I want you, so bad...

I want you, so bad...

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Tommy gets a surprise from a reader...a fan? Or was it something else? Here he shares his secrets and soon learns he will have more before this night is over.


Tommy gets a surprise from a reader...a fan? Or was it something else? Here he shares his secrets and soon learns he will have more before this night is over.


Submitted: April 05, 2012

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Submitted: April 05, 2012



It was around 11:00 pm when my cell phone pinged. I picked it up, and glanced at my iphone. Hmmm. Stacey.

It was a text. I don't like texting. But, I do like Stacey.

"Hi baby!" jumped from the scream. Shit.

I'm a big guy and have big fingers, but I manage a quick, "HI." Simple, uncomplicated. Two letters I can manage.

"I want you", lit up the screen.

Normally, when a hot babe hits me on my cell, I reach for the speaker button while I unzip my pants.

I respond, "K...just call mi, nt gr8 wth sx lk ths." and lit a Marlboro. Nothing better than phone sex, unless of course its the real thing. But, sometimes the real thing is thousands of miles away. Well, that's not exactly true. Tonight, I'm in Vegas. Need I say more?

There's pussy galore. Short girls, tall girls, skinny, chubby, flat , or eye poking tits...they're all here. I walk to the glass wall over looking the Vegas strip. Yep. Any size, shape, color imaginable simply strolling along Las Vegas Blvd. Drinking, smoking, laughing. Pant suits on the older broads, mini skirts on the younger ones. A virtual cornucopia of pussy.

Since this is my hometown, although I haven't lived in a while, I'm pretty well known here. I once was the 'face' of Caesars' with my mug plastered on billboards all over town...even on those stupid triangular signs that spin around on top of taxis. Even today, I can't walk around Vegas without stopping for someone wanting their picture taken with me. Gladys from Ohio, Penelope from London, Amber from Kansas, or Constance from Manhattan.

I'm watching from my third floor suite...fully comped by my old friends downstairs in the casino. They once worked for me. I was the 'man' here for a long time. Complete, absolute power was intoxicating in thosedays, and it still surprises me that the Hotelgave me that power. Power can be a wonderful thing, but I learned very early on, is totally useless if you don't use it.

I used it. Not just here where it really was absolute, but all over town. I made 650k a year, plus bonuses, clothes, cars, jewelry, exotic vacations in the Bahamas.

Being the man, it was understood around town that the 'man' had power of the pen everywhere within a hundred miles of the bright lights of the most famous four miles on the planet.

I see two hot chicks below me near the entrance smoking; the white cloud hanging silently overhead on this sultry, windless dark night. They just looked up at me and smiled. We were very close, no more than 15o feet apart, but I was on the third floor, and theywere on the sidewalk.

The hot blonde made pouty lips and crooked her finger, summoning me below to them. Now, why would I do that? I smiled and shook my head , inferring some other time, perhaps...a skill I learned from my mentor here years ago.

Jimmy Boyd was a cocksman extraordinaire, and was also a pit boss here, so I trotted behind him just to catch his throw aways. Man, that cat was a chick magnet if there ever was one. Bi lingual, a martial arts expert, master of world cuisines, and the greatest fucking philosopher since Aristotle shuffled around Greece in his sandals!

A Rhodes scholar that studied at the Sorbonne in Paris, had more letters after his name on his business card than any card I'd ever seen.

BA,MA,PhD...MD..yeah, the fucker was also a Doctor. You've probably seen that commercial about the most fascinating man in the world?

I'm not sure Jimmy dove of the cliffs in Acapulco, or jumped from an airplane with no parachute fully confident that he would catch up the the dude under the red parachute, and glide to earth like cats with sore feet, but he did climb fucking Mt. Everest before he turned 21.

So, if I'm so blessed to have this life, this background...what the fuck do I want with a 27 year old housewife with a husband, two kids, and a mortgage that lives in the Midwest?

Fuck...If I knew the answer to that...I wouldn't have five sets of divorce decrees framed, and displayed in the den of my Florida home, now would I?

