Tie me to the bed..

Tie me to the bed..

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Tommy is sitting in a coffee shop in Manhattan when he approached by a chesty brunette. She takes the empty chair across from him. Their eyes catch each other, and they both knew it was going to happen. Imagine what he thought a few minutes later, when she said, tie me to the bed.


Tommy is sitting in a coffee shop in Manhattan when he approached by a chesty brunette. She takes the empty chair across from him. Their eyes catch each other, and they both knew it was going to happen. Imagine what he thought a few minutes later, when she said, tie me to the bed.


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Submitted: March 08, 2012



A slender brunette with dark brown eyes and great tits, concealed under her turtleneck sweater, walked to Tommy's table which seemed to be the only one with an empty chair. "Anyone sitting here?"

"Nope. Have a seat." Tommy repied. The sexy young woman said ,"thanks" as she sat. She set a copy of his MOB GAMES on the table along with her Starbucks Expresso and glanced out the window, leaning on her elbow. "Pretty day, huh?"

He glanced out, "For New York City in November...yeah. Nice to not have snow on the ground."

"It's a little late this year". the chesty brunette said, as she sipped her expresso, leaving a little foam on her upper lip. Tommy pointed at his mouth, 'You have a little...uhh.."

She leaned across the table on her elbows and ran her tongue around her lips. She grinned with her eyebrows raised. "Better?"

Tommy smiled, "Oh, I don't know. Sorta like seeing white sticky stuff on a gorgeous woman's lips." She leaned back and folded her arms over her tits, "Are you always this fresh?"

"Part of my charm." Tommy sipped his hot chocolate as he looked at her over the brim. He thought her red lips looked delicious.

"A charmer, huh? What's your name charmer?" She took a sip - apparently a very, hot sip.

"Tommy. Yours?"


"Hi Lindsey."

They stared at each other and nodded, then smiled.

Tommy enjoyed the sllence when couples first meet. You know, those precious early moments that you know will never come again- moments where they size each other up. Then the silent questions. First her: Should I? Would he? She glanced at her Rolex. Time, yes...I have time. It's early.

Then him: Nice mouth. I like glossy, red lips wrapped around my cock. What time is it? He glanced at the giant Seiko on the wall behind her. Plenty of time.

The coupling rituals had changed, since Tommy had last been to Manhattan.

In his day, the couples moved slower, baiting, testing, querying before they jumped in bed. But, that was years ago. Now, once the connection was made- the couples simply hook up..No more life stores, or 'wonder of me' bullshit.

Lindsey broke her silence, "So, Tommy. You have any snap?"


"Yeah, Snap. S.N.A.P. Like this." She snapped her fingers.

"I do actually. Want to see it?"

"When can I see it?" She asked with the brim to her lips.

"Now's good. Good for you?"

She slurped on her coffee, "I have a thing in a couple of hours." He grinned, "Me, too."

Lindsey slid her chair back and stood, "Come with me." then picked up her book and said, "We're not going far. I just live upstairs." They tossed their cups in the trash and walked out the door and took a hard right to another door.

Tommy followed her up the stairs counting each step to himself. Just another one of his little OCD things. Lindsey stopped on the landing at the top of the stairs, slipped her key in the lock, and opened the door dragging him in one move.

He kicked the door shut with his heel because she was already on him.

She shoved him against the walll, and hooked her arms around his neck and kissed him with her tongue, tasting the inside of his mouth. Satisfied that his kissing matched up to her standards, she slid off him and unwrapped the scarf from around her neck and flung it on the floor. Since studio apartments don't have bedrooms, her four poster bed was just a few feet away.

Lindsey took him by the hand and dragged him to it, as he tugged her turtleneck off.

She stopped by the edge and shimmied out of her tight skirt, then her bikini panties. Clearly not her first time at this sort of thing, she tossed the covers back quickly as he undressed. He tossed his clothes in a pile on the wingback chair bedside.

