A sub's Mistress

A sub's Mistress A sub's Mistress

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


The story is something new which I havent tried before, mainly in that it includes male character in a sexual role. it is loosely based on a friend conversation and his thoughts, just wrote by me, because I wanted to know if I could write something different to lesbian erotica. This isnt finished I' uploading just a taster whilst currently writing or concluding the rest of it


The story is something new which I havent tried before, mainly in that it includes male character in a sexual role. it is loosely based on a friend conversation and his thoughts, just wrote by me, because I wanted to know if I could write something different to lesbian erotica.
This isnt finished I' uploading just a taster whilst currently writing or concluding the rest of it

Chapter1 (v.1) - A sub's Mistress

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The story is something new which I havent tried before, mainly in that it includes male character in a sexual role. it is loosely based on a friend conversation and his thoughts, just wrote by me, because I wanted to know if I could write something different to lesbian erotica. This isnt finished I' uploading just a taster whilst currently writing or concluding the rest of it

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 14, 2012

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 14, 2012



What is it about you that I find so alluring, why do you excite, intrigue and torment my mind so much. True there is the fact that I am naturally attracted to the more, well, lets say the versatile and submissive person, the type of person who’s mind is open the pleasure of sinful, devilish delight and I guess I would have to say that you offer those qualities.

Your mind is free from the restrictions that other “bedroom” couples or person’s has, your imagination is colourful and excitable, I know you want something deeply profound, stimulating and perhaps even torturous where the skilful arts of erotica are concerned.

I have even found myself wondering what it would be like to have you at my feet, kneeling before me, waiting, willing, not really knowing what may unfold next for you. I have thought of leading you down the pathway of sensual and sexual corruption of turning your submission into meekness that could come only from a true slave.

I would want someone with passion and desire, someone that could and will excel in their role, a person unafraid to show their lust and willingness to their owner. I’d want to feel your lips and kisses rain down upon every inch of my slender and exquisite body, to lavishly, dedicatedly kiss and lick my always long pantyhose covered legs and feet.

To feel your tongue swirl over the nylon covered flesh, to diligently and exquisitely satisfy and fulfil my need to be treated like the Goddess that I am. I would expect no half hearted measures, nothing but pure unadulterated passion, desire and respect. To feel my body resonating wildly with the eroticisms, to bathe in majestic delight as tiny eruptions of illicit sensual pleasures ignites the nerve endings throughout my entire form.

I have thought about being able to humiliate you, in the privacy of my own home. Watching as I expect you to become my own personal male stripper, to dance seductively, teasing me with a visual show that is lustful and suggestive, as each item removed displays more of your naked form which I shall own.

Laid next to me, would be a simple sheer to waist pair of pantyhose, which you will wear. A man inside one of the females most intimate pieces of lingerie. I would observe you dress in them, watching each leg becoming embraced into the sensual erotic jaws of nylon, your flesh embalmed in something which I have worn on my own body in the past. I would watch, look study you, once they adorn your form, you would be permitted to wear nothing else. My eyes would revel in the delight of your embarrassment, my finger tips would tease, torment that growing bulge of manhood which throbs beneath the pantyhose.

I would make you turn slowly around so that your pantyhose clad arse face’s me, my nails would lightly scrap down each buttock, careful though not to break the nylon which covers its surface. I would smile broadly as I stand up, walk you over to the full length mirror, making you look at your reflection, whilst letting one hand lightly spank that still throbbing and still growing, but leaking sexual organ that you have.

The very tips of my nails would rise and fall along its length, fingers would pinch and nip at its sullen, heavy and warm testicles, all the while I would instruct and expect you to stay focused and look straight into the mirror, keeping you arms perfectly still by your side. I would stand so close behind you that you will feel my body, my long legs clad in opaque black pantyhose, occasionally, suggestively rubbing against you. When I begin to hear the first few moans of delight escape your lips and see your eyes begin cloud withy desire, I will know that the pleasure is building within you and then everything would stop.

Turning you round to face me, I would press you backwards, so that your ass touches, smears itself against the cold, harshness of the mirror’s surface. My hand would reach down and hold tightly those testicles smothered in nylon, I would then kiss you passionately, forcefully on your lips, my lips covered in rich velvety lip gloss that would smudge against yours.

