Not in Mississippi

Not in Mississippi

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Tommy was taking his break on the outside deck staring at at the shimmering gulf. He heard the big steel door shut behind him and turned to find a beautiful black woman walking towards him carrying a cocktail tray. She was on break, too. Now what?


Tommy was taking his break on the outside deck staring at at the shimmering gulf. He heard the big steel door shut behind him and turned to find a beautiful black woman walking towards him carrying a cocktail tray. She was on break, too. Now what?


Submitted: March 18, 2012

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Submitted: March 18, 2012



Tommy went out the big steel door leading to the outside stairs. He liked to go topside for his breaks, so he took the stairs two at a time, and plopped down on one of the steel chairs next to the railing, where he propped his feet on the middle rung, and lit a cigarette .

The beef with Lola was still on his mind. How could she accuse him of cheating? He was single and SHE was married. Hmmm

He heard footsteps on the steel floor, and looked up expecting to see her. Maybe she had changed her mind.

But, it wasn’t Lola.

She was black, around 5’10”,slender, with trim legs, flat tummy, ample tits, and as usual, luscious lips. Definitely Tommy's kind of woman.

Tommy had heard the other bosses talking about the black cocktail waitress, that had an ass you could strike a match on.

“ you mind if I join you?” The stunning young black woman asked.

He stood and pulled out a chair for her. The metal chair scraped across the metal deck of the boat making a shit load of noise. "Sorry about that. Break time?” Tommy asked.

"Yes, Mr. Castle...I take my break every night...about this time.”

She sat the tray on the metal table and took her seat, then crossed her legs and folded her arms under her tits, which made them look even bigger.

“You know my name?”

“Of’re like second in command here on the boat...we all know who you are...or should.” She picked up her Newport’s resting on her cocktail tray, slipped one in her mouth and leaned to Tommy’s Dunhill.

“Second in command? I must have been promoted...I’m just a pit boss...actually one of 4 pit bosses.”

“Uh huh...but, everyone thinks that you are the top dog down there, notMr. Conte.”

“And your name is?”

“My name is Jackie,Mr. Castle. Jackie Brown...and no, I’m never been a flight attendant smuggling cash for drug dealers. I get that all the fucking time.”

“Well, being compared to Pam Grier is nothing to sneeze at. She’s really beautiful. But, Sal Conte is the boss here on swing.”

“Ok, whatever you say.” She flicked her ash over the railing.

“I say a lot of things..for are a stunning woman...I don’t see you around much.. Now, why is that Mrs. Brown?” He said glancing at what looked like a wedding band.

“I don’t get to work the main pit . Yourpit. They have me stuck up here in nickel slots.”

“You can’t make any dough in nickel slots...I’m guessing you never worked in a casino before?”

“No, you can’t, and no, I haven’t....I’m not going to be in this one much longer if I don’t start making some money.”

“So, tell me your story Mrs. Brown...everyone has one.”

“Uh huh, ...we all have one...and it’s Miss...not Mrs....but to you, I’m just Jackie.” That was encouraging news.

“Ok, 60 seconds or less...give it to me.”

“27 years old, California girl, college grad, Long Beach State, married and divorced before I was 22...have a son, Travis, age 6, former aerobics instructor, bi lingual, no boyfriends, and don’t want any.”

Jackie was leaning on her elbows staring at Tommy as she gave him her 60 second bio.

“We have some things in common Jackie.” He said as he leaned back in this chair with his hands behind his head.

“Besides working here?" She shook her head, "I don’t think so.”

“What do you mean?”

“Can I speak freely?” She flipped her cigarette over the railing sending red embers flying everywhere.

“Of one here but us...go ahead.”

“Well, to begin with, I grew up in Watts...the hood Mr. Castle...the only way out was to marry my way out. I had no scholarships, no trust funds, hell, I still don’t know who my daddy is. My mom was a prostitute, so my father was probably just some dude passing by."

Cocktail girls only get 15 minute breaks and use that time to smoke as many cigarettes as they can. Jackie was no different.

She lit another cigarette and puffed smoke from the side of her mouth as she continued, "Now, you on the other hand, probably grew up in a nice normal “Leave It To Beaver” home, with a brother and sister, and a great big dog named Duke or King...I can tell you’re educated, you dress well, probably rich,and every female on this boat is ape shit over you.” She said what she had to say then regained her pose, with her arms folded under her tits.

He leaned forward and answered, “I doubt that, but Jackie, when I said we have some things in common, I meant it. I was raised in California, too. Born and raised in Hollywood, I’m also a college grad, and I am also bi lingual....and my dogs name was Sparky...a Jack Russell”

Jackie exhaled and laughed... “Oh Sparky...I love that.. Hollywood and Watts are only a few miles apart geographically, but a million miles away culturally...”

Tommy leaned against the table resting on one elbow. “I know where Watts is...I was a cop in LA...a million years ago.” She leaned forward and took his pose. “Now I can see you being a’re a big dude...I bet you were a good one, too.” Jackie tossed her head back, as she exhaled laughing.

“No such thing as a good cop in LA...probably why I flipped to the dark’s much better.”

“You are an interesting cat...women seem to be drawn to you....and it’s not just your have a way about you that’s really ...I don’t know...smooth, comforting.” She leaned back and smiled.

“I never heard those words attached to me before...I’m no preacher babe.”

“I hopenot...I don’t like being preached to..” She sucked hard on her cigarette, before releasing it slowly.

“What do you like?”

“Oh, I like to play. I like to watch people. I like men.... sometimes women.”

