The Preachers Wife

The Preachers Wife

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


The preachers wife was pissed. Tommy had seduced her daughter, and she had come to his penthouse to get some answers. She knew her baby girl was young, and dressed way to sexy for a Baptist preachers daughter, but a grown man should have known better. The daughter? Kelly.


The preachers wife was pissed. Tommy had seduced her daughter, and she had come to his penthouse to get some answers. She knew her baby girl was young, and dressed way to sexy for a Baptist preachers daughter, but a grown man should have known better. The daughter? Kelly.


Submitted: March 07, 2012

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Submitted: March 07, 2012



Tommy was relaxing on his plush sofa, reading a Nora Roberts novel, when the doorbell chimed. His trusty German Shepherd, Blaze perked her ears up and sniffed. "Woof, woof!". One 'woof' for friends. This must be a stranger.

He rubbed her ears, "It's ok, Blaze. Probably room service." then got up to answer the door. He was  wearing his drawstring linen shorts,one of those tee shirts that are short of his waist by six inches, and sandals..

The 6'5" casino boss with movie star looks was buff, bronzed and always looking for action.

He cracked the door and peered out. A tall blonde bearing an uncanny resemblance to Elizabeth Montgomery was standing straight as an ironing board holdng her patent leather handbag with both hands. She was tall, with a delicate complexion, set off by soft pink lips, and pale blue eyeshadow. The pleated black skirt was almost knee length, and her soft silk blouse showed off her nice rack . The white gloves were a sign of civility he wasn't used to.

She appeared very prim and proper(two of his least favorite things) and the black horned rim glasses made her look like a librarian. A definite turn off.

He opened the door and stood with one hand resting on the knob. "Yes?"

"You're Tommy Castle?" Her eyes grazed over his muscular body.

"I know who I am. Who are you?"

Unflustered, she announced proudly with her head held back, "I'm Kathryn Madison from..."

"Lady, I don't want your 'Watchtower', don't use Avon products... don't need kitchen knives, tupperware, and since I don't see a bunch of balloons, I assume I didn't win the Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes. So, have a nice day." Then shut the door.

He turned and almost made it back to his sofa when the door chimes rang again. "Fuck me." He spun around and went back to the door, jerking it open."Now what?"

She tossed her head back, "You didn't allow me to introduce myself."

"Yes, I did. Kathryn Madison. I got it the first time."

"May I come in, Mr. Castle?"

He looked her up and down, "What for?"and as usual, wondered if she was fuckable. Most women standing at his penthouse door were.

"It's a personal matter."

"I don't know you. Can't be too personal. Now, go away."

"You are arrogant, impolite, and clearly no gentleman."

"Part of my charm. Now, if I don't let you in, will you still be here the next time I open my door?"

"I will not leave until we've talked."


"Kelly Madison. My daughter." Tommy stepped clear of the door, "Come in. Why didn't you say that in the first place?"

Once inside, she stood speechless, as her eyes panned the magnificient penthouse. 5000 square feet of marble floors and obscene wealth. Four elaborate white sofas, a half dozen overstuffed Tommy Bahama chairs, and glossy antique tables and chests adorned the sunken living room.

She started slipping off her gloves ,as she followed Tommy. He glanced over his shoulder, "Watch your step, hon."

Hon?? Did he call me hon?:

Blaze stood and glared at her. "Oh sit down," the strange lady barked and Blaze sat down.

"Are you going to bark at me, too?" He asked.

"I'm hoping I won't have, too. Now, about Kelly. She's quite young and..."

"Whoa! Have a seat."

"I'll stand."

"You'll sit."

She twisted her neck, but sat.

"Now, about Kelly." Her posture was still stiff, but her skirt was showing a little more leg. His eyes dropped to them, as he lit a cigarette,"Nice girl. What about her?"

"She seems to be quite smitten with you Mr. Castle."

"It's Tommy and how do you know that?"

"She has your name scribbled everywhere in the house. The front of the telephone book, the note pad, by the phone and her wall is plastered with those pictures she cut out from the People Magazine thing you did."

"So? Maybe she's a fan. I get that a lot. Want something to drink Kate? She stiffened, "It's Kathryn and yes, please."

"Beer, you look lke a brandy drinker."

"It's 8:30 in the morning!" She smirked.

He glanced at his ornate grandfather clock, "Actually, coffee? Black, white?"

"White. Two sugars." She replied confidantly. He nodded and went to the kitchen forty feet away. Her eyes followed his every step. She sighed softly as she watched the muscles in his calves flex. Her eyes grazed over his rock hard butt.

What was she feeling? Anger, resentment..lust? Maybe she felt jealous. She was probably thinking what most women thought when they first met him. He was the sexiest man they had ever seen.

She brushed her finger over her bottom lip visualizing those muscular golden thighs between her legs.

Tommy turned at the granite center island and began brewing her coffee. "Come on in here Kate and we'll have our little chat."