Like Jimmy Boyd, I don't have trouble getting women, I have trouble getting rid of them painlessly. I have paid millions in alimony, child support, Doctor bills, emergency room bills, child care, and so on and so on. Like my father used to say,"Like wiping your ass on a wagon wheel son, theres no end to it." Well, not so eloquent, but pretty fucking precise when you get down to it.

I realize I still have my cell in my hand. I glance down and see the brightly lit screen shouting, "WELL?"

I hustled my finger tips to peck out, "com 2 me"



"Hsbn, kds, sht..no."

"com now"

The screen went dark. Well, I wonder where those broads that were smoking are by now? Hmm. A glass of pinot grigio might taste good right now. There was plenty of wine here, so I did have a choice...but right then, pinot grigio sounded perfect to my extraordinarily fucked up mind.

I poured an almost full glass then sauntered across the high glossed marble floors to the plush sofa wearing my linen drawstring lounging pants, but no shirt, or shoes.

I stopped between the sofa and glass coffee table, picked up my Marlboros, dragged my $2600 gold Dunhill, from my pocket and lit one. I dropped the cigarettes and lighter on the table, then ploppedand leaned back. For some reason, my thoughts return to Stacey,

Now, I've never met her, and don't even know if thats her real profile picture on Booksie, an online publishing website devoted to showcasingwriters that have no other way to get their work seen by the public.

Since I retired and found out it was false advertising that sucked me into this, with visions of golf, boating, ski resorts, visiting the Pyramids (been there done that) but still, retirement is just the doorway to death that has been glamed up to look fabulous. And to some, they embrace that shit. I don't.

I was once married to a stewie (stewardess) before they fucked that up and reclassified them as 'Flight Attendants", then to 'Hostess', then back to 'Airline Attendants because men, (typically gay men) jumped into the glamorous world of barf bags and peanuts. So, I have circled the globe ad nauseam.

So, I started writing about my adventurous life, as unwholesome as it was, and lo and behold, it was like casting agiant net over the planet...as my stories started showing up here online. My inbox was flooded with emails from around the world!

Brazil, Nepal, Australia,all over the UK, London, Ireland,the Virgin Islands...then Africa. Casablanca, Morocco, Kenya, Nigeria. Then the Pacific rim. Japan, China, Okinawa, the Philippines, and of course, the good old USA!

At first, I was shocked.Oh, not at the number of lonely, or unappreciated women that struggle through life, because I've seen them for years right here. Imagine working in a casino environment that pulls in 35,000 visitors a DAY? 85% of them women. 49% of that 85% without their husbands, boyfriends, girlfriends or whatever floats their boats that are cock hungry, and ready to rock and roll!

Doctors, Lawyers, Librarians, Nurses, Teachers, Scientists, Researchers, Customer Service Reps...the list goes on and on. All here for one reason. No one knows them here... and what happens in Vegas..well, you get it.

So, why was I shocked? I posted my first story about two brothers...called Am I My Brothers Keeper? It was posted under mystery/crime because it was a crime story and was mysterious. So, me being the fucking genius I am, checked that box and sat and waited. Four responses the next day. Hmmm. Four the next. Hmmm.

I redirected my thinking. The experts suggest that new writers write about what they know best. Hmmm.

So, what I know best besides me is the casino life, and the women that were unfortunate enough to step in front of the Tommy train. Oh, I fucked up women all over the world. It never bothered me kicking most of them to the curb. I just wanted to get my dick wet, and could care less if they took it serious. But, before you go curing the screen, I always told them from jump street that I wasn't interested in anything but fucking them. They signed up for it, so if they get lost in the world, I can't help them, so I never gave it much thought.

But, housewives? Man, this world is chock full of lonely, unappreciated, distraught housewives, and I can prove it. Look at you..you're reading a short story that you clicked on at the top of the page under erotica. Now, what did you do that for? A mistake? A wrong click of your mouse? All 30,000 of you?

Bullshit. You came here to get your pussy wet. You want to fantasize. I get it. You tell me every day.

Brittany from Boston, "Will you please fuck me like you did Lola? That was so hot, I fingered my cunt raw! Thank you."