Tommy had one knee on the bed when she stopped him. "Wait, open my dresser and grab four scarves...tie me to the bed." He cocked hs head, "Tie you to the bed? Why? Are you thinking of running off?"

"Not at all. I'm playing out my fantasy..Now tie me to the bed and pretend you're raping me .I'm going to resist it, but it's not real, so don't go all wierd on me and run off. ok?

"You sure about this? This isn't some hidden camera sting thing is it?"

"No silly....although next time, I'll try to remember the camera thing. I'd love to watch myself suck your cock."

"That's the spirit. Now, we're on the same page. The scarves?"

"Right there, hon. Top drawer." Tommy opened the top drawer- home to her sex kit. Scarves, handcuffs, dildos, oils....He made a clicking sound with his teeth and grabbed four scarves, and shut the drawer. Something about it had him stiff, as he walked around the bed tying first her feet, then her hands as his cock waved around pointing straight up.There was something about seeing a smokin' hot brunette lying spread eagle on red satin sheets that realy cranked him up.

He glanced down at the wide open pussy as he crawled on the bed..."Ready?"

She nodded gleefully, so he positioned himself on his knees between her legs. Just as the head of his cock touched her wet pussy, she said, 'Wait. I don't want to," then struggled to free her hands. So, he tossed his legs over her and started off the bed, "Stop. It's role playing honey. Get back over here. I'm a sweet young thing all alone studying and you're the big badass rapist that breaks in and ties me up . Then fucks me and cums on my face. Got it?"

Tommy knew this was not his cup of tea, but he was, as we all know, never going to turn down a great looking piece of ass begging to get fucked, so in an instant he was back in position. He pictured the rapes he's seen on TV. No kissing. Just ram the cock in and make her cry. Got it.

"Ouchhh!" she cried and bucked as he shoved his cock in all the way. It probably didn't hurt since her pussy was drenched from anticipation. He went to his push up position and began pumping in to her as she squirmed and cried "No,no,no, no." He lowered his mouth to her right nipple and bit it, sucked it, stretched it to its limits just to hear it pop...then went to the other one, repeating the act..Lindsey squirmed under him, but he knew she was digging it- her pussy told him so. Fucking without kissing was new to him, so he went to her mouth, "Don't. Don't you dare kiss me you bastard." Then pursed her red lips tight. That wasn't about to stop him. He pressed his lips on hers as she made a face and squirmed.

He picked up the pace and fucked her hard, and prodded her lips with his tongue. After a minute or so, she parted her lips and let him in. She wrapped her tongue around his, then sucked on it, then dropped hers down his throat.

Lindsey went wild in his mouth, but stopped squirming, and relaxed and fucked him back. "Oh Goddd, baby. This is so FUCKING good. Your big cock is the biggest one I've ever had. Now, fuck me nice and slow....you're not a rapst anymore...you're my husband and you've just come home from the war. Fuck me like that."

Tommy slowed down his pace, and looked her in her dark brown eyes, "Which war?" She smiled at him, "Who gives a shit...just pick one and fuck me!"

Lindsey was right. Probably anything but the Civil War would work. What would a returning soldier say as he fucked his wife after returning from a war? Let's give it a try. "I love you, Lindsey." With no hesitation, "I love you, too Tommy. I've missed you so much." Ok, that was good. He got into character, 'I've missed you, too...especially your tight pussy." She answered quickly, "It's only tight because your big cock has filled me up. Now, cum in me..Fill my little cunt with your sweet, hot cum..."

What's happening?

He kissed her passionately. "Untie me baby, I really want to make love to you. Untie me, so I can hold you." So, he reached up and untied her hands letting the scarves float to the hardwood floor. Then he used his feet to push the scarves around her feet off.

Suddenly, her arms and legs were wrapped around him tight. 'Oh God...you're so good to me. I love you so much." Lindsey rolled from under him and got on top where she could control things.

