Just breathe..

Just breathe..

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Kelly rolls off Tommy out of breath. Six hours of hot sex was a lot for a barely legal 18 year old. Especially when her sex partner was Tommy. She looked like a Barbie doll, except Barbie doesn't chain smoke, drink, or cuss like a sailor. She was now, Tommys little slut..and today, the slut gets the surprise of her life. Here we go now with...breathe


Kelly rolls off Tommy out of breath. Six hours of hot sex was a lot for a barely legal 18 year old. Especially when her sex partner was Tommy. She looked like a Barbie doll, except Barbie doesn't chain smoke, drink, or cuss like a sailor. She was now, Tommys little slut..and today, the slut gets the surprise of her life. Here we go now with...breathe


Submitted: March 11, 2012

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Submitted: March 11, 2012



"Honey" she asked as she lay on his arm , her chest heaving up and down.

"Yeah?" He glanced down at her and kissed her sweaty forehead.

"Can people die from having sex?" She looked in his eyes.

He grinned at her, "If they're lucky...better than getting hit by a freight train." At 42, he knew what he was talking about.

"I got hit by a freight train -you! How many times have we had sex in the last 24 hours?" She sat up and lit a cigarette, and folded her knees under her chin before tossing her head back and shooting a stream of smoke through her lips.

Tommy slid off the bed and turned to her, "I don't know. A lot..not enough..I just don't keep track of those things." She walked over the bed on her knees and hugged him around his 33" inch waist. "I love you Tommy. I love what we have. Best fucking Chritstmas ever."

"I love you, too precious. C'mon..let's take a shower and I'll take you back to Bobby's." She snuffed out her cigarette and hopped off the bed. "Shower time! I'm starting to look at showers in a whole new way daddy!"

They went in the spa like bathroom and he went straight to the sauna, as Kelly stepped in the waterfall shower. Tommy laid down on the redwood bench and began to drift off to sleep. He was running on maybe three hours of sleep in the last 36 hours. It didn't take long for him to fall fast asleep in the hot sauna.

Kelly took her time under the waterfall, and used his exotic body wash to lather herself all over. She put her fingers to her nose and sniffed. Nice. What's the fragrance? Ahh, mango..yeah, mango. I like mangos. Hard to get in Iowa though.

She used his long brush to do her back since clearly he wasn't comng back anytime soon, and rinsed off in cold water. Tightens the pores, her mom said. Kelly turned off the shower with one finger- it's electronically controlled and then stepped out on the luxurious bath mat.

As a chain smoking teen, the first thing she wanted were her cigarettes, which of course were on the nightstand by the bed. She glanced in the sauna and saw he was sound asleep. His beautiful cock, though flacid now was lying effortessly on his left thigh. Mmmm. Look at that thing. Peaceful as a lamb. But, when it wakes up - it rips my little cunt apart. But, who's complaining? I'll just let him rest....recharge.

Wonder if he'll fuck me again before he takes me home? Hope so.

She grabbed her cigarettes and slipped back in the bathroom and lit one quickly. To her, it felt so decadent. Her girlfriendsin Iowa didn't smoke and said only bad girls smoked. That suited her just fine. She wanted to be bad!

She wiggled it with her teeth as she inhaled and exhaled several times in a row. She leaned to the mirror with the cigarette still between her teeth.

She turned her head left and right. Something's missing? Shit. Sexy red lips. Almost fucked up. He wants my lips red and glossy!

She reached in the drawer and pulled out her red lip gloss and applied it nice and thick. Satisfied that she was sufficiently ready for hot kissing and cocksucking, she slipped her robe on and went out into the sunken living room. She looked around for Blaze, his massive female German Shepherd, and was shocked to see Blaze sitting calmly at some womans feet. The woman looked right at home, casually drinking a glass of wine and smoking a cigarette.

Kelly gasped, "Who the fuck are you?" and tightend the sash on her robe. The red headed bombshell replied, "I'm Dallas Raines, honey...your Christmas present."

Dallas was his pit clerk when he worked at Caesars in Vegas. She had a chance encounter with Tommy in El Paso as he was on his way to Biloxi, and decided to come with him and check things out. They were not just co-workers. They had been and still were lovers after many years.

Dallas was 29 now, and was tall and slender with great tits ($7,000) worth paid for by Tommy. She had a perfect coke bottle figure that matched her stunning face. Big green eyes, ridiculously long eyelashes, a small delicate nose perched over full pouty orange lips. Shiny? Oh, yeah. No one knew Tommy and his likes and dislikes better than Dallas.

