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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

A love that transcends time , reincarnation for girl no memory boy yes memory boarding school

A forbidden love, poor girl daughter of an affair influential father secret child , brother knows BFFs mum dies, moves with bro 2 boarding school falls for rich boy BFF of bro he don't know its sis or illigitamit child, she abusive dad, gay BFF.

A twisted love, werewolf alpha daughter kept her hidden attacked hospital gets better learns falls in love with neighbor alpha son he is difficult.

A secret love, girls brother runs a fans she don't know, gets with a guy in rival gang she don't know, boyfriend sends out hit don't know its girlfriend she get shot.

A fast love, street racing group girl and her bros no more after death of dad and one of the bros but they go behind her back trouble happens

A blind love, rich private school she is there on scholarship, secretly writes songs for her twin brother famous band that she is the maker off, a boy band start there and her and lead singer fall in love, she also writes her own songs her brother and his band start back up at school secret hard 2 keep.

A vocal love, girl gets scholarship to prestigious school, she is poor, her dad comes to school to judge a competition she sings a song only she and her dad know ,he left when she was young.

A royal love, a girl BFF with prince and his sis but she doesn't know that they are royal prince dies, she goes to funeral meets his brother her father head of security she don't know he is they wall in love she finds out his mother doesn't like her etc.

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