Tommy laid back and watched the show as Lindsey rode him hard...her long dark hair whipping around her face, sweat began rolling over her tits..She was ready...Tommy arched his back and held it that way as she tensed , then released, pouring her juices over his cock and balls. She slipped off him and grabbed his cock just seconds before it started squirting. She opened her mouth as he sprayed her face. She swallowed what went in her mouth, then wiped the rest of it from her face with her fingers and put them in her mouth and sucked them clean.

Then fell against his massive chest panting...''ohh my God...That was so intense. Mr. Castle."


"I never told you my last name," he said, as he tossed his legs over the edge of the bed. "No, you didn't, but you didn't have to. I'm reading your book."

He glanced back over his shoulder, "I saw it at the coffee shop. How much have you read?" he asked, as he punched his legs into his slacks.

"Light me a cigarette will you baby? I'm on chapter 26, where you and that little girl...Kelly are fucking in your Porsche." He lit one of her Newports that he grabbed from her night table and handed it to her. She sat up and rested herself against her knees with her cigarette touching her lips. She took long drags, and slow exhales.

"Good chapter. That was one Christmas eve...she was my present."

"So....was she really just 18?" She sucked on her cigarette, as Tommy stood and began dressing. "Uhh huh...18 going on thirty."

"I wish someone would have fucked me like that when I was eighteeen..Do you still see her?" She casually blew smoke rings and poked the hole with her forefinger.

"Read the book. I gotta go. I have a thing, remember?"

Lindsey stood naked in front of him, she reached up and draped her arms around his neck, cigarette still in her right hand, 'I do remember...I remember something else...it's important..it started all this."

Tommy looked down at her, "What's that?." Lindsey reached between her legs and pulled up a thick gob of cum and spread it over her top lip. "Ring any bells?" He smiled, wiped it off with his finger and slipped it in her mouth. "Mmmmm. Next time, I want it all ..Bye Tommy."

He kissed her smoky mouth, then asked,"Next time? I'm leaving tonight."

"You'll be back. Here's my card," she took one from her handbag and handed it to him. He just slipped it in his top pocket and kissed her again.

"Bye Lindsey... feels like I should say something here."

She held her cigarette hand to his lips, "Shhh....I'll see you in my dreams. Bye my darling...my darling Tommy Castle."

Tommy touched her face, kissed her forehead and walked out. He took the stairs two at a time, then pushed the door one and scampered across the street for his book signing at Books' A Million.

He worked his way to the back and took a seat behind a big oak table stacked with copies of MOB GAMES. Then he began signing. Two hours later, the local TV station WNBC showed up with crew in hand. After setting up, the field reporter began.

"Good afternoon. This is Dan Clark reporting to you from Books A Million in the heart of Manhattan. We're here today covering the book signing of Tommy Castle, the casino boss that wrote the New York Times best seller MOB GAMES that has garnered so much attention lately because it covers a landmark trial in the great State of Mississippi. The trial ended with seven members of the oldest crime family in America being found guilty of everythng from murder to racketeering. All were sentenced, to what amounts to life in prison, since most of them are old, and the sentences were stiff. 25 to llfe is a long time for old men. Tommy was the key player, and the key witness.

Right now, he's taking questions from the crowd, and it's a big, big crowd.Lets listen in."

"Hi, Mr Castle. My name is Peggy Hunt."

"Hi Peggy. What's your question?"

"My question is, were you really a casino boss?"

Tommy grinned at the question, 'Why? Don't I look like a casino boss? The crowd laughs. "Actually yes. I've worked them all. From bust out joints where I wore a shoulder holstered .38 under my suit coat, all the way to Caesars' Palace where I worked for the last dozen years of my working life as a pit boss"

"So, you've seen it all?"

"Just imagine what I've seen and foolishly done in my life. Yes, I've see it all."

The newsman handed the microphone to a tall, balding man, "Hi Mr.Castle."

"Tommy will do."

"Ok, Tommy, my name is Allan."

'"Hi, Allan. Question?"

"Yeah, uh Tommy, in your book you describe Raven La Porte as stunningly beautiful. Is that the truth?"

