" Cry of the Whippoorwill "

" Cry of the Whippoorwill " " Cry of the Whippoorwill "

Status: Finished

Genre: Thrillers


Status: Finished

Genre: Thrillers


A coming of age story in which a bullied teen and his homicidal uncle wreak havoc on a town of people that may deserve it.


A coming of age story in which a bullied teen and his homicidal uncle wreak havoc on a town of people that may deserve it.

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Submitted: March 18, 2012

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 18, 2012



It was time.  Time to open the doors and let the day begin, a day of light and promise, a day to build dreams or conquer nightmares.  It was a fine day for murder.

Robert Glen Pierce had spent his entire life anticipating a day such as this.  His earliest dreams and aspirations had directed him toward this day.  Today, Bobby Pierce planned to change his station in life.  He wished to be more than a victim.  Today was to be the day Bobby Pierce gets his.

Vernon Price had made life a living hell for Bobby.  As long as Bobby could remember, Vernon had been a thorn in his side.  Since kindergarten, Vernon had tormented him.  Vernon was not the only person to have victimized Bobby.  There were many others.  Today they would all pay and that price would be high.

Bobby could still remember the day his Uncle Jimmy came back from the “Gulf.”  Jimmy had been away fourteen months.  The last six had been spent on the border between the Iraq and Kuwait front line.  Jimmy had been a good soldier.  He loved everything about the military.  He loved the uniforms, discipline, the tough physicality of the life, but most of all he loved the weapons.

Jimmy had fulfilled his fondest dreams in the Gulf War.  He had killed people.  He had killed with machines that made the entire experience seem like a video game.  He had also killed face to face and this he much preferred.

Jimmy Pierce had brought home a lot of things from his military experience.  He brought home his training, his hate, his love for violence and his arsenal of illegal collected items of war.  These “souvenirs” were the key to Bobby’s plan.  Uncle Jimmy had shown Bobby all of his toys soon upon his return from the war.  Jimmy could sense within Bobby a kindred spirit.

Jimmy had lived most of his life scared and hunted just waiting for his chance to exact payment upon a world that he felt owed him plenty.  He had waited twenty-three years for a chance to make someone else feel the pain and anger that had been part of him since birth.  Jimmy was such a good uncle that he was going to make damn sure that his nephew Bobby did not have to wait that long.

Bobby’s fear of Vernon Price was a conditioned response beat into him.  Every morning when Bobby stepped out of his front door, he could see Vernon at the end of the quarter mile stretch that connected his parents’ home to the highway.  Bobby’s family, along with Vernon’s family and the Gatz family all shared a common bus stop.

They lived in a rural area and the bus ride to school was forty-five minutes each way.  These were the worst ninety minutes of Bobby’s daily hell.

Vernon’s uncle, Hobe Wells, drove the bus.  Hobe was a large, mean spirited man who encouraged his nephew in his endeavors on the school bus.  Vernon’s routine usually started with a little verbal abuse and escalated from that point.  A typical encounter would go…. “Hey fuckface, you better hurry or Uncle Hobe’ll leave yer dead ass a standin’ in the road, you little shit fer brains.”

“I’m coming.  I’m coming”

“Hey Bobby, why are you always so slow gettin’ out here in the morning?  If I didn’t know better, it’d seem like you maybe didn’t wanna be here.  But we know that ain’t so, because everybody knows little shitface Bobby loves school and can’t wait to go see Miss Dumphreys and kiss her ass like the little punkass sissy faggot that he is.  Ain’t that right?”

“If you say so.”

“Yeah, well I say so.  You’re goddamned right I say so and you better quit gettin’ mouthy.”

This little interchange is usually followed by a couple of slaps on the side of the head.  Vernon refers to these slaps as “bitch smacks” and to Bobby as his “little bitch.”

Smack!  Smack!  “Hey little bitch, you gettin’ mouthy with your ol’ buddy Vern?”  Smack!  “Gettin a little too smart for your own good, huh?”

“Vernon, here comes the bus.”  “Yeah Vern, let him go, you proved your point.”

“Ah fuck you too Marnie.  You like the little fucker.  You probably want to suck his little dick like you do Arnell’s.”

“You better watch your mouth or I’ll tell Arnell and you’ll be the one getting smacked.”

“Yeah, well tell him and I’ll tell dad I seen you and him and we’ll see what pop thinks about you sucking your own cousin’s dick.”

“Oh, fuck you Vernon!”

“Oh, fuck me, Marnie. I mean hey, you’re already doin’ your first cousin, why not your little brother?”

“Right there’s why, little brother, with the emphasis on little.”

“Oh, fuck you, get on the bus.”

“Mornin’ Marnie, Gail, Francie, Jack, Vern, Bobby.  Vern what’d I tell you about hittin’ Bobby with your hands?”

“I know.  I know, Uncle Hobe.  You said get a stick because these are the only hands I got.  Hah, hah, hah.”

“That’s right now, settle down, all of you”

Vern sits in the rear while Bobby tries to sit midway.  Vernon tells him to come to the back because he needs to talk with him.

“I don’t wanna, you ass.”

“You get back here or I’ll knock the dog shit out of you boy.”

“Okay, I’m coming.  I’m coming.”

“Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to insult your precious sister.  I mean I know she has problems and I should be more sensitive.  That’s why me and Freddie Wilbanks are coming over this afternoon.  We are gonna help her with her problems.  When we get done, her biggest problem’s gonna be swallowing all the jizz we gonna slam down her neck.  Hah, hah.”

“Little Bobby wanna watch me screw his big sister again?  I know you peek when I slam it up her ass and put it in her face.  Don’t get mad little bitchie boy.  I’ll let you lick the shit off my dick when I pull it out of your sister’s ass.  All right?”

At this little interchange, everyone laughs except Bobby.  Bobby hates Vernon.  He is everything Bobby wants to be.  He is tall, good looking, has money, and he has indeed, fucked Bobby’s sister.

These are all the things Bobby wants, but cannot have.  He may get his sister, but the rest are things that are definitely not going to happen.  Bobby’s life has been this way up until now.  This day was going to bring something different.  It began two weeks before, quite innocently.

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