It Is What It Is...

It Is What It Is...

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


My interview with an older woman with a very different lifestyle.


My interview with an older woman with a very different lifestyle.


Submitted: December 14, 2012

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Submitted: December 14, 2012



Curious Sex..



Los Angeles, California-June 16, 1994




I was on a new assignment for Curious,  a monthly men’s magazine that featured the new ‘alternative lifestyles’ types of stories along with an abundance of photos of naked women.

Today, I was to interview Olive Borden, a 68 year old widow that was reported by a competing rag to be on a journey of self-discovery after her husband of fifty years suddenly passed away in his sleep.

My employer at that time was another men’s magazine called, Vital, who had agreed to loan me out for this assignment.

So, Curious sent me of all people to check it out. I was 24 years old.

Olive lived in the Hollywood Hills in a mansion once owned by one of the Champagnes. The rental car I was provided had no air, no power windows, and lousy brakes. All very important when it’s summer time in the California hills.

The struggling import also had serious issues with it’s lack of power and barely made it to 145 Canyon Drive. I managed to pull past the aging stucco towers that signaled the entrance and chugged up the driveway.

The car was just a little hotter than I was when I pulled to a squeaky stop. I hopped out and grabbed my suit coat since Olive was reported to be very big on proper attire and grooming. I wet the palm of my hand and brushed my long dark hair back and patted it down.

I bent down to the side view mirror and cranked it up to check for wild things hanging from my nose or moustache. A quick head turn left and right, then I grinned, stood up, straightened my tie and headed up the broken concrete path.

The door knocker looked medieval as my hand smacked it to the giant door.

The door opened slowly… so slowly I found myself leaning to the side to sneak a peek. My eyes blinked involuntarily as I stared at the dazzling beauty staring back. She was tall, slender and had a perfect figure that featured a nice full rack. There was no way this was a 68 year old woman.

I gulped and wet my lips before sputtering out, “Olive?”

The stunning redhead said, “Are you Garrett Carr?” then dragged provocatively on her white filtered cigarette.

I swallowed hard and replied, “I am…and you are?”

Footsteps clapped down the wooden staircase to my right as an unseen voice said, “That’s Connie Manning Mr. Carr, my companion.”

I lowered my head to see the origin behind the graveled voice with $1500  shoes.

The voice came closer and spoke again, “I am Olive Borden” then glanced at the towering grandfather clock. “I’m so pleased were off to a good start. Thanks so much for being prompt” then extended her right hand which I took to my lips and kissed immediately.

Now, why would I do that?

Olive Borden looked like one of those old time movie stars. Gorgeous black hair that trailed off her neck and rested on her ample breasts, a satin complexion with no signs of aging, and extraordinary lips coated in deep plum lipstick made my cock dance in my pants.

The way she postured herself with one hand resting on her designer gown, and her elegant demeanor just told me this was the type of woman that expected her hand to be kissed.

Naturally, I used this opportunity to scope out this mysterious maiden from her toes to her tits before pulling my lips from the back of her hand.

“Oh, my Mr. Carr…you are a delight! Come with me dear into the solarium for some refreshments and a nice chat.”

Olive kept hold of my hand as she led me to the solarium (we all have one of those don’t we?) and sat me down on the overstuffed Ethan Lane sofa, then took her place across from me in the matching chair.

A low coffee table with ornate legs sat on the Persian rugs between us.

Olive then slipped a cigarette to her shiny mouth and before I could stand and drag my lighter out she had the flame of her own gold lighter to the tip. The sight of her puckered lips seeping smoke had my cock awake as it begin to swell and push itself to my zipper.

Connie saved me embarrassing myself when she came between us to place the refreshment tray on the coffee table. That gave me just enough time to reposition my cock unnoticed, except by Connie who had her eyes trained on my groin as she bent down. The accompanying wink and grin told me this had the makings of an interesting interview.

Olive then asked, “How shall we start darling?” as Connie took her perch on the arm of Olive’s chair and draped her arm over the back and made herself comfortable by crossing her legs exposing herself to her ass cheeks.

My cock twitched once more as I stammered, “I’d say at the beginning Mrs. Borden..after the passing of, God rest his soul, your dear husband.”

“Aww, that’s sweet of you Mr. Carr, but God’s certainly not resting that nasty bastard’s soul. I assure you he’s precisely where he needs to be!”

