Aisle Six

Aisle Six

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Tommy casually strolls down aisle six at the grocery store and is checking the label on a jar of pickles. The smell of perfume wafts gently around his nose. He turns his head and a tall, attractive woman is peering over his shoulder. She was so close, they could have kissed. Did they? Let's go inside and check out aisle six.


Tommy casually strolls down aisle six at the grocery store and is checking the label on a jar of pickles. The smell of perfume wafts gently around his nose. He turns his head and a tall, attractive woman is peering over his shoulder. She was so close, they could have kissed. Did they? Let's go inside and check out aisle six.


Submitted: March 14, 2012

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Submitted: March 14, 2012



She took the jar from his hand and set the pickles back on the shelf and chose another brand and handed it to him. She smiled and turned and pushed her cart on ahead. Hmm.

He looked at the brand she had chosen, and didn't like the way the pickles looked. They looked kinda squishy. Tommy liked crisp dill pickles, so he put them back and grabbed his first choice and tossed it in his cart and continue down aisle six.

The tall woman was near the other end of the aisle, when he noticed her again. Tommy, at 6'5" thought she must be another 6'' footer, with long, lean legs, a narrow, but plump ass. Must be fresh from a workout, as she had on black spandex speedos, and a loose sweatshirt, that rode slightly off her delicate right shoulder. Her chestnut hair was piled loosely on the top of her head, secured by God knows what.

She looked interesting. Her fragrance was still in the air around him. He shook his head. It made no sense, to turn on the charm now, when he had pussy coming out of his ears already. Raven, Lola, Eva, Kelly...her mother Kate, the preachers wife were already signed up on his available anytime list. Why add another?

Besides, Biloxi was a small town, and he was already bumping into them all over town . But, he was a player, and players always made room on their plates for something fresh.

So, he strolled along pushing his basket and walked on by stopping a few feet ahead of her to grab the Mayonnaise. Once again, the woman walked up to him, and took his Helmanns and exchanged it for Miracle Whip and handed it to him, then walked away. Hmm. He put the Miracle Whip back, and made a snatch for his Helmanns and set the jar in his cartnext to his Classic pickles. Damn woman.

He'd had enough of her, so he swung his cart around, and went in the opposite direction, figuring he'd be better off without some health nut anyway. He smoked, drank, ate red meat, and had an appetite for sweets. He was fit, muscular, and exercised daily, but didn't consider his lifestyle particularly healthy.

If he pursued her, he thought, she would be one of those pain in the ass fucks, that would gives him instructions as to how,and where to put his Johnson.

Fuck that.

As he whipped around the end of the aisle, there she was. Nose to nose with his cart. He looked up at her, after surveying his cart for damages. Wow.

Big blue eyes, perfect eyebrows, long lashes, and stunning lips coated in pink lip gloss. And with her hair tossed up and her sweatshirt trying to fall off, and erection was imminent.

They stood silent for a moment. He'd already checked her out, but she hadn't seen him full on, and face to face. Another Wow.

She was looking down at her cart and saw he was wearing shorts, that showed off his muscular calves, powerful thighs, and generous crotch. His six pack was tanned and easy to see, since he was wearing one of those half tee shirts.

Ok, she'd seen a lot of nice bodies before. No big deal.

But, when she saw that movie star face, with its square jaw and dimpled chin, full lips,under a modest nose, centered between ocean blue eyes, resting under a soft mane of sandy hair covering his forehead...well, she was done.

"Well, hell-ohhh, again." She said with her best sexy voice.

"You smashed my pickles."


"My pickles. You smashed them." His pickle jar was in the front of his cart and wounded beyond repair. Dying a slow death leaking pickle juice all over the end of aisle six.

"I told you not to get those pickles. They're too hard."

"I don't care for squishy pickles."

"Well, they're squishy now."

"And whose fault is that?"

She glanced down. "Guess they weren't wearing their seat belts, so the fault is yours...not mine."

"Are you always so annoying?

"Are you always so arrogant?"

"I asked you first."

"I'm annoying?"

"See, you answer a question with a question. That's annoying."

"You are arrogant. I withdraw my question."


"Fine." She whipped her cart around his and stepped away briskly.

Crazy bitch.

He shoved his cart through his pickle juice and mumbled to the pimple faced stock boy next to him, "Clean up on aisle six"

She had gone left, so he went right. He grabbed his whole grain bread, Cheerios, and Uncle Bens Rice and headed for the check out.