“So you zoom in and watch for a while, then make your move?”

“Something like that..I’ll give you an example...last night I stood by the rail and looked down on the main floor...and for some reason, every time I went over and looked down, I found myself searching for you. So, I’ve watched you and wondered what you’re really like. I really wanted to meet you and talk to you, butnow that I’m sitting here with you face to face all I can think about is kissing you.” She exhaled her smoke softly, washing their faces with her warm smoke.

He leaned back and paused. “Ok, that’s a nice story...but complete, what do you want?” Tommy was used to women using sex to get ahead in a casino. Not his first rodeo.

Her not so subtle attempt, at seducing him had failed miserably, so she took a more direct approach. Jackie leaned forward and uncrossed her arms. “ got me...I want out of nickel slots. I need to work in the pit...your pit. That’s where the cash is...everybody knows that.” She ran her hand through her hair, and took another deep drag.

“And you figured if you fucked me...I would just give it to you?”

“Something like that.”

“Those jobs in my pit are given out by seniority...when were you hired?”

“Day fucking one...just like the rest of those girls in your pit. But, somehow, I didn’t get on the casino floor. Instead, they stuck me up here in the attic carrying heavy trays to old ladies who don’t tip, or if they do, it’s a fucking dime or quarter...last night, I pulled in $11.00 bucks...”

Tommy’s girls in Pit One average $200 a shift in their hourly wages.

Tommy smiled, “Well, your life is about to change...I’ll get the ball rolling. I promise. Now, it might take a few days, so how are you fixed for cash?.”

“Strapped....I’m hoping I make enough tonight to buy a few groceries before I go home.” Ashamed, she dropped her eyes.

Tommy reached in his pocket, and gave her all his cash...$160.00 . He slipped the cash in her hand. “Take this...”

“I can’t take it..”

“Yes you can....we all need a hand sometimes.”

“I won’t be able to pay you back...”

“Don't worry about it. That money will help you a lot more than it'll help me."

"Ok...thank you. Is there anything I can do for you?"

He laid the cash in her palm and rolled her hand up around it.

"Well, you can go out with me Sunday night."

"I can't go out with you Sunday night. I work."

"I'll fix it." Jackie wanted to go out with him. She really did. But, once again, he was forcing her to tell the truth.

"Tommy, I ...I can fix it myself. But, honestly baby, the reason I can't go out with you? This is southern Mississippi. Black and white here is not like black and white in Hollywood."

"Bullshit. There mixed couples downstairs drinking, and gambling right now." He leaned back defiantly.

"Tourists baby. Tourist do ok here because this is a destination resort. This is Mississippi Beach. Just a mile north of those railroad tracks, and they would be in deep shit. No, baby...we can never date."

"We can be tourists. No one will know we aren't. "

"How are we going to be tourists? Your picture is on dozens of billboards from New Orleans to Mobile. And don't you think people watch TV? I see you on those commercials for the casino every night when I get home. No, we can never date."

"Well, that's just crazy."

"It is what it is. Frankly, I consider this our first fight. I hear make up sex is hot. How about it?"

"You don't have to fuck me for me to keep my promise."

"I'm not talking about thanking you with sex, that issue is behind us now"

"Then what is it?"

"Look, job or no job...I planned on having sex with you tonight. I was actually going to quit tomorrow, but I wasn't about to quit until I had some kind of sex with you. I can't fuck you tonight, butI can do something real nice for you." She tossed her cigarette in the gulf and began unzipping slacks. "Or am I being too forward?"

His answer was to lean back, as she unsnapped his slacks at the waist, and spread his fly open, then pulled his cock out. "Mmmm. I think your cock saw this coming." She bent down and kissed the head, licking his pre cum from the tip. She glanced up and saw his grin, "Looks like you both saw it coming. He pulled her chin up and kissed her softly a few times.

Wanting so much more, she reached behind his head and slipped her tongue in his mouth while she stroked him.

The kiss was long, wet, and more passionate than either expected. She pulled her mouth back a little and rested her top lip on his bottom lip and sucked his chin and mouth at the same time. Her tongue teased and tasted, darted and flicked, "You have me so fucking hot. Play with my won't take much." She slid her mouth over his cock, as he emptied his hot load deep in her mouth, at the same time she had a strong climax of her own. She wiggled on his hand to make sure his hand was soaked.

She cleaned him with her tongue, before tucking him back in his shorts. She sat up and zipped his slacks up, while kissing him softly. Then looked in his eyes. "That was wonderful., baby. Is it true you live in a penthouse at the Towers?"

He lit a fresh cigarette, "Yes, would you like to see it sometime?"

She took it from his lips and sucked on it, then replied, "Sometime like Sunday night?" and handed it back.

"Smart girl. Ok, then Sunday night. 7:00 pm. Suite 801. Now go.”

Jackie nodded, kissed him once more, then turned and went back in,

She had grocery money for the next few days, the promise of a transfer to the money pit, and the taste of Tommy on her lips and in her mind. More than she bargained for certainly.

Tommy took the outside stairs down to the main floor and walked straight to his podium in the pit and took out a transfer request. Effective immediately: Jackie Brown was to be transferred from nickel slots to Pit One with him.

He smiled as he dropped the transfer slip in the GM's box on his way out.

Jackie’s life really was about to change. Maybe it will change even more Sunday night, 7:00 pm in suite 801.

Hmmm. But, this was Biloxi, Mississippi and tensions were high already.

Was Biloxi really going to accept them dating openly? I guess we'll see.

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