How did she get in? She used her key to the door in the hall, and why did she have a key?

She lived with him.

Dallas had been away a few days to see her sister n Miami for the holidays. Tommy called and asked her to come home as a surprise for Kelly. And, here she was...Playboys Miss June standing right there.

"MY present?"Kelly choked on her inhale.

Dallas sashayed over to tiny Kelly and laid her arms over her shoulders, and looked down in her eyes.. "Tommy called and asked me to come home. I live here...in the spare bedroom."

"That's your stuff on the bed?"

"Uh huh...and in the bathroom."

"I don't get it. I've been with every minute for the last twenty four hours. When did he call?"

"Around 1:30 this morning. I got here as fast as I could. Am I too late?"

"Gosh...I don't know. Tommy's supposed to take me back to my fiance any minute now. How did you get here from Miami so fast anyway?" Kelly sat next to Dallaswho was stubbing out her cigarette. Then turned to Kelly,"Apparently, you haven't known Tommy very long?"

"Not quite 24 hours. Why?"

Dallas leaned back and crossed her legs, "Sugar... if you're one of Tommy's girls, you come when he calls Period."

Kelly sucked the last of her own cigarette before smashing it out.

"Wait, so you're not boyfriend and girlfriend?"

"Oh, hell no. Been there, done that. It's better this way. He does his thing, and I do mine."

Kelly fired up another cigarette, "Uh, how many 'girls'does he have?" then exhaled.

"Lots. Honey, with men like Tommy, one woman is too many and a dozens not enough. He's addicted to women, and fortunately, for him, women are addicted to him , too. I assume you love him already?" She took the cigarette from the Barbie doll and dragged on it.

"Gosh, yes I bet I've told him a hundred times...he said he loves me, too."

"I'm sure he does. He said you like to call him 'daddy'?" Kelly grinned, "Yeah, sick , huh? I don't have a thing for my dad though. I just get real hot saying it. Crazy."

Dallas put her arm around her and drew her under her arm. " Not sick or crazy, baby. I'd like to be your mommy....would that make you hot?" Kelly looked in her eyes, "Oh my God...my mom is super hot...I get weak in the knees even thinking of her like that". She relaxed and snuggled up to Dallas.

'Tommy said you've never been with a woman before."

'"No...no, I haven't. Kissed a couple of my girlfriends a few times just playing around....but I'm thinking that's about to change, right?"

Dallas sucked on Kellys cigarette, then slipped it between Kellys red glossy lips. Kelly sucked hard on it, and Dallas snuffed it out. "Yes, baby...things are about to change for you...sure you want this?"

Kelly reached behind Dallas' head and stroked her silky red hair, "Are you ever going to kiss me? I'm ready."

Dallas let Kelly pull her mouth to hers and let her taste her orange lips a few times. Kelly urged for more. Dallas pulled back, "Slow down precious...we'll get there. Men are in a hurry to get their dicks in and drop a load. Making love to another woman takes time. Slow, easy touches.....something like this." Dallas untied Kellys sash and let her robe fall open.

"Oh, God." Kelly gasped. A smoking hot full grown woman was staring at her perky nipples. Dallas barely touched one as Kelly gasped again. "Ohhh." She circled Kellys nipple with her painted fingernail before running it softly down Kellys side. "Mmmmm. I'm tingling."

Dallas replied, 'Me, too." then stood , hoping that Kelly got the message to undress her. Kelly shrugged her own robe off and stood and pulled Dallas' sweatshirt over her head before dropping her shorts. "You're so beautiful." Kelly said as she checked out the statuesque beauty standing in front of her, then eased her panties off. "Oh my God..." She looked up in Dallas' eyes and said, "Lay down with me...right here..I want to lay with you for a few minutes and enjoy this."

Dallas repled, "Now, see...you're catching on nicely...Nice and slow.." Then laid down and pulled Kelly down to her. She kissed Kelly's neck softly..Kelly shrugged her shoulders, "Baby...you're making me nuts with those kisses..my little pussy twitches every time you kiss me like that."