You would be allowed to and expected to respond, to embrace me with as much vigour and passion as I do bestow upon you, though your hands would not be allowed to move, I know you’d want them on my curving hips, or holding my narrow waist or perhaps even cradling me, pressing me closer, deeper into the embrace, but for now they would remain still, your body under my total control and whim.

Kisses that could last tens of minutes or just a rampant few seconds, embraces designed to stoke up and awaken the flames of profound desire and lust, before I draw away, though my fingers would still be clutching your lurid hot sack. I would tell you to get onto your knees, to kneel before your sensual goddess and once you have done that I would take a small step forwards, so that your face aligned with my crotch, but not actually touching it. I would stand there for a few moments and let the odour of my arousal permutate and swirl around you, engulfing your sense and over powering you so you could almost taste the muskiness of my desire

How much pleasure and enjoyment there would be for me, knowing that you are close enough to kiss and even lick, yet there I am standing there denying you that pleasure and you, the ever willing sub/slave accepting it.How much torment would surge through your body as you struggle against the thoughts inside you, that wish, want and need to place your mouth against my moist crotch. Of course we both know if you gave into the temptation of your desires, punishments would be administered, your humiliation would never end and become a hundred times worse.

I would remark about how you are being a good sub and you would respond by calling me mistress. My smile would continue to broaden as I sit upon the bed’s edge, my legs open with you in their centre, your face only an inch or two from my sex. My hands would reach out, holding the sides of your face and draw you closer. Would your mind delight in the prospect of feeding upon my pulsating sex, no doubt your own raging length is doing cart wheels, in the gusset of the pantyhose that you so delectably wear.

I would smile more broadly as I see the hunger and yearning in your eye’s, the desire that runs so rampantly through you, like some great mythical virus consuming your entire body within seconds.

“You want to taste me don’t you subby?” I would say in a mocking voice, knowing that the odour of arousal is ambushing and consuming both your mind, thoughts and your imagination.

“Oh yes Mistress” you answer in a voice that was barely above a whisper, you eyes stuck, staring, lodge against the crotch of tights.

“I bet you would my little perverted submissive” I muse, my voice precise, eloquent, words spoken that are laindend with sensual, erotic delight “But”, I continue, “to let you perform such a wondrous delight right now, would make you think or believe that I am, well shall we say, very easily pleased. In truth my sub I want to see you squirm, to hear you plead with exhaustion in your voice, I want to see the luridness of lust in your eyes and inscrolled deep into your face, whilst your masculine sex throbs’ incessantly within the feminine pantyhose that you wear. You are to become my sexual toy, your body is to become familiar with deep seated lust and to let it become abandoned to the delights of my sexual torment. Only then shall I grant you such pleasure, that your feverish desires, hunger and lustfulness can no longer contain and you shall devour me to the standard that I am truly worth.”

My words echoed around his mind, clashing with his imagination, igniting and fuelling his desire to conjure up erotic and exotic delights. He continued to look at me one part of him so visibly turned on, the other so hesitant and thoughtful about the words which I had spoken to him.

“now come sit upon the bed’s edge, legs open, hands placed under each buttock, every time you attempt to remove them, you shall gain a punishment which I shall implement at a time of my choosing. Is that clear?” I said with a large, almost sinister grin upon my face.

“Yes Miss… Mistress” he answered meekly, nervously before rising and assuming his sanctioned position where I pointed to. My single grew as I reached down the bed’s side, fingers dancing over various implements until they curled around a dark heavy fabric blindfold, slipping it over his head and into position, denying him the basic right of been able to watch.

“Visual senses deprived of seeing things, can often heighten the tormentation and feelings that occur, it keeps the mind more alert, and the body, along with other sense utterly awakened”.

A shudder perhaps of nervous excitement swept through him, rippling down his spine as my words finished and his sight no longer an option. I looked to his crotch, the nylon covered bulge was once more alert whilst its head glistening under the influence of both what I had said and what his imagination was doing to him.

My hand snapped to his cock, as a resounding THWACK! Filled the air as his body jolted, back straightened bolt upright, finger tips closed around his stiffened member as my face moved towards his ear.

“You may be aroused now subby, but soon you shall understand the very definition of sexual and sensual overload.” I mused before letting my teeth nibble upon the bottom lobes of his ear.

