The Dominant's new lover

The Dominant's new lover The Dominant's new lover

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


The story revolves around a Dominant female, who takes on a new submissive lover half her age, it contains light aspect of bdsm, though main Bondage and Domination. I will be continually adding new chapter until it is a finished piece of work


The story revolves around a Dominant female, who takes on a new submissive lover half her age, it contains light aspect of bdsm, though main Bondage and Domination.
I will be continually adding new chapter until it is a finished piece of work

Chapter1 (v.1) - The Dominant's new lover

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The story revolves around a Dominant female, who takes on a new submissive lover half her age, it contains light aspect of bdsm, though main Bondage and Domination.<br /> I will be continually adding new chapter until it is a finished piece of work

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: November 12, 2012



There is little doubt about my dominant nature, I'm a middle aged woman who's been like it since about the age of fourteen, dominance and submission has always fascinated me, the tender pleasure of restrictive binds and authorative punishments is both mind and body tingling. I know also from the past that I can turn on both sexes, though I much prefer the female gender, my figure is, even if i say it myself, rather beautiful, though I am, by no means a stick insect.


Currently my greatest challenge has been set in place, my mind made up, my determination sealed and plans have begun to swing into action. There is a girl that I want to possess, I say girl because she is just twenty one years old, to my, well we'll say mid-forties. The idea of owning such a young vibrant person is so very appealing, a challenge for any woman, to have her withering under my guidance, to see her look at me through eyes glazed with lurid sensual desire is body tingling and would be such a boost. I aim to develop that special erotic bond, which exists between two people in the domination and submissive world, a willing slave to my kinky desire, an education between youthful vigour and adult eroticism in the world of bondage, domination and submission and sexual ecstasy.


With summer finally here, students and college/uni kids scrambling for work, families head off to vacation, holidaying at the beach or in foreign lands, over the past few weeks i have begun to chat with, talk to the girl in question, I know she is seeking work and that her studies are the main thing for her at the present. She has talked almost fondly about her school days, she being one of the few who, was, privately educated at a school which gave out corporal punishment, something which I found most interesting.

I know also from what she has said is that she found being spanked a turn on, not that she used such blatant terms of course but rather reading between her posture, and her embarrassment at my questions, not to mention her giddy face or the way her eyes light up when we have talked about the subject.


These days it is hard to find a female who understands, and appreciates discipline, a person who has grown up with it instilled into them, knowing that they have to be submissive to a more dominant, strict structure, where punishments can come at any time, for any given failure. Those traditions it seems these days have been completely lost on today’s youth, though there are still some out there, as I am discovering.  I have also on a number of occasions caught her eyes focusing upon my ample breasts, she seems almost hypnotised by them at times, I can at times see her licking her lips, pretending to taste them, feel them inside her mouth as she is being made or expected to worship upon one or both of their erectness.


I wonder how best to describe this vivacious young creature that I am determined to own and possess, this woman who it appears has all the right qualities of someone deserving to become my slave, someone, who, for now at least we shall call Arnetta.  Well to begin with it is worth pointing out she stands about five foot seven inches in height, stocking feet that is, she has soft beautiful dark blonde hair, that is quite long and falls dramatically down her back to below her shoulder blades. She has wonderful sensual eyes that glimmer entrancingly and reflect a serene almost hypnotic beauty; they are a mixed shade of soft almond with the slightest hue of blue to them. An angelic face that is high cheek boned structure, with flesh that has some occasional freckles around the bridge of the nose area, though not to many or to dense.

She also has an irritating hour glass figure that so hard to replicate, many females have tried and given up, me included. She has nicely flared hips, with pert, medium sized breasts that jut out firmly. She is in my eyes utterly adorable, I cannot fault the way she carries herself or the way her posture is, she almost regal and very privileged looking in that department.


 We sit together in a cafe in the town centre; watching life slowly going by, occasionally one or both will steal a glance at the other one, hoping that neither will notice, yet presumably, secretly hoping for just that to happen. She is sat opposite me her clothing staggers and amazes me, in some respects I am envious, her style accentuates her delectable feminine form making it appear more ravenous and sexy, if that could possibly happen. Wearing skin tight leggings and hot pants, a close cropped tee shirt which is stretched tight across her feminine chest and ceases just above the navel, her luscious lips are coated in a succulent and sensuous shade of red lip gloss, the sheen from the sun light is almost making them too tempting not to be kissed

On the table next to her she has her mobile phone, but unlike most girls her age, it is silent and not constantly ringing or vibrating. She is talking softly, about this new dress that she has seen, one which she is planning to buy once she can get some work sorted out, by all accounts, from what she has said, it seems to be quite the stunning design and I wonder if she is saying it purely for my benefit, trying to gauge to see what my reaction would be, as she describes, this PVC, figure hugging mini dress in glorious detail.