Kate again? He's deliberately trying to provoke me. Well, I won't take the bait. I shall remain calm.

She stood and ran her hands down her skirt smoothing out the non existent wrinkles. She carried her purse by the strap now almost dragging the floor. Her steps were slow, and deliberate. She thought she looked slightly elegant, and in complete control. In reality, she was shaky and now very confused.

Tommy's eyes met hers and while he did see the control, he also saw that it was forced. His eyes bore into hers and he saw a twitch in the corner of her mouth, signaling a restrained grin. He knew then, he could have her.

She knew it, too.

Calm down. The man's just making coffee. Get a grip.

Tommy pulled out a wrought iron barstool and sat her down.

She watched him stir her coffee and noticed the size of his hand. Her heart skipped, he looked up at her, "You okay Kate?"

She bristled, "I'm fine, thank you. I appreciate you going to all this fuss for coffee. Where's your cup?"

"Don't drink coffee." He replied still stirring her coffee.

"Then why have it?" She touched the coffee with her tongue testing its temperature.

"I keep it to seduce beautiful women." He grinned.

Her heart fluttered, "You're a very confidant man. But, I must say, your coffee is perfect."

She glanced at his cigarette resting in the ashtray. "Do you mind if I smoke?" She asked as she pulled a cigarette from her purse and put it delicately between her pink lips.

"Not at all. I like women smokers." He flicked his Dunhill and held it inches from her face. He noticed the flame flickering in her amber eyes. She sucked the flame into the tip and tiny wisps of smoke leaked from the edges of her mouth before she took a long drag.

A stream of smoke shot from the corner of her mouth as she turned her head away from him and exhaled. "You do? Why?"

He tapped the edges of the granite countertop with his fingers, "Oh, I don't know. Some people have a smoking fetish. Maybe I'm one of them."

"Smoking fetish? I've never heard of that. What's so attractive about a woman smoking a cigarette?"

He leaned over and rested on his elbows, "Lots of things. Maybe it's because men, real men, enjoy seeing a womans lips wrap around something long and round. Or the way the way they pucker their lips when they take drags, or the way the smoke drifts around their lips. Personally, I think it's because when a woman inhales I see the instant gratification in their eyes...especialy if they leave ther mouths open slightly. I like French inhales, too.Very sexy."

She had just taken a drag and realized her mouth was still open and he was staring in it. She shut it and exhaled through her nose. He laughed, "Now, whats next?"

"I believe the topic was my daughter. Kelly. "

"Oh, right. How is Kelly?"

"Are you familiar with farms Mr. Castle?"

"It's Tommy...Kate, and yes, I'm familiar with farms."

"How? You grew up in Hollywood." Kate tilted her head back and French inhaled slowly.

He grinned at her unconscious seduction, "We have cows in Hollywood, Kate. Ever been there?"

"No, but I've seen pictures. I don't recall any cows."

"They don't generally get much publicity...unless one takes a shit on the walk of fame."

"Language. Language Mr. Castle."

"'s Tommy, and it's my home. Now, what's all this have to do with Kelly?"

Kate sipped her coffee and peered over the rim. "She's acting like a love sick cow. Like I said. She has your pictures all over her bedroom wall."

"It's nice to have fans and that People thing? That was four years ago. I was much tanner then. Nice shots of my home in Vegas though. I have a copy here somewhere. Like me to sign it for you?"

'I didn't come for your autograph. And your home in Vegas looks lovely. I took particular notice of all the women lying around your pool."

He walked around the island and stood behind her. "I have a lot of women friends. I like beautful women, and they usually like me," then turned her barstool around until her knees touched his.. She did a snap inhale and snuffed her cigarette out.

"Mr. Castle..." He put his finger to her pink lips, "'s Tommy."

"Tommy, are you trying to seduce me? Kelly's mother??"

"It's occured to me. Surprised?"

"I shouldn't be. I know your reputation."

He brushed her hair from her neck and kissed it. "Now, what are you doing? Stop that."

She said weakly, as she tilted her head to the side, fully exposing her smooth neck to his warm lips. He parted his lips and sucked gently on her neck sending tingles down her spine.

"You....must...." She tilted her head to the other shoulder . "stop."

Suddenly,his lips caught her open mouth. She loved the taste of his tongue against hers, the texture of his lips.

She pulled back from the kiss, stared him in the eyes...eyes that looked ocean blue, eyes full of passion. She held her bottom lip between her teeth and took her glasses off, closed them and sat them next to her coffee cup, still gazing in his eyes.

"What is it, Kate?" Tommy rubbed the top of her thighs softly.

"This. This can not happen." Kate replied shaking her head.

"Sure it can."

"It can't."

"I thought you enjoyed the kiss.


Kate held his face between her hands. No words were spoken. She knew he could see her heart beating under her soft blouse.

