Jack Of Hearts

Jack Of Hearts

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


My boss had some inportant papers that needed his young wifes signature and naturally, I agreed to take them to her. I got more than her signature.


My boss had some inportant papers that needed his young wifes signature and naturally, I agreed to take them to her. I got more than her signature.


Submitted: December 23, 2012

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Submitted: December 23, 2012





From the Garrett Carr files


Jack of Hearts


Los Angeles, California

August 14, 1992



It was just another hot muggy day in LA. You know the kind. Men with their ties loosened, women on the street fanning themselves, crowds of kids around an ice cream truck. I was pretty warm myself since my employer at that time, the notorious Skank magazine had us in temporary quarters while they built their new building on Spring Street.When I say temporary, I mean one of those modular boxes that are dragged to an abandoned parking lot, set up, and rented by the month. Swanky it was not.

Around quitting time, the old man, Louis Appleby dropped a stack of papers on my desk after knocking my feet off of it, and said, "kid, take these to my house tomorrow morning and give them to Mrs. Appleby. I'm flying to New York tonight, so I wont be going home. Wait for her to sign them, then drop them off at Valley Bank. Got that?"

"Yeah, boss. Your place, Mrs. Appleby, signature, Valley Bank...got it."

"Good. Now she's not an early riser, so make it around ten AM. ok?" I nodded as I lit a cigarette and blew the match out from the corner of my mouth. I grinned as the sixty year old waddled away mumbling to himself.

Woodrow Appleby was one of those self made millionaire assholes that got in the business selling magazines door to door. From there, he became a crew chief, then route leader, then district manager, then regional, then national sales manager, and well, after ten years, he had stored enough nuts away to buy the struggling group of magazines out. The rest, as they say is history.

I stopped at Murphy's Bar on the way home to grab a cold one since my fridge had taken a crap too. I had just settled into my fourth tap beer when I was nudged by one of my bar mates, a classy looking woman of about fifty who was clearly on her way to a wicked hangover.

"How you doing sugar?" The once beautiful rose lipped maiden asked with a cigarette dangling from her wet lips.

I ran my fingers through my long mane of sandy hair and considered some possible answers. If I said "fine" the conversation would be over, and I would continue to drink making myself and my swelling cock most unhappy. As I never liked pissing off my cock, I was forced to say something that was clever enough not to get slapped, yet provocative enough to incite some enthusiasm.

"I'm doing ok, ma'am. But, I could sure use some attention from a beautiful lady right now."

That did the trick. Within three minutes Sally Barrett and I were getting better acquainted on the double bed that Murphy kept in the back room for those not sober enough to find their way home. Yeah, it was a bit on the sordid side, but Sally was a good suck and fuck, and it was air conditioned back there.

I glanced over my shoulder as I tucked my shirt tail in at my latest conquest. Did I really fuck that? There's nothing sexy about seeing a half naked woman lying face down with one leg dangling off the bed, and her high heel about to drop to the wooden floor.The snoring was a nice touch, too.

I shivered as I stepped back into the bar, asked Murphy for a cold one to go.

"I got to bag it Garrett. You know the law."

Oh, yeah. The law and I were old friends. Now, bagging a single beer in a bag that is clearly for a beer bottle seems kinda silly doesn't it? But, since I had already run afoul of this crazy little law, and spent four hours 'detained' and fined $106 bucks, I nodded at Murphy who bagged my beer and handed it to me.

"On me Garrett. Don't open the damn thing until you get home."

"You got it Murph. Thanks. Here's a ten for a cab for Miss Sally. Make sure she gets in it."

Well, I'm a prick, but not one to leave a damsel in distress.

I pulled under my carport just after ten PM, trotted up the outside stairs, swung the door open to 206 and was greeted by my attack dog named 'Killer'. He was as ferocious as they come for a three pound Chihuahua and my best friend in the world. Some men came home to the pit pat of little feet and arms wrapped around weary legs. I took great pleasure coming home to the quiet and playful yapping of my little fawn colored Mexican friend that only responded to me if I spoke Spanish.