I have to admit I am fascinated by the thought, but I am also determined not to make it that obvious, I keep glancing at her trying to picture her in the clothing she is talking about, it is nice thoughts that for sure. But other thoughts are entering my mind, thoughts of a kinkier nature; I imagine what she would look like trussed up, spread eagled in my bedroom restrained at the wrists, ankles, a blindfold around her eyes, her supple young body naked. I wonder what her face would look like, how her expressions would change after multiple orgasms flood through her virile young body, would she become turned on by bondage, by spanking, introduction of toys, clamps, dildo's and vibrators all trying to reignite her burning sensual body. I smile to myself as I think of all the fun, I and my intimate circle of friends could have with such a submissive and dedicated young female.


I wonder to myself how I am going to approach such a subject, that i as a friend, also seek to become not just her lover, but her controller, the only woman, the only person who shall ever own her. How do you approach such a subject with someone so young, well younger than you are, but also someone who may not fully understand or comprehend the full meaning and sexual connotations of it. As I sit there listening to her and thinking about my own dilemma, she does something which I truly and honestly was not expecting.

"Helen" she says, in a soft voice, my thoughts for that moment are on pause, as I gaze into her face, trying to avoid her eyes, for fear of becoming embroiled in their beauty and not listening to her words. I smile.

"Yes dear", I say, my arms resting on the table, hands lightly cupping, holding the iced tea.

"I it true what they say about you?, about you being a dominatrix?" she says, my shock and surprise is obvious, which initially may unsettle her, but almost immediately I can’t help myself but smile gleefully and proudly.

"Er, well, yes I suppose it is, have they warned you against me?" I ask, knowing that some if not the majority, who don’t understand or appreciate what a dominatrix is, will definitely of told her to stay away, as I may be out to corrupt her.

"Sort of, well some have, but then I was never any good at taking advice when it wasn’t asked for. Can I ask what is it like to be in charge of someone, is it purely sexual, as from what I know some do it so that it incorporates every aspect of daily life."

Now I am truly amazed, stunned and even shocked, but also delighted and pleased, all in one massive emotion that swamps my body. I look at her through new eyes, I wonder if this girl is as kinky as I dared to imagine, I wonder if she's seeking new experiences if she's open minded enough to explore.


"Well that’s a little hard to explain, for me it’s the most natural thing there is, but it is also the most sacred, liberating and needful thing in my life. I have never lied about my dominance, and never will it is part of who I am, the person that I was created to be, it’s how I find enjoyment and relaxation, i don’t really see it as a corruption like others may do I see it as a natural, healthy part of my life, one that in truth I cannot do without. As for its purpose or duration, yes there is a lot of sexual energy involved, but it doesn’t have to just revolve around sex, it can be liberating, as I have said, but it can also be challenging and can merge into everyday life, mixing together the mundaness of your normal boring day and implementing a well kinkier side also. It’s also true whilst we’re on the subject that in the past I have paid a lover to become my slave, like any job she was given a wage, she lived at my house most of the time and did exactly what I said or told her I wanted doing, from the clothing she wore, to household chores, through to the forms of sexual enjoyment that we took part in. She was my slave, owned collared and regulated by me, she was very much trusted and yes deeply loved but she also had the right to stop proceedings at any time and to walk away. Some would say they have no choice, but those that do say such things are ignorant and fools, what they fail to understand is that the Dominatrix doesn’t actually have the power, it is the slave or submissive who grants the domme the ability to control, if they didn’t, then it would simply be rape and that person should spend the rest of their life in prison."


I allow a few seconds for my words to digest into her mind, I can see that she is concentrating on them, taking her time to understand the meaning. "I have to admit", I say, after a few short seconds, once again I have her undivided attention.

"I am surprised you brought it up, I dare not hazard a guess as to what you have been told about me." she now smiles softly

"What people say and what the truth is, is generally another thing, but if you paid someone, isn’t that a form of prostitution?", she answers, rather quizzically.


I nod softly, "yes is the short answer, though she wasn’t always there for sexual intercourse, she was there for my pleasure sexual or otherwise, it added a thing called humiliation to it, some people find that it can be quite arousing, sexually a turn on, but besides it is a simple business transaction, she provided a service which I required" I said, my eyes are watching her reaction, waiting for the obligatory repulsion, but it doesn’t come.

