin, so majestic and unique, beneath which the nerves would readily and eagerly respond to every single touch or caress.

“Wouldn’t you like to feel your tongue run where my fingers are” mistress said to her lover, her attention completely focused upon her, her thumb now replaced by her finger, which ran between her enchanting breasts. “Could you just imagine been able to kiss, lick, to taste the flesh, to feel the beating of my heart increase, as your mouth nestles upon my delightful cleavage, lips touching, mouth closing, tongue dragging over its sublime surface.” She concluded, with a devilish glint in her eye.

The thin blue top she had on, was no protection against the nub of her nipple, which already had begun to show itself in an advanced  stage of arousal, its defined stork clearly visible as her whole hand swept over her right breast, this time plunging down under the top and palm allowing itself to be pressed against her nipple.

They both smiled delightfully, their eyes entwined, locked together with magnetic force, desire shimmering away in their eyes, their faces filled with delight, both sensually and sexually yearning for the other. The room became a hot house of desire, flames of desire invisibly danced around them, I sitting there restrained, watching, observing, desiring not just mistress, but also her friend, her intimate lover. How jealous I was, how painful and exciting this was going, a slow, sensual and erotic torture that was going to be inflicted upon me, simply by not been able to do anything.

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