Still Into You

Still Into You Still Into You

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Cougar is in hot pursuit of hunky lifeguard


Cougar is in hot pursuit of hunky lifeguard


Submitted: December 12, 2013

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Submitted: December 12, 2013



The drops of water came and made a puddle. Jordin was sitting by the pool in a chair and was looking as the water dripped in filters by the pool. The light slanted off the water and sun glasses wee necessary. The way the water dropped reminded him of a comic book that he'd been given by his older brother. It was called Batman, The Killing Joke. The first page of the comic had water dropping and making puddles and it was also how it ended. The Joker tells Batman a joke, and they both laugh their heads off, and it rains, making a puddle at the end.


Jordin was a lifeguard at the pool, and he had just finished high school three months earlier. He was around six feet tall and well built, with a wide chest and perfect abs, excellent tan, handsome face and light brown hair.


He looked out over the pool surveying things. He liked the way the light came off of the water.


Behind him a woman with a little girl of eight or nine came out of the women's locker room. The woman was of medium height, well built and shapely, with curvy tan hips, and narrow waste and pretty boobs. She looked like she was in her late thirties with dark blond hair. The young girl resembled her except her hair was lighter. They both had on the obligatory sun glasses. He looked longer than he should have and he could see the woman looking back. She smiled at him over her shoulder as she walked away. She was very pretty was nice eyes and an expressive face.


They walked over to pool lounges and spread their towels out.


The young girl said, “I'm going to go jump in Kate.”


“Okay, I hope the water isn't too hot,” the woman replied.


The young girl raced over to the deep end and jumped off the side of the pool.


The woman sat and thought for a minute.


Of course she had noticed the hunky lifeguard! she was always looking for attractive younger men everywhere she went, it never stopped. She looked over at him again, and wow!


Although she had not done it in her twenties and early thirties, Kate Ramson had in the last three years become adept in the art of the pick up, meeting younger men for casual sex. She was highly selective in this process, the males had to be young, tall, well built, well endowed and with pretty or handsome faces. She wouldn't sleep with anybody just to have sex.


This lifeguard had certainly met all the qualifications.


She had changed a lot in the last three years, at one time somewhat shy, she had become eager to see if she couldn't seduce some hot young kid into sleeping with her. Once she had done it, then she was pretty much on the prowl in a short time after that. She wasn't above making passes at the sons of her friends if she found them attractive.


She thought she saw him looking over at her and she smiled and spread her legs out.


Kate thought he was looking at her and she stared at him again, come on baby, she thought, get over here.


She had a hot stare that sometimes worked in getting boys to approach her.


She smiled at him again, come on baby! Kate thought.


Then the young girl came up holding what looked like a long tube, she pushed a nob and blast of pool water came out hitting Kate in the chest and face.


“Ha ha Aunt Kate,” the girl said.


Kate started laughing, “That's a heck of a water gun Gracie, wow, where did you get it?”


“Caleb let me borrow it,” Gracie said in a high pitched voice.


“Well hit Caleb once for me,” Kate said.


“Okay,” the little girl said and ran back to the pool.


Kate liked the feel of the place, the little kids with parents and relatives, the nice sun, the loudspeakers playing music.


After a little bit Gracie came back.


“How's was the water?” Kate asked.


“It was real cool, I got a little cold,” Gracie said and then wrapped herself up in her beach towel.


“Do you want to go to the concession stand in a little bit?” Kate asked.




Then after Gracie had warmed up they walked over to the concession stand.


Gracie had nachos and Kate sat there munching popcorn.


Suddenly the young girl began singing in a voice surprisingly strong and on key,


Let 'em' wonder how we got this far


'Cause' I don't need to wonder at all


I”m still


Into you


I'm into you


I should be over all the butterflies


I'm into you


I'm into you


And even on our worst night


I'm still into you


The young child had mimicked the high pitch staccato sound she had heard very well.


Kate said, “Excellent Gracie, very good.”


She grabbed the young girl's arm and squeezed it, a little blonde headed eight year old with a pony tail.


By the time they came back, Kate was ready for a dip in the pool, she looked around but the hunky life guard was no where in sight. She sighed with disappointment and jumped into the pool.


Apparently the life guards worked in shifts at the pool.


Kate decided that she wasn't going to wait she would ask there at the pool who the hot boy was.


Kate asked and had found out that the lifeguard's name was Jordin Hannah. She then proceeded to look him up on Face Book. She then wrote and asked if they could correspond and become Face Book friends.