"Would you do it again" she asks, her bluntness is amazing, it’s not as though she doesn’t understand what she is saying but rather the pointedness of her questions make me wonder the opposite, of whether or not she is wanting to apply for such a job.

I breathe deeply, my chest rises significantly, I cannot help but watch her eyes as she sees my breasts press against the low cut summer dress which I wore, if truth be known especially for her.


"That is a huge question, with no simple answer, there is much, such a person would need to understand, for example is that the money or wage that I would pay them means that every aspect of their life is controlled by me, they sign over their freedom, independence and they become an extension of my own body. They although are still a person, a human being, but they are subservient to every single demand that I have, sexual or otherwise. Trying to find a person that understands that these days is a rarity most think of it as an easy way to make a living, free-loaders or those that just see the sexual kink, but not the everyday tasks like shopping, washing, cleaning, household chores, not to mention the punishments, degradation and humiliation that can go on behind closed doors, or in front of selected individuals that I trust. It is far from an easy life" as I speak I see her listening intricately, nodding at certain parts, understanding, contemplating my words.

"That I understand, but would you consider doing it again", she repeats.

"Yes with the right circumstances and person, I have no shame in buying someone's love or admiration, especially these days being the age that I am"


She smiles, but my words have sunk deep into her mind, I can see them mulling around, echoing in the dark recesses of her head

 "What would it take to make the right circumstances?", she asks with slight intrepidation in her voice.

"Honesty and sincerity first and foremost, let’s take honesty is this simply curiosity on what you've heard or is there something more profound, more deeper and meaningful that you want to ask" I say not really sure how she will react.

"I suppose it’s more meaningful, I want to know if you'd consider a person younger than yourself and someone who is not experienced but genuinely interested and fascinated, who is prepared to understand, work and accept regulation."

"And that person would be you I take it", I say, my stare hardening around her face. She flushes red, her cheeks burn it’s the first sign of emotion I have seen, a sign that suddenly, now it has got down to being personal about her she has become perhaps embarrassed at the admission that she could be submissive if not subservient.

"Yes it is, I know I may not have a lot to offer, my youth isn’t a glowing endorsement, and I have no experience but I am willing, prepared and deeply fascinated by it and I would be lying if I said the money wouldn’t come in handy for next term at uni, but that aside, the financial aspect, the lifestyle, just… I don’t know fits somehow for me"

I smiled at her words, “age and experience has never been an issue for me, so longs as both parties are legally allowed to, what is more important to me is that the person fully understands and comprehends what they are getting involved in. In this lifestyle there can be no communication error or misunderstanding, it’s a world built on trust and honesty. It is also a very demanding and yes at times provocative life to lead, but it is very exhausting, no one person can honestly say that they can just slot into this existence, each person, especially submissive, are to an extent moulded, developed and trained, but they have a natural ability and flair for submission . A domme has to respect the sub, and the sub has to respect the domme, or nothing should ever happen.” I paused for a moment, before continuing, “I have never simply said yes to anyone who desires to serve me, those few that I have allowed have always been given a trail period, a time where they live the lifestyle and see if it matches up to what they hoped or expected, and also that gives me the chance and opportunity to see if both partners are able to progress things safely and sanely. Do you understand what I am saying?" I ask, my face serious, perhaps to serious, my mind beginning to wonder if I had said to much to scare her away.  

There was a moment or two of thought, of contemplation, which I have to admit that she was at least thinking things through, debating, weighing up my words, perhaps  adhering to the warning that was coded within it, not rushing in straight away with a decision that really doesn’t please anyone in the long run.

"I understand", she says, "How long does the trail last or is that until you are sure that both are sure,” she paused, screwing her face up and thinking about what she had just said.  “So to speak", she says with a smile, unable to find or think of a better way to explain what she meant. I smile and chuckle to myself.

"I know what you meant, there is no set time, but it won’t be shorter than twenty four hours and usually yes, we'd sit down discuss it and see what both thought and take it from there, at that time, but there is to be no expectations, no promises before that time."

"That I understand completely, less pressure on both" she says, again her deep thinking surprises me somewhat, perhaps, I think to myself, that she may be as good as I first thought.