With less than twenty items, the express lane offered him a hasty exit. The line was short, so he slid in behind a chubby little woman, that was as wide, as she was tall, with one boogie picker on her hip and another one tugging on her chubby elbow. He glanced in her full cart, "Uhh, lady, this is the express lane."

She looked over her shoulder at him, "Good, 'cause I'm in a hurry. Jasper has to shit." Nodding her head at the elbow tugger. Perfect.

He took a step back and hung his ass on another cart. Naturally, it was the annoying sex kitten/health nut.

"You again." He grumbled.

"I feel exactly the same way."

"Back up before Jasper shits on me."

"Who's Jasper?"

"The one on her hip...I think"

She smiled, "Do you always have this much drama when you grocery shop?"

"Not just grocery shopping. Drama tends to follow me around."

"So, you're a drama magnet."

"Clearly, now will you back up?"

She backed up laughing, as Jasper did his business. Wonderful.

Tommy made it out just in time and swung his cart around and sped away to a safer checkout. Where he was joined by Miss Annoying. "Are you following me?"

"Honey, you have me hooked. I just don't want to miss anything."

"Ok, then stick around. It shouldn't take long for disaster to strike."

"Oh, I doubt it. I mean, what could possibly happen now?

"Anything. Everything. Hell, I'm even starting to like you."

She laughed, "Part of my charm. I took annoying classes. What's your name drama magnet?"

"Tommy.' He began unloading his cart on the conveyor as he giggled at her..

"Suits you. I'm Kit."

He glanced up, "Hi , Kit. Having a nice day?" and continued digging his items out.

"It started kinda crappy, but I must admit, it's gotten a whole lot better since I came grocery shopping!"

He took a couple of steps up, as the clerk began scanning his items.

Suddenly, balloons dropped from the sky and loud band music came out of nowhere, as a smiling bald dude came running out to shake his hand, carrying a big envelope. He shook his hand rapidly while saying, "Congratulations. You're our one millionth customer!! You've won a years worth of groceries AND a Hawaiian Vacation for two!!!"

The local newspaper reporter began quizzing him, while the papers photographer snapped a few candid shots.

He turned to the sex kitten, who had squatted on the floor, laughing in her hands. She looked up at him, with tears of laughter in her eyes. She nibbled on her bottom lip and shook her head. He bent down, in front of her, "Told ya." She kissed him on the lips, "You sure did sweetheart. I'll never doubt you again."

He took her hands and pulled her upinto a long embrace, complete with several warm kisses. Click. Click. Click. More candid snapshots.

Kit grinned, "Shit"

"Problem?" Tommy asked. Kit shook her head.

He said, "I have to go sign something. Wait for me." Kit replied, "Oh, don't worry about that hon. I'll be right here."

She checked out and pushed her cart to the wall and sat on the bench. Her mind was a blur of pickles,mayonnaise,crashed carts, and slippery floors...snotty nosed kids, and shit laden diapers. Mostof all, she thought of Tommy.

Why had this amazing man come into her life today? Today of all days. The very day her husband announced he was leaving her and the kids for a twenty something nitwit? Why?

Kit was 38 and still had plenty of fire left. She never refused Frank. Oh, there were plenty of times she wanted to, but she was his wife and that's what wives were supposed to do. No warm ups though. No sweet words or kisses. Just climb on and get off. A lot of things had her mind swimming.

Tommy came out, "Let's get out of here" Kit hopped to her feet,as he dropped his two plastic bags, in her cart and took thehelm. She tucked her arm through his, as theywalked out, looking very much like a happily married couple.

Once outside, in the bright sun, he slid his shades from the top of his sandy hair to his nose."Which way?"

Kit pointed to the last aisle, by the street. She held the front of the basket directing him to the rear of her her silver mini van. Tommy laughed, "This yours?" She popped the hatch and held her hand in to keep the soccer balls from rolling out. "Yeah, why?" Tommy pointed, at the red Porsche, that was parked nose to nose with hers, "Mine!"

She threw her arms around his neck and kissed him passionately, then said, "Looks like I've hit you twice today." He shoved the cart away, "Do those seats...." She cut him off, "Recline? They sure do. Want to take a nap with me?"

"Maybe after...depends."


"If you wear me out."

"Oh, I'll do my best hon." She walked to the side door and reached in and let the back seats fold into the floor. She climbed in, and shut the door. "Coming babe?"

