The love shack...

The love shack...

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


AS Kelly got herself off on the beach ride to the love shack, Tommy reflected on the nights events. He remembered thinking Kelly was doable when he met her three hours ago, but had no idea how an 18 year old girl could be so wild. An Iowa farm girl? The fun fires right up when they arrive at his love shack, and was surprised to see it was a magnficient penthouse with its own elevator and private pool.She promised to shock him. Will she?


AS Kelly got herself off on the beach ride to the love shack, Tommy reflected on the nights events. He remembered thinking Kelly was doable when he met her three hours ago, but had no idea how an 18 year old girl could be so wild. An Iowa farm girl? The fun fires right up when they arrive at his love shack, and was surprised to see it was a magnficient penthouse with its own elevator and private pool.She promised to shock him. Will she?


Submitted: March 06, 2012

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Submitted: March 06, 2012



He swung the Porsche under the white canopy at the Towers apartments across from the beach and screecched to a stop as Kelly tugged her skirt down and licked her fingers. Then kissed him quickly. "Mmm.Like??" Tommy grinned,"Cmon...hop out...the valet guys waiting?" Kelly glanced out the window and saw a twenty something kid in a uniform; black slacks, black vest, red top coat, and gold doorman's hat.. The kid nodded and opened Kelly's door, but she wouldn't get out until he moved.

She may have been fresh off the farm, but she saw 'Basic Instinct' and knew he wanted to look up her dress.

No beaver shots for him. Kelly waited for Tommy to stroll around the car and brush the kid back with his big arm. The valet kid stumbled backwards and Kelly slid out, glancing at the young valet who was clearly older than her. She grinned, 'Nice try,kid." Tommy took her tiny hand and led her through the circular revolving door and across the marble lobby. "Damn, baby. Are you rich?" as she looked at the five story atrium complete with a waterfall and tropical plants. She thought the live parrots were a nice touch, too.

Tommy looked down at his stunning playmate and replied, "Not too rich. Sorta medium," then shuffled her to the gold elevator door. The silver elevator door was wide open, so why did he choose to stand and wait for the gold one? She thought it strange and glanced at the empty elevator totally confused. "Hon, this one is empty." He grinned and nodded, "It doesn't go where we're going sweetie."

The look on her face said...huh?? But, she only held his hand tighter. Once the gold elevator opened, they stepped inside, and once the doors closed, she climbed up on him for a quick make out session.

The doors opened and she slid down him and stepped out into a small foyer. She turned her head from left to right. No halls. She looked up at him, "Baby, where the fuck are we?" He took four steps to his front door, his private front door. There was another door, and they could have taken the other elevator which does stop on his floor, but then they would have to walk down the hall to the door the public sees when they walk by. This gold elevator drops them off practically in his living room, and is only accessible to him, or someone who has his private key.

Plus, it's a very impressive entrance.

A large antique drum table sat directly in the middle of the room with agiant brass vase stuffed with yellow roses sittig on it..

Tommy started to open the door when she asked, "Don't you need a key?" He answered, "I don't have a key to this door. I have my elevator key. I have the only key, except for housekeeping and they always call first." The public doesn't have access to this."

Kelly pursed her lips, "Gotcha. Ok, let's go."

Tommy swung the door open and Kelly gasped, and held her hand over her mouth as he closed the door and walked to his 26', all white sectional sofa. Kelly half-stepped to him and fell in his lap. "Damn, baby...this is a love shack?"

He grinned, "It is. How do you lke it?" She bit her bottom lip and glanced around. All Tommy Bahama furnishings, expensive rugs tossed over white marble floors, Japanese screens..even the ceiling was covered in some kind of heavenly mural. Puffy white clouds against a soft powder blue background, plus a couple of really pissed off Vikings, and there you go, Tommy's love shack.

Kelly's head was spinning, literally, when he grabbed her hand and wallked her over to the massive floor to ceilng terrace doors. He pushed a button, and the drapes and giant glass doors opened simultaneously."Welcome to my terrace." He stepped out first and turned and offered her his hand. She took it and stepped out gingerly, and began scannng the horizon. Several huge cargo ships were probably twenty miles out but were still visible with their twinkling lights.

He bundled her in his armsas she looked up in his eyes.. "Baby, I'm dreaming right? I mean...'cmon. Who the fuck lives like this?" He kissed the top of her head, "I do." Kelly pulled his face to hers, "This is all real nice baby, but I would have been just as happy in a shack. I'm not a material girl."Then looked over at his private pool, and fully draped cabana, home to his outside bed, and hot tub. "I don't think."

Tommy smiled again and said, "Want something to drink? Beer, wine, hard stuff?" She nodded, " is cool. And I'm out of cigarettes." He turned and pointed to his right. " Beer,cigarettes, everything you need is in the fridge." then pointed and walked towards his bedroom.

"Hey, where are you going?" He glanced over his shoulder and replied, "I'm going to let Blaze out, then take a quick shower."

Blaze? Who's Blaze? Sounds like some kind of stripper.

Tommy opened his master bedroom door and massive German Shephard came roaring out headed straight for her and her seventy five pounds.