She pulled his lips to hers. She was kissing him now. She continued holding his face with her hands as she kissed him softly, first left, then right, sampling, testing, tasting.

Then she reached behind his head and pulled his open mouth against hers. Kate was hungry now. Wanted him..needed him. He slipped his tongue in her mouth. She sucked it hard...moaning so loud, Blaze's ears stood up.

Tommy spread his fingers and grabbed a handfull of her blonde hair and pulled her mouth even tighter. His other hand got busy unbuttoning her silk blouse. Kate dropped one shoulder, allowing her blouse to slip off and drift to the marble floor. The next thing she knew, he unclasped her black bra from between her tits and it fell open, and hung loosely on her shoulders. Both hands were on her big tits now, pushing hard against them, pinching her nipples, until she wanted to scream out, she wouldn't. The pain was part of the pleasure. It had been a long time since a man was hungry for her. She pulled his mouth to her nipples and encouraged him to suck them.

"Harder Tommy. Suck them off if you must. Just suck them.!" Tommy sucked them as Kate held the back of his head, mashing his face against her tit. "Baby, nibble, bite, suck me." He nibbled her lightly, "Harder Bite, Bite them!" His teeth pressed down on them hard , "Good. Hurt me. Go on..." He broke the skin on her right nipple. She cried, "Yes, Yes," as she grabbed his tee shirt and ripped it off and looked around, "Where? Which way...the bedrooom?"

He picked her up wih ease and laid her down on the granite island. "Right here. I'm going to fuck you right here!"

"Oh God, Oh God.: She arched her back so he could drag her skirt and panties down, which he did in one swift move. He dragged her by the legs and spread them as her pussy got closer to his mouth.

Suddenly, her legs dangled over his shoulders and her modest high heels fell to the floor. No preliminary thigh kisses. He went straight to her wet pussy, spread her lips tight, and went right to her clit. Kate gasped as soon as his tongue brushed over it. But, it was when he began sucking on it that she began to sob and shake. "Ahhhhhhhhh" she cried, as he sucked her clit hard. He kept sucking it as he slipped two fingers in and began pumping them rapidly.

"I'm gonna cum!"

He rammed his fingers in hard, "Do it."

She suddenly stiffened her legs, held her breath and began squirting on his mouth. She glanced down and saw it splashing on his chin. Next, his tongue was all over her soaked pussy sucking and slurping. She bucked her hips, as he swallowed, "That's a good boy. Drink it. Drink it all " . He held her ass cheeks in his big hands and pulled her dripping pussy to his mouth, "Sluuuuuurp. Sluuuuuuuurp! Ahhh, good stuff Katie girl," then dropped his shorts and climbed up on the granite top and crawled between her legs.

"Yes, Fuck me now. Fuck me ." She grabbed his thick cock with both hands and rammed it in her cunt. A soft cry told him she liked being stuffed with cock. He decided to take it easy. Laying down on her gently he whispered, "Your pussy feels so good wrapped around my cock." She kissed his lips, "and your cock feels so good buried in my cunt. Just stay on me like this and kiss me a thousand times....then fuck me hard as possible. I haven't been fucked in a long time."

"Hard to believe. You're a knockout. If you were mine, I'd fuck you every day."

He lay on her pumping slowly as she replied, "I want to be fucked every day." Kate buried her tongue in his mouh and squeezed his firm ass and began pumping faster against him. He wasn't fucking her now, she was fucking him.

They came hard, and together ....spilling their results over the granite top. Kate reached down and ran her hand over it.

"I'm sorry darling. Seems we made a mess." Then licked her fingers off with him.

Tommy got up, dragged on his shorts, and lit a cigarette. After drawing on it, she took it from his lips and dragged on it herself. "Which way to the shower darling?" He said, " You can take one with me if you like." Kate answered, let's finish our cigarette first, then we'll shower...ok babe?" She french inhaled deep as she caressed hs face.


"Hey, what happened to Kate. I really liked that. That's how you won me over. You know, preachers wives have a soft spot for bad boys."

"You're a preachers wife?"

"I am, and you're a bad boy. I'd say we're a good match. How about you the idea of fucking a preachers wife?"

"I'd say, I'm definately not opposed to it. Don't care much for preachers."

She kissed his lips softly, sucked on their shared Marlboro, and replied, "Me, neither." Tommy grinned, "You're a real pisser."

"Hmmm. Anythings possible. How much time do you have today?"

"I don't work tonight.. Figured I'd just hang out here and catch up on my reading."

"Want some company? I'll cook for you."

"We have room service...which reminds me, I ordered breakfast a while before you got here. Wonder what happened?'

"Let's see...French toast, bacon,and orange juice? Probably got cancelled." She looked at him with a sly grin.

Tommy finally caught on. "Hey, who seduced who here?"

She blew her smoke over her shoulder and headed for the shower, "Coming darling?"


To be continued......












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