The ClockMaster and The Inventor

The ClockMaster and The Inventor The ClockMaster and The Inventor

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Kara is both the lover and apprentice of Sky the Clockmaster. She works alongside him in his factory, making watches and clocks and shipping them all over. Despite being a kind and intelligent inventor, Kara has a problem listening to orders of her surperior. She often chooses to do things her own way, and doesn't see a problem with it. His patience wearing thin, the Clockmaster turns to one final method....


Kara is both the lover and apprentice of Sky the Clockmaster. She works alongside him in his factory, making watches and clocks and shipping them all over.
Despite being a kind and intelligent inventor, Kara has a problem listening to orders of her surperior. She often chooses to do things her own way, and doesn't see a problem with it. His patience wearing thin, the Clockmaster turns to one final method....


Submitted: September 14, 2016

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Submitted: September 14, 2016



RIIIIP! I ripped a huge piece of brown paper off a roll, carefully folding it around a box as best as I could, tieing it with a string. I heard steam and looked up to see Scrap clanking intot he room, steam pooring out of his head. “Here you go Scrap.” I said, gesturing to the pile of neatly wrapped packages. His amber eyes glowed at he stayed rigid before bowing; as he did, a few of his bolts fells off, and a wire on his arm popped off.

Rolling my eyes i began to stack the packages, not bothering to check the labels; I had  been working in the packing room of the factory all day and assumed I had them all correct. Scrap stood there, his arms out, shaking and every so often whistling quietly. “Here.” I piled all the parcels into his arms, carefully checking his arms to make sure he could hold the weight.

“Please deliver those to the addresses on the labels, Scrap.” He whistled in reply, turning on his brass heel and clanking out the door. I had to smile; he was the only automaton I ever made that worked, but sometimes i wondered about him.

Turning back to my work, I took notes from teh books and started writing out more labels, occasionally slapping one on a package. I glanced out the window that led to the factory floor; it was small with less then one hundred employees total, but our products were surperior compared to others. In the past year, the Clockmaster’s company had grown exponantially, from him making watches in his clock tower, to owning a small shop, to the factory.

I watched as most of the employees began to leave, moving over to a machine of my own invention by the door. I called it “Clocking out”; they hit three buttons in their own unique pattern, once when they arrived and once when they left. It helped monitor pay by marking a card with it.

Soon the factory floor was empty, leaving only me. Remebering that Sky had asked me to take inventory, I headed down the stairs next to the office, and into a small room underneath it.

Crates were stacked up to the ceiling in some places, and in all there was only one walkway going down the center of the room where a table with papers scattered all over it sat, barely three feet of room on either side of it. Sorting through the papers, I grabbed the supplies sheet and a fountain pen.

“Lets see here….” I whispered, carefully counting and scratching down numbers and the names. I was so intent on my work, I didn’t hear the angry, fast footsteps in the office above me or the door open and lock with a click.

Suddenly, I was pushed agaisnt the wall sandwiched between a body and the cold cement. Terror flooded me, but then the familiar scent washed over me. “Oh, hello darling.” I said calmly trying to look over my shoulder at the Clockmaster. Insteard of a verbal answer, his hands reached around grabbing the pen and paper, tossing it aside onto a crate.

“What are you doing?” His hands moved to either side of my head, and he leaned back just enough for me to turn around. Finally he spoke. “Kara, were you the one who gave Scrap the packages to be delivered?” “Yeah I did. Why?” I said cautiously, seeing the anger in his eyes.

“Those boxes,” he growled “Were defective watches. They were to be scrapped and used for any usable parts.” “Alright, I’ll just go there, explain and get them back.” I said trying to duck under his arm.

“No you can’t. Did you even pay attention to the labels? Those watches are going to the harbor, then to the nieghboring country. They can’t simply be taken back; do you have any idea how much trouble this will cause me? How many times have I told you to check a box before you ship it?” “Sky, it was an accident.”

“Kara, an accident that could potentially close an already risky trade route for us. You know how long it took me to set up that deal!” “Calm down….” I muttered, rolling my eyes.

