Casablanca At Night

Casablanca At Night

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Temptations. Some are meant to be ignored. But,that was not his style.


Temptations. Some are meant to be ignored. But,that was not his style.


Submitted: November 11, 2012

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Submitted: November 11, 2012






It was around midnight in Casablanca when Jack Merritt walked into Anna’s saloon across from the rocky shores of the Mediterranean. White caps splashed over the seawall and peppered the parked cars with foam.

Bored with his life back home, Jack was a westerner and well-traveled as the son of a shipping magnate.

Wealthy, classy, refined, and much too good looking for this part of North Africa, Jack was on another quest. The Merritt family had the reputation of being ruthless scoundrels that bought up struggling conglomerates with thousands of employees, then broke them into small pieces and sold the pieces for huge profits.

Jack was no different.

The quest began two summers ago after another shouting match with his father Edward. The argument was the same one they had endured for years. Edward wanted Jack to stay home and run the Merritt Empire, and Jack wanted no part of sitting behind a desk.

This time, Jack won the battle and Edward made him Senior Vice President in charge of acquisitions.

So, it was off to Peru where he purchased Portline Cement Corp, one of the worlds’ largest suppliers of cement in the world that is used on most of Americas’ highways. Naturally, there was a woman involved with the transaction.

There seemed to always be a woman involved in his transactions.

In Peru, it was Carmen Speranza. Carmen was the grand-daughter of Portlines’ founder, and of course, had her own motivations for selling.

Then in Paris; it was Monique and Cherie’ cosmetics.

In Sierra Leone, it was Shaka Mohr, and diamond mines.

All properties were purchased by Jack on behalf of the Merritt family, while the women were all wined, dined, and bedded by Jack on behalf of…well Jack.

But, the handsome Jack wasn’t all about money. No, Jack was a seeker of more than cash. He already had more of than he could spend in ten lifetimes, even with his extraordinary spending habits.

Like most of us, Jack was looking for love. Once married, and five times engaged, he was always looking and always on guard.

He stood by the front door of Anna’s as his eyes perused the crowd. The bar was smoky and crowded. The men were all short, mustached and olive skinned, and Jack stood out like a sore thumb.

The women were all busty and dressed in peasant blouses worn slightly off shoulder. Their hair was dark and long, and their lips were red and dangerously wet.

The crowd was loud and obnoxious, and patronized Anna’s because she had the best food in town, plus the nightly entertainment varied from strippers, and saloon singers to tonight’s attraction; George, a soulful piano player from the West Indies.

George was handy enough on the piano, but it was his gravelly voiced rendition of “Something’s Got A Hold On Me” that sucked the handsome Jack through the swinging doors.

Anna’s was jumping as it usually was on Saturday nights, and Jack almost turned around and left for fear of soiling his expensive white linen suit.

Then he saw her.

A rose lipped maiden sitting at a rear table by George as he banged out, “ Can’t You See The Love Tonight” on his shaky old white upright.

Smoke drifted slowly to her nostrils as she French inhaled deeply, filling her lungs from her unfiltered cigarette. She tossed her head back during the long inhale exposing her slender delicate neck. With the touch of her red tipped forefinger, she outlined her smoky lips for Jack as they made eye contact.

The sheen from her glossy red lips stirred his groin and he knew then, that he had to have her.

Forced to elbow his way through the crowd, he completely ignored them and the damage it was causing to his suit. Drinks sloshed and ashes fell, but Jack just brushed them off and kept going.


Obviously, there was only one place he wanted, no…needed to go.  Jack headed to the rear cocktail table where the object of his erection sat patiently. 

Once again, their eyes locked and they both felt something special was about to happen.

Jack’s stride was purposeful, as the strangers held their stares.

Finally, he stood at the edge of her table and extended his hand.

“Hello. I'm Jack Merritt.”

Smoke poured from the chestnut haired beauty’s lips, “Anna Dupree. Nice to meet you Jack Merritt,” as he bent to her hand and kissed it softly. Anna nibbled nervously on her bottom lip as shivers raced up her spine at his touch.

Their eyes never left each other as he withdrew his warm mouth from the back of her hand.

“May I sit Miss Anna?”

The voice that normally made men swoon was betraying her, so she nodded instead.

Jack pulled the wooden chair along the floor as he flipped it around so he could lean against the back and fold his arms across the top. A typical American trait meant to look casual during the seduction process. One he had used many times.

