Kate-The Preachers wife

Kate-The Preachers wife

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


The preachers wife has already violated her vows. Fresh from the shower, what other vows will she break? What else can she give him? Does he want everything...even her soul? If he does...will she give it to him?


The preachers wife has already violated her vows. Fresh from the shower, what other vows will she break? What else can she give him? Does he want everything...even her soul? If he does...will she give it to him?


Submitted: March 07, 2012

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Submitted: March 07, 2012



After a successful romp in the shower, Kate was standing naked next to Tommy who was blow drying his hair. He saw her in the mirror and winked. Kate grinned and thought to herself, God...he's amazing. What do I do now? I've sinned. I've been unfaithful to my husband, my vows,my children. I can't help it. I know I started it by coming here, but didn't actually think it would get this far. just wanted to see what has Kelly so worked up.I fucked him. Now, I know what her problem is, and now, I have the same one. How can I keep him? I must..I must do whatever he wants-whatever he asks of me...I'll do it.

"Katie girl...you ok?"

She snapped out of her trance and hugged him from behind, "Couldn't be better darling. What can I fix you for lunch?"

"I don't know. Something light" He turned and reached around in in a joint hug."We have lots more sex on the menu. I don't want to feel bloated." then bent down and kissed her wet lips. "Are you always going to be like this honey? Kate asked.

"Like what? Naked with perfect hair?"

She kissed his lips and stepped around him to use the blowdryer, "No, silly. Sweet, gentle, kind, loving..."

"What happened to arrogant, selfish, and ungentlemanly?" He asked as he slipped on his Calvins.

"Oh, you're stil all that, but somehow, you wear it well. Or am I just seeing what I want to see?"

He pulled a fresh tee shirt over his head and tugged it down, "We all do that babe. See what we want to see."

"She dragged a brush through her hair, "I suppose you're right. What do you see when you look at me?"

"Beauty, grace, charm,subdued, cautious,caring,scared,reckless, a bit nasty, and very fucking sexy. Maybe one of the sexiest women I've ever been with." He kissed the back of her neck and never left her eyes in the mirror. " You left out guilt." He massaged her neck, 'I don't see guilt. I see a beautiful sexy woman that someone has been ignoring."

"Thank you darling. Tommy...after today, you won't ignore me will you?"

"You have my permission to shoot me if I do."

"Now, that would be a loss for both of us."

"I'd say me more than you unless you turn the gun on yourself,too. But, no sweetheart. Once you're in my life, you stay in my life. I'll never ignore you. Now, let me go. I have to pick up a few things and I'll be right back."

She turned to him, "Baby, what happens if someone calls or rings the doorbell? What do I do?"

"I typically pick up the phone or go to the door."

"You're playing with me and I'm being serious. Are you never serious?"

He pulled her naked body close and said, "I'm serious about this moment. I'm serious about you. Answer the phone, the door...hell, you can run an ad in the paper about what we've done. I have nothing to hide."

"But, I do."

"Do you know ANYONE inBiloxi, New Orleans, or Mobile?"

"No, just Bobby...and you."

"Well, Bobby and I don't socialize, don't run in the same circles and he never calls. So, just relax and get back to making yourself even more beautiful, and don't put your clothes back on. There's a robe in that closet. I expect to find you in it when I get back. And lose the soft makeup. A nice smoky eyeshadow will look great with those beautiful gray eyes, and I like red lipstck on blondes. Make ups in that drawer. If we're going to have fun today, think slutty.Now, kiss me like you love me and let me go." Kate hooked her arms around his neck and kissed him hard. She pulled away from his lips and said, "There... did that feel like I love you/" He nodded. "Damn close. Be right back." he turned and walked out.

Kate dried her hair, then opened the drawer for the make up.She was stunned by how many tubes of lipstck, mascara, andseveral different eye shadows in plastic cases al lined up nice and neat.

She began talkng out loud. "Ok, the man likes women, likes them to look a certain way, picks out their makeup, and likes things orderly. What's wrong with that?"

So, she dusted her eye shadowon her eyelids, drew dark lines around them, andused the long lash mascara dragging them even longer. A quick glance in the mirror shocked her."man oh man Kathryn Madison..where did you go?" She shook her head and pulled out a tube of bright red lipstick and applied it nice and thick. She turned her head from side to side and admired her work. "Damn, that's slutty! Oh, shit. What am I doing? Oh,right. I'm cheating on my husband , and fucking the man my daughter is in love with. If that's not bad enough, he wants me to look like a slut, and it looks like I've accomplished that nicely. All I need now is a cigarette dangling from my lips and I can go right out on the street. Maybe pick up a few bucks

Not bad, Kate, from Waterloo, Iowa. Preachers wife, President of the PTA, Den mother to my nine year old sons Cub Scout Troop #6513, now - slut, cunt,whore,cocksucker. Nice job Kate." Blaze looked up at her like she was crazy. 'Yes, Blaze darling. I'm bat shit crazy. Go lay down and I'l fix all of us something to eat."

Blaze headed back to her big pillow by the terrace doors and laid down. She restedher head on her paws and thought to herself, "Ok, so the woman is crazy. What's new? All his girls are nuts. I'm going to sleep."

Kate came out wearing a big fluffy white robe with TheTowers emblazoned over the pocket. Nice.

She went n the kitchen and had trouble findng the fridge. It was one of those huge sub zero things that matched the cabinets. Finally, after pulling a long succession of handles one finally opened the fridge.Kate stepped back. "What the hell? There's enough food in here to feed half the building.What did he say? Something lite? Ok, how about a nice fresh salad and a bowl of soup. Yeh, that's what I'll give him. Too bad we're going to be fucking the rest ofthe day,I do make a mean meatloaf. Harold likes it. Of course,, he farts for hours after that.. Better stick with the plan."