“What did you say?” He growled, pressing against me harder, making me squeak. “Don’t tell me to calm down! You obviously don’t realize how big this is do you?” “Look I get it.” “No… no you don’t… I’ve already explained to you that you have to be careful when packaging…. “ He sighed shaking his head and said “I never thought I would have to resort to this…. Especially considering you’re a fully grown woman…” “what?”

“Pants off, go bend over the table.” “What?” I said perplexed. “You heard me.” “Um, no.” I said gently pushing his left arm down so I could get by. Managing to slip past him, i said “I won’t mess up again. I’ll listen to you next time and check the boxes.”

I heard him moving after me, and before I could react my hands were being held behind my back, his grip like steel. “You need to learn to listen in general.” He hissed in my ear.

Despite being two years younger, his size and strength over powered mine, and he had me pinned face down to the table. Despite feeling a slight fear, sometihng about this made my heart leap inside.

“I’m going to teach you to listen…” He whispered, grabbing a roll of packaging twine off the table. I felt it wrapping around my hands, and I squirmed against it. “All this over a stupid order?” I groaned, not knowing what was coming.

Suddenly, I felt his hands yanking my pants down. I squirmed more, trying to resist but it didn’t work; my pantaloons were down around my ankles. I winced slightly as I heard the slight gasp of surprise; I was wearing only a thin pair of black knickers, a newer style that only had s small strap going from the front fabric up in between my cheeks.

“Why are you wearing these?” His hand gently caressed one of my cheeks, and i whimpered slightly, the sensation raising goosebumps on my arms. “Why are you wearing these?” he repeated, squeezing it slightly. Suddenly a huge slap landed, making me cry out.

“I didn’t expect this, even for you… you should hear the men on the floor talk about how you dress” I bit my lip; he was always telling me to stop wearing my low cut work shirts to the factory.

“I… I’ll dress the way I want thank you…” I whispered. I was answered by another spank. “No, you won’t. You need to understand the way others see you will affect how they see the company.” Another slap, harder than the last. Despite feeling the pain from it, the feeling inside was taking over and I moaned slightly

Suddenly, Sky stepped back away from me. “Are you enjoying this?” I didn’t answer him slightly scared to. I felt his hand gently on my butt again, moving down, slipping between my thighs, caressing me lightly. I knew he could tell the answer as soon as his fingers brushed me.

His fingers pressed harder, soliciting another involuntary moan from me. “You are a little slut aren’t you?” “No… No i’m not…” I yelped as he slapped my wet pussy. “Don’t lie… you try to hide it but you just want someone to take you…”

“Not just anyone… you…” the words were out of my mouth before i could stop. His hand was removed and I tried ot look over my shoulder. My efforts proved worthless as he came around to the other side of the table. I tried to stand up again, but he put his hands on my shoulders keeping me laying across the desk.

My eyes were level with his hips, and I could see a bulge in his pintstriped pants. I looked up, my eyes meeting his. I could see a hunger there I hadn’t seen before. Something almost… primal. “So are you admitting you are a slut?” He whispered, a smile playing across his lips. “No not nessasarily…”

“Well, even if you won’t admit it, that doesn’t mean you aren’t… lets test my theory shall we?” He moved back around behind me, making me whimper. His hand started caressing me again, this time tugging sligthly at the fabric covering me. “These need to go…”

I yelped as I felt him pulling them down squirming against his efforts. “Stop, unless you want to be spanked more.” I stopped squirming at his command. “Good girl… you’re learning aren’t you? Now to test.” Suddenly, his started rubbing my swollen clit, making me gasp.

“What? You like this?” He rubbed fast and hard. “Yes… yes I do Sir!” The word sir crossing my lips felt right, and I guess he thought so to because he stopped rubbing, only to slowly slip a finger into my soaking hole. My back arched slightly, and he knew what was coming. “Now now my little slut, you can’t come. Not yet.” He whispered, fingering me furiously. I squeaked slightly trying to hold it in.

