Kelly gets her man

Kelly gets her man

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Tommy and Kelly are ready for round two She made him some promises. Will she keep them? She said no boundaries. Did she mean it? I bet she did.


Tommy and Kelly are ready for round two She made him some promises. Will she keep them? She said no boundaries. Did she mean it? I bet she did.


Submitted: March 06, 2012

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Submitted: March 06, 2012



Kelly lay across his lap smoking her after sex cigarette, while Tommy tweeked her nipples, pausing only when he bent to them for a slow suck. She squirmed with delight pouring smoke from her red lips, "Baby, you're something else...I'm having such a great time...and the fact that this is Christmas eve, really adds something, huh?"

"I'd say so." Tommy took the cigarette from her fingers and dragged on it. She pulled his smoky mouth to hers catching his exhale before saying, "Hey, you know how we could really make this even more memorable?" then blew his smoke from her parted red lips.

"I can't imagine."

"How about after we fuck, we try some new know, things we've never done before." Well, since Tommy was much older, and had lived in Vegas with two hookers for years, he couldn't imagine anything new. But, Kelly was just now barely legal and certainly most anything but straight sex would be consdered 'new' to her.

"Like what?"

She turned on her side and leaned on one elbw, "I dunno. Maybe we should just get startedand see what comes up. What do you think?"

"'I think starting is good." He glanced at his watch. He still had to go back and retrieve Eva, who was probably struggling with Kelly's boyfriend. He wondered if she had to fuck him to keep him occupied? Oh, well. He pushed that thought from his head and began toying with Kellys little pussy. And it was little. She lay back and tossed one foot on the dash, spreading her legs to the max. She pulled his mouth to hers for some warm up kissing, not that she needed any, but it did give Tommy some time to reload his balls.

She asked when the kissing ended, "Can you eat my pussy? I'll adjust my position...just tell me how you want me."

He could simply lean down and do it, her being so small, but it was Christmas, so why not spice it up a bit? He said, "If you recline your seat, this sorta turns into a bed. That way we have plenty of room." Kelly leaned over to her side of the car and recliined the seat," Damn, this does look like a bed. Have you ever fucked anyone in here before? This car smells new."

"No, not exactly. I just bought it a few days ago. Kind of a present to myself."

"Perfect. I like beng number one, and I think I'm a pretty nice present myself...don't you?" She cupped her tits and offered him a nipple, which he sucked instantly. His mouth nursed on her tit. "That's right...go on baby. Suck mommas titties real hard." All this momma and daddy stuff was kinda off putting to him, but he dismissed it simply because she was very young and experimenting. So, he went with it.

So, he sucked her hard, and moved down to her young wet pussy. Her lips were butterfly shaped and small. He could tell in an instant that she was more than ready for his tongue as her juices were either left over from twenty minutes ago, or something fresh was going on. He spread her lips and stretched them to accomodate his tongue. When his tongue hit her clit she gasped, moaned, and started bucking against his mouth. "Oh,oh, oh baby." She held the back of his head and pulled him tight against her. She once again started bucking. As her cunt bumped his nose he decided to put her out of her longing, and slipped his mddle finger up her ass. It was a struggle as she was really tight, but he shoved it in up to his knuckle and began finger fucking her hard while eating her pussy.

Suddenly, she came hard. Shaking, quivering, pouring her juices over his mouth and chin. "Ohh God..I'm sorry. I forgot to tell you I cum really quick, and pretty that ok?"

Man, she was young he thought. "No problem. I kinda envy you."

She leaned to his lips, kissed them, "I bet you do. I really need to taste the insides of your mouth. I do love the taste of my own pussy." Kelly slipped her tongue in his parted lips and let it go wild in his mouth. He rubbed her clit with two fingers brushing over quickly, producing another strong orgasm. Once again, she sobbly softly, "Man, what a fucking Christmas. Thank you lover. Did you like that?. Here, put your soaked fingers in my mouth "MMMM. Yummy!. Can we fuck now? I'm dying to have that juicy cock in me. Should I lay down, or do you want it?" He thought about it. At 6'5" , his options were limited. He couldn't imagine having this little Barbie doll under him, or his ass hitting the low roof.

"How about you doing it? Just sit on me, that way you can sorta ease yourself down at your own pace. That way I don't hurt you."