Tommy shouted, "Blaze. Heel!" and the dog slid to a stop. "You're ok. Just hold your hand out and she'll come to you. She's really very friendly." He had forgotten for a moment-this was an Iowa farm girl..Kelly squatted and slapped her hands together,"C'mon Blaze. Come see me," Blaze walked over to her slowly wagging her bushy tail and lifted a paw.

Kelly grinned, "Well, hello pretty girl." Then looked at Tommy, "Ok, shower, beer, cigarettes- I got it. I assume there's another shower in this coliseum somewhere? He held up two fingers and pointed left and right. "Got it. Anything I can put on? T-shirt, robe....anything?"

He opened the small Japanese chest by his bedroom door and pulled out a silk robe, and tossed it to her. Her eyebrows raised, "My, think of everything. My little hearts about to jump out of my chest. Kiss me before you go!."

Tommy turned and walked back to her as she lay against the sofa back, She reached for him shaking her tiny fingers like she was desperate for one of his kisses. He bent down and she hooked her arms around his neck and kissed him with such passon she almost came.She puled her lips from his, "Dammit!. How do you do that to me? My little cunt is all excited again."

She let go as he stood up, "I'l be right back, babe." then he walked away. and went to the master bedroom, undressed , tossed his dirty clothes the rattan hamper and stepped in the shower set for a perfect 104 degrees, timed to turn on at 1:45 am, the time he generally gets home from work.

No, this was no love shack. This was the home of a very successful casino boss that was used to luxury, and knew how to live in it with ease.

Kelly scampered to the bedroom on the right and stepped into the spa like guest bathroom.

She glanced around. "Fuck me...look at tthis place. She looked at herself in the giant gold trimmed mirror behind the granite counter. She slipped her fingers in her dress straps and slipped them from her tiny shouders. The dress fell to the floor, as she stared at herself. She stepped over her dress and walked over to the shower where she reached in and turned it on, after staring at the complicated shower knobs for longer than she expected. Kellyturned back to herself in the mirro. "Kelly Madison..what the fuck are you doing here? She lit a cigarette and held it between her teeth as she reached behind her with both hands to unclasp her black bra. It slid from her shoulders, and fell to the floor on top of her dress.She looked in the mirror puffing on her cigarette and cupping her c cups like she was weighing them. Hmmm. Nice. She dragged deep, and dropped the cigarette in the bowl and it flushed itself. he bent over in awe and inspected the bowl. No handles, knobs, switches..nothing. Hmmm.

She walked away from the mysterious toilet wondering what surprises waited for her in the shower.The rainfall shower hit her perfectly, so ashe grabbed the exotclooking bottle that said shampoo on it, and shampooed her long, crly hair.She used an exotic body wash, one she was not familiar with, then rinsed it off. She couldn't remember the last tme she felt so clean and sexy.

She got out, dried off on one of his big fluffy towels that she could have used for a blanket. She looked in her handbag for her makep, then decided to check out the top drawer by the sink. He said makeup was in there, so why use the crap she usually bought at CVS when she could use something snazzy?.

She slid the top drawer of the antique chest that had a vessel type sink attached and stood back looking at the contents. Rows of lipstick, eye shadow, mascara, blush, and assortment of toothbrushes, (all new) and an assortment of brushes and mirrors. She shook her head and grinned. He really was the most fascianting man in the world.

When she came out of the guests bedroom shower, and walked into the living room, she was simply stunnng. Her hair was soft and silky, cascading over her tiny shoulders. Her lips were red and glossy, and her green eyes looked striking against her soft green eyeshadow.The red Japanese robe was covered in gold flowers, and was cut very low and very short, much like her black dress that she had on earlier. Only this had a nice gold sash that she tied loosely.She cleared her throat calling attention to herself. Tommy was on the phone facing the kitchen. He turned around slowly and paused to take in the little 4'9'' Barbie doll standing with her arms out spinning around on the marble floor.

'I'll talk to you later. Bye." He hung up the phone, not wanting to listen to Lola and all her reasons why he shouldn't be doing what he had already done and was about to do again. Lola told him that Eva had gone home right after he and Kelly left, because she knew he woudn't be back, and that Bobby got really drunk and Sal had taken him home, and was still gone, leaving Lola alone, horny, and pissed.

None of that mattered to him. What mattered to him right then was this child like princess that was standng ten feet away, nibbling nervously on her bottom lip. As he started towards her, her heart felt like it was about to explode.

What kind of man was this Tommy Castle she asked herself.? Oh, she already knew all about him from Bobby. He was some kind of war hero from the Vietnam era, had a blackbelt in Karate that spoke six or seven languages fluently, and that he was a world class chef, and published author. What she didn't know, but had aready learned was that was the kind of man that melted womens defenses along with their hearts, and made love with reckless abandon to the closest female to him at the time. Happily for her, at that moment, sshe was the clsest female.

Strangely,she felt no guilt over Bobby, and knew all she had to do was kiss him once and their fight would be history.

Tommy saw her wheels turning in her mind, and since this wasn't his first rodeo, he understood that there was nothing to talk about, no scores to settle, no cautious words or doubts, no words were necessary at a time like this.