Suddenly, I felt warmth running down my legs, and my face turned crimson. Sky stopped, slowly removing his finger. I whimpered, expecting another hit. Instead he laughed slightly. My face burned brighter with his chuckles. He must have noticed my bright red face because he said “Don’t be embarrassed; peeing out of pleasure is a thing.”

He moved around and grabbed my chin tilting it up. The laughter was leaving his face now. “However because of you finding that loophole, my test was inconclusive…. Lets try sometihng else.” He let go of my chin, and my eyes shut trying to prepare for whatever he had in store.

I heard fabric being moved, and his hand grasped me by the back of my head. “Open your mouth.” I shook my head as best as I could. “At least open your eyes.” Hesitantly i opened my eyes, only to gasp. In that moment, Sky thrust forward slightly, pushing the tip of his huge length into my mouth. “I thought so…”

I sucked on it lightly, letting my tongue explore it slightly. “What, does my little slut want more?” He pushed forward, sliding it deep into my throat, gagging me. He held it there, not moving, choking me on it. When he pulled out, he let me breath long enough to get one breath before sliding it back in.

I could tell he was enjoying me sucking him off. His eyes were half shut, and occasionally he would moan. When he thrust back and forth in my mouth, I couldn’t help but groan. I began to move my tongue more, let my teeth scrape the shaft gently once or twice. Suddenly, he tensed up, shaking slightly but moving. “I’m…. I’m cumming…” He grunted. No sooner had he said that I tasted his release. My eyes widened slightly, not able to hold it all in my mouth. Thinking quickly, I swallowed it.

Slowly pulling his cock out, he lifted my face so I was looking in his eyes. “Conclusive proof…. You are a slut.” “I may be a slut, but I’m your slut Master.” His eyes lit up slightly when I called him that. “Your Master, am I?”

Sky moved behind me once more. I spread my legs instinctively, wanting him inside of me. “If I’m your Master, does that mean you will actually listen to me?” I bit my lip, and nodded slightly. “Most of the time.” Another chuckle. “At least you are honest.”

I could feel the head teasing my opening, just barely pressing against it. Leaning over me, he, reached around grabbing my breasts and squeezing “Why don’t you tell your master what you want him to do to you?” He breathed in my ear before nipping it.

“Please, Master, take me…. Please make me yours.” Pushing his hands down my shirt and into the top of my corset, he thrust into me, making me squeal. It hurt; he was so big. “Ow okay, no please…” I begged. Instead of listeneing, he thrust agian, pushing more into me.

One of his hands covered my mouth as he pushed one more time, muffling my scream. He stayed perfectly still, slowly uncovering my mouth. “Please…. It hurts its to big…”

I felt him pulling out, feeling a small rush of relief, but squealed as he pushed back in slowly. “Sky, please!” He froze and said “Who are you calling Sky, slut? I was going to go easy on you this first time but since you seem to have forgotten who's in charge here, maybe I shouldn’t!”
I didn’t even have a moment to protest; he starting pounding into me. With each thrust i gasped, but soon the gasps of pain turned to moans of pleasure as the pain began to leave me. Just when i thought it couldn’t get much better, it hit a spot inside me that made me scream, my orgasm crashing into me.

“Oh god, I’m going to cum….” Muttered Sky. “Sir, please, fill me… I want to feel it inside me…” Letting out a groan, he exploded inside me. Another orgasm was triggered, and I felt myself squirt as the hot liquid squirted into me.

Not pulling out of me, Sky collapsed on top of me, his mouth by my ear. I felt his hands on my wrists undoing my bonds. As soon as I was free, he pulled out of me slowly; our combined juices dripped out of me and down my legs.

“Well that went a different route then I inteneded….” He whispered, getnly helping me stand up and turning me around. Smiling fainly up at him, I bent over to grab my knickers and pants. A playful smack landed on me. “Clean this mess, up, Kara. Don’t need the employees questioning.”

I winked at him and just said “Make me, sir!” Before leaving the room, off to find a mop, a bucket, and Scrap…. The automaton had a rather large mess to clean up.


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