My Favorite Teacher

My Favorite Teacher

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


A high school reunion that proves to be much more.


A high school reunion that proves to be much more.


Submitted: December 12, 2012

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Submitted: December 12, 2012



 The Reunion..


The invitation glared back at me from the top of the dresser as I stood in front of the mirrored chest and tied my tie. A high school reunion was the last place I wanted to be on a Saturday night in Beverly Hills, especially a ten year reunion.

I pictured everyone that I had any interest in seeing.

I knew my best friend Danny and his wife, Amy would be there and knew how much they had changed in ten years. Danny had joined a gym revamped his odd shaped body nicely. Oh, he was losing some hair, but on Danny, it looked good. I ran my fingers through my still long dark hair and smiled.

Amy had turned into a smoldering temptress and was now a two pack a day smoker. A very hot two pack a day smoker! She certainly was no longer a shy little school girl.

Then I raced through my list of high school girlfriends. Hmm. I actually never had one high school sweetheart. Serial cheating is part of my DNA so one girl was never enough. Some things never change I suppose.

Then I focused on the teachers. BHH had some knockouts and the one that stood out in my mind was Jilly Sands. Mrs. Sands was my biology teacher my senior year and I paid close attention to her as she walked around the room. Actually, too close. I was never quite sure if she knew I was rubbing the outline of my cock resting on my thigh under the desk, but if she did, she never said anything. My cock started swelling at the possibilities if Mrs. Sands were crazy enough to attend. I grinned at the thought. Would she really be here?

It was Jilly Sands that gave me my first gold chain for my 17th birthday.  It had a gold medallion about the size of a quarter on it with my zodiac sign(Gemini) emblazoned in the face.

Ah, well.

I glanced around my hotel room and took in the grandeur.

At least the accommodations were nice. Familiar, but nice.

The Beverly Hills Hotel was the venue and the entire graduation class of Beverly Hills High, 1987 were booked in the hotel. I was in 304, a room said to have been the home of “Bugsy Siegel” whenever he was in town in the 40’s.

This reunion promised a grand gala full of ‘reminiscence and romance’ according to the invitation I now had in my hand. If there’s one thing Beverly Hills does well, it’s the art of throwing grand galas.

I took the last few sips of my Corona and set the long neck down on the Hemingway dresser with its smoked glass top. The invitation said to bring it for admittance which amused me.

After flying to LA from New York and leaving my grade ‘A’ pussy Lisa at home already had my nuts twisted. Best not be refusing the kid voted “Most Handsome” and “Most Likely to Succeed” entrance to this shindig for forgetting a shitty little invitation.

Yeah, they know me. They left out crazy, arrogant, and obnoxious, but that was only because my father was on the board of directors.

Well, fuck it. I slipped the damn thing in the inside pocket to my two tone black on black Armani, picked up the card key and walked out of 304 and strolled down the red carpeted hallway to the gold elevators.

The elevator ‘pinged’ as the doors crept open. The elevator was crowded with my former classmates and I had to endure, “Hey, look! It’s Garrett! How are you buddy?” four or five times before I stepped in.

Fuck me. This was exactly what I was dreading. All the phony back slapping from assholes I barely knew , and those phony air kisses from girls that used to spend Saturday nights at the drive in movies with their heads in my lap sucking on my cock while I ate buttered popcorn.

Well, it is what it is, so I stepped in already in a foul mood.

My mood changed the instant I saw her.

Jilly Sands was standing stoically in the rear corner and her eyes dropped to the mosaic floor when she saw me. I stopped in my tracks as the glad handers and back slappers continued their greetings and stared at her.

Jilly was wearing a black strapless gown that showed ample cleavage. Her neck was adorned with a black velvet choker with a mother of pearl cameo snugging her skin. With full lips that looked wet and slippery, blue eyes that still gave me chills, and her hair twisted and piled on top of her head, Miss Jilly had my cock straining against my slacks.

As she raised her head slowly and peeked between the crowd’s shoulders, I came back into her view. Yes, we still had snap. Snap is that magical moment when longing eyes meet with such wonder and promise. Her tongue took a lap around her already wet lips before she nibbled on her bottom lip. A single tear formed under her right eye as I stepped through the crowd and took her hand in mine.