I wondered what lurid thoughts traversed through his mind, what images were conjured up by his imagination. I smiled as my grip upon his ever throbbing girth tightened. My mouth moved away from his head as my eyes glanced down the naked expanse of his flat chest. For me the male chest was simply ugly, it was devoid of anything that could remotely called erotic, there was no shape to its construction or design, no pleasing feature about it and once you had seen one, you’d more or less seen all the male versions of it.

My nails scrapped downwards from the crest of his chest, the very tip of its surface skipping across the flesh, leaving behind a faint red glow. I paused as I drew level with the flatness of his breast, the nipple a single tiny raised stork in another wise barren and un-sculptured land. There between my thumb and fore finger I toyed with its dark flesh band that encircled it, pinching, nipping, pulling and twisting it, watching his reaction, seeing the sensation of pain and pleasure collide within him.

I could still also feel every twitch, every pulsating throb of desire that surged through his cock, his chest rose and fell dramatically as his head lolled back and the first true whimper of pleased cooed from mouth.

I remembered thinking to myself how easy it was to make him whimper, so easy that perhaps effort wasn’t really needed. The hand that held his nylon covered sex intensified its grip, this time though rather that just lightly holding it, I slid my hand down, towards his sack, exposing the sensitive head to the nylon material which avidly assaulted it, forcing its sumptuous material to rub, caress and press itself against the exposed flesh.

The shudder which afflicted him, was to say the very least, intense, my grip still tightening, still drawing the exposed head of his sexual length out, paused then moved it left to right rapidly, so that the nylon truly caressed the touch sensitive helmet of his moist cock. His chest rose magnificent, his body spasmed with delight as my fingers released his girth and my other hand stopped its toying of his now burning nipple.

Once more I reached down the bed’s side my fingers searching out the implements or toys which I had already prepared for this moment. I nodded softly to myself as my fingers curled around the slim purple vibrator. For a moment I did nothing but look at it, smiling profusely, the options of what I could do with such a thing were truly endless. I knew equally I had to be careful though, his nerves and heightened enthusiasm could quickly make things unstoppable and his moment of climax could arrive much sooner than I desired them to.

The gentle buzz of its motor, immediately gave away what it was, I could see his body tense, his excitement rise, whilst he did not where it maybe placed upon his body he knew his body was about to be ravaged by a sensation that would ignite his desire and demand his total focus upon him being able to control those emotions within him that would seek out release.

The toy pressed against the flatness of his chest, its very tip vibrating and buzzing, encircling slowly the nipple which seconds before had burnt and throbbed under pain. His body was shuddering, his emotions rising, moans and whimpers escalating. His buttocks clenched tightly, as if adding a dead weight to the hands that they sat on, a deliberate move to stop any temptation of them becoming free. I inched the toy across, letting it playfully assault the other nipple, before dragging it slowly down the centre of his chest, to his navel.

There once more the toy was allowed to linger to stimulate and torment, its speed adjusted, turned up just a single notch so that it became more potent and powerful. I could feel the strain in his body, the fight, the resistance within him, but I wasn’t going to stop, not yet, I want the fight to become a war, the pleasure to begin to encroach on agony. His sex was throbbing, twisting and jerking wildly, its head glistening erupting small amounts of excitement juice from its tiny lips, that mixed and smeared against its nylon confines.

Decsneding downwards the toy was moved, its vibrating head playing along the slender sheer waistband of his pantyhose. His face a picture of concentration, of dedication, trying desperately to curtail the growing inferno of desire and passion that raged within him. I could sense the growing expectancy within him, his mind telling him that soon the head of this toy would be pressing against and encircling the teasing summit of his broad throbbing masculine girth. He prepared himself for the what he saw as the inevitable sexual torment, the leaking head feeling the potent buzz, the lips aching as the toy danced flirtatiously around them, his body would become a blaze of emotions, nerve ends consumed and desire reaching a new, perhaps critical mass.

Of course what he thought might happen and what would happen could be two very different things, I thought to myself, as slowly I drew the toy away from his body altogether. For a moment, I left it like that, his body adjusting to the nothingness of the moment, his mind able to re-gather its composure, his body to settle and begin to calm the raging sexual tensions that were surging through him. The toy still very much buzzing away, the threat not totally lifted, he could still hear its motor clearly, but slowly, gradually he was beginning to calm down, his body pulsing less violently, his arousal simmering as opposed to boiling.

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