Saigon Kim

Saigon Kim

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Tommy and Kim face off in a nail salon. A few smiles, a quick wink, and the next thing you know, Kim is on her back on the bosses massage table getting pounded by the Viet Nam vet. But, who gets the victory? Come inside The Fountain of Youth nail salon and see for yourself...


Tommy and Kim face off in a nail salon. A few smiles, a quick wink, and the next thing you know, Kim is on her back on the bosses massage table getting pounded by the Viet Nam vet. But, who gets the victory? Come inside The Fountain of Youth nail salon and see for yourself...


Submitted: March 22, 2012

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Submitted: March 22, 2012



Their eyes met as he stood at the front counter calmly waiting for someone to wait on him. He was long overdue for a pedicure, and was about to try someplace else when a slender Asian girl hurried from the back of the shop to stop him.

"Sir, can I help you?"

Tommy pointed at his feet. The pretty girl nodded, "Pedicure. " and pointed to the narrow aisle, apparently because that's the way she had been trained. Any moron could see the aisle that led down the center of the rectangular shaped room with nail stations on one side and pedicure lounges on the other, that had little built in tubs of water attached.

But, being the polite Tommy that we all know and love, he smiled and slipped past the old fat lady that almost blocked the aisle, and headed for one of the empty pedicure stations. He stood by the last one as the young Asian girl flipped the arm up so he could slip in. Once in, she lowered the arm and began dispensing warm water into the tub with a small hose from inside the tub.

He settled in and hit the vibrate switch on his comfy leather chair and leaned back. It was then that he really had the time to look at her.

Noticeably tall for being Asian, with long dark hair that was piled loosely on her head and tied in a knot. A few strands had fallen down and framed her face which made her look sexier than she should have in his present state of mind. And we all know what that is. Sex.

Her blue smock took some of the sexiness away, but didn't distract his eyes from her face.

And what a face it was. Silky smooth, high cheekbones, eyes that hinted she was probably of mixed race. No daring eye shadow, and no lipstick were present which he considered strange for a beauty like her...since she did work in a salon where image was everything.

She placed a towel over the top of the tub and tapped his left calf. Then guided his foot to the towel rest. "Short?" she asked as she ran her soft hand over his foot.

"What?" He replied with his head cocked sideways.

"Your you want them cut short?" She spoke in perfect English, with only a hint of accent.

Tommy nodded, "Oh...uh..yes...short...please."

She nodded and began with his little toe, and worked her way around his toenails like a surgeon. Occasionally, she would look up, and each time she caught his eyes with hers. Quick smiles were exchanged, then she'd put her head down and go back to her duties.

He flipped his sunglasses to the top of his Yankee hat, and settled back in, and decided to watch the show. He glanced to his right at the row of old blue haired ladies cackling about something they had seen the previous night on American Idol. He wondered what in the world old ladies were watching a show that was after the tweens, teens, and young adult demographic anyway.

They were more Sinatra than Lady Ga Ga, and their opinions on last nights performances varied from. " really really rocked out!"


She slipped his foot back in the tub gingerly, then pulled the other up and placed it precisely on the towel. "What's your name?" She asked without looking up.

The stereo speakers were right next to him hidden in the walls, so it was difficult to hear.

He leaned forward, "What?" thinking it might have been something important, like I just whacked off the tip of your toe.

"Your name hon..what's your name?" She asked as she clipped away on his other foot, still looking down.

Ah hah! Tommy's confidence level soared as he replied, "Tommy. Tommy Castle. Yours?"

She stopped and held his big toe in her hand caressing it gently, "Kim" then winked at him, and dropped her head and got back to her chores and mumbled to the manicurist next to her, "Ong la de thu'ong" (He's cute)

The other girl replied, "Toi se fuck ong" (I'd fuck him).

"Em cung vay" (me, too).

"Wil ban thu?" (Will you try?).

"Toi nghi ve no" (I'm thinking about it).

Tommy answered, "Toi nghe noi rang" in Vietnamese. (I heard that).

The girls looked at each other and giggled. Kim lifted her head, "You understand Vietnamese?"

He grinned, "Yep, and French, Italian, Spanish...couple more. Better behave."

"Wow, I guess I should apologize, huh?"

"For what?"

"You know..."She dropped her eyes, "I was out of line. You're my customer, and I disrespected you."