Anna poised her cigarette by her blood red lips so she could drag at her leisure. Little did she know the affect this was having on Jack…or did she?

The orphaned child of French restaurateur’s, Anna had grown up fast and loose selling her prized pussy just to feed her and her little sister, Jean. Seduction was nothing new to the now 31 year old Anna Dupree.

Slightly unnerved by this handsome westerner, she managed a slight “What brings you to Casablanca Mr. Merritt?” before dragging heavily again forcing her to close one eye.

Jack wasn’t new to the seduction game either. A wide grin showed off his dimpled cheeks as he answered, “Oh, I don’t know. Perhaps it was just an itch I needed to scratch.”

Anna tossed her hair over one shoulder, “And I suppose you think I might be the one to scratch it?” she grinned as she stamped out her cigarette on the concrete floor beneath her red high heels.

Instantly, she felt him curl his hand around hers on the table top. There was no denying the chemistry as tingles chased up her arm. But, Anna was a businesswoman and had no time for romance and entanglements.

Jack had no way of knowing that Anna had less than thirty days to buy out her partner or lose everything she’d worked for over the past four years. Maybe her luck was changing as she flirted with this handsome, apparently very rich stranger with the Rolex that had to cost ten grand..

Jack answered, “It occurred to me, yes. Are you a good scratcher Miss Anna? You certainly have the looks.”

Anna looked at the pack of Marlboro’s he had set on the table and then looked at Jack. “May I?” It had been awhile since she had smoked an American cigarette, and enjoyed not having to pick tobacco from the tip of her tongue.

Jack picked up his pack and shook one up.. Her red tipped fingers delicately pulled the cigarette out and went straight to her glossy lips. She puckered them as she sucked the flame from Jack's gold Dunhill into the tip. The flame flickered in her dark eyes flecked with amber and gold. Her hollowed cheeks excited him thinking about how they would look around his thick cock.

Anna placed her hand on top of his as he closed the lighter. Once again, the magic happened.

Jack drew her hand to his mouth and dragged on her cigarette. He had longed to taste her lips, and she had supplied him with a generous amount of creamy red lipstick on the filter. It was the sexiest thing she had experienced with a man in a very long time.

There was no stopping her now. Their lips touched softly so she could inhale his exhale.

“Do you want me Jack?” Anna asked in a whisper as smoke washed over their faces.

“More than anything Miss Anna.  But, I don’t pay for pussy.”

Anna teased his upper lip with her smoky tongue, “I don’t sell my pussy Jack.”

“Good. I’d like to think not just anyone can have you.”

He held the back of her head, wrapping his fingers around her silky hair, then kissed her forcefully as smoke poured from her nose. Their tongues battled for position, neither wanting to lose control, but as in any battle, there could only be one winner.

This battle was won by Anna.

Jack relaxed his grip on her hair and felt her warm lips cruising over his.

Anna wondered… What am I doing? Who is this man and what’s happening to me?

She withdrew first dragging her tongue from his lips slowly. Jack sensed she was bewildered.

“Hey, nothing’s going to happen here Anna that you don’t want to happen.” Jack said with his boyish grin.

That only confused her more. She stabbed her cigarette in the glass ashtray and looked at him.

She had always thought American men were too anxious, too aggressive to suit her fancy. What was different with this Jack Merritt?

He seemed pretty relaxed for a man with a bulging cock tenting his linen slacks.

Why wasn’t he making his move? Surely, the last kiss showed plenty of willingness and consent on her part. Jack patiently played the drums on the back of his chair and waited for her response.

Anna leaned back and folded one arm under her tits and used it to prop an elbow on. Her other arm folded at the elbow as she held a fresh cigarette to her lips.

Jack offered her a light from his Dunhill as she puffed and answered simultaneously, “I’m thinking about it Jack,” as smoke washed over their faces.

The cigarette lighting now complete, Anna once again held her hand over his as he closed the cap of the lighter. Her hand rode his back to the table and rested on top as she caressed his long fingers.

Anna looked over to the crowded bar and caught the eyes of Maxwell Bell, her bodyguard, enforcer, and her ‘go to guy’ when she needed answers. Right now, she needed to know more about Mr. Jack Merritt.

A slight tilt of her head brought Maxwell to her table where he bent his 6’6” frame and put his ear to her lips. Maxwell glanced at Jack, then stood, nodded and walked away.

