Room 206

Room 206

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica



Tommy was headed for Biloxi and bad weather forces him stop n El Paso and check in to a motel for the night. He was tired, wet, and as usual, horny. There is banging at the door that sounds urgent. A pizza delivery? No.He flung the door open and was shocked. Who knocked on the door at 206?



Tommy was headed for Biloxi and bad weather forces him stop n El Paso and check in to a motel for the night. He was tired, wet, and as usual, horny. There is banging at the door that sounds urgent. A pizza delivery? No.He flung the door open and was shocked. Who knocked on the door at 206?


Submitted: March 15, 2012

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Submitted: March 15, 2012



Tommy got as far as El Paso the first day, found himself in the thunderstorm from Hell, and checked into the Best Western just off the interstate.

He was settling in for the night, fresh out of the shower, and had just punctured the seal on the mini bar, when there was a banging at the door.

Slightly annoyed,he slipped his drawstring shorts on and answered the door bare chested.

He was shocked, “What are you doing here?” he said, as he held the door open.

The beautiful redhead holding a newspaper over her head said, “Long story.”And walked right in.

Tommy shut the door and leaned against it.

Dallas Raines had once worked for him at Caesars. The daughter of Jesse Raines, a former United States Congressman,and Constance Harrington, a beautiful woman who ruled Jesse with an iron hand in a velvet glove. (“The Manchurian Candidate” and Angela Lansbury), and came from old California money and lots of it.

Dallas lived a privileged life growing up in San Francisco, and was a debutante at sixteen. She went to Paris after high school and studied photography and fashion. Free from her mother’s prying eyes and firm hand, Dallas did as most young girls did, when they were finally left to their own devices, and Dallas had a lot of ‘devices’.

From Paris, she traveled to Rio and tried her hand in front of the camera for a couple of years. Even though she made the cover of “Mademoiselle” and “Glamour” magazines, the world seemed to be far more impressed with her than she was.

But, Dallas would look pretty in a trash bag with no makeup.

Her complexion was flawless and her features were the same. Delicate nose, hung over full lips always heavily coated in orange lip gloss. She also had a dime size indentation over her upper lip.

She had almond shaped green eyes, with flecks of gold and amber twinkling in them. The shape of her face was oval and featured high cheek bones, and porcelain skin, always slightly tanned.

Her wavy red hair cascaded over her delicate shoulders, that reached between her shoulder blades, of her elegant back. She was slightly over six feet tall, sinewy, and perfectly shaped.

Bombshells were supposed to have 36-23-36 figures like her.

Perfectly round D cups hung over an ironing board flat tummy. Her areola was large and dark pink, with long dark nipples that made men want to suck on them for hours.

But, as beautiful as she was, and as perfect as her tits were, her best features were below her waist. The front was a single strip of faint red hair perfectly landscaped, pointing to a very delicate, very pretty pussy with large purple butterfly lips that glistened. The rear was like twin cantaloupes. Hard, perfectly round cheeks, that made her look slightly sway backed.

She left Rio under suspicious circumstances, and ended up in Vegas a few months later. to check out a promising job offer, at the Tropicana with the “Follies. The offer was based entirely on her resume and a glamour shot.

Unfortunately, the glamour shot was of her sitting, not standing.

So, when she went in for her audition, she was looking over the tops of the other girls heads. The shows director looked up, at the then twenty year old, grinned, and shook his head.

From there, she sorta stumbled around picking up singing gigs in casino lounges, until a chubby guy named Victor Lauss heard her at the Flamingo’s “Pelican Lounge” one night and recruited her just as he had Tommy.

Victor thought she was stunning, sultry and sang with that small breathless voice like Marilyn Monroe. Big girl, with a tiny voice. A nicely wrapped package that Victor knew would be a nice gift for his now famous ‘adopted’ son, Tommy Castle.

It was 1983, and Dallas was barely 21, when she became his Pit Clerk. Just as Victor trained him, Tommy trained Dallas. But, he didn’t just teach her about gambling.

He taught her about gamblers.

Real gamblers like to see beautiful women in the casino Pit. The more beautiful and flirty, the longer the gambler stays thinking of drinks and wild sex.

Tommy was a perfectionist, and even taught her how she should carry herself; how to promise without actually promising. Tossing her hair back and licking her delicious looking lips were examples.

Pit clerks in other casinos wore the same uniform as the dealers. But, Tommy didn't want that for Dallas. She was just too spectacular to wear a buttoned up long sleeved white shirt, with a bowstring tie.

Her work uniform was always an evening gown. Usually something with sequins and a scooped out back draped just above her crack. A little cleavage was ok, but nothing to daring.

He wanted her to look elegant, refined and a little promising, but not too tawdry or slutty.