The rules had been laid out, the explanations made, questions had been answered, and curiosities hopefully answered, for over two hours we talked, discussed things, compared idea's, desires, even fantasies. It was a frank and open discussion, there wasn't any point of it being anything else, I told her that in time I would find out if she had failed to be honest, if she had lied, and that I would simply walk away. She'd told me of her schooling, how frequently she was in trouble, how guilty she felt for receiving a punishment that unbeknown

to the person administrating it, it sexually aroused her, she told me of her longing to indulge in bondage, to become a play thing of someone with power but also someone possessing a understanding nature that also balanced with an understanding degree of the submissive. She told me of her confusion in regard of her own sexuality, how she found the male body repulsive, plain and emotionless, she said she'd always struggled to find anything that was remotely attractive about it and that she had always been drawn to her own gender, to the older more dominant figure, knowing that they could offer her what she needed, if not required and that she was sure she could fulfil a purpose for them, sexually or otherwise.

I had no reason to doubt her sincerity, from the friendship we had established, she had always come across as someone who was honest, as she talked I could see the pain of memories, the longings, happiness, but also the failings of finding nothing fulfilling since the last true relationship she had with a woman who was just ten years her senior. I asked

if she had ever thought of being dominated whilst in this relationship, she said yes, but again always felt guilty as though she was being unfaithful to her lover, as she herself, wasn't that way inclined. She said the few times they actually had sex, to her, it lacked something, an element of roughness, something that gave it a cutting edge, something that made it more intense more fulfilling. She said that was the thing she could never get used to, this idea that she longed for something that most her friends would have said was downright kinky, if not perverted.

For my part, I told her, I would challenge her, push her limits, but always respect her, that sex would on the whole be challenging, demanding and yes sometimes, occasionally forceful, but it would always stop on her say so if that’s what she desired. I told her of my penchant for uniforms, for bondage, toys, spankings, that I liked to vary things, to stop them becoming predictable and boring or staid for that matter. I told her, she would have to dress as I described, in what I told her to, I also for my part, told her that I may verbally humiliate or degrade her when in private or in the company of close, intimate friends, but I wouldn’t do it, unless I was totally sure she could cope.


Just about everyone I kept as a friend knew of my dominance, most of the females I had befriended over the years had become close, intimate friends, occasionally lovers, a select few I would on special occasions, share a slave with making for a spectacular night of unbridled dominance and submission, all enveloped in an awesome sensation of sensual abandonment of carnal pleasure for all involved.

The truth was, I wanted her to be aware of every aspect of my kinks from the nylon addiction, to the sensual dominance and enchanting bondage, from the kinky threesomes to the rare occasions when we would just curl up together and I would madly fuck her constantly until she could take no more and how she would have to learn the basics of kissing, touching, licking, caressing and worshipping a Mistress, her Mistress, the person who should eventually become her very essence and reason for living.


There wasn't going to be an aspect which she wouldn't learn and that if she truly sought to become someone's idea of the perfect subservient slave then she would relish the opportunity to excel please and study in practical terms. From my point of view I could see her reaction, her expression change, her pleasure and excitement swell and rise within her, her face flush crimson on occasion as I gave nothing more than a basic outline of what would be expected and the events, things, scenario's that would be enacted upon with her, all, of course in the period of time and when I knew she could truly handle each new venture.


By the time of our arrival at my home, she was well informed about the system that I operated, the rules, regulations of her stay with me, she knew also that the moment she entered my home for the first time today, was the moment that her embracement into slavery began. To my surprise she showed few outwardly nerves, though her hands,  and fingers did fidget constantly, but I couldn’t be sure if that was solely down to nerves or partly due to arousal and excitement which was so plainly building up within her. But then it had ever since we’d first started talking about the subject of her submission to me, many a time in back in the city I had seen her struggle with the shimmering volcano of desire which had built up within he. The tight small top which she wore, though abundantly sexy, also displayed the erectness of her nipples, not just for my eyes but for anyone who was passing and cared to glance over at the two of us.

As we stood by the door of my home, I watched her reaction as the key turned, the lock clunking into life; a shudder of anticipation seemed to sweep through her, a cold tingling sensation that swept downwards from the very tip of her head to the end of her toes. I looked at her, as my hand held the handle, asking her in a low voice if she was sure and if she was truly ready. She breathed deeply, her chest inflated; her breasts expanded, nipples pressing against their material restriction, the outline of them so clearly visible and so delectable and appealing to me. She nodded softly but firmly before saying yes.

I wondered if a spasm of delight or intrepidation rattled through her tender beautiful body as she spoke the words, it would of been nice to think so, I could almost hear the pulsing of her clit, the throbbing of arousal, the moisture of her juices, seeping out from within her, as her intent was finally spoken one final and last time. As the door opened and I stepped forward across the threshold, so did she, without hesitation or second thought, entering my domain and, at least for the next twenty four hours or so beginning a new life as a slave to desire, lust and perversion. 

