Raven...the Goddess of Biloxi

Raven...the Goddess of Biloxi

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


What man wouldn't worship a tiny woman with big tits and tiny waist. Big brown eyes, and succulent plum blowjob lips? Ok, she looks like a litte girl, but she's over twenty one, and much too sexy for her own good. Tonight, she finally finds Tommy after meeting him one night two months ago. He hadn't forgotten her, and as you'll see, she sure hadn't forgotten him, either.


What man wouldn't worship a tiny woman with big tits and tiny waist. Big brown eyes, and succulent plum blowjob lips? Ok, she looks like a litte girl, but she's over twenty one, and much too sexy for her own good. Tonight, she finally finds Tommy after meeting him one night two months ago. He hadn't forgotten her, and as you'll see, she sure hadn't forgotten him, either.


Submitted: March 04, 2012

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Submitted: March 04, 2012



It was the Saturday night before Christmas when he heard a familiar voice from the crowded casino aisle. “There you are!” Raven walked over to the ropes cordoning off the pit from the crowds. “Got you caged up in there huh?” He glanced down at the ropes surrounding the casinos main pit, “Necessary evil. How are you? Haven’t seen you for a long time.” He bent down and was going to kiss her cheek, but she put her hand on his chin and turned his mouth to hers for the kiss. “Not my fault. I told you I was easy to find. You just didn’t look.”

He couldn’t argue with that. He’d thought about it more than once, but dismissed it. She was too young, way too hot, and well, just way too much. Raven was like a hurricane. Dangerous, daring, no regard for things that didn’t concern her. She was reckless, edgy, and way too much woman for her ninety pound frame.

Her makeup was heavy and dark. Raven wasn’t glamorous, but she was stunningly beautiful. And, so far in his life, young, stunning women had always disappointed him. They were usually too scattered and fickle for his taste.

So, any relationship with young Raven had to be just sex; mainly just to see if he could hang on for the full eight seconds.

He answered her, “I’m sorry. I thought of it , but frankly, I didn’t think you were all that interested.” She snapped, “Really? Then why am I here? I don’t gamble. And why did I go all the way to Mobile to get you this?” She handed him a big shopping bag from Barney’s Western Wear.

“What’s this?”

“A hat.”

“I don’t wear hats.”

“So I heard. That’s because you didn’t own one. Now, you do.” He peeked inside. A large hatbox announced it was a “Stetson”.Before he could say thanks, she spun on her ice pick heels and stormed off in the crowd. Tommy looked at Sal who shrugged his shoulders, “Well, go get her. I’ve got this.”

Tommy stepped over the ropes and trotted after her down the aisle. He stopped in his tracks and stood with his hands on his hips by the bar. Looking up and down the bar, the bartender nodded at the door. He bolted out and caught up to her just as she was about to open the door to her red Ferrari. “Hold it. ” He said as he grabbed her tiny hand. “What do you want? Let go of me.” He tugged her tight . “You don’t want to leave.”

She looked up at him and slapped her hands on his chest, “Yes, I do.”

He leaned down and kissed her neck. “No, you don’t”

Raven squirmed, “Yes, I do.” He held her even tighter.

“No, you don’t.”



Now, a frustrated Raven, “Tommy, what the fuck is the matter with you. Are you crazy?”

“I might be, but I’m just trying to thank you for the hat.”

She purred softly, “Kinda late. I bought the fucking thing two months ago. Figured you’d come around looking for me. But, you didn’t! So, now, it’s your Christmas present.”

“You said you needed to think about me.”

“As you can see, looks like I did.”

“And?” he said playfully.

She grinned, “I decided to give you another shot.”

He laughed, “Oh, you did? Gosh. How can I possible thank you Goddess?”

“I'll figure something out.” She jumped up and wrapped her legs around him. Beat him on the chest. Now, are you going to kiss me hello? Or, are you just going to let me hang on you like a fucking monkey?”He kissed her quickly a couple of times teasing her. Like should he?

But, being cautious was not her style. “Oh shit.” She held his face in her hands and deep kissed him until his cock was about ready to pop out his waist band. The kiss stirred her, too. “Come home with me. Spend the night in my bed.” She slid down his body.

“I’m working. I get off at 2 am.”

“Fuck, are you always going to be such a pain in the ass? I didn’t ask you what time you got off. I know your hours, your days off. I also know after you get off tonight, you don’t have to be back here until 6 pm Tuesday, so we have plenty of time to figure this out.” She cupped her hands around the flame of his lighter, and dragged on a fresh cigarette.

He slipped his lighter back in his slacks. “Looks like you have some of it figured out already.”

A perfect smoke ring floated in front of her face. “ Am I going to have to do all the thinking for us? Hey, buster, I’m the one that came looking. It would be nice if you helped me out a little. Or do I have to carry the ball the rest of the way?” The moonlight behind her highlighted her exhale. He drew her close, “Ok, I’m right here. What can I do to help you figure this out?”