"Actually, Allan is it?"

"Yes sir."

"Allan, I believe I used the phrase spit-in-your-face beautiful, but stunning certainly fits as well."

Another man took the mike, "Tommy, did she really murder her uncle?"

"Her incestuous uncle, that began raping her when she was twelve? She damn sure did. Next?"

Now, a woman, "Good for her!" The crowd roared. The woman continued, "Are you still in contact with Raven?"

"Yep, Raven and I are very close. Next."

She passed the mike to the lady next to her, "Hi Tommy. My name is Dotte . Dottie from Iowa."

"Hi Dottie from Iowa. What's your question dear?"

"Well, being from Iowa, you might guess that my favorite chapters were the ones about you and Kathryn Madison. The Preachers wife? Any comments?"

"Well, first of all, as you know, I never called her Kathryn. She was just Kate. Simple, complicated, Kate."

"Did you really love her?"

Tommy dropped his head for a moment, "Very much. Next"

A distinguished looking man in a long top coat was next.

"Hi Tommy."

"Hi. Question?"

"Yes, I don't want to seem insensitive, but it seems that you choked up when you spoke of Kate. May I ask why?"

Tommy bowed his head for a moment, then looked up, "What's your name sir?"

"I'm sorry. It's Frank Bale. But, please call me Frank, sir"

"Ok, well, Frank...Kate and I kept our secret for many years. I lost her...no, the world lost her, two winters ago to pancreatic cancer."

An awwww roared from the crowd, then silence.

"I'm so sorry. I had no idea."

Tommy wiped his eyes and continued, "It's alright.Anything else Frank?"

"Yes, and Miss Kelly...is she alright, and do you still see her?"

"Kelly's fine. Losing Kate was not easy of course, but Kelly is a tough cookie as you know, and no, I don't see her, but we talk occcasionally."

Tommy unscrewed the cap from his water bottle and took a few swigs. Someone in the crowd shouted, "Where's the beer? We all know you're a beer drinker!" The crowd laughed softly.

Tommy looked up and poiinted to the rear, "You buying?"


"Then I'm drinking." Another laugh from the crowd made him smile.


"Hi Tommy. I'm Danny. What about Lola?"

"I don't talk about Lola. Danny."

"How about Sal?"

"Or Sal. next?"

A slender attractive woman about thirty took the mike,

"Hi Tommy.." He recognized the voice and looked up. There she was.The spread eagled- tied up young woman that fucked him just a few hours ago. What's she going to say? He bit the bullet and pretended not to recognize her.

"Hi... what's your name and what's your question?" She grinned and lifted her eyebrows, like you know damn well who I am. But, she played it cool.

"My name's Lindsey. There's a lot of women in your book. Were they all real or did you just make some up for the hell of it?"

"No, I didn't make any of them up.They are all real women, and I've tried to portray them accurately."

"Lucky man. They all sound so beautiful. Do you only go out with beautiful women?""

"Unattractive women don't seem attracted to me. Go figure." The crowd laughed, again " Anything else Lindsey?"

"I'm attracted to you."

"You're not unattractive. So, thanks for helping me make my point."

Lindsey smiled, "I get the sense from reading the book and seeing you in person, that you're one of those bad boys that make women nuts. Is that fair?"

"No, it's not fair, but your senses are correct. I'm a poster boy for badness...is that a word?" He looked around the crowd, turning on his charm..

She came at him again. "Ever heard the expresson 'beauty is only skin deep'?"

"Sounds familiar. What's your point?"

"Seems rather shallow for such an educated, accomplished gentleman."

"Educated, not accomplished, not a gentlemen....shallow?..I'd check that box."

Lindsey wouldn't let it go. "So, you're a man that treats women as subordinates...less than equal?"

"If you read the book, I challenge you to find one example where I treated a woman like that. I have nothing but respect for women. I like 'em. They like me. I treat them all well, all the time. Not one cross word was ever exchanged betweem myself and any of the ladies in the book."