"Mine does too...would you like to touch it?" Kelly grinned, "More than anything." Dallas opened her legs slightly and took Kellys hand directly to her mound. Kelly watched her own hand rubbing another womans pussy and noted, "Bigger than mine." and continue to rub it softly. Her small fingers brushed over Dallas' pussy, a few times before she slipped her forefinger in. Dallas smiled and moaned softly, "It's going to take two or three baby." Kelly moaned, "Right" and slipped two more in her. Dallas bucked her hips and groaned. "Mmmmmm. Nice baby...now, go ahead and finger fuck me. Go on...it's alright." Kelly leaned on one elbow and nibbled on her bottom lip as she finger fucked Dallas. Like that mommy?"

"Little harder doll."

Kelly leaned forward, "Ok..let me know if it hurts..." then slipped another finger in and started pumping. "Yes! Just like that...oh God ..kiss me...kiss me while you fuck me." She turned Kelly by the chin and caught her open mouth with hers. Dallas was a full grown woman deep kissing the barely legal teen so hard, Kelly began to sob as her four fingers slammed into Dallas brushing her swollen clit with each stroke. Both women gasped as they broke from the kiss. Dallas sat up and pulled Kelly up, "Fuck me, baby...rub your cunt on mine."

"How sweetheart?"

"Just scissor your legs like this and slip one leg under me, and match up your pussy to mine. You'll like it. After we get going, hold both my hands and lean back, then we buck against each others clit...just like fucking a man, but nothing goes in us. It's all outside stimulation...Got it?"

"Got it.."

She slid her left leg under Dallas' right leg and snugged up tight against her pussy. They locked in a passionate embrace with their tongues tasting the insides of each others mouth...moving to their lips, then back inside their mouths. Kelly almost choked when Dallas' long tongue went down her throat, but she kept going. Dallas pulled from the kissing first, forgetting for a moment just how much 18 year old girls liked to kiss. "Baby, take my hands now and lean back and we'll fuck each other."

"Ok," Dallas held her arms out straight and Kelly took her hands. "Lean back as far as you can sugar and don't let go of my hands...C'mon...Fuck me little girl !" Kelly leaned back with her arms extended, too, and began thrusting her hips up and down feverishly matching Dallas thrusts. The sex was bone jarring as their hair whipped across their faces, sweat trickled down their tits, and their pussys were soaking wet. "Yes!...Yes baby...fuck your mommy...harder"

Dallas was pushing her clit against Kelly as hard as she could "That hurts!" Dallas replied, "Good, take it like a big girl...you want to be a slut don't you?"

"Ohhhh, mommy...your little girl is a slut... a fucking cunt, too." Kelly's breathing quickened as Dallas called her everything in the book.

"Cunt..you're a little cunt whore aren't you baby?"

"Yes, yes ...I'm such a cunt...cum for me mommy...pu-lease cum.". The women came hard together. A joint "Mmmmmmmmmmmm." echoed off the marble floors.

Dallas pulled Kellys mouth to her dripping pussy."Eat. Eat me slut..." and pressed Kellys mouth tight against her pussy. She held her by the back of her head and squirted inside her young mouth. Kelly swallowed and laid down, "Now me mommy. Eat me!" Dallas slid down and went right to it. She was experienced and knew how to eat pussy with the best of them. Technique..Yeah, Dallas had techinque.

It didn't take long for her to have Kellys legs in full involuntary quivers. Like when you tickle a dog by his back leg and his leg goes into spasms. It was like that.

"MOMMY!! MOMMY!! Here it comes" Kelly exploded in Miss Junes mouth...and they both loved it. They were tired, sweaty, soaked in each others juices, but they had a great time getting to know each other..in every way. Kelly leaned over and kissed Dallas' soft orange lips. "I love you mommy." Dallas repled, "I love you, too..Merry Christmas...now, let's have a drink and a cigarette, and go wake Mr. Castle...you up for a threesome, or do one of us take you to what's his names house?"

"You guys come first. When you're through with me...then we can talk about taking me home. Besides, this whole thing was to let my hair down and get slutty. I'm a good girl in the outside world Dallas... I asked to be a slut...I needed an outlet for this side of me. Tommy, and now you, gave it to me. The sex, the smells of sex, the sounds, even the cigarette smoke...damn, it's all so decadent. It's all mine now...I can go back to Iowa and put on my pretty pink dress and go to Church on Sundays and be a good girl. But, as long as I know I can have this in my life,, too...I'll be able to stand it.I love you both so much. I am so fucking happy. You both take my breath away."

Dallas kissed her young lovers soft red lips," We love you, too Kelly. Now, just breathe."

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