I'll cum for you..

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Something special...

"Don't ...don't stop...." you cried as I held your legs in the air pounding my cock into your sweet pussy. You were so wet, that my big cock slipped in and out with ease. Juices were crawling down to your asshole as my cock squished in and out. "I..love...you Tommy.." you said lovingly as I rested your legs on my shoulders. I put my hands on your tits and mashed them hard, making your nipples scream. I reached down and wet my fingers from your dripping cunt, and smeared our mixed cum over your tits. I twirled your nipples, and pinched them until you screamed.


You sometimes enjoy a little pain when we fuck. I put my right hand around your neck and squeezed...just for a second or two, my intent was to please, not to torture. "MMMMMMMMMMM" You moaned, and starting arching your back, tossing your hips into my pelvic bones. Your cunt was so slippery, I didn't ask...I just pulled my thick cock out and dropped it to a dryer hole as you slowed down. "Ohh fuck, baby...I've dreamed of you fucking my ass....pu-leeeze fuck it...fuck it so hard that I bleed. Do it!"


Your cunt had lubricated it for me so the head slipped in easily....naturally assholes reject anything that tries to go up it, and this was no different. I'd gently push it in, and your asshole tightened, forcing my cock out. I tried over and over as you rubbed your swollen clit furiously...."Baby, I want to cum so fucking bad...just ram the fucking thing in...HURT ME..."


I held my left hand on your mound and stopped your fingers from brushing your clit...It was the moment of truth and we both sensed that this was special. You had been asking for it, but until this morning, I always refused. Popping a virgin ass like yours would be painful, more for you than for me, but tight assholes hurt the man, too. I just gave in when I saw you crying. I could tell by the look on your face that this morning, you really, really wanted my stiff dick in your ass. I love you so much, I couldn't refuse any longer.


I pressed on your mound to prepare you, then slid the head back in and as your tight ass began to reject it, I took it personally , and rammed my throbbing cock all the way in. "TOMMY!" you screamed instantly. Your hands instinctively went to your ass to pull me out...but by the time your hands got there...well, my young lover was smiling with delight. "You do love me...I know it now, baby....ohhh, this feels wonderful..MMMMmmmmm" I lay down on you and slowly pump your ass while we smother each other with kisses.


"I love you Tommy" you whisper in my ear, as you nibble on my earlobe.

"I love you, too..are you ok?"

"I'm fine...don't worry...this is something I've wanted to give you for a long time...I read you stories about you fucking other women in the ass, and just close my eyes and took their place...I have to admit, this is so much better!"


"I'm making your dreams come true?" I said as I picked up the pace. You kissed my open mouth with yours and sent your tongue in to explore. Are you touching yourself as you read this baby? I hope so because you know I rubbing my big cock. Pre cum has made the head slippery, so I used my thumb to smear it around the tender flesh, then around my rim. God, I want to fuck you in real life. You know that. We've been flirting here for weeks. I've jerked off dozens of times thinking of fucking you like this.


I picked up the speed and you matched my rhythm...I'm taking long, fast strokes now so you hook your legs around my ass , your arms around my neck, and send your tongue deep in my warm mouth. I can sense you tensing up, so I start fucking the shit out of you. You're a squirter, and started squirting on my belly button. Oh, fuck....what a sight...you took your arms from around my neck and quickly slid your hands over your sweaty stomach in a race to your pussy. I watched as you patted your aching clit like you were trying to calm it, but it was a futile effort as hot cum squirted out in a steady stream...are you pissing? That's some stream!

You spread your cunt lips with your left hand and rubbed your bright red clit so hard and fast juices were flying everywhere in slow motion!


I got on my knees and took you by the ankles, and spread your legs out as wide and I could still pounding your tight asshole...Its soaked now,too...but much tighter than your cunt. I'm so inspired by what I see as I look down and see my rock hard cock smashing into your hole...it looks raw, and pink stuff is trickling to the white sheets....it didn't register at first, not until you saw it and began screaming, "Yes, yes, yes,yes,HURT ME, baby..pleeeze hurt me"


Cum or piss, I'm not sure which, shot from your cunt splashing on my chest. It was warm, and I couldn't hold back. I stretched my arms out like I was Lance Armstrong winning the Tour de France and gave you one hard thrust as I arched my back driving my cock to its limit. I had never cum so hard and long before! It spilled from the edges of your ass, seeping along my cock...


I pulled it out and you sat up quickly and leaned to the tip with your mouth wide open, I knew what you wanted so I jacked myself off the rest of the way. My thick cum shot all over your face, and your tongue was desperately licking your lips with your eyes closed. I knew you were delirious with pleasure when your reached up with both hands to collect my thick, white cum and ran them over your neck, and smeared it over your tits. This turned me on like I have never been turned on before.