“Mrs. Sands.” I pulled the back of her hand to my moist lips.

“Garrett. Lovely Garrett Carr. How wonderful to see you!”

She pulled my hand to her breasts and hugged me with her other hand holding her ‘coach’ handbag, and began rubbing her cheek to mine. Then whispered, “I was hoping to see you here” and kissed my ear softly.

Her warm breath on my sensitive ear triggered an instant erection. We stood in silence as my classmates and her former students resumed their whooping and hollering and just stared at one another. Our hands dropped to our sides where Jilly slyly curled her little finger around mine.

By the time the elevator doors opened, neither of us took a step until it emptied.

We looked at each other and grinned.

“Shall we?” Just two simple words that spoke volumes. The normal person would have assumed she meant ‘shall we’ leave the elevator and head down to the reunion.

But, I’m anything but normal.

I simply took her hand and led her to room 304, slid the card key through the lock quickly and shoved the door opened.

A quick glance and smile told me that not being normal was precisely what the teacher expected of me.

Jilly stepped in first, kicked off her Gucci stilettos, tilted her head from one shoulder to the other as she removed her earrings. By the time she stepped into the bedroom, I had my Italian loafers, my jacket, and shirt off and was working on my belt buckle when she stopped bedside.

She had her back to me and glanced seductively over her shoulder, “My zipper hun?” then shoved her shoulders back causing the dress to loosen as I unzipped it to her ass. The designer dress slid to her bare feet before she turned around and unbuckled my belt and unzipped my slacks causing them to drop to the white carpeted floor. In return, I reached behind her and unsnapped her black bra. She shrugged her shoulders and I caught the bra in my hand.

I had always dreamed of kissing Jilly Sands, and came close once or twice, but her hand always seemed to find my chest just before our open mouths were about to touch. Society’s attitudes towards such behavior was much different in the 80’s and I was only 17 to her 27. It was risky behavior for her more so than me, so nothing ever happened.

That wasn’t going to happen tonight. I felt her smooth hands brush up and across my chest. My arms rested naturally over her shoulders as I watched her nibble her bottom lip in quiet anticipation of the kiss we both had waited for …longed for, for over ten years.

Tears welled in her eyes as her fingers touched the medallion that dangled on the gold chain she had given me a lifetime ago.

Her left hand went to her lips as she smiled and said, “I can’t believe you wore this tonight. How did you know that I was going to be here? How did you know this would happen?”

Jilly shook her head involuntarily, “How Garrett? Why?”

The questions just amped up the sexual atmosphere.

“First, I never take it off. Second, Mrs. Sands, we have always know this would happen sooner or later. Third, you knew damned well that I would be here!”

“Oh, Garrett!”

The intake of air echoed off the vaulted ceilings as we clamped our open mouths tight against one another’s. The nape of my neck felt her delicate fingers stroking softly as our moans filled the room.

I held the back of her neck and laid her on the bed like I would a dozen roses…ever so gently. My eyes roamed her body from her sculpted calves, up her silky thighs, over her landscaped pussy and straight to her pleading eyes.

Jilly scooted back on the bed and leaned against the stack of multi colored decorative pillows. I leaned to her feet and kissed each one softly. She moaned as I moved to her ankles and kissed them, too. My hands needed to feel her golden calves and smell and taste her body lotion that had my body craving hers.

“Oh, Garrett…oh baby…I’ve dreamed of this very thing.”

“I have too…I plan on going nice and slow so I can savor each moment.”

As my tongue licked her inner thighs alternating from one to the other, Jilly moaned , “Oh God…baby, you’re killing me!”

I rubbed her wet slit with my thumbs before opening them by the lips. I stretched them tight and kissed and licked each one separately.

My teachers’ juices were already soaking the white satin sheets when I began lapping at her hole. The prized nub was red and swollen. My mouth fit nicely over her pussy allowing me to suck on it and groan.

Jilly’s legs suddenly wrapped around my shoulders and began shivering. The first squirt hit the back of my throat and slid down. The next one had more volume and pressure as it spilled from the seal around my lips.

My cock was stiff and still as I laid on it. It was ready for action and was about to get it.