He held out his hand which she took instantly, and led her to his bedroom..her looking up, him looking down. Once inside, he closed the door, and bent down for a kiss, Kelly threw her arms around his neck and kissed him with such passion his cock tented his robe. It pressed between her tits, so she pulled the sash on his robe letting his cock spring free. She took it in her hand, and kissed it a few times before licking it. Meanwhile, he tugged her sash and slipped her robe from her shoulders letting it flutter to the floor and drape around her feet.

He picked her up like she was weightless and laid her gently on the bed. He sat on the edge of the bed and stroked her silky hair. She closed her eyes and turned her head alowing him to run his thumb across her red lps. " Ohh." she gasped softly. He leaned down and kissed her softly, slowly ...over and over until she couldn't take it anymore. "Baby, lis..."He shushed her with his finger. He slid out the drawer of his nightstand and took out a plastic bottle of oil, warmng oil to be exact. She glanced around and noticed a few gold candles were reflecting on the walls. Where did they come from? Did he light them? When? She didn't see him lght them. Suddenly, the warm oil splashed on her chest, and his big hands were spreading the oil and massaging her everywhere. Her nipples, her perky tits, her stomach.

Suddenly she was on her face, her head resting on a big soft pillow. Her arms over her head, her finger tips touching the massive headboard.

His hands moved slowly, deliberately down her tiny back, across her firm bubble butt, and down the insides of her thighs. Slowly, he moved closer to her ass.. Her heart raced, her breathing shallowed. He sensed her then...this tiny girl, a woman now... dying from anticpation. He touched her ass hole softly, not urging, not reckless..loving, kind, gentle. It made her feel all was right with the world. Nothing bad could ever happen to her as long as he was with her. She felt the tension release from her ass cheeks and she found herself spreading her legs. Oh, she wanted him to fuck her ass with his big finger. She couldn't possibly be more clear about that. Her legs were almost spread eagled, and her pussy was slightly raised off the bed. If he wanted it, she was giving it to him.

And he took it. Slowy at first, twisting and turning his oil covered middle finger up her tight litte ass. It hurt a little but she didn't cry, wouldn't cry. Instead, as a sign that she was ok, she pushed back against his hand "Ohhhh God." Tommy slipped another finger in comfortably. Now, with two fingers in her ass she did squirm. Not bad, but she squirmed. She pushed harder against his hand...harder and harder. No more teasing, no more wondering, no longer scared of his thick cock, "Baby,baby, baby.Do it. Fuck me...Fuck my ass." He was on her like a panther, his cock rock hard, and springing around her litte asshole. She was through playing. She reached back and took his cock in her hand and fed it her asshole. He pushed it in a litte, but as we all know assholes are exits, not entrances , so assholes generally reject the first thing trying to go the wrong way on a one way street. This was no different. He slipped it in, the asshole squeezed him out. After a few tries, Kelly turned over and told him to lay down and hold his cock up. If she could actually get it in, her weight would keep it in.

She grabbed the squeeze bottle of warming oil and slathered it over his cock,squirted what she could up her tiny asshole, sat the bottle down on the night table and quickly dropped herself down on his hot cock. "Oh fuck!!!" she shouted, but didn't try to dismount. Instead, she wiggled around on him slowly, letting her ass stretch and adjust. She leaned to him as he propped himsef up on his elbows, and kissed him passionnately. Her tongue went to the bottom of his throat as his cock went to the bottom of her ass. She pulled from the kiss and kept her lips next to his as she began rocking on his cock.'You love me...I know you do...I can feel it. Tell me." Tommy grabbed a handfull of her blonde hair with his open fingers,and kissed her hard, harder than she had ever been kissed.

Suddenly, he began pounding his cock in her with long deliberate strokes. Kelly took it like a woman. She began fucking him hard, too. Finally, she squatted on her feet, and began droppng herself on him full force. Over and over until she couldn't take it anymore. She held her hands out like she was on a cross and cried, "Oh Yes!" then came hard all over him.

Kelly dismounted and rubbed his slppery cock on her face.She had surrendered everything, given him everything. But, had she kept her promise? had she shocked him?.No.

The shock was yet to come, and it came later in the shower. After they fucked doggy style wth her leaning on the marble bench by the back wall, she turned and sat down on it, took his cock in her hand and held it by her tits. "Piss on me baby."

"What?" He was shocked. Here was this sweet little farm girl, a devoted Baptist, asking to be pissed on. '"Say again?"

"Piss on me. Piss on my tits, my neck, even my face." He couldn't believe his ears.

"I don't know honey. That's pretty extreme."

Kelly pleaded, "Exactly. That's the point sweetheart. It's the ultimate act of humility. Only a woman in real love would offer it to someone like this. I've never done it before,but after everything we've done tonight, this is my gift to you. I know you love me, and I'm trying to prove to you how much I love you, and how much I'm prepared to do for you. Please, don't reject me. Let it go baby. Let it go."

He let it go.Wouldn't you?

Kelly closed her eyes and mouth and held his cock like it was a water hose and she was the garden that neede watering.

She sprayed it everywhere.Tommy didn't understand it, but the smile on her face told him he didn't have to.

She did.

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