As Victor suspected, Tommy was a good teacher. He taught her everything about how casinos operated, what her role was at Caesars’, and what he expected of her.

“I want men to want you and women to hate you. Ignore them. Be courteous to the women, a little flirtatious with the men. but never go beyond flirting. Tease, but never please.

On the clock or off, you’re not just a reflection of Caesar’s Palace; you’re a reflection of me.

Behave yourself.

Your job is to make me look good, protect me from bullshit, and be my eyes and ears. Learn everything you can about the players, besides their favorite games and their bankrolls. That's my job. I want the other things; like the names of their wives, kids, dogs, goldfish. But, don't stop there. I want to know which other casinos they frequent, what kind of services the other casinos provide, if there's another woman, get her name. Sometimes the best way to sweep up a mess is with a little dirt.

On occasion, you’ll be accompanying me to events like charity functions, golf tournaments, movie premiers in Hollywood, and sometimes even press conferences.

Caesars’ is also the Vegas home of professional boxing. So, you'll be at ringside with me. You will attend the shows with me. We entertain celebrities and Royalty here.

Often, they invite me to their suite, for a cocktail party. You will be on my arm, not as my girlfriend, but as a representative of Caesars’.

It’s a tough job, because I’m a bastard to work for. I expect everything from you. You have a few rough edges. We need to smooth them out.”

She replied, “Sounds wonderful Mr. Castle, but I don’t have the wardrobe.” Tommy said, “Caesars’ will provide you everything you need. Now, let’s get to work.”

After his training, she knew exactly which fork to use, which glass was for water, where to place the knife after she used it, and where to keep her hands, when she wasn’t eating.

She knew to take an edge of her napkin to dab the corners of her lips instead of flopping it open and rubbing it over her mouth.

When sitting, she knew to keep her knees together, and her ankles crossed. Most importantly, not just whom to speak to,

but when.

Privately, they discussed fashion, the arts, religions, food of the world. Never politics. He molded her, into what would become the standard, for pit clerks.

Dallas Raines was the best pit clerk, for the best casino boss, at the best casino in the world.

They worked shoulder to shoulder every night for years. Naturally, their relationship wasn’t just business. They carried on a highly sexual relationship for years. Around town, they were simply known as the Castles.

Then, out of nowhere, she announced that she was leaving him and Caesars’ to marry Jackson Monroe, a world famous Wall Street trader. Victor was puzzled, Tommy was stunned.

After an elaborate wedding that made the tabloids, she took off, on a round the world honeymoon. Other than a postcard under the Eiffel Tower, he hadn’t heard shit from her since.

And now, she was there in front of him.

She tossed the wet newspaper on the floor, and threw her arms around his neck, “I’m so happy to see you! I have so much to tell you,” and began kissing his neck.

Tommy returned her hug, and lifted her chin,“I’m listening babe,”then gave her a quick kiss.

She held his hand and led him to the small sofa, “I left Jackson. Miserable bastard.” Then reached through his arm and laid her head on his shoulder.

Tommy looked at her quizzically,“Here? You left him here?” and pulled the drapes back a couple of inches to peer out.

She laughed, “No silly. I left him in Vegas.” He ran the back of his hand down her cheek,“I’m not going to say I told you so, but...” then kissed her hair.

“I know, I know. But, he was so wonderful at first. I didn’t know he was a bad guy, until they came to arrest him for insider trading. Anyway, I divorced him in August.” She nuzzled under his neck. “I should have married you when you asked me.”

He had asked her right after the M&M’s (his hooker girlfriends, that he lived with) but, they turned him down. She turned him down, too, thinking he was fooling around.

“I was a fool Tommy. I’ve always been so comfortable with you.”

Dallas gave him a soft kiss on the lips.

He looked downat her green eyes, “ Might have saved us both some grief,” then lit a cigarette, which she immediately took from his lips to hers. A long, slow drag filled her lungs. “God, I’ve missed smoking. What happened at Caesars? You and Victor get into another beef?”She released it through her puckered lips.

He stood and went back to the mini bar, “No, nothing like that. We just finally quit fucking with each other.”

Tommy grabbed a couple of beers and leaned back against the counter. “No, this time it was just time to go babe.” He walked back over to her, and handed her a beer.

She exhaled her smoke, in her beer bottle, as she took a swig, then giggled as she watched it curl its way out. “Go? Where?” Then fingered the tip, letting the smoke wash over herorange tipped finger, as she looked at him and dropped her heavy lidded eyes.

Combined with her body and her stunning face, she oozed sex; like smoke wafting under a door in a hotel fire. It was always there and smoldering.

Her voice was still a breathless whisper.