Jilly cried out, “Yes..Yes..Yes…..YES!!” as she flooded my mouth with every ounce of her tasty juices. Her ass lifted and bounced up and down against my mouth as she kept squirting.

It was now time to fuck.

I slid up over her tummy and lifted my cock to her anxious pussy at precisely the same instant that she thrust her hips at me. My stiff cock slammed inside her warm hole and brushed her clit as it plunged deep.

Once again, I tasted her ruby lips as we kissed hard and long. It was clear this was meant to be as our bodies meshed perfectly, our union tight and rhythmic.

Jilly moaned, “Oh fuck me baby! I’ve never been fucked like this!” as I began taking longer strokes. The act of fucking my teacher had taken me somewhere I’d not been before. Was it the simple fact that she had once been off limits as my teacher? Maybe it was, but it seemed so much more. 

The difference in Jilly and my ‘normal’ conquest was clear to me. My other women let me fuck them which always made me feel unimportant.

Jilly was fucking me which made me feel loved and desired.

The motion of her lifting her ass off the bed to meet my thrusts was intoxicating. With her arms hooked around my neck, her legs hooked around my ass, and her constant moaning, “I love you Garrett” my balls sucked up under the base of my swollen shaft and emptied themselves inside her.

Jilly screamed, “GARRETT!” and started shaking violently as waves of pleasure slammed between her legs. My cock kept spurting as I kept stroking in and out of her hot pussy, faster and faster until she screamed again, “GAR…RETT!” then squeezed me tight and grunted a long orgasm out, “Uughhhghhhhuhhh!” and flushed herself over me and the white satin sheets.

With resolve I had never experienced, I arched my back for one last thrust. My cock slammed hard to her cervix and coated it with my thick cream.

“Oh God, Oh God, Oh God!!”

My beautiful teacher screamed as her hands squeezed my ass while she pulled me tighter.


I growled as our climaxes met soaking both of us.

We lay in total silence except for the panting for a long time enjoying the afterglow.

“Baby, don’t pull it out yet.” Jilly said breathlessly.

With my elbows holding my weight off her, I replied, “Oh, I have no intention of pulling it out teacher. It took me ten years to get in, and I’m damned sure in no hurry to get out!”

That must have been the right thing to say at the right time as Jilly began to giggle. “Baby, I always knew you would be exactly like this. You definitely didn’t disappoint me, but you did surprise me!”

I finally slid from inside her, swiveled on my ass and tossed my legs over the side of the bed. I combed my long hair with my open fingers and heard the hiss of a butane lighter. I glanced over my shoulder as Jilly lit a cigarette. Smoke wafted around her face lazily as she looked at me. “What?” she asked with a puzzled expression.

“I didn’t know you smoked.”

How was she to know I had developed a smoking fetish?

“I’m sorry. Shall I put it out?”

I answered by kissing her open mouth inhale and licking the insides of her mouth before inhaling it from her. It startled her, but she liked it.

“Now, just where did you learn that neat little trick?”

I took the cigarette with its filter coated in red and dragged on it. “Jilly Sands…you’re not the only woman to ever teach me things you know?”

Jilly joined me on the side of the bed where she dangled her feet as she ran her hand across my back.

“Well, I never taught you any of this..but someone taught you well.”

Our mouths pressed tight once again as we enjoyed a nice long smoky make out session.

Eventually, after another more subdued round of sex, we showered together and redressed for the reunion.

As the elevator doors closed Jilly asked, “Baby, do you really want to go to this damn reunion?”

At first I thought she just didn’t want the class of ’87 to know we were now, at least for this moment in time, a couple. But, after thinking about it for a second, I knew that’s just not who Jilly Sands was.

“I’d be proud for the class to see us together Garrett. If you really want to go, then let’s go in hand in hand. I want you to dance with me and hold me tight. I want my neck smothered in your kisses and your warm tongue licking my lips. I want your classmates to know that tonight, I am your woman….and you are my man.

After a very brief but highly enjoyable period of time in the ballroom, we danced and kissed exactly like Jilly Sands had instructed. Naturally, that made her former students and my former classmate’s crazy with envy.

We went back to 304 and stayed there for four days.

That was my class reunion May, 1997. Unforgettable.









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