Memories of youth

Memories of youth

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


the story documents the first true time i fell in love, names obviously have either been changed or left out, though i have tried encapsulate the feelings and sensations. This is the first installment of either two or three submissions, as its wrote directly from my past and memories, i can only see how it pans out


the story documents the first true time i fell in love, names obviously have either been changed or left out, though i have tried encapsulate the feelings and sensations.
This is the first installment of either two or three submissions, as its wrote directly from my past and memories, i can only see how it pans out

Chapter1 (v.1) - Memories of youth

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the story documents the first true time i fell in love, names obviously have either been changed or left out, though i have tried encapsulate the feelings and sensations.<br /> This is the first installment of either two or three submissions, as its wrote directly from my past and memories, i can only see how it pans out

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Submitted: November 23, 2011

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: November 23, 2011



We both knew where this was going, in fact we both wanted where it was going, and it was a silent agreement, a contract signed through minds, because our mouths were to shy to say the words. There was a certain palpable desire which swam around us, the atmosphere thick yet electric like. Our body’s waiting, wanting urging, our minds entwined together producing images that spun the imagination into life.

She was as sexy as hell, a woman double my age, her sensuous body fully matured, her curvaceous form beguiling and hypnotizing. Her smile was devilish and contagious, infecting me with her giddiness and delight, her soft blue oceanic eyes clear and pristine radiant in their beauty, mesmerizing to gaze at.

Her body was succulent and lean, long legs glossy beneath the flesh coloured stockings, her tight skirt mid length between the knee’s and thighs. Her matching blouse, tight across her ample chest, displaying her ravenous feminine mounds for my eyes to gaze at, which they did, in opulent abundance. Her long dark hair crowned a face that was angelic, full bodied red luscious lips, glistening from the lip-gloss which she so carefully had applied.

Her flesh sun kissed perhaps bordering upon been quarter caste, a distant Indian race mixed with the very charming white English woman. For a brief moment I was lost in throng of it all,  of been here, so close to this devastatingly attractive woman, the person whom for the past four months had been the sole focus of my dreams and the reason behind my imagination tormenting and infecting my sleeping hours.

I on the other had was eighteen and youthfulness showed vibrantly through, my complexion was white, nervous to a degree, my own long hair tied back into a single pony tail, drawn away from face, where as her had been free falling, fanning out over her shoulders like a river of pure silk. I dressed in a tight fitting pair of jeans and chequered shirt, which hung loosely over the contour of my upper body.

Conversation was limited, our eyes danced and stared, each other mind infecting the other, drawing them silently into masterful and enchanting allure of sensual delight. Words spoken between us didn’t seem to matter as we sat there, gazing at one another, occasionally sipping from the wine glasses that we each held. There was in truthfulness only one thing on our minds, one desire in our hearts and one crippling and demanding desire in our body.

Nervously I flinched, shifting position, wanting, but fearing to get closer to the woman who was the vision of my dreams. My eye lids fluttered constantly, my gaze fell frequently to the abundance of her heavenly chest, so much so that she in turn noticed and drew the blouse downwards, so that the material stretched against her awesome pillows.

She taking the initiative slide herself over towards me, positioning herself so that our body’s touched upon the sofa where we sat. I could feel my face flush crimson; I could feel the heat of both embarrassment and pleasure sweep up and over me, consuming me in a wave of heated delight that set my flesh on fire.

“You do want me don’t you”, she whispered in a silky beguiling voice that resonated with tones of seduction and power. Again briefly my face flushed red, heat over whelming as I found myself coyly nodding. “You want me to teach you how to make love to a woman or do you just want to make love to me, slow and skilful, to taste and feel, to let the pleasure bubble up inside me, so that you can taste it through your own lovely lips.” She continued to say to say, as one of her hands cupped the under side of my left breast.

It was a touch which I had yearned for and hoped for, yet it was a touch that was diligent and sensual, but still managed to send a pulse of rapture through my body. To feel her small delicate fingers, cupping the under section of my breast, her long nails allowing themselves to roam up to and over the summit, feeling the stork like erection of my nipple, was both devastating in a pleasurable way and utterly orgasmic. The repercussions of which surged through my body in a tidal wave of pure bliss.

Her index finger traced the outline of my breast, encircling it through the material her touch light, sensitive and delightful, as finally her fingers teased with now visible outline of my nipple. “you like the fact that I’m twice your age don’t you, its attractive and compelling, its sexy and arousing to you, I can feel your hotness, your desire and smell the musk of your adorable scent”.

I struggled against the compulsion to kiss her, to caress her, to touch her like she was doing to me, her hand now fully massaging the left breast, her fingers open and feeling its aroused, softness of my bosom. Her fingers unfastened two buttons of my shirt and drew it away from the roundness of my breast, revealing the lighter blue, material sports bra that encased and smothered the beauty of my feminine chest.