He sat down next to her again and replied, “Gambling opened up down in Mississippi. Thought I’d go check it out.”

The news smacked her in the face.

She almost choked on her next inhale, “ You’re kidding, right?” then spewed it from the side of her mouth.

Tommy saw a strange look on her face, “No, why?”

She grinned, “Small world, baby. I’m headed there myself. Well, I was until the asshole I was riding with kicked me out in the rain.” Smoke poured from her mouth. “‘Another bastard.”

Tommy leaned forward, put his hand over the back of the sofa, then turned to her. “I’m lost. So, you left Jackson and hooked up with some new guy?” She turned her head to kiss his hand. “No baby. I went back to Vegas, after Jackson was arrested and figured I’d start singing again.

But, I didn’t want to go back to Caesars’ and face Victor. He’d warned me about Jackson, and I just didn’t want to deal with him so soon. So, I caught a gig at Palace Station, a pretty nice gig actually, decent dough, short hours, and then the other night, the entertainment director made a move on me, and I slapped him and walked out. I met some dude the next day at the Horseshoe Club, and he said he was headed to Biloxi. I asked if I could hitch a ride. I forget how fucking irresistible I am sometimes. He wanted to stop in El Paso for the night so we could bed down together. You know I don’t do that shit with strangers. So, he opened the door, booted my ass and suitcase out, and drove away.”

Cue the angels music.

She continued, “Sitting on my ass in the rain, I just looked up and saw you walking in that door. Room 206..” She nodded at the door, “ God does look out for fools.”

He hugged her, “You’re no fool Dallas Raines. You just have lousy taste in men.”

Tommy glanced around the room, “And, I don’t see a suitcase darlin.”

“Oh, shit. Hang on.” She stood and started for the door, then looked back over her shoulder,“I assume I can stay with you tonight?”

“Dallas, you know better than to ask.”

She stepped out into the rain, and barely dragged her suitcase over the threshold. He got up and dragged it the rest of the way in, and shut the door. “Fuck Dallas, what have you got in here? Jackson’s body?”

“I wish. It’s all the shit a girl like me needs to look pretty.”Like she wasn’t pretty enough already. “I need a shower baby. Be right back. Don’t start without me. On second thought, you can start without me, just don’t finish. I’ll take it from there.” She turned and slipped into the cold tile bathroom.

Normally, he would have joined her, but since he had already showered and was dead tired from the exhausting drive, he pulled back the covers and slipped under them. It had been a long drive, and he was tired.

She finished her shower, and came back out and turned out the bedside lamp. Then slid in next to him and spooned tight against his back draping her arm over his shoulder.

She whispered, “Ohhh Tommy.We always did fit just right. I’ve missed you.”

He wasn’t asleep. Hmmm. Fucking a knockout like Dallas Raines, was not really on his list right then, but fate had separated them, and now fate had slapped them back together. Plus, she was an outstanding lover.

He rolled over and caught a glimpse of her wet lips, “I’ve missed you, too. Now, want to talk?”

She cruised her creamy lips across his, “Talking is not on my mind honey.”

She whispered, “Hard to talk with my mouth full.” Then she started slowly kissing his chest, as she worked her way past his belly button, to his fully erect cock that was sledgehammer hard.

“My, my...there’s my old friend...looks like he's missed my sexy lips.” She kissed it several times before taking it deep in her mouth. “MMMmmm.." She talked to the head, " I remember you.”

Suddenly she was on top of him leaning on his chest with her hands. His cock resting against her pussy lips, but not in..

“Still love me? Yes... I fuck your brains out. No... I roll off and go to sleep.”


“Dallas, I love you, but...”

“Shhhh. That’s good enough. I know you’re a cunt hound, and this will probably end up going nowhere as usual. I’m not asking for a commitment. I just want us to we’ve done a million times before.”

They made crazy love for hours, checked off as many positions as they could remember, each remembering every detail, of where the other liked to be touched and when to touch it.

She pulled off him gasping, "Ok, just one more time."

"Ahhhhh, come on Dallas. It's 2:30 in the morning. We've been at this for hours."

She lit a cigarette, "Hey, we have lot of catching up to do, but you're right. Let's just take a few minutes and share this cigarette , and then we'll have a nice strong finish. I bet we'll sleep like a baby after that." She slurped thick smoke up her nose and exhaled it the same way.

Tommy sat up as she put the cigarette between his lips. "What's this strong finish you're talking about babe? We've already done missionary, you on top, standing, sitting with your back to my chest, doggy style, sideways, and one leg on the dresser.