Hundreds of possible scenarios have surged through my mind, since we decided on this trail, many of the visions, brought forth by my imagination were nothing short of total lustful, things which to be fair, I would never have done with someone so new, yet the temptation is there even at that moment, dwelling in the not too distant recesses of my mind. She is stood in the room's centre; her body still clothed though her feet are no longer have their shoes. She stands there, hands by her side, back straight, waiting knowing I am behind her; undoubtedly she can feel my eyes scanning the structure of her virile lithe young body. From behind her I look, gazing at her intently, surveying the property which I am about to take ownership of, I feel a swell of pride swirl within me, contentment mixed with arousal, for a second almost I can scarcely believe it, yet there she is, just a few yards from me, she the waiting, willing supplicant to what I hope will be all of my desires.


Stepping closer to her, I can smell the odour of her enchanting perfume, like her it’s intoxicating, as it drifts up to embrace my nostrils, my hands reach out resting lightly for a moment on her shoulders. I feel a shudder of anticipation sweep through her, her mind begins to tease, toying with her imagination, which in turn is probably stimulating the body and senses, more so than I could ever do. Gathering her long silken hair up between my hands, drawing it away from the sides of her neck, exposing the subtle satin naked flesh, which looks so appealing, I feel a tingle of excitement sweep through my own body. I gaze longing at the flesh, so ripe, so rarely touched and probably so extremely sensitive given the heightened state of her body, I can scarcely believe that what I had desired and wanted so much was now waiting, yearning before me, a creature of submission, a virgin slave that I am going to educate in the ways of sinful delight and sensual, sometimes painful eroticisms.

Gathering her hair up into a single strand, grasping it firmly, one could even say tightly, exposing the left hand side of her neck, my head slowly lowered itself downwards, lips and mouth ready, poised to embrace the beads sweat, which had already formed on flesh that was sensitive surface just waiting, primed to be touched, caressed or even nibbled. I felt her body tense, in my mind I could see her eyes closing composing herself, not knowing for sure what was about to happen, but expecting a lavish, provocative sensual kiss, her arms tensed, hands became fists. I could almost feel the pounding of her heart, its force providing simulating echoes that resonated through every part of her tender sweet form.


I lowered my head further down, till my chin was almost balancing on her shoulder, even though it wasn't I knew she would be able to feel the shadow of its presence and more importantly my slow rhythmic and deep breathing against her exposed shoulder and neck. The lingering scent of her perfume was still as intoxicating to me as it had been earlier in the day, but then I wasn't this close, this intimate to her. I smiled as that thought passed through my mind, the word intimate lingering, echoing, stimulating my imagination into life and conjuring up some remarkable images. Now I found myself closing my eyes, inhaling deeply, letting her scent waft up and consume me, envelope me in its subtle desires and enchanting odours. I breathed out slowly, an exhale of warm sultry air that powered down from my lips impacting against the base of her neck, dancing cavorting, tingling the flesh that sent spasms of delight rippling into her body and infecting her imagination.


So pent up with anticipation, desire and a nervous excitement, that she couldn’t help, but give an involuntary coo of delight, her chest rose and fell with magnificent splendour, her mounds of soft satin like flesh pressing against the tight, tiny and restrictive top that she wore. My grip on her hair tightened, now I was being forceful, I pulled her head back towards me, exposing more of her neck. She looked at me through eyes that were lurid, desire, and lust swirling within them, silently begging me to begin, my mouth kissed the base of her neck, a slow gradual act that was loaded with passion and promise. Lips mashed together, sucking upon the flesh, teeth then nibbled as my tongue was roughly drawn up its alluring surface, leaving behind a wake of blissful sensations that danced wildly upon the skins surface. I could feel her relax, her body limper, looser than it was, her eyes closed, mind forsaken adrift to the  first barrage of sensations that she was going to embrace.


"Are you ready my little bitch" I mused softly into her ear, pulling her hair tighter, forcing her head back, making her neck stretched, taut, her eyes were more lurid, her face a shimmering expression of total desire.

"Ye...Yes....Mistress...." She answered in a shaky, questionable voice, I smiled re-assuringly at her as my mouth enveloped around her, kissing her roughly, savagely even one could say. As my mouth ravaged hers, drawing the air from within her lungs, teeth gently at times nipping her bottom lip, tongue searching, exploring, and making sweeping erotic movements within her oral chamber. I could feel her legs clamping the carpet, her naked toes, acting like anchors; I could sense the arousal, the torment within her beginning to build.

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