Still she touched and teased its surface, fingers toying, exploring and gently massaging its shape. Her tongue’s tip would glance or moisten the top of her lip, as if she herself sought to place her own mouth around and on the breast which her fingers were now teasing. The urge to kiss was growing inside me, burning me up like a rabid disease for which there was no cure my hand that rested upon the sofa top, was now stroking the top of her head and following the softness of her hair. As her fingers lightly, yet provocatively swarmed around the nub of my nipple, my body shuddered with delight. My eyes closed as my chest inflated, my body pulsed with a million new sensations, all of which desperately sought to be the prominent sensation.

She inched away, leaving me panting for more, I watched as her smile beamed and her hands rose upwards to her own heaving body, where fingers began to nimbly unfasten the buttons of her blouse. Each button which she unfastened revealed a tantalizing bit more of her succulent and gorgeous chest. Flesh that had once been hidden from view was now revealed to my eyes feasted upon its delight. One by one she unfastened them, displaying beneath her pale blue transparent bra, which smothered and restricted her ample and mouth watering breasts. I watched as she drew the blouse apart, opening it to its extremities and displaying her delectable charms, through glossy and lurid eyes I observed as her own hands cupped her breasts and her fingers began to slowly encircle the prize of her feminine chest.

“you like these, don’t you” she whispered in a voice riddled with erotic pleasure, her fingers still teasing, still caressing, still touching, in exactly the same manner which she had done to mine just a few moments ago.  Her eyes continued to watch mine, her smiling broadening, enlarging and growing more seductive. I watched as her thumb and forefinger, tweaked and toyed with the nipple which lay beneath that alluring material of her bra. Her eyes closing just briefly, as her body pulsed with desire, before, once more returning to focus upon me, and her smiling glowing with utter sin.

She watched me, watching her as my own hand now found its way onto my breast, the very breast which till throbbed with delight from her lingering touches. My own thumb and forefinger, copying exactly what she was doing to her own breast, before moving to a slow and extremely sensual massage of its entire form.

I could feel the pulses of desire rebuilding and concentrating within my body, the hotness of arousal simmering away, the throbbing of my clit beneath the jeans and the knickers, the excitement building, the desire yearning within myself.

“Just imagine your tongue there” she mused, as her nail lightly scratched around the erectness of her own nipple, her tongue still lightly tracing her  upper lip, its moistness seductive against the velvet, embellish lip gloss which layered its surface. My hand stroked the side of her face, whilst my other rested upon the hand belonging to hers, which placed itself upon my lap, still the tender desire to taste her mouth swamped my thoughts, the need and yearning ever constant and always expanding in my mind.

Finally our bodies moved close enough our faces inched towards and our lips sealed a tiny embrace, a kiss of no more than two seconds, yet an embrace laidend with desire, which in all truthfulness we both knew was never going to go anywhere near quashing the hunger which we now both had.

We pulled briefly away, pausing and letting the blissfulness of act sweep across our mouths, our eyes once more inter locked, our gazes hypnotic and lurid. The compulsion for me was unyielding and demanding, dominating both our minds, compelling us to carry out its forceful request. Once more our heads moved, inching together, our eyes closed and mouths opened, lips to lips the kiss was both devastating and erotic, tongue slide, touched and caressed as mouths entwined, celebrating and consuming the feverish desire that had been lodged within souls.

An embrace of passion and of lust, of mouths pressing, tongues befriending, searching and exploring and allowing the all encompassing sensation of lust to rule supreme with avid delight. I could feel nerve ends come vibrantly alive, pulsing with feverish hunger and yearning desire, lighting, sparking and igniting other emotions into life as the embraces continued but now at a slow sensual rate.

The way our lips moulded together, our mouths entwined, and tongues teased could only truly be described as an act of true lovers delight.  How tender and passionate we were, slow and sensual, each embrace resonating instilling profound erotic pleasure deep into the other person’s body.

 Each kiss was an act of love itself, delivered with the right amount of pleasure to swarm and traverse through our partners body’ causing wave upon wave of pleasure to ripple through them and spread out its majestic tentacles of passion, so that no part was to be untouched by its awesome power.

For a moment the enchantment was broken, as we drew away from the other our lurid eyes describing the sensations that now afflicted our person, the pulsing heart, heated and aroused sex’s and smouldering desire.

“You want me don’t you?” she again whispered, but this time directly into my ear, as the last of her words escaped her lips, I felt her mouth place a small but significant suckle upon the lower lobe of the ear. It was an act that caused me to almost melt, a shudder of astounding pleasure surged through me, igniting wave after wave of torrid delight. My chest rose dramatically, my legs felt weak my eyes closed and mind willing digested the sensation that ravaged me by that simple act.

My hand held hers as I drew my tortured face back to see her, eyes heavy with desire, a mind consumed by promise and lust “yes” I answered in a voice meek and over run. My lips moved towards hers again and once more we embraced, each new loving kiss instilling more desire, more hunger that flooded our system. Kiss after kiss, mouth enveloping mouths, slowly becoming more torrid, more dominant and much more meaning full.

Soon full blown kissing were being exchanged, hands were drawing the other person deeper into the act, hands that swept across the back, up towards the head, down across the lower parts of their face, pressing the other tighter against them so that the full unashamed beauty and intensity of the act was flowing between us with absolute avid delight.

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