Anna looked down at Jack's shoes that suggested big feet.  A cautionary glance at his thigh revealed the outline of his big cock.  Anna was a small woman, around 5’4” and 115 pounds with modest C cups and bubble butted. Although her pussy wasn’t virginal, she hadn’t had sex in months.

Jack, sensing Anna’s reluctance tuned to George who was back from his fifteen minute break and said, “Do you know the song ‘At Last’?” as he slipped a crisp fifty from his money clip.

George nodded as Jack slipped the fifty in his hand and curled his hand around it..

Jack turned back to Anna who was already on her feet in anticipation of dancing with him. Anna knew this was a chance to at least hold this handsome westerner in her arms even if it was just for a dance.

He placed his hand just right in the small of her back as “At Last” started under the skilled fingers of George. She had to look up to capture his eyes before resting her head on his chest. Oh, damn, she thought. He looks good, he smells good, and oh, he feels good, too.

Jack tugged her gently to his groin where his erection could most certainly be felt by her. Just as it touched her, she grinned and sighed, then caressed the nape of his neck with her red fingertips. The bulging cock responded like the well trained organ it was. Anna responded in kind, pushing herself tighter against him as he lifted her chin with a finger.

Their eyes were raging with lust, as she rose on her toes for the kiss she had longed for. Jack’s dark mysterious eyes told her that she was his tonight, as hers told him she wanted much more than tonight.

It was a slow song and even slower kiss that had her panties damp as his hard cock pushed against her. Jack’s big cock was leaking as well, sticking to his Calvin’s.

The kiss ended simultaneously with the song.  

Anna held his both of his hands between their bodies and said, “I’d say we’re ready Jack!” then led him to the mahogany staircase where she dropped his hand and ran up the stairs two at a time!

Jack stood with his hands on his hips as Anna turned at the top and looked down at him.

“Coming darling?”

“I’m not sure now!” He said with a boyish grin.

“Aw, what’s the matter Jack? Afraid you can’t keep up with me?”

Jack grabbed both handrails and chased up the stairs where he swooped her up in his arms and kissed her hard.

Almost breathless, he said, “So you want to play?” then kissed her passionately as she pointed at the door at the end of the hall!

Jack kicked the door open with his foot, and once inside closed it the same way. Then he carried her to the bed and dropped her on it making the bedsprings squeak!

As he slipped his coat off and folded it over his arm, Anna was down to her bra, panties, and black lace garter belt before he dropped his coat over the wing back chair next to the bed.

She leaned over and unzipped his slacks while he slipped out of his long sleeve silk shirt. Next, she unbuckled his belt and smiled as his slacks hit the top of his shoes.

To hell with the expensive clothes; he kicked them off his ankles, then kicked his Italian loafers off and sat on the edge of the bed where her long legs dangled off his thighs. He slowed the process down so he could enjoy the removal of her garter belt and panties.

Anna was caressing his fingers as they unsnapped the garter belt together.

 He rolled her stockings down her legs slowly as she leaned to his neck and kissed it. The stockings flew across the room and landed on a lampshade as Anna dragged him by his shoulders back on top of her.

 How willingly her legs opened after he slipped her panties off surprised even her.

Jack lay between her legs as he sucked her nipples to attention. He popped them in and out of his mouth like they were grapes.  Anna moaned as her nipples screamed.

Those red fingernails dug into his back leaving red streaks as he nibbled harder on her tits. Jack’s cock danced between her legs until she took it in her hands.

Anna massaged it as she sized up his girth. There was no question that it was thicker than she had ever had, and wondered how much it would hurt.

Jack busied himself kissing and sucking her delicate neck until she was breathless. Passion ignited when he kissed her sensitive ear and she slipped his cock to her slit and thrust her hips at him.

“Oh God…Oh God…” She cried as his thick cock brushed against her clit. Jack was on his elbows as he drove his cock in deep. Her hands found his ass cheeks and mashed them before squeezing them. They kissed over and over as saliva dripped from their chins.

Jack was a big man with broad shoulders that she struggled to hold onto, so she hooked her arms around his neck tightly as she allowed him to devour her mouth.

Soon, the sensation of being stuffed with his cock, with its’ bulging veins and hot flesh had her going over the edge.



“Ohh… Jack”


“Yes Jack…call me baby!”

