Reckless sex-Lola

Reckless sex-Lola

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Lola leads him down the hall to the bedroom she shares with her husband. Once inside, they must confront what they had already done and what they were about to do alone in the bderoom. They had until midnight before her husband Sal came home. Would they stop now? Or continue down the reckless course they were on?


Lola leads him down the hall to the bedroom she shares with her husband. Once inside, they must confront what they had already done and what they were about to do alone in the bderoom. They had until midnight before her husband Sal came home. Would they stop now? Or continue down the reckless course they were on?


Submitted: March 04, 2012

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Submitted: March 04, 2012



She took his hand and led him down the hall to the bedroom she shared with her cheating husband.

Once inside, she closed the door, turned and leaned against it. Tommy sat on the edge of the bed and looked at her.

Lola was not like Alexis, charming, cool and prudish. Or Raven, the Man Eater who promised him everything and gave him nothing. He figured her for a prick teaser, and hadn’t seen her since that night at Scandals.

Dallas wasn’t around to satisfy his sexual appetite, and while the girls at work had been playful and willing, they were all very young, and careless. It was no secret he was banging two or three of them regularly, so clearly they couldn’t keep their mouths shut.

But, Lola Conte , ah, she was different. A wife, mother, a former Miss Nevada that could keep her mouth shut, and unlike Alexis and Raven, could and would deliver. She posed against the bedroom door looking like a pin up poster from WWII. Even in her sweatshirt, she was a knockout. Perky tits, nice tight ass, and a face that was suitable for any magazine cover

 And right then, she was his.

“You ok sugar?” Lola asked with a broad grin.

How could he tell her he wasn’t? How could he tell her this might be a mistake? He honestly didn’t know, but he had to try.

“I was just thinking...maybe we should talk about this first.”

Lola sensed it immediately, so she walked over to him and said, “Second thoughts?”

He nodded, “How about you?”

“Sure, I always regret fucking around when I’m married. This isn’t my first rodeo sweetie.”

“Then why do it?”

She sat down and draped her arm over his shoulder, “I used to ask myself the same thing. I could blame it on my husbands, I’m on number two now. I mean, no woman likes to be ignored or isolated, or made to feel unloved. I’ve had all that and more, even now with Sal. I know what his business in New Orleans is, and I don’t believe for one minute it has anything to do with business. He’s fucking someone, probably a teeny bopper young enough to be his kid, and thinks nothing of it.”

Tommy knew that was a fact, but he wasn’t going to throw his boss under the bus just to get laid.

“Ok, so ...what’s the problem?

Lola reached for her cigarettes on the nightstand and lit one quickly, “The problem seems to be me. I love sex. I love sex a lot. My first husband couldn’t keep up with me, but he was miles ahead of Sal. Hell, baby...I masturbate every day, sometimes more than once, but once for sure.”

She sucked on her Marlboro, “I’m no tramp, but I’m definitely fuckable. If I had more time the other night, I would have fucked you on the spot, right in the front seat of my Cadillac But, I didn’t have the time, thinking Sal would be home any minute, which of course he wasn’t. So, you and I had sex, unfortunately you weren’t here.”

He leaned to her smoky mouth and kissed her softly, “Sorry I missed it. But, I’m here now. But, we don’t have to do this.”

Lola dragged on her cigarette before snuffing it out. “Have to and need to are two different things. I’m a big girl sweetie, and know the risks. You know as well as I do it’s going to happen eventually. It needs to be done. Now, seems better than eventually.”

Tommy found her truly irresistible, but wanted to caution her, “As long as it’s just late night phone calls either way...just straight sex.”

She didn’t hesitate, “Deal. But, straight sex doesn’t appeal to me. I have a very good vibrator for that. I need passion, deep wet kisses, strong powerful hands squeezing my ass, my tits...I need to be fucked hard and often. I’ll give you all I’ve got, and going to expect the same from you. No boundaries, no hang ups, no guilt, no bullshit. If you want to fuck me, then do it.”

He slipped his t-shirt and shorts off and lay naked on the bed. Lola did the same and laid next to him leaning on one elbow. He put his arm around her so she could rest her head on it. As she did , she reached behind his head and kissed him a few times, softly, then a little harder. She saw his erection from the corner of her eye, and took him in her hand. “My, my...this calls for something special.”

The something special was pressing the tip of his cock to her lips, and rubbing it over them. She looked up at him running her tongue around her lips and said, “ I just knew you were going to be like this”

He replied, “Like what?”

She rubbed him against her face as she said, “Big, hard as a rock, and delicious. We’re going to have fun.”