April from Dallas, "Tommy, honey..do you really have big thick cock? MMM. Will you put it in my mouth please? I miss the feel of a mans cock in my mouth, and the smell and taste of hot cum makes me crazy! Email me back or if you don't want to do that, a quick short story where you cum in my mouth and all over my face...or you could fuck me in the ass...shit...little Ray is crying baby...Gotta go..oh, I have red hair, green eyes, and since I started reading your stories, I took up smoking and wear lots of creamy orange lipgloss..MMM. I want to fuck you so bad...Shit...I really do have to go now...bye darlin..that's April...A P R I L..coming Ray."

Ok, I assume you get it.

So, back to this Stacey. Now, she doesn't wear makeup, at least not that I can tell from her profile pic. Her lips aren't glossy, and at first glance, she just looks like a cute little housewife, that just likes to read and write erotic stories. But, when I look closer..there was something about her eyes. They were looking down, not like she was sad...more like she was wondering what it would be like to be with me. That's how fucked up my mind is...its all about me. Hell, she might have just been distracted by something on the floor.

But, not to me...the psychic Tommy Castle knew she was wondering where and when she would be on her back with her legs up screaming, FUCK ME TOMMY!

Just thinking about her made me reach down my pants and found the source of my discomfort. An erection that turned right on a left hand turn cock can be painful. (Left turn cock means it hangs on my left leg and not my right when tucked in)

I slipped my soft, wrinkle free pants down under my ass, took a quick drag from my cigarette, then a sip of wine and exhaled.

Ahhhh. I took my cock and began stroking it. Mmm. Nice. I accumulated a little saliva behind my teeth, wet my thumb, and rubbed the head. Wow..Man, it got really slippery, and the purple really shines. Hmmm.

I leaned back and rested my bare feet on the edge of the table, and settled in for a nice long jack off session. With hundreds, maybe eventhousands... ok, probably thousands...Well, fuck, not probably, absolutely thousands of such sessions under my belt, (Literally) my johnson is totally submissive to me. I want slow, he reacts accordingly...Fast? Hell , yeah Tommy...lets go!

There's nothing that a man needs more than a cooperative cock..a well trained submissive servant ready on demand.

Fuck HBO...give me my cock any day!

Suddenly, as fate would have it...my cell vibrates off the marble counter where I left it when I went for the wine. This was a real call, not a text. A text pings; my ring tone was Roy Orbisons, "PrettyWoman".

My cock was about to explode in my had, but I hate missing calls. I hopped up and scurried across the shiny floor, bent double, still holding my curious cock in my dependable right hand. I snatched the phone and held it breathless to my left ear.


A soft sexy voice whispered in my ear; l lowered my head so I could hear her clearer?

"Tommy." Hmmm. Who could this be?

I whispered back?, "Yeaaas?"

"Stacey." I straighten up like my commanding officer just stepped in the room.

Casually dropping my cock, I replied, "Oh, Hi Stacey...whats up?"

She softly whispers, "Where are you, baby?"

I managed to get out the single word, "Vegas" before my dick took control of my hand again.

"MMMM....Where in Vegas sweetheart?" A few more soft words were all I needed to complete the task at hand.(Sorry. Cheap shot)

"Caesars'" WTF? I didn't want to hear me talk..I just wanted to hear that soft , smoky voice, again. I kept my answers to the minimum.

My prayers were answered softly, giving me chills, "Still want me, baby?"

Oh God....Cock, please don't fail me now! I began abusing myself rapidly, and whimpered in my best deep,masculine voice,"Uhh huh."

Fuck, I was in desperate need. I could feel my balls trying toget my attention.

Suddenly...a light tapping on the 14' door. Fuck me.

"Hang on Stace.." I dropped the phone on the sofa.

"Ok..but hurry."

I tucked in my stiff dick the best could, and didn't quite get his head in all the way as he winked at me from my waistband.

I brushed my hair back with my hands and tried to seem calm as I casually walked to the door.

I pulled it open a few inches, and turned my right ear to my shoulder, and peeked out.

My heart went from 68 to 168 in an instant.

"Stacey?" I must be dreaming.