Juices began trickling down her crack as he began taking long hard strokes. Anna tossed her head from side to side whipping his face with her long hair. The bed hopped on the hardwood floors as the bedsprings joined in.



The scraping, squeaking, squishing sounds sent waves of pleasure coursing through her body as she looked at Jack who was now arching his back for a final deep thrust.

“Ohh goddd Jack! Yes, yes, yes!”

Anna had to let it go!

Suddenly, her pussy gushed her sweet juices all over his cock and balls. Jack groaned as he strained to push his cock to her cervix.  Arching his back, he held it there and splashed his cream against it. She enjoyed the look on his face as he emptied inside her.

Jack’s neck muscles were bulging and his eyes were closed as he frowned hard from the strain.

Anna milked his cock dry with her pussy contractions spilling most of it from her pussy lips.

Jack slid down her frame and slurped on her until she began cumming again.

“Oh Jack! Baby!” Anna’s legs shivered while she held his head tight against her.

There was no doubt that he was swallowing as she held his throat while he gulped.

Jack had satisfied her and rolled off to her side. Anna wasn’t going to let the chance go by to suck on a big cock. She positioned herself sideways across his lap so she could watch his pleasure while she sucked him off.

“Mmmm, our mixture tastes wonderful honey.” The sexy Anna said with the mixture dripping from her chin.

A quick turn of her forefinger forced the cream back in her mouth before she went down on him again. Jack held her head as it worked up and down on his cock until he was once again ready.

Anna sensed it and cautioned, “Not yet baby,” then began hollowing her cheeks as she sucked him slowly. There was more that she wanted. After wetting her forefinger, she reached under him and worked around his asshole.


“Yes Jack?”

“What are you thinking babe?”

Jack was an experienced cocksman and knew exactly what she was thinking, but before he could object, Anna rammed her finger up his ass all the way to his prostate!

“Ohh fuckkk!” Jack shouted as she began finger fucking his ass while he shot ropes of his cum over her face.

“Ohh shit Jack! Yes..yes baby…cum for me…cum…cum!!”

Anna jacked him off on her tits, then her lips while he groaned in ecstasy.

Finally, both spent and exhausted, they lay side by side and shared a much needed cigarette.

He lay on an elbow and circled her nipples as she dragged heavy and let him smoke out of her mouth.

“Anna, you’re amazing!” Jack said as smoke poured from his lips.

Anna grinned as she exhaled the smoke she gathered from him.

“I’d say you’re pretty damned amazing yourself Jack! “ She lay against his chest and toyed with his nipples.

Jack looked at the ceiling and noticed a big mirror. He hadn’t seen it earlier and they had been in the room for hours. It was nice to see her full body draped over his. He ran his hand down her back and across her bubble butt and asked, “Anna?”

“Yes Jack?”

“I have a question for you.”

Her heart raced as she explored the possibilities. Marriage? After six hours with him? Nonsense. She dismissed that quickly. No one falls in love in six hours.

After running every scenario she could think of through her mind, she answered, “Sure Jack. What’s the question?”

“Do you have any partners or do you own this joint by yourself?”

Anna rose from his chest wondering where in the world this was going. She reached for his cigarettes and lit one, blowing the match out from the side of her wet lips, “One partner Jack, and he’s a real bastard!” then dropped the spent match in the silver ashtray bedside.

Jack slid to the side on the bed and slipped on his Calvin’s, then grabbed his slacks and punched his legs through them and said, “I deal with a lot of bastards. So, what’s the problem?” then stood and zipped up his slacks.

Anna wasn’t sure how to answer him. The saloon was a success and things were going well for her. That is until she found out from Maxwell that her partner, a slimy little weasel named Henry Jax was skimming large amounts of cash and cooking the books.

Unfortunately, Henry was ‘connected’ so Anna had no choice but to go along with it. Henry then showed her the fine print on their original agreement that gave her until the fifteenth of next month to buy him out, or he would be sole owner.

Anna was a saloon singer and not a business woman four years ago when she went to Henry and asked for a loan to buy the Red Parrot Lounge, now known as Annas’.

The loan was made with stipulations. One was that he would be the 51% partner and handle the accounting. Anna never considered the facts that talk on the street was that Henry Jax was no one to mess with. Until now.

The phone rang and Anna grabbed it quickly.