And he was hard as a rock, harder than she expected. Lola tossed her right leg over him and straddled his cock. He massaged her big tits while she rubbed it against her eager pussy. She didn’t try to put it in because she didn’t want to rush things.

 Lola wanted to play, and loved the way his thick cock felt in her hand. She began stroking him from the base down, letting her hand slide gently over his soft, wet tip.

Tommy smiled and said, “Try both hands. Just make sure it’s slippery.”

She giggled, “Oh, I can definitely get it slippery. Watch.”  

Lola reached between her legs and collected her trickling juices and used them as a moisturizer on the head. She gripped his cock tight and worked her juice around on the head with her soft feminine thumbs rubbing against the head slowly and firmly.

She pulled his skin back and lovingly caressed the once covered flesh with her tongue. ‘Mmm, this is the best spot. So damp, and slick.mmmm.”

She kneaded it, rubbed it, kissed it and circled the rim with her tongue wildly.

Lola made love just to his cock for a few minutes before she took him in her mouth fully. He brushed her long red hair from her face so he could enjoy the view. A great blowjob requires some visual stimulation, and she gave him that for sure. She lowered her wide open mouth all the way down on him and sucked from her throat. Watching her red lips wrapped around his cock made him groan, which delighted her, so she paid him back by humming. The vibrations caused when a woman hums with a fully loaded cock in her mouth can sometimes be dangerous. She drew her mouth off slowly, looking him in the eyes as she asked, “Scale of 1-10?” He cupped her chin in his left hand, “I’d give it a solid 9” then kissed her softly.

She  replied, “I was hoping for a ten!”

“I tend to wait for the payoff before I go passing out praise.”

“Oh, I plan on doing just that, sugar. Fuck me first, then you’ll get your payoff!”

She sat up and slipped the head between her pussy lips and urged herself down on it. All the way down. Lola moaned loudly as she wiggled herself against him.

Her pussy was leaking, sending her juices down his balls until it reached his asshole, where it ducked inside quickly.

She tossed her head back and forth causing her long red hair to fly around her face in slow motion. Her hips began thrusting as she leaned down giving him access to her swollen nipples. Lola increased her thrusts as he reached to the base of his cock and rubbed her clit with his thumbs until she came hard. Her mouth was wide open, her warm eyes were closed, and she went silent and breathless as she felt her juices pouring from her.

He moved over her like a cat, tossing and tumbling her on the bed.

Suddenly, she was on her back with her legs pointing in different directions as he bundled her ass in his hands and shoved his cock back in her ...producing squishy sounds.

She whispered, “Yes, yes, yes, it.” she moaned, encouraging him to pick up the pace. He went into the push up position allowing her to wrap her long legs around  his ass. Lola had plenty of men in her life, but no one ever made her feel so sexy.

Tommy pounded into her faster and faster until her calves began quivering over his ass. “YES! Harder baby....fuck me as hard as you can. I want it!” Tommy got up on his knees, grabbed her ankles and held them together and tossed them on his right shoulder, making her already tight pussy impossibly tight.

She cried, “ YES! Just like that. Oh God, Oh God...I’m about to cum.” Tommy was fucking her as hard and fast as he could, not even slowing down as she gushed all over him. He just kept pounding -driving her crazy. The squishing sounds were probably heard down the street.

Lola Conte had never been fucked like this. She felt his big balls slapping against her ass and knew they were full. She urged him, “In my mouth honey.” Tommy pulled out as she rolled from under him and grabbed his cock and put it to her lips as she slipped a finger in his ass to stroke his prostate. It was just in time for his first shot which hit her open reed lips perfectly. She took control of him and jacked and pointed his next shot at her tits, then back to her face, all the while finger banging his tight ass.

Soon, it was everywhere; her tits, her face, her hair...she stroked his cock hard and squeezed his balls for the last squirt. “ Yeaaaah, baby!

Afterwards she laid down on him, “ fucked up!!”

“How? Looked like you enjoyed yourself.”

“I enjoyed myself? Honey, that was a hell of a lot more than enjoying myself.”

Lola rubbed her chest with both hands spreading his results over her big tits, then licked her hands clean, and continued, “This was way over the top. Now, I’m going to want you all the fucking time, not that I haven’t wanted this since we first met, but that was out of curiosity. Now, since you’ve satisfied more than my curiosity, I’m going to have to fight the damn cravings.”

She lit a cigarette as he lay on his back with his hands behind his head, completely satisfied, and feeling good about fucking Miss Nevada.

Lola exhaled and continued, “Why couldn’t you just lay on me and fuck me nice and easy like normal guys? Your cock was more than enough to make me happy. You didn’t need to throw in the gymnastics, and the sexy noises. And, that little thrust thing at the end was spectacular, and I loved your expression when you came in my mouth. Damn, really are one of those guys aren’t you?”