A quick order of Chinese food that I always shared with my companion, and we were off to the sack. Killer was always anxious to crawl under the covers and nest down my my feet. Nice in the winter, not so much when its hotter than Hades in a tiny one bedroom apartment.

The next morning I showered, shaved and fed Killer his Cheerios and trotted back down to my tried and true Chevy and sped off to Bel Aire. In the world of the rich set in LA, there's Hollywood, Beverly Hills, the trendy Brentwood, and finally Bel Aire...the home of the uber rich of Los Angeles county.

I cranked down my window and pushed the button mounted on a sculpture of Adonis and made the announcement that I had arrived with urgent papers for Mrs. Appleby's signature.

The electric gates swung open and I pulled down the cobblestone driveway and parked by the side of the massive English Tudor mansion and hopped out papers in hand. My finger was still on the button when the door opened. A tall distinguished looking man answered the door.

"This way Mr. Carr. The lady is in the drawing room and is expecting you. Would you mind sir, removing your shoes?"

I glanced down at the best pair of shoes I owned and grumbled as I kicked them off my feet. I followed the man to the drawing room where Mrs. Appleby was having coffee and a cigarette. The noise behind me was my escort shutting the huge pocket doors of African walnut. I didn't bother looking back since the view was so much nicer straight ahead.

Smoke oozed from her plum glossy lips as she summoned me to her mahogany table. It felt strange walking in stocking feet to a woman that looked so glamorous at ten in the morning.

Mrs. Appleby was simply a stunner. Jet black hair worn long and straight. Perfect bangs, eyebrows that arched perfectly, ocean blue eyes, a slender delicate nose and lips to die for. From my vantage point, I could see up to her upper thigh as she had her legs crossed under the table. An erection of some sort was forming against my zipper as I stood in front of her.

"Sit down Mr. Carr."

I sat but not before noticing how beautiful she was up close. My mind couldn't wrap around why someone like her would be with old Woodrow Appleby. I figured her for forty or so. A damn hot forty. Then I remembered where I was as I glanced around at the ornate furnishings and classic artwork spaced perfectly along the honey gold walls. Money. Money is what gets one a house and woman like her.

"I understand you have papers for me to sign?" Mrs. Appleby snuffed out her plum stained cigarette in the crystal ashtray and slid it out of the way. I pushed the stack of papers to her and leaned back.

"Damn baby. How many of these do I need to sign?" My eyes were fixed on her lips. Maybe it was the way the smoke drifted around them. Maybe it was the way she licked them. The lip nibbling didn't help. I felt my cock pressing hard against my zipper.

"Just the ones with the little arrows ma'am" I said as I coughed into my fist.

She turned her head to me and said, "It's Dolly Mr. Carr, and why are you staring at my mouth? Do I have something on it? Jelly or something perhaps?"

Dolly fingered her lips during a perfect cone shaped exhale. My better judgment prevented me from making a leap for her tight then!

But, I cleared my throat and said, "Yes, Dolly...may I?" then reached across the table and used my pinkie finger to swab the edges of her perfect mouth. I had to at least try to touch them, and short of making a complete fool of myself by making an improper advance, well it was all I could come up with on short notice.

"Do you play cards Garrett?"

I noticed her fidgeting with a deck of cards. What was she up to?

"As a matter of fact I do!"

Maybe I could entice her to a game of strip poker.

"I have a hunch you want to kiss me. Am I right?"

Obviously my game was showing.

"It's occured to me."

Dolly grinned and replied, "Ok, I'll cut you for a kiss."

Well, that sounded promising, but I had never been successful at cutting cards.

"High card gets to deliver the kiss." Dolly said slowly and seductively as she placed the deck on the table.

My hand was steady as I cut the deck and revealed the ten of diamonds.

"Not bad Mr. Carr, but I think I can do better. If I do, you'll be getting more than a simple kiss."

Now how could I possibly lose?

Dolly reached for the deck and lifted it as she cut it. Without looking, she announced, " Jack of Hearts."