“I told you. Come home with me.”

He wrapped his arms around her tiny body, “ Look, it’s 11:45. Give me your address. I’ll get there as quick as I can.”

As she leaned against her Ferrari, she dragged again on her cigarette. “No, I’ll come back inside and wait for you. We’ll take my car home. That’s better.” The parking lot was dark, but had lights along the seawall that backlit her tiny shape. Her silhouette blowing a perfect stream of smoke from her lips was camera worthy. God, she was sexy.

He asked, “Why is that better?”

Smoke trickled from her tiny nose, “Fuck! You are going to be a pain in my ass. First, I don’t need to throw any more shit on my sterling reputation. I live in a nice quiet neighborhood. I don’t need a strange car in my driveway for the next night or two. Second, if you don’t have wheels, you can’t get away. You come home with me, I say when you leave. Remember?”

“Got it. Who, when, where. I remember.”

“Good boy. I hope you remember something else from that night.” She held her cigarette hand behind his head and kissed him passionately. She pulled from his lips, and gazed in his eyes. “I do.” He said as he pulled her against his erection. “ That feels nice. It makes me crazy knowing I did that to you. Come home with me, and I’ll take care of that. Or, I can take care of it now, and later, too.”

“I don’t have time. Let’s go back in. You grab a seat at the bar, or go into the restaurant. Tell them to send me your check.” He bent down and cruised his fingers over her lips before he kissed them. It was enough of a kiss to melt her defenses. Her heart soared. “Damn it Tommy. Don’t fuck around with me baby. I’m not so good at this romantic shit.”

“Funny. I figured you for a romantic.”

“I’m not. Now, let’s move this along. I can’t wait to be alone with you.” She kissed his lips hard, then dragged again on her cigarette and tossed it, scattering embers in the gulf breeze.. They walked back in hand in hand stopping just inside the doors by the front bar.

He touched her cheek as he bent to kiss her.It was a sweet kiss, nice and soft. Most men wouldn’t want to be seen kissing her in public she thought. Most decent men anyway. He must be different. She held the back of his neck and kissed him again slowly.

She grinned at him as she straightened his tie. “Now, go.” He smiled and started away. She grabbed his hand, “Oh, Tommy?”

He turned to her, “Yes?”

“Don’t forget your hat.”

He pointed his imaginary pistol at her and made a clicking sound with his mouth while staring in her eyes.

She shot him right back, sat down on the only vacant stool, and said under her breath, “I’m fucked.” That little thing with the imaginary pistol thing gave her the chills. She rummaged through her handbag for her cigarettes. She found her Marlboro Lights, and felt the pack. Empty. She crushed the pack in her tiny hand, “Uh, bartender?”

The handsome silver haired bartender stepped over, “Yes, Miss?”

Raven leaned forward. “Is it possible to get a pack of cigarettes...and a shot of tequila?”

He leaned across the bar, “Miss, you can have anything you want.”

“Oh...why’s that?”

“You’re Tommy’s girl. Marlboro Lights?” She leaned back and nodded. Tommy’s girl sounded nice to her. It surprised her thinking of herself as anyone’s girl. The bartender picked up his alligator clicker and squeezed it a couple of times. Suddenly, a cigarette girl appeared with her tray full of cigarettes. She glanced at the bartender who simply nodded and said, “Marlboro Lights for Tommy’s girl.”Simple as that. Raven slipped the girl a five and said, “Thanks baby, this is for you.”She put a new cigarette between her glossy plum lips as the bartender extended a light. She glanced at his name tag, “Thanks, Freddie.”

“Not a problem...Mrs. Castle.” Fifty year old Freddie winked. Raven leaned over the bar shaking her head, “I’m not really..” and slipped him a five for his help.

“I know. Tommy’s a great boss. He won’t mind.” That struck a nerve with her. “Is he really?”Freddie replied, “Yes, really. I take it you don’t know him well?”and handed her tequila shot. She took it from him and slammed the shot down in one gulp. “Ahhhh, that was nice. No, I don’t know him well. We’re sorta just getting started.”

Freddie smiled as he stepped to a thirsty customer. “Good luck . Mrs. C.”That got her attention. “Do I need luck?” He slid a frosty beer down the bar as he took a closer look at her. Smoke crawled slowly over her wet lips as her eyes met his. “I take that back. You don’t need a damn thing, Miss. Just relax. You’ll do fine.” Freddie walked down the bar and left Raven to her thoughts.

Ok, he’s a great looking guy, classy, dresses really nice, and he’s a great boss according to Freddie. And, at least for tonight he was hers. Her heart skipped a beat thinking about it.

No more Goddess or Man eater for her.Tommy’s girl sounded better.

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