Kiss Me

Kiss Me Kiss Me

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica






Submitted: April 30, 2014

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Submitted: April 30, 2014



She's standing next to me. If I leaned foward our noses would be touching.

She fiddles with her fingers. She's so innocent and cute. I grab one of her hands and she looks up at me her curly hair blowing in the wind.

I smile at her and she smiles back her cheeks turning the lovely red that they usually do. She rubs her thumb along my knuckles.

I pull her towards me and put my arm around her shoulders. 

"Lets go back." I say. Staring off into the distance.

She tugs on my jacket and we start walking. The breeze is then joined by rain and we pull up our hoods. We walk quicker to our townhouse.

She skips up the stairs. I can't hold but chuckle to myself when she opens the door triumphantly.

We peel off our jackets and go to our room.

"I think I'll change." She says.

I pull off my pants, socks and shoes. I love that we don't have to fill every silence with words.

I get into bed and turn on some music. She comes out of the bathroom in her signiture look. A gigantic t-shirt that goes down to her mid-thigh. She climbs into bed with me.

"Two years." I say.

"Yeah. It has been wonderful." She says smiling at me.

She rustles underneath the covers and then I feel her hand on my torso. She reaches my underwear and tells me to pull them down.

I don't think I've ever taken off a pair of clothing faster. She staddles my waist and I can feel her warm breath on my neck. I open my eyes and look into hers.

I flip us over fast. I get under the covers and kiss her ankle. Then her calf, thigh and inner thigh. Her breathing speeds up and a notice a small wet patch between her legs.

I slide off her panties slowly. I love teasing her. I kiss her right above her clit then blow air on it. She gasps and pulls my hair.

"Please baby..." She moans.

I flip her onto her stomach and she raises her hips for me.

I lick her wet slit. She moans and says my name. I kiss her lips and then spread them licking inside of her.

I slide a finger inside of her rubbing against her gspot. Her hips buck and I suck her clit softly. Then flick my tongue across it. Her legs start to shake and she drops down.

I lick her tasting her sweet juices on my tongue.

"Thank you." She says smiling at me.


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