Olive was clearly not in mourning as she glanced up at Connie who instinctively bent over and kissed Olive’s smoky lips softly.

If the intent was to get a rise out of me, it worked. My cock pushed harder against my zipper.

Connie nodded in agreement, “That’s right hon…Ronald Borden was no saint!”

I found myself reaching for the pitcher of Seabreeze resting on the tray and asked, “Ladies?” then began pouring before they answered in unison, “Yes, please!”

Connie stepped to me to collect their drinks and said, “Honey, let me take your jacket. It’s too warm today for something so formal.”  She glanced at Olive who nodded her head and Connie dragged my grey Hugo Boss from my shoulders.

She folded it neatly and dropped it over the sofa back then handed Olive her drink, and sat down next to me, crossing her legs once again.

“Mmm..this hits the spot, don’t you agree Mr. Carr?” Olive asked as she ran her tongue around her delicious looking lips.

“Why don’t you just call me Garrett, ma’am?”

Olive smiled and said, “Not yet…I don’t make it a practice to call men by their first names unless I’ve slept with them!...or intend too!” then dragged again on her cigarette.

My mind raced to catch up. Had I missed something?

“Uh, well..about this alternative lifestyle that’s been in all the papers? Can you tell me how it came to be that you at your age decided this was the way to go?” Then it hit me that I had mentioned age, something my mom would have slapped me for.

I began to wiggle as I tried to put the toothpaste back in the tube.

“It’s perfectly alright. It’s a fair question. I’ll give you the short answer and then we’ll all be on the same page so to speak.” Olive filled her lungs to capacity before crushing the cigarette out. She stood and began pacing around the room, click clacking over the terrazzo floor.

“My husband was no lover Mr. Carr. He was quick, cold, and dispassionate about me and the life I tried to give him. After he passed, I went out to the gardens and really tied one on.”

I looked at Connie since I wasn’t sure what that meant to an elderly lady.

Connie grinned, “Got shitfaced drunk in the back yard!” as she translated for me.

Suddenly, the solarium filled with laughter as Olive continued, “Exactly Connie dear…well put! Yes, shitfaced drunk would be accurate. Anyway, I noticed a folded magazine stuffed in the planter next to me, so I picked it up and began reading these extraordinary stories about sexual things I knew nothing about!”

My breathing seemed shallow as the glamorous Olive Borden walked around behind the sofa where Connie and I sat and traced the top edge with her red fingernail.

I didn’t want to seem unprofessional, although I was tempted to grab her hand and pull her over the sofa and fuck her in front of Connie, but I restrained myself and sought to get back on point.

”Uh, what kinds of things?”

“I had never heard of BDSM for example or Masters or Subs…lesbianism I knew a little about, but had never experienced another woman’s touch.  As I thumbed through the magazine I discovered just how little I knew about myself sexually. I made the decision then that I’d waste no more time on living for others pleasures and that’s when my life changed .”

Now, I was curious. “In what way?”

“I’ll show you.” Olive said as she bent down and kissed Connie hard.

They moaned in each other’s mouth while Olive slipped her thumbs in the straps of Connie’s dress letting it fall to her lap and freeing her pierced nipples. Connie laid her head back on the sofa offering her neck to Olive who took full advantage of it as she sucked a purple hickey on it while twisting Connie’s nipple bars.

My cock was eager to play but where?

Olive then surprised me when she hiked up her dress and slung one leg over Connie’s shoulder and said, “Connie, darling…would you mind showing Garrett how much you love me?”

There, quietly hidden mid-sentence was my first name! Did that mean that I was now on the short list for some attention from the refined Olive Borden? Would my cock be covered in plum lipstick soon?

Perhaps Connie, who couldn’t have been over thirty, was going to join in?!

My mind raced as I explored the scenarios while Connie sucked and slurped on Olive’s stunning smooth cunt. Olive moaned and looked at me and winked while she held the back of Connie’s head tight against her dripping pussy.

She licked her lips and asked, “Garrett...would you like to kiss me?”

My cock jumped with me over the sofa as I grabbed the 68 year old bombshell and kissed her like she was a teenager. She held my face with her free hand and kissed, licked, nibbled on my mouth until I thought my cock would explode!

Olive pulled from Connie’s mouth as I felt my belt being unbuckled and my zipper being pulled down relieving my swollen cock from its restraints. My slacks hit the floor as my belt buckled pinged against the terrazzo.