"Not yet, you haven't. Relax. I'm flattered." He settled back amused, but still horny. Kim got busy on his feet, scrubbing them one at a time with her soft brush, then worked on his cuticles with her snippers, then slipped his feet back in the tub for a nice rinse.

At each transition, she looked up at him and smiled. A great smile. Occasionally, the pause was almost uncomfortable. It was like they were employing mental telepathy.

Kim:"I want to fuck you."

Tommy: "Where?"

Kim: "Here"

Tommy: "When?"

Kim:"Soon" Then they would smile knowingly, like the conversation really happened. He glanced at the big clock as the blue haired old ladies trickled out slowly.

Kim used a squeeze bottle to squirt cream over his right leg first. Then she began rubbing the cream on slowly, working up and down, then around his calves, then his ankles.

When she did his feet, she wrapped her fingers around his big toe and moved them up and down , like she was jacking him off."You like?" Tommy grinned and nodded, "Very much."

She repeated the pattern as she glanced around the salon to see if anyone was watching her, and once convinced everyone was busy, slipped her hand over his knee and under the hem of his blue denim shorts.

They made eye contact as Kim nervously bit her bottom lip softly, then whispered, "Like this?" as the salon owner stepped from her office on the other side of the wall.

Everyone was surprised.

Tommy and Kim were even more surprised when the owner said,"Van phong cua toi la co san."(My office is available) then handed Kim her keys and went home.

Kim glanced around again, wondering if anyone else had seen what happened, and wasn't sure, so she went back to work on his left leg. Same procedure, same massage, same sexy smiles.

Thirty five minutes later, with his legs completely at ease, the last manicurist said goodnight.

Kim walked to the sliding security gate,locked it, and turned the sign around that announced the hours.Then she walked slowly back to him, pulling at her pin that held her hair up. Her hair fell as she swung her head from side to side, and when she lifted her head and looked at him, Tommy felt his erection pushing against his zipper.

"You're beautiful, Kim." He started towards her.

She started towards him."So are you Tommy."

They met halfway down the narrow aisle, and she surprised him when she jumped in his arms, and wrapped her slender legs around him. They wasted no time on sample kisses, opting for wild wet ones instead, as he carried her down the aisle with her still attached to him.

He kicked the owners door open and laid her down on the massage table covered with a fresh sheet. He slipped her blue smock from her shoulders, and she unsnapped her bra and bounced it off the wall and onto the floor. She looked up as a very naked Tommy was lying between her legs kissing her legs as he worked his way up her smooth thighs. She arched her back so he could tug her bikini panties off, then he dropped them on the pile of clothes that had accumulated on the floor beside them.

Kim spread her legs to allow him easy access to her sweet pussy, and gasped as he kissed it a few times, before licking her. Her hands went instinctively to the back of his head pulling him tighter against her. He accommodated her by taking her ass in his hands and squeezing her cheeks hard while his tongue worked her pussy over. "Ohh, Tommy...just like that hon.."

He did as she asked and in short order, she began bucking her hips, which shoved her pussy tighter to his mouth. "Ahhh." She bucked harder, "Ahhhhh" Then he saw the expression on her face. Her eyes half closed, her forehead wrinkled, and the veins in her neck were straining. Suddenly, she climaxed her, "Ohhhhhhhhhh shit!" and gushed her sweet juices all over both of them and soiled the fresh sheet thoroughly.

But, she wasn't done. He crawled between her legs which were now wide open and slipped his cock to her anxious pussy.

"Yes, baby...put it in me.." She whispered softly, "I want you so much." Tommy laid on her and slipped indie her smoothly. They exchanged moans as they caught each others rhythm quickly. Rolling their hips in unison, her pelvic bones pushed against his, she kissed his neck, then said, "How about it, hon...same time next week?" He didn't answer.

They French kissed for a few minutes, enjoying the flavors of each others mouth, the textures, the groans, the passion of the moment finally took over and they came hard together.

He rolled off her and laid his hand on her legs. "I'll be here...Don't forget me."

Kim sat up and reached for his cigarettes that were on the counter next to her. She lit it herself, and dragged hard. Then said, "Oh, I won't forget you. I knew who you were the minute you came in. I read all your stories. I love them." Then she dragged again lighting up the dark room with the glow from her cigarette.

"Really? That's great. You know they're all based on true stories?"

"I do."

"What do you think I should call the next one?"

She kissed him with her smoky mouth, then said, "Saigon Kim, of course."



























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