She took the cigarette from his lips and dragged hard on it, turning the tip bright red. Then she snuffed it out, as she exhaled through her nostrils. Turning her head to him, she grinned, "69, baby. You know that's my favorite thing to do with you. I love having your nice big cock stuffed in my mouth, while you eat my pussy. And when you take both hands and spread my ass cheeks apart...I go fucking nuts. Then when you squirt the first shot in my mouth, it just triggers this massive cunt dump all over you. Oh, man...let's get busy. Ready?"

Forty minutes later, according to the red numbers on his bedside table, he fell asleep, with her head on his chest.

At 7:55 the next morning, after another nice round of sex, they showered together, repacked, and walked out of the motel room 206.

As they went down the outside stairs, to the parking lot, Dallas looked around, “Baby, I don’t see your cute little Ferrari.”

“I divorced it, along with both Mercedes, my house and my Cessna.”

He pointed at the Cadillac by the steps,


She smiled, “Of course not. That’s not who I am sweetheart. You know that. As long as it gets us there.”

Tommy raised his eyebrows, “Keep your fingers crossed,”then kissed her, as she slid in. He walked around to the other side ducked his head getting in.

It was a beautiful sunny day. The parking lot was still rain wet, but the rain made even El Paso smell great.

“Top up or down?” he grinned.

She leaned over and kissed him, “ You’re the boss. Always have been, always will be.”

He smiled, “ Ancient history sweetheart. I’m just an unemployed casino worker, like you.” Then dropped the top.

“You’re a lot more than that. I’m betting on you darlin’. You’ll get hooked up with a fabulous job right away.” She scooted next to him, “I just feel it.” and laid her arm over his shoulder.

He started the Eldorado, “You do huh? What am I going to do with you?” then dropped it in drive and sped off back onto I-10.

“Funny, I was asking myself the same question about you. I mean, what are the odds Mr. Gamblin Man, that I end up on my ass, in the rain, in front of the very motel, at the very minute, that you were stepping to your door. And, in El Paso, Texas, huh? Think about it. Five seconds either way, and we wouldn’t be together now. It’s some kind of sign.”

She gave him a quick kiss on the cheek.

He had thought about it most of the night and had come to the same conclusion. “Yeah, it’s definitely weird.”

Then he asked, “Got any dough?”

She shook a Marlboro from his box, lit it and blew the smoke in the air. “Some. Enough I think to last until I get my settlement around Christmas. You?

He grinned again, “Some, but I do need to catch a job reasonably fast.”

She tugged her arm though his, “It’s going to be fine now sweetheart. We have a few bucks and each other. I’ll take care of you, and watch your back. You do the same for me. Deal?”

He nodded, “Deal.”

She offered him her creamy lips, for a quick kiss, then propped her bare feet on the dash, took a drag from her cigarette and began singing Patsy Cline’s “Crazy” along with the radio.

Dallas was a surprise to him, but not unwelcome.She was everything, he loved in a woman.

Not only could she be elegant and refined, and could have married Royalty; she was just as comfortable, in a shit kicking bar with sawdust on the floor, sucking back a long neck beer with a cigarette still in her lips.

Her smoking style was wickedly sexy, and she knew it. She could walk slowly by ten men sitting at the bar, and glance over, drop her eyes, nibble on her bottom lip, and you could almost hear the erections moaning against ten zippers.

Yeah, she was sultry, bawdy, drank too much, and chain smoked. Her language was colorful, even though she spoke several languages fluently.

Fearless in bed, nasty as hell, and totally at ease with him clothed or naked. She preferred naked, as any woman with her body would.

A customer at Caesars’ told her he’d like to get in her pants. She smiled and replied, “What for? I’ve got one asshole in there already.”

Funny, direct, and Dallas Raines all the way.

In the early days with Tommy,she actually put a funnel inside her pussy lips, and shined a flashlight in so he could look deep inside her and tell her what he saw.

Crazy. Daring. Charming. Exquisite. Dallas Raines.

He was comfortable with her. They had history.

So, if they were both so perfect, why hadn’t they married?


They worked in a party atmosphere every night, and they both had severe weaknesses, for the opposite sex. Two players, one relationship equals disaster.

Maybe things have changed. Tommy was pretty laid back now. Although, he was never one of those guys, that sweated shit. Ok, he lost a few million bucks, his ex -wife was a tramp, and he was for now, unemployed.

But, he had promise, hope, confidence, and the greatest piece of ass on the planet sitting next to him, and he knew she would be there forever if he asked.

Not so bad really.

Besides, something would turn up. It always did.

Twenty years ago, he moved to Vegas with $1300 borrowed money. Within twenty four hours, he had bedded three women, won seven grand playing golf, and began a relationship with the M&Ms’ that lasted a dozen years.

Now, with four grand in his kick, a trunk full of designer clothes, and the fabulous 29 year old Dallas Raines on his arm, what’s the fucking problem?

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