By the time Tommy got back, she had the meal ready and was sitting at the breakfast bar drinking Napoleon Brandy and smoking a cigarette. She smiled at him as he set the packages down and walked towards her, "Well, hello dear. How was your shopping trip." He walked to her and swept her up in his arms and kissed her wet glossy lips hard, rammng his tongue down her throat. She had her brandy in one hand and her cigarette in the other. Somehow both hands made it to the countertop where she sat the glass down and dropped her cigarette in it. Her arms were hooked around his neck and she was holding him for dear life. His hands shoved the robe from her shoulders and it dropped to the floor. The kiss broke off and they stared at each other.She whispered to him breathlessly, "You want some more pussy baby?'

He answered, "I always want your pussy." then spun her aound by the shoulders urging her to bend over and grab the barstool, which she did quickly. She felt his cock between her thighs and reached back and took it right to her pussy lips. He pushed as she pushed back and it was on. He held her hips and jerked her back and forth violently. She didn't mind. In fact she loved it, "Yes, yes,yes. Make me cum. Make me cum baby!" he grabbed her hair and pulled it back and began pumping hard. "Oh God...almost baby. Just a little harder." He began taking long hard strokes. Bone jarring sex. Harder and harder he pounded as Kates body jolted back and forth. He could sense her stiffening and her pussy muscles were contracting then releasing quickly. He instictively reached down and wrapped one arm under her waist thinking her legs were going to quit on her. Her knees buckled and she suddenly screamed "TOMMY!" and came hard with him.

She spun around and dropped in front of him as he continued squirting. She grabbed his squirting cock and put it quickly in her warm mouth and sucked him dry. She stood and kissed him, 'I do love you. I'm sorry. But, that;s the truth. I haven't done that in years. I wouldn't unless I loved a man, so there it is. Now what baby?" She asked as she held him tight. "I love you, too Kathryn Madison."

"Do you?

"I do."

"OK, I'll take it.Now, let's eat before the soup gets cold."

"Where did you get soup?"

"From the fridge of course. It was in the green tupperware bowl. It looked fresh."

"Oh, it's fresh...it's just not soup."

"Well....what is it?"

"It's just something I whipped up in the blender for the birds." Kate glanced around the room looking for birds.

'I don't see any birds baby." He took her hand and led her across the room where he pushed the button and the drapes and glass doors opened onto the terrace. Kate stood in silence and looked out at the terrace, "A terrace? You have a terrace?" he took her hand and led her out onto the terrace while she was still naked.

" I have a terrace full of birds. They're in the cabana...see?" Kate didn't even notice she was still naked. She walked over and peeked in the draped cabana. A giant screened aviary was inside witha half dozen parrots sitting calmy on their perches. She looked down and saw an identical tupperwaare bowl on the floor."What is that stuff?"

Tommy grinned, "Mostly fish heads, shrimp, octopuss, alll blended together with a lemon and half bottle of Tabasco . They seem to like it."

"And that's what I fixed you for lunch?"

"I hope it won't offend you if I don't eat it."

"You must think I'm an idiot."

"A very pretty one though. Come inside. I got you a few things." He dragged her back inside as she laughed at herself.

He led her to the sofa and sat down next to several large shopping bags .Not grocery bags. Shopping bags from Gayfers, Marshalls, Foot Locker...places like that. "Go on. Open them. They're all for you.. Just dump them out." She put her hand over her mouth, and grunted, "Me?" as he smiled at her.

So, Kathryn Madison (alias Katie the slut) from Waterloo, Iowa began dumping bags out on the sofa. Expensive tee shirts, shorts, a bikini (red), two really nice dresses, two skirts, four blouses, two pairs of Ferragamo stilettos, and two pair of Nike sneakers.An assortment of things from Victorias' Secret and some red lip gloss completed his afternoon shoppig spree.

"Why? Why did you do this?" Kate sat next to the pile of clothes and sobbed. Harold hadn't bought her anything in years.

He moved to her and cuddled her naked body under his arms, "Three reasons. One, if you have a few nice things here, you wont have to worry about bringing things with you next time, Second, Men that love their women like doing things for them." He lit a cigarette

"That's wonderful news. I must be dreamng, and ifam please baby, don't wake me. Wait, that's only two reasons...what's the third?"

"I figured you'd be naked."

She glanced down, "Oh my aching ass. Why didn't you say anything?"

"Call me stupid but I was rather enjoying the view."

"I went on the terrace naked!"

"Yes, and I'm sure it was appreciated by the folks driving down Beach Blvd."

She took his cigarette from his fingers and dragged on it."If you're trying to sweep me off my feet, you did that when you opened the door."

"I do enjoy sweet talk from naked ladies."

"I love you...I don't know how this is going to work, but what is it they say in poker? I'm all in?"

"Me, too. Now let's get back to business. Food, sex, shower....Then we go to New Orleans for somedinnerand dancing, then back here for more sex."

"Ok, I'm exhausted. Anything else baby?"

"When do you fly home?

"I bought a one way ticket. I'll leave whenever you throw me out, orwhenever I die."

"Then you'll be around for a while."

"Do we have dinner reservatons?"

"8:00 pm. Angelos...in the Quarter."

"It's only 1:30. How much sex can we get in by say 5:30?"

"Is that all you preachers wives want to do? Fuck?"

"We're a deprived bunch. Remind me to never introduce you to the other wives.Let's go to bed. I need to thank you properly for all ths great stuff." He grinned, "A simple thanks was enough.By the way, that was a first class job you did on the slutty look. Really fine."

"Thank you and I kinda admired the way you greeted me when you came home. I do get off on that caveman shit. Now...come on Tarzan..Jane wants to suck your cock."

continued to New Orleans...ps.If you like..please leave a brief comment

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