It was her ‘go to’ guy, Maxwell. With his powerful connections in the states, Maxwell could find out almost anything about anybody in short order.

“He’s rich, powerful, and clean. Owns shit all over the world.”

“Ok, thanks Max.”

Anna turned and stood by her drum table where the phone rested. Maxwell may have just provided her with the information she needed. There was no way she would enter into another agreement without knowing who she’d be in bed with.

There might be a solution sitting on the edge of that bed now.

Anna walked slowly and seductively over to Jack, bent down and kissed him softly.

“Can I tell you a story Jack?”

Then sat next to Jack and opened up and brought Jack up to speed on Henry Jax and the ‘Pay or Forfeit’ clause. The conversation lasted about an hour with plenty of smoking, drinking, kissing and fondling.

“What kind of cash are we talking about?” Jack did a quick appraisal of everything he had seen.

Land, building, fixtures, inventory, licenses, permits and a few bucks for some blue sky, and friendly cops; Jack estimated around half a million for all of it.

"Very good, Jack. It's actually a little over a half million."

Jack was never big on putting things off.  “Where can I find this guy?” 

Anna stood and held his jacket open as he turned his back to her and slipped his arms in. Then she brushed it off and fixed his collar.

“Henry comes in around sun up to collect the cash and checks the receipts. Why darling?”

She turned and walked to her dressing table to reapply her deep red lip gloss.

Jack stood behind her and stared at her in the mirror. Anna Dupree was just about the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, and certainly one of the best lovers. The business end made little sense to him since he had never even entertained the idea of owning a bar, much less one half way around the world.

But, the lovely Anna with her accent and husky voice had won him and his bankroll.

“How does  ‘Jack and Anna’s’ sound?”

Anna smiled as she caressed his cheek, “Not bad…but ‘Anna and Jacks’ sounds better,” then kissed him passionately before saying, “Don’t you agree?”

“Yeah, baby…whatever you say.”

“Hmm. Are you always going to be this easy?”

Jack pulled a long legal document from his jacket pocket and handed it to her.

“Uh, what’s this hon?”

“It’s your old agreement with Jax. I bought him out at 11:30 a.m. yesterday. Looks like you have a new partner.”

Anna grabbed her rimless glasses from the nightstand and perched them on her nose. She yanked the chain on her bedside lamp and held the document under the light. Her red fingernail cruised the document.

“Uh, this says it’s to be named,  ‘Anna and Jacks’ knew this all along and said nothing?”

Anna threw the papers on the bed and pounded his chest with her fists.

Jack smiled as he grabbed her wrists, “Hey, hey..slow down…It’s either Henry Jax or me…I don’t hand over the check until 9:30 this morning at the bank.”

Anna crashed her head to his chest. Once again, she picked up his scent. His broad shoulders and big arms made her feel safe and his cash meant financial security.

Jack used his forefinger to raise her chin and kissed her glossy but sticky lips.

“What’s it going to be?”

Anna used her thumb to wipe her lipstick from his lips. “I never slept with Henry Jax.”

“I didn’t ask you that Anna. I asked if you wanted me to meet him at the bank and give him my check?”

She spun and wrapped herself in his arms, “On one condition.”

Jack kissed the top of her silky hair. “What’s that?”

She tilted her head back against his neck, “I assume you won’t be here all the time? You do have other interests.”

“That’s right. I do have other interests, so what’s the condition?”

 Anna reached up and caressed his cheek with the back of her fingers. “I’m tired of sleeping over a saloon. I want a house.”

Jack whirled her around and pulled her tight to his chest, stared in her eyes and said, “Damn it woman…I’ll buy you ten houses ...if that’s what you want.”

Their lips touched briefly as she whispered, “No, baby...Just one will do…if you’ll share it with me when you’re here.”

Jack kissed her, “It’s been a long road with many curves that’s brought me here to find you Anna Dupree. I’ll gladly share a house with you.“

They kissed again slowly, deliberately, moaning softly against one another’s lips.

Anna whispered into his mouth, “But, will you share your life with me Jack Merritt?”

“As much as I can …yes I will Miss Dupree.”

“Do you love me Jack?”

Jack caressed her face and rubbed her lips with his thumb, “I do Anna…I really do.”

She hooked her arms around his neck and gave him the kiss she'd held in her heart forever.

After the longest single kiss of her life, she said effortlessly,  “Then give him the fucking check!”





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