Olive was determined to get her tongue down my throat as Connie got on her knees on the sofa and leaned over the back and took my thick cock in her mouth.

Oh, God…what a thrill to feel so wanted by them both.

Connie held my ass with both hands and pumped me in and out of her warm mouth still full of Olive’s juices. Olive held Connie’s head with her left hand while she kissed me passionately. My right hand joined Olive’s on Connie’s head while my left hand worked on Olive’s wet pussy.

It was the most mind blowing sex of my young life and got even better when the sounds of orgasms bounced off the terrazzo floors and echoed from the tall ceilings!

“Connie!” Olive screamed.

Connie screamed, “Olive!”

I screamed, “Oh yeah!”

“Oh fuck!” Connie yelped.

Olive whispered, “Oh God baby! Fuck me!”

I hoisted her up and dropped her softly on my stiff dick and slammed her against the wall. She wrapped her legs around my ass and crossed her ankles. Connie jumped from the couch and planted her ass on the floor between my legs and sucked and licked my swinging balls while my cock pounded the lovely Olive.

Connie had one of my balls in her mouth while I rammed my cock up Olives cunt until she started shaking violently losing her expensive stilettos to the floor.

“Oh god…oh goddd..” Olive screamed as she began flushing my cock and Connie’s face!

My cock erupted inside Olive as she buried her head in my neck and sobbed, “Oh fuck, baby...Oh fuck!”

It was fast, it was furious, and it was explosive as Connie brushed her clit till her pussy shot her translucent juices across the tile floor.

We collapsed on each other and the pile of our very expensive clothes!

Olive made a pillow for my head from her designer dress and my suit coat and laid my head on it gently. Then began kissing me softly and said, “Ok, see baby? This was something I would never have considered if I had not found that magazine article in the garden.”

It was difficult to pay attention to her words since Connie had reattached her delicious orange lips to my cock and was enjoying a snack of my thick cream.

Suddenly, my cock started bubbling and Olive couldn’t resist joining Connie at my cock head. What a thrill to watch them tongue kiss over the head of my squirting cock! They smeared it over their lips and tasted it with their tongues. The last shot was big one that Olive caught in her mouth, and instantly, like they had done this a million times before, Connie laid her wide open mouth under Olive’s for some cum dribbling and swapping!

They each squeezed my balls and milked them until they both laid their heads on my thighs and looked up at me.

My smile said it all!

Olive leaned on one elbow and said, “Would you like a tour of the house honey? We have a couple of really interesting rooms!”

I remembered her mentioning she had a taste for bondage, so I decided not to chance it. A decision I regret to this day.

“No, sweetheart. The only room I have any interest in right now has a shower in it.”

The ladies sat up and leaned against the wall with me. I grabbed my cigarettes and lit one for each of us.

Connie sighed and said, “Damn, Garrett Carr…did you get what you came for?”

I blew a couple of smoke rings and answered, “Almost.”

Olive asked, “I said I would not only answer, but would show you why I made a life changing decision. I think I did just that. What else do you need to know baby?” Smoke poured from her nostrils as she caressed my face.

I had been there only three hours but knew I had been privy to something very special.

“What was the name of that magazine that you found in the garden?”

She French inhaled and replied, “Curious” then kissed my lips warmly.

“Do you remember the specific article that got your wheels spinning to this ‘alternative lifestyle’?”

Olive rubbed my flushed face and answered, “It’s Never Too Late…by Garrett Carr!”

And there it was.

The reason that my employer, Vital!  loaned me to Curious was now clear.

Olive Borden wanted to not just meet the writer that turned her life around, she wanted to thank him!

I pressed my lips tight against Olive’s as Connie scooted over for a three way kiss.

There we were sitting bare ass on the terrazzo floors that one of the Champagnes  installed over sixty years ago!

Today we’re soaking it with our juices.

“You’re welcome Olive…Would it be ok if I said I love you?”

Olive grinned and replied, “It’s been my prayer Garrett. You have no idea how much life you have given me! Even though today was our first face to face, I have thought about you often and it’s fair to say that I love you, too.”

Connie slipped in a word, “Without you Garrett, none of us would be here today and all our lives would be so much different. Thank you baby!”

As I putted out the driveway and looked in my rear view mirror, I saw two women decades apart in age, yet very much in love. I loved them then, and I love them now.

People come in and out of our lives daily. Some we will remember, some we won’t.

I will never forget Olive and Connie.

It is what it is!






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