"Yes, baby...it's me...I want you to meet my girlfriend, Nikki."

I swung the door open and dropped my dimpled chin.

Stacey was the bomb! Full, rich, red lips, coated in gloss, and a scooped neck t-shirt with no bra underneath; nipples that said hello quickly, and smoke trickling from her nose. I turned my head reluctantly to the short redhead, Nikki.

A punk rock do, piercings in the corner of her sexy upperred lip, aka a Monroe, one in the center of her bottom lip, aka, Angels Kiss, and both arms heavily tatted.

I stepped back as both of them stepped in staring at the head of my dick who was still sniffing for some hot pussy.

I closed the door, and turned around. Instantly, they jointly shoved me back against the door. Stacey dove right to my mouth and slipped her delicious smoky tongue down my throat, while Nikki pants me right there, much to the delight of johnson.

Nikki went right at my cock. No kissing the tip, no licking the wide rim. One long gulp and my cock slipped down her throat, where she nursed it until I dumped my hot load into her stomach. I leaned against the door, as Stacey grabbed Nikkis face between her hands and slurped my cum from Nikkis mouth.

Then we threeway kissed until I finally stopped, took them both under my arms and headed back to the sofa.

"So, what's next, ladies?" I said with a smile on my face and empty ball sacks lightly dangling under my linen pants..

Stacey grinned,as she pulled my pants down and shoved me on top of Nikki who was lying flat of herback on the 16' sofa.

Stacey pulled my pants over my bare feet, and tossed them aside. Nikki arched her back allowing me to drag her jeans down to Stacey's hands just below my ass. I glanced over my shoulder while Nikki played with my cock, and watched Stacey toss them over her shoulder.

She dragged her yellow tube top over her head revealing nice big tits with piercings of her own. A shiny barbell in each nipple which she turned with her fingers until she frowned and gasped, " Ohhh fuck...." Then dragged her yellow shorts off revealing her pierced cunt to me.

Nikki got my attention as she opened her legs, grabbed my ass and pulled me into her. My cock slipped in her wet cunt like it had been buttered.

She threw her hips at me ....she was fucking me hard. Thenran her arms under mine and secured her clinched hands to my shoulders and started pulling me down with a jerking motion.

"Come on daddy ....fuck me! Fuck me hard with that big cock...ohhh yeah...that's it, daddy!"

I was doing my best when I heard a squishing sound behind me, then a buzzing sound. A familiar one.

Stacey laid across my back and whispered in my ear, " you asked me to love you..that means if I do, I can have you, right?"

I turned my head as her glossy lips pressed against mine. I stopped pumping Nikki so Stacey and I could share a French kiss.

The kiss broke free, I answered, "Baby, you have me now...do what you want." Nikki restarted the action, and began fucking the shit out of me, as I mashed her big tits together and tried to suck her nipples off her tits.

I ran my tongue over her slick, shiny barbells, then twisted them until she cried. I felt her pussy walls tighten, and her breathing started slowing down. The moment of truth was close for allof us. Stacey had been lying on my ass slamming her cunt with the buzzing vibrator.

All of a sudden...it happened.

Stacey went first, crying my name, "Tommy...baby." then somehow she managed to get positioned under me.

Her tongue was licking my big balls. Then Nikki started squirting. Stacey lapped at it nuzzling her chin under my full balls!

I'm not sure what happened next, but suddenly the vibrator was buzzing and tickling my asshole. I was about to get fucked!

Stacey moaned, "Want it, baby? I want it so bad...I want to pound your ass as hard as I can, baby...'cause I do love you!"

"Do IT!" I yelled and relaxed. This was not my first rodeo.

Nothing says cum now, and cum hard more than a bump of the prostate gland. She knew that.

The instant it hit, I blew my nuts everywhere..Stacey slurped from Nikkis leaky cunt...Mine, hers, ours..it was indescribable, butI did my best.

We showered together, and we all kissed each other a million times in the steamy shower.

It was the closest thing to Heaven that I'll ever experience again.

Thank you girls. Nikki, Stacey...I hope this stays with you forever.

I fucking guarantee it will with me.

Love, Tommy

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