Here at home, young Stacey has been next to me, jerking me off as I typed. When I started spurting, she smiled and took the head of my cock in her mouth and nursed on it. I filled her mouth , and then some as her swallowing couldn't keep up with the flow. I had been so busy, I hadn't noticed she had slipped her nightie off. It's the red one I bought her at Victorias Secret...you know the one. I bought you one, too. You wanted black though.


The cd changer just clicked. While we fucked on line, Stacey had loaded the cd player with songs like Endless Love, Purple Rain, The first time ever I saw your face, Bob Segers Night Train, The Eagles Hotel California, The Beach Boys In My Room, and the big finish, and I'm not sure how she did it was Steppenwolfs, Get Your Motor Runnin....it was the perfect song for a perfect ending...that's when she put her sexy pink lips over the tip and drank my cum.


Now, the cd player is booting up.


"Whats this sweetheart?" I asked Stacey.


"The next three should be; You're beautiful, by James Blunt, My heart will go on, by Celine, then something special for you love." She kissed me softly a few times. Her glossy pink lips are soft and warm.


"Ok, something special? All of those are great...I can't imagine anything better."


"Hmmm. Well, it's the perfect song to explain how I feel...its.... At Last, by Etta James..."


She draped her arms around me and kissed me so long and hard my dick sprang up like it was about to perform! Hang on a second...


Hey girls..this is Stacey..I hate to interrupt Tommy, but I thought maybe you'd appreciate a womans point of view. Thousands of us have been reading his stories on line, and most of us have gotten ourselves off while reading his work. I couldn't stand it, so I flew to Florida just to see for myself, if he was as sexy in person as he is here.


He is.


He is huge. In his stories he claims to be 6' 5". bullshit. His Drivers License say 6' 8". He claims he has sandy hair worn just over his collar.


It's jet black and runs almost to his shoulder blades. He wears it with no part, and just combs it with his fingers. Its silky, and very fine.


He claims he has no tattoos. Bullshit.


A giant cobra runs from his shoulder blade , across his shoulder, winds around his right nipple, up to his armpit, then turns and runs down his massive arm all the way to his wrist where it's mouth is wide open! Fucking thing looks real. It almost scared me when I first saw it. He was actually in the 101st Airborne, so he has a yellow and grey screaming eagle across his huge back with outstretched wings. His girls, Paula, Vanessa, Allison, Raven, Lola, Kate, and her daughter Kelly are all memorialized in ribbons and hearts circling his enormous biceps. The initials CJ are tattooed where his wedding ring would be. My guess; Celeste Jernigan, but he won't say. In fact, he won't talk about any of his women.


His home in Florida? More bullshit. He describes it in his profile as a simple pool home with a waterfall feature.


Hmmm. Well, its much more than that girls. If you call a thirty two room (I counted them myself) Mediterranean Villa with huge iron gates and the biggest circular driveway I've ever seen simple...well...go inside. Look around (if Freddie the Butler lets you in) and just stop for a second to pick your jaw off the floor. The white marble floor that is shined to a high gloss.


As my eyes scan the room, I see priceless antiques, Japanese folding screens, coffered ceilings, Persian rugs...I could go and on. Priceless original art by Picasso, Monet, Hell, he even has a Leonardo Da Vinchi done in pencil!


Is he rich? Sure fucking looks rich to me, but hey, I'm just a country girl.


The pool? Huge. Red bricks laid in a herringbone pattern are just part of the landscape. Palm trees galore, the waterfall is at least thrifty feet tall and spills into the end of the pool. Multi colored parrots are everywhere, and he knows all of them by name.


Frankly girls, he is without a doubt the most beautiful motherfucker on earth! His lifestyle is beyond description, his dashing looks with that fucking dimpled chin and piercing Paul Newman eyes gives me the chills.


And here I am, little ole me, Stacey..wife, mother of two boys, I go to PTA, 4-H, teach Sunday school, can my own fruit...sitting in the lap of Tommy Castle, in his over the top villa wiggling around on his stunning cock as I type this.


I'm looking down now and can see it under my pussy. If I didn't know better, I'd think I've grown a dick!


I'm leaning down to spit on the head. Now, I'll try to rub it with my left hand while I try to type with my right.


Ohhh...At Last..just came on...waitbaby.fuck..I mesed up. Hang on girls.


Ohh God...his cock is rock hard..."Ohh...do you like that baby?"


"I love it Stace..sit on it..just like you are."


"Uhh, sure, but I've never fucked backwards before, baby."