I had underestimated my opponent. It was clear to me that she had stacked the deck.

Suddenly, she grasped my pinkie and rubbed it over her creamy lips before sucking it in her mouth. A small accumulation of plum lipstick had accumulated under my nail. I heard my heart pounding when she tried to dig it out with her tongue.

My cock went to defcon 4 as she worshiped my pinkie rubbing it over her mouth and chin. It reached defcon 5 when she stood and walked around the table, spread my knees, and got on hers, then positioned herself between my legs.

Dolly clearly read my mind as she reached for her bag sitting on the table, pulled out her cherry lip gloss, applied it generously, then lit a fresh cigarette. I had taken the bold step of un-zipping my slacks and spreading my fly open as far as possible. My hand went instinctively to my aching cock and began massaging it to blast off strength.

A broad wet smile came from her luxurious lips before she puckered them for a long inhale from her cigarette. That had me so excited that pre cum pooled at the tip.

My bosses wife then bent over and kissed my cock head with smoke trickling from the edges of her mouth before taking my fully engorged cock in her warm, smoky mouth. The sensations were new to me, since a smoky blow job had not yet been discovered in the mainstream of pop culture. Dolly bobbed up and down on my proud cock, leaving ringlets of cherry lipstick at each new level on my formidable shaft.

She paused briefly and still with my cock in her hand she asked, "If I get you off now, can you go again right away?" then stared in my eyes as she licked my cock like a popsicle. I knew this was within range of my capabilities so I just nodded and it was on.

Dolly sucked until her cheeks caved in as if my shaft were a straw to the thick cream in my ball sacks. The accompanying hand job had me spurting ropes of white cum over her mouth and up her face! Completely uninhibited, she scraped the cum from her face and quickly ate it, then cleaned her lips and fingers as I stood and dropped my slacks and boxers to my bare feet where I kicked them across the gleaming hardwood floor. By the time I looked up, her satin robe was on the floor, her stiletto shoes were off and she stood before naked as the day she was born save the butterfly over her landscape pussy.

I admit I was a bit nervous since I didn't know the whereabouts of the butler, and I knew that the Appleby's had small children roaming around somewhere. She sensed my nervousness as she unbuttoned my shirt and slid it from my shoulders.

"Don't worry Garrett honey. The kids are at summer camp in Big Bear, and no one ever enters this room when the doors are closed."

The next thing I knew, she was flat on her back on the big leather sofa rubbing her pussy for me. I assumed we were either going to fuck or have a sweet mutual masturbation session, either of which I was up for.

What I wasn't prepared for was Dolly Appleby.

"Garrett...come here darlin and lay between my legs. I'm about to give you something special!" I was on the leather sofa in seconds lying between her soft smooth legs watching her masturbate hard and fast. Instinctively, I got on my elbows and opened my mouth wide.

"Baby! oh, baby...this is for you lover!" A steady stream of her juices blasted to the back of my throat for a few seconds until I was forced to swallow. My closed lips didn't stop her. She simply brushed her clit with two fingers and sprayed over my face. I blinked a few times but enjoyed the rawness of such a beauty that had gifted me with the most precious thing she possessed.

Dolly and I spent the day together at her mansion in Bel Aire. I fucked her in every imaginable position that I could think of, plus a couple that she had up her sleeve. From missionary, to her on top, then cowboy style, reverse cowboy, doggy style, then her standing with one leg over the back of the sofa while I took her from behind while massaging her big tits.

Then we did it with her back to me on the sofa where I could hit her g-spot with ease.

We only broke for a few minutes so she could sign the papers and have a quick drink and share a cigarette. I handed the papers to the chauffeur through the crack in the pocket doors and gave him instructions to deliver them to Valley Bank by five PM.

Then we went upstairs. I left the next afternoon.

Dolly Appleby and I still see each other to this day. She has remained one of my dearest friends, and is in fact the mother of my only daughter.

Thank God for the Jack of Hearts. Our daughters name? Jackie, of course.




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