He crawled in and pulled the hatch down behind him, slapping a couple of soccer balls out of the way. He looked up and Kit had already taken off her sweatshirt and had her back arched tugging off her Speedos. She kicked them from her feet and slid her feet back raising her knees. She let her knees fall to the side, revealing her shaved pussyto him.

Tommy grinned and crawled between her legs, and began kissing her silky thighs. Kit moaned softly and ran her fingers through his soft hair. His lips were closer now and his hot breath made her moan again. This time , a little louder. Then his thumbs spread her purple pussy lips, revealing her wet, pink pussy. "Ahhh," Kit cried softly. She held the back of his head, clutching his hair between her fingers.

He slowly started his tongue around the inside of her lips, as he rubbed the outside with his thumbs. "Ohh baby...damn that feels good." His tongue slipped inside, for a few sample tastes. "Ohhhh. Yesss." Kit rolled her hips, to match his licks. She was smiling at her good luck, as she pushed her pussy against his mouth. "You like this baby? Eating my pussy?" He glanced up at her and saw her playing with her nipples.

"I do. Your pussy is stunning, smells fresh, and tastes delicious. I could do this all day."

"Me, too...Just don't forget to fuck me."

"I promise. I won't forget."

"I haven't seen your me." He slipped his right hand thumb in his waistband and dragged them to his knees, and wriggled them down to his feet. He got on his knees and let his cock spring up. "Ohh dear God..Come here." She sat up and grabbed hold with her left hand and rubbed the head , against her slippery pink lips. They parted slightly, so she could slip her tongue out for a taste."MMMMM.....did you say something about stunning and delicious?" He didn't answer as he carressed her face. She opened wide and went down him. All the way down. "MMMMMMMMMMM," She pulled her mouth up, slowly sucking him hard, until a loud 'pop' told her, it was out of her mouth.

She gasped for air, refilling her lungs, "Put it in me...please baby. I need you so fucking bad."

Tommy laid on her and with one thrust, it was in. "Ohh Goddd." Kit bucked against him, like she really meant she needed him. He whispered, "Like that baby?" Her reply came with a return whisper, "More than you could possibly know." Her soft voice in his ear inspired him. He started pumping into her harder now. "That's right..fuck me hard. I don't mind." Her long legs wrapped around his ass, squeezed him tight. He was taking fast strokes, but long. He felt her fingernails down his back.

Kit bucked hard against hard he felt her pelvic bones smashing against his. Her tongue dove in his mouth and slipped around his throat. She felt her orgasm along her spine first. Then pulled from the kiss and tensed up and screamed, "TOMMY!" as she flooded his cock and balls with her fresh juices. Her legs quivered when she sobbed, "Oh, shit..Oh shit...oh, there's more baby!" He pulled out of her and went to her lips, with the tip of his cock. Kit opened her mouth, as she masturbated . Her hand was moving so fast, he could hardly see it, but he heard the fast squishing sounds, which made his cock spurt on her lips.

She opened wide and said, "Ahhhhhhhhhhhh," as the tip of his cock squirted warm cum in her mouth. One squirt, two, three, four, five hot shots, that she let accumulate before swallowing. She pulled her cum soaked fingers, from her pussy and shared them with him. "Ohh,baby, baby...damn...what a great fuck this was. Where the hell have you been, and why didn't you get here ten years ago?"

Tommy kissed her softly, leaned back and said, "You weren't ready for me then."

"Well, I'm sure's hell ready for you now. Your mouth tastes like you smoke."

"Probably, because I do. I'd like one right now, since you brought it up. Do you mind?"

"Mind? Honey, my husband made me quit three years ago. I've craved one every day since. Light one up for us."

He slipped a Marlboro Light in his mouth and lit it. She put her mouth close, to share his inhale. Tiny wisps of smoke curled around her wet lips "Fuck...that's great. I loved smoking. And, I gave it up for nothing. Fucker!" She laid in his arms and took the cigarette from him and dragged it deep. "Nothing? Why? What do you mean?"

"Fucker left in fact. That's why I'm here. He's packing his truck and I didn't want to hang around, so I came grocery shopping. And now look what's happened. Just don't fuck it up and tell me you're married."

"Not a problem, babe. I'm definitely not married."

She french inhaled slowly, thoughtfully..."Man, what a story this would make, huh?"

"We'll see. It might. Ever been to Hawaii?"

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