Stacey reached under her ass and spread her cheeks as she slipped down on his cock. She went slowly to adjust to the different feel. It occured to her that at this angle her g-spot was going to have a good time!

"Ohh God, Tommy...ahhhhhm this feels so fucking great, baby." She said as she worked her hips back and forth.

"I hope so..I want you to feel special." He reached around and began massaging her plump tits.

"Why, baby..why me?"

"Because I love you Stace. Don't you want me to love you?"

"Oh my God..YES! YES! More than anything....I love you so fucking much!" She was moving faster now. He squeezed her tits as she leaned back against him, turned her wide open mouth to his. Their tongues met in the dark, warm space in their hot mouths. Never in her life had she been fucked like this. Her g-spot was buzzing, her swollen clit was pounding,cum was leaking from  both of them.

"Baby,baby...love me forever!" She cried.

"I will, Stace...I promise." Tommy leaned back and arched his back, almost raising her feet off the floor.

"Godddd. cum hard for me...shoot that hot shit deep in my cunt!"

"You want it?"

"Yes, baby..."


"Yes, baby!"

"Tell me you love me."


"Only me."


Tommy poured his thick cum deep in her cunt. The explosion shocked her. "Goddd...damn....oh ...FUCK TOMMY!"

Stacey gushed her sweet, thin cum all over his cock and balls.She stood quickly and stuck her squirting cunt in his mouth, "Eat me daddy!"

He held her ass and ate her like a slice of watermelon. His head moved from left to right slurping up her cum. She looked down at him with a shocked frown on her face, her mouth open wide. He looked up with her cum dripping from his chin."Still love me?"

She stared in his eyes, "Can't you tell?" then leaned over and kissed him hard, passionate and with such longing, she didn't flinch when her ran his big middle finger up her ass.

She did gasp, "Ohh God...yes, baby...fuck my ass..fuck it hard..."

His hand was a blur...her tongue was at the back of his throat...hungry, desperate, she pleaded as her legs began to tremble...She pulled from the kiss and spread her pussy wide open just in front of his face..."Daddy...I want to cum on your face...ok?'

"Give it to me, baby!" he said as he drove two fingers her ass and banged her all the way to his knuckles. He used his other hand to spread her ass apart, giving his big hand room to fuck her with three fingers...Stacey screamed, "DADDY! YES!" Her ass made farting sounds as he slammed his three fingers in her ass.


He slammed another finger in making four..."OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHFUCK!!!!" She was almost off the ground as he held her up with his fingers.

"Here baby...for you daddy...drink my  cunt cum!" She pulled his open mouth to her sloppy pussy and poured cum in his mouth till she emptied.

Once satisfied, she plopped in his lap for some after sex kissing ....the afterglow could light up the dark room. Yes, it was dark now. Five solid hours of hot, sweaty, sticky sex.

He lit a Marlboro, inhaled, and she smoked from his mouth. "Oh, Mr. Castle..what the fuck have you done to me?"

"I hope I made you think."

"About what honey?"

"Leaving your husband for me."

Stacey dragged on his cigarette, "Hmmm..Who baby?" 


















Submitted: April 03, 2012

© Copyright 2022 casinoboss. All rights reserved.

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You left out wet!

Tue, April 3rd, 2012 5:29pm


so hot and sexy

Tue, April 3rd, 2012 8:26pm


thanks babe...hit me later ...love ya

Tue, April 3rd, 2012 1:28pm


Omg...that was a turn on...(:

Tue, April 3rd, 2012 9:10pm


Thanks so much...you can email me at tommy.castle@hotmail.com if you like to discuss it. I love comments, suggestions, story ideas...you ask...I write!


Tue, April 3rd, 2012 3:55pm


wow I feel a little out of breath. Glad to see there is so much Tommy to go around. I like that you had her write as well, was quite interesting and the first anal blew my mind , you being so gentle...would like my first time to be with a gentle lover. Great write, loved it and now I need to go get my vibe. M x

Mon, May 14th, 2012 3:20pm


Damn, I wish I was there to help you out. i am on Yahoo Messenger if you cant make it happen. tommy_castle@Yahoo.com..online most of the time..

Mon, May 14th, 2012 8:30am


Hey T, no luck on messenger seems your calling card is all filled up. But I will keep on reading though as it does get me over the edge quite easily... *wink* Im a fan! M x

Tue, May 15th, 2012 2:29pm


babe, send me your email address and I'll try it from this end. As long as you have Yahoo Messenger we should be able to connect. I really would like that..love ya and keep reading my work..Thanks..

Tue, May 15th, 2012 8:08am

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