"So, you really did love them all?"

"I did. Some more than others. But, they never knew that. I treated them all the same. I loved them, I cared about their welfare, I cared about their happiness. This book covers a lot of years. It's not like I bedded someone different every week."

"You also broke some hearts."

"I broke a lot of everything. One of my specialities...breaking things."

Lindsey again, '"Who had your heart?"

"All of them, but if you need me to name one, I'd say Kate."

"The Preachers wife?"

'"Yes, ma'am. Thanks, Lindsey. Next?" Lindsey smiled, as the newsman took back the mike, "Tommy. Dan Clark. NBC news."

Tommy laughed, "I know who you are. Slow day huh Dan? This isn't news..It's just a book, man. Just a book.."

"It's quite a book Tommy. It's very personal, and gives the reader the inside scoop on how casinos operate- how they partner with the mob, how the casino bosses treat the staff, the guests. It's a pretty tawdry tale...almost pornographic in places. Any comment? Sir."

"You just tossed in the sir at the last minute to soften me up, huh Dan?"

Dan smiled, " Did it work? "

"Nope. I'm a casino boss. We're smarter than we look, and don't get pulled into slick questions easily. You need to do some research." Tommy reached in his sports coat and pulled out his Marlboro Lights, and lit one.

"Someone shouted, "This is New York City. You can't smoke in here!"

Tommy glared at the man, a solidly built man about Tommys age "Who's going to stop me? You?" The man turned and left.

Tommy continued, "First, Mr. Clark, today casinos don't partner with the mob. Those days are over. Casinos today are highly regulated. Second, MOB GAMES is very personal to me. It's my life. I have the right to, the duty to, tell it like it is.

All casinos, Mr. Clark, are not run like the Paradise was and they were the victims here. Don't forget that. They didn't partner with the mob. They got infiltrated by them..

And lastly, I'm pretty sure men and women still have sex. It just seemed silly to me to simply say they went to bed and turned out the lights. This was life in the fast lane. If you can't run with the big dogs, get back on the porch.

I figured that my readers woud want to know the different love makng skills, and the sexual attitudes of the different women. Some were classy, some were trashy, but, at the end of the day...they all had sex. They were all different, pretty much like real life."

Dan: "I see. Something like young Raven, had no boundaries and Kate did."

Dan: "Something like that, yes. But, if you actually read the book, I think you'll find that Kate loosened up a bit."

Dan: "Got it. Now, let's switch gears for a minute.You don't blame the Paradise Casino for any of this?"

Tommy: "I blame them a little."

Dan:" How's that"

Tommy: "As Raven put it'..You lie down with snakes, you're gonna get bit'"

Dan: "Meaning?"

Tommy: "The Paradse Corporation built a casino in the mobs back yard. Like you, they failed to do their research."

Dan: "Well, the Biloxi market embraced gambling. And the financial records show the Paradise earning a million a day. Records don't lie."

Tommy: "You're right. Biloxi was good to the Paradise Corporation. Our marina rent was $45,000 a month. Payroll around $450,000, utilties, misc expenses, another $175,000. So dollar wise, they made a good investment.. But, they did get bit."

Dan: "The mob bit them?"

Tommy: "With my help. Yes. WE bit them hard."

A very sexy young woman leaned to the microphone, " The newspapers say you pocketed over two million yourself. Is that true?"

"Never actually counted it, but it was a shitload for sure."

Dan: "You seem proud of it."

Tommy: "You again... Look, I'm proud of a lot of things about my role there. I'm also not so proud of some things. It is what it is, and I've accepted it.

That was one casino, and one story about some really bad people."

"Another man asked, "Where are they now?"

"Some are dead, some are still in prison. As you can see, I'm neither." A few chuckles from the crowd, pleased him, as he dragged, then extinguished his cigarette between his fingers and slipped the butt in his pocket.

Someone shouted, "Didn't that hurt?"

He replied, "I tend to not do things that hurt me."