“What guys?”

“You know, those guys that have it all. Looks, brains, charm, finesse, and fuck like a porn star. A heartbreaker; that kind of guy. You fucked me so hard, I almost passed out, or was that your goal?”

“You left out arrogant, stupid, and selfish. But, you told me you wanted it all. That’s what you got. But, you gave as good as you got babe, so I’ll be thinking of you, too.”

Lola was stung. Now, she knew she was falling in love, which was the last thing she needed. This relationship was going to be a challenge. How was she ever going to have sex with three minute Sal again?

She asked, “Are you hungry? Hell, baby...We started at 11 am, and now, it’s 2 o’clock in the afternoon.”

“I’m starving.”

“Go take a shower, and I’ll run in the kitchen and whip up something. Then after we eat, let’s go across the street to the beach and lay around this afternoon; then when it gets dark, we can fuck some’s that baby?”

Tommy rolled out of bed and headed for the shower with his diminishing erection flopping in between his legs. He turned at the door, “Give me ten minutes.” Lola replied, “I think I just showed you I’ll give you anything you want, any time you want it. Ten minutes.”

A very naked Lola scampered to the kitchen and set the timer on the microwave for ten minutes, then shuffled off to the other bathroom to check herself in the mirror. The person in the mirror had a cigarette dangling from red lips partially open, smoke still trickling from her nose. Her makeup was a mess, her eye shadow damp and sticky. Her mascara made her look like an owl, and her nipples were dark purple and burning.

“What the fuck happened to me?”

She sucked hard on her cigarette before dropping it in the bowl, then bent over and splashed water on her face as she exhaled. Lola was an experienced cheater though, and in less than two minutes, she emerged from the bathroom looking like she was going for one of those mall glamour shots.

Still naked, she raced to the master bedroom, and heard Tommy still in the shower.

Quickly, she grabbed her sweatshirt and shorts, tossed her wet panties in the clothes hamper,  and ran to the kitchen. Leaning against the breakfast bar, she punched a leg in her shorts, then the other one, before slipping her sweatshirt back on. Afterwards, she took a quick look in the dining room mirror, where it had all started, and tousled her red hair and touched up the edges of her glossy red lipstick with her pinkie nail, before scrambling back to the kitchen. She pulled a  microwave bowl from the fridge and slid it in the stainless steel microwave. She glanced at the cock on the microwave. Perfect. -18 seconds.

A broad smile greeted him as Tommy came out in exactly ten minutes, looking like a fashion model for GQ.

He wrapped his arms around her waist and she reciprocated. “Smells good. Spaghetti and meatballs?”

“Yep, leftovers. My baby like?”

“I like. Especially the baby part.”

She leaned back and looked in his eyes, “You like me calling you baby? Or was it the possessive thing that did it for you? As in ‘my baby’?”


She snuggled up to him and wrapped her arms around his waist. “I like that. I like thinking of you as my baby. Is that ok?

He kissed her softly, “Does it make you happy?” He pulled out a barstool for her.

“It makes me very Does that make me ‘your baby’ too?”

He sat on the barstool and crossed her long legs. “You’re my baby today. Let’s just take it slow for now.” Then she nibbled on her bottom lip. “I might want to step on the gas.”

He quipped, “Speed kills” then began twirling his spaghetti around his fork.

“Have you always been so witty?” She grinned and did the same.

The look in his eyes told her he wasn’t. He loved the snappy banter, “Have you always asked so many fucking questions?”

So she played along, “Only when I know it annoys someone. Are you annoyed?” then shoveled spaghetti in her mouth.

“That sounded like another question.”

“Sorry...just one more.”

He finished his spaghetti and shoved his dish to the side. “I’m listening.”

“On the beach...more sex?” Lola finished and lit a cigarette,

“There’s a couple of things we left out earlier. I don’t generally leave things out, but I’m chalking it up to the hurried nature of the event.”

A thick smoke ring drifted in front of her, “I hope I didn’t miss anything when I thought I was fainting. That would definitely be a bummer.”

“I slurped on your pussy.”

“You did not. I’d remember that. But, it’s certainly on the menu. So nice that you brought it up. I’d hate to miss it twice.”

‘I prefer it with no sand.”

“I’ll do my best to dust it off for you.”

“Now who’s the witty one?”

“You must be rubbing off on me.”

“Hope it washes off. I still work with your nutty husband.”

“Maybe someday that’ll change.

“Not too big on somedays. I’m more of a NOW kind of guy.”

“I’m NOW?”

“You’re now.”


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