She rolled over to him and tossed one leg over him, his stiff cock pointing at her tummy. She took it in both hands and guided him to her anxious pussy. After rubbing his mushroom shaped head against her pussy, she grinned,"Ok, sugar, here we go." She got on her knees still holding him firmly in both hands and wiggled around until the head broke in."Oooh." Tommy quickly asked, "Was that an ooo or an ouch?"

She let go of his cock, now that it was in position, held her arms out straight and leaned to his chest and looked in his big, blue eyes "baby, that was an 'oh my God' oooo. No ouch. Not yet. But, don't worry if you hear an ouch. I promised you a great piece of ass, and I'm going to keep that promise." She eased herself down a little further, " OK ouch. Give me a sec." she hung her head and dribbled saliva on his cock, her pussy, them wiggled some more. She released the tension in her thighs and slid down...deeper...deeper...then he was all the way in.

Like a little kid that hit a baseball with a bat for the first time, she grinned, and said "Ahhh...see? All in honey. Told ya.I hope it feels as good to you as it does to me, 'cause it feels spectacular to me. I can even feel the veins in your shaft. Can't wait to feel your hot cum gushing inside me." She leaned back off her hands and began rocking slowly. He held her tiny hips in his hands and let them ride with her. Kelly was moaning as she picked up speed. Tommy arched his back and watched the little doll bouncing up and down on his cock. Man, she looked like a toy. Her tits were small and didn't bounce, so he could grab them and pinch them easily. That really fired her up. She went from her knees to her feet, keeping his cock in as she placed her feet flat. Now,with her knees bent, she moved up and down freely, like she was exercising. And she was. Her tits were covered in her own sweat that ran to her tummy, then to her pussy. Kelly was soaking wet as she wanted it deeper, harder...she was almost jumping up and down with his stiff cock still in place.

It happened suddenly; a violent orgasm hit her pussy and she tensed- then leaned straight to his face, looked him dead in the eyes, and whispered, "All for you daddy." then released the tension in her legs and poured her juices from her cunt. "Ahhhhhh..daddy, daddy...tell me you love much as I love you...oh daddy please." Juices continued to gush from her as he kissed her hot mouth, then said,"I love you little girl" and Kelly began to cry as her flow slowed. She fell against him sobbing, "I didn't...I didn't expect....this." then began smothering his neck with warm kisses.

"I didn't either." He said as he caught her parted lips with his. This time, there was no exploring, no teasing. This time the kisses were deeper, more hungry, more filled with passion than either of them had expected. Their mouths were wide open now as they kissed as hard as they could.

Kelly pulled her lips from his.."Tell me this is for real. Tell me you never want anything but this. Tell me. Tell me."

"This is real babe. As real as it gets."

She sat up, his cock still inside her, reached for his cigarettes on the dash, took one out, lit it, then said as she exhaled, "Take me home. I want to be with you all night. I want to wake up with you in the morning. I want to suck you awake."

"What about Bobby?"

"He'll survive. He's probably already back at his place." She took a slow pensive drag. 'I know you're supposed to go get that lady. I heard Sal and Lola talking...What about her?" then sat up, put her cigarette between her teeth, and started dressing.

Tommy slipped his shirt on and buttoned it up part way "I just met her tonight. She has her car." Then he pulled the lever letting the seat back up. "How'd you do that?" she asked. He replied,"The lever is next to that button you pushed to let it down. Just pull up on it." With her cigarette dangling from her lips, she jerked the lever and the seat popped her in the back. 'Wow, if you had a spring like that in your cock, I'd have been outta here!"

He leaned over and kissed her tiny smoky mouth, "Sorry. Ready to go?"

She replied , "I assume your love shack is close?"

"Six minutes."

"Got any love oils know...sweet, fruity, tangy, warm..that kind of stuff?"

"I do. Why?"

"I'm going to need it to get that cock of yours up my ass."

"Sounds like we're in for one hell of a Christmas."

"Fuckin' A daddy. I'm going to fuck you so hard, your rocks will be begging me to stop. Love Kelly, huh?"

He sped out onto Hwy 90 and put his Porsche through the gears. He glanced at her as she lay back, pulled her tiny dress up and spread her legs so she could play with her pussy.. "What are you doing?" he asked.

She sighed, "I want to see how many times I can make myself cum before we get home."

Tommy grinned, "Ok, save some for me."

"From now on, I save everything for you. Get me home and you'll see what I mean."

"More surprises?"

"Surprises are nice, but I'm thinking of something different than a surprise. This time, I'm going for shock!"

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