Dan, the NBC newsman asked, "Tommy, some have called you a rat for testifying against your friends. Any comment?"

"Yeah, who's some?"

"Well, John Thomson from the New Orleans paper for one."

"He can say whatever he wants. It's called free speech. But, just like you, he needs to get the facts straight. I didn't rat out my friends. We were all in it together. We all sought legal advice together. I didn't give the FBI one snippet of information that they didn't already have. Not one. Truth is, all my friends had to do, was go with me to the FBI, turn in our Mississippi Gaming License, and all of us would have walked out and none of this would have happened."

"So, none of you would have been arrested, no trial, nothing?"

"That's right. What would the FBI want with three casino bosses, who never even had a parking ticket? They wanted the mob. That's what they got. My friends chose to not cooperate.We left the attorneys office and they went left, I went right.."

"Still, you got off scott free-- even though you were guilty."

"This ain't exactly been scott free pal. The original US Attorney, assigned to the case out of Washington D.C, and I became good friends. He was killed in a plane crash coming to see me about the case.I live with that everyday. If I hadn't have been involved wih the mob, there would have been no case to talk about and my friend would still be alive.. Without me, there was no case. Simple as that.. I might as well have put a gun to his head. Dead is dead friend."

An older man asked "You lose anyone else?"

Tommy replied, "Did you read the book yet?"

"Haven't bought one yet."

"They sell them here. Pick one up. The answer to your questions is in it. I did lose both my parents during the trial, and naturally,I wasn't there."

"And Alexis Champion.?'

"No questions about her. Next?"

A young man in his thirtes asked, "I've read the book. Was your brother Danny really a bare knuckle fighter?"

"He was."

"Was he any good?"

"Know anythng about boxing stats son?"

"Yes, sir. I sure do."

"Then how's 67 and 2 sound?"

"Sounds improbable, but not impossible. Maybe he was fighting a bunch of tomato cans, that cut easily and just gave up."

"You figure you coud take him I guess?"

"Sure, he's an old man now...I don't fight old men. What is he? 70?"

A very deep Tennesse Ernie Ford voice replied, "72 sonny, and I'm ready when you are."

The crowd aplauded at the appearance of Danny Castle.The young hotshit backed away.

A small woman in the front had sobbed through the whole interview. Tommy was sittng on a stool and looked down at her, "You alright little lady?"

"I'm ok. I just feel so bad for you. Losing all your friends and loved ones."

He held his hand out, "Come here little momma." The old lady took his hand and he leaned her against his knee.

"Look, darlin...We all lose people we love. Don't cry for me. I married one of the women in the book, and we have a good life."

A chorus of "which one??" rang out from the crowd.

"I won't tell you which one. I'll simply say we have three children, live in Hawaii, and are very happy. So, don't cry for me hon. Better men than me, deserve your tears." Tommy looked up at the tear stained faces around him, even Dan Clark from NBC was dabbing his eyes.

"God bless you Tommy. You're a good man." The old lady said.

"Thank you ma'am, but really....I'm just a story teller."

The crowd applauded and Tommy stood up and shook hands with as many people as he could, before reaching Danny who was leaning against the wall. Upon reaching his brother, they hugged,.

Danny cocked his head,"Hawaii?" and walked with him out to the curb to hail a cab.

Tommy replied, "Marrried, three kids, Hawaii."

The cab pulled to the curb, Danny opened the door and slid in. As Tommy slid in after his brother, a beautiful woman slid in next to him.

They stared at each other, then she said, "Nice job sweetheart. You ok? That looked brutal."

He replied, "It was fine. Where's the kids?"

"At the Pierre." The cab pulled away from the curb slowly, "Where to sir?"

Tommy replied, "The Pierre."

She leanedd out and reached for Danny's hand, "Danny, I'm so happy to see you."

He held her hand across Tommys lap, "Same here. You ok?"

"I'm fine.Thanks for being here."

"Wouldn't miss it. He's my little brother."

The cab sped down 34th street while it snowed.

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