Jacob remembered the hot older woman and said yes.


Kate had used Face Book before to make contact.


Kate wrote back: 'All I can say is wow!'


Jacob wrote: 'Thanks, what did I do?'


Kate wrote: 'OMG!!'


She didn't do anything for two days and then wrote: 'Here's a recent picture of me, what do you think?'


It showed the 'cougar' from the rear, the shapely tanned legs, well turned ass and short tight skirt, left not much to the imagination. She was grinning over her left shoulder at whoever was taking the picture, and a pretty left tit was also on display. It was a salacious and suggestive photo, Jordin's cock began to grow and swell almost immediately in looking at at. He put his right hand to stroke the hard on that formed.


A few hours later she emailed him, 'Did you like my picture baby?'


He wrote back, 'I'll say, Yes Ma'am!'


Kate grinned to herself when she read his email, she had him going.


Then Jordin sent a photo of his own, one of the other kids had taken it when they had been goofing around. He was standing there flexing his muscles and and looking really buffed, tan and smiling.


Kate's eyes almost popped out of her head, this was a cougars wet dream come to true. Her heart began pounding.


She sat there squeezing her clitoris, Kate was even more turned on than she was before, Kate wanted him and, she was going to have him !


She wrote: 'Why didn't you warn me before sending that picture, wow! Absolutely awesome baby!


Then she sent another photo of her own, this one showed her from the front and there a man or boy off to the left, with his back to the camera, she had on a long sleeved red blouse with the sleeves rolled up and buttons open half way down her chest. The shirt was pulled away from her torso and a bare midriff was showing as well as firm ample female cleavage. She also had on red short shorts and high heels, Jordin wondered what the male in the picture was doing, likely getting ready to have sex, he thought lewdly. And she had the same sexy smile she had in the other picture. His cock quickly grew to fill his pants, just like before. And then he stroked the big hard on to climax.


Jordin wrote: 'Fantastic picture Kate.'


Kate could tell that he was interested, she was going to get him!


Ever since Jordin had agreed to become Facebook friends with Kate Ramson, and had given her his private email account, the 18 year old boy had received a steady stream of profanity laced emails and pictures that ranged from the highly suggestive to the out and out pornographic. Shocked a bit at first, Then he would feverishly sit in front of the computer and wait for another email. Jordin had masturbated to high orgasm to some of the photos.


He was as turned on by the racy obscenity laced comments as he had been by the pornographic pictures.


Kate had been divorced six years earlier, and while she had a boyfriend her own age, she had really started to come into her own as a 'cougar' in the last two or three years, at first tentative, she had become brazen and aggressive in her pursuit of younger males as sexual partners, and had at least eight seductions under belt, and could have had more, except she was picky. The pictures were from her previous affairs.


She wrote: 'I'd thought about having U cum over but I wondered if U were up to it?? What's a girl to do, wtf, What The Fuck!!


Kate had written: 'Do you like tea, Jordin? My sister used to work for TWA airlines, what would you think having some of my TWA T baby?? Are you out there Jordin, where the fuck are you honey????


Jordin wrote: Of course I'm here! I luv all these emails, they're just as hot and sultry as your pictures were!!!' Fabulous Kate!


Kate wrote: “Well thanx a lot!!!! Kiss kiss.'


The next photo was the clincher, it showed the cougar completely naked and standing in front of the camera, Jordin could easily see her pussy, then he did a double take, she was totally wet, there was cum all over her pussy! It was a creampie! His cock swelled up almost immediately and he began masturbate furiously. Her boyfriend must have taken the picture right after he'd fucked her. She had that same knowing look on her face in every picture, like: I'm totally hot and I know it.


Kate wrote, 'How do you like my pictures baby?'


Jordin didn't know how to respond, the sexually charged photos were really turning him on.


He wrote: 'I've entered the fabulous world of sexy grown up females, fantastic!'


Then next day Kate wrote: 'You're not the only boy I know on the Internet Jordin, you know that, last night a 19 year old kid over to my place and we fucked all night!!! God it was wild!!! And we got stoned before the fuck'


Jordin wasn't sure if she was telling the truth all the time with the things that she was writing, but he was sure of one thing, it was turning him on like crazy. The latest one had him shooting a big load of cum into his shorts sitting there in front of the computer.


He wrote: 'You're awesome Kate, I love reading all this stuff!'


'Thanks again,' she wrote.


Kate's plan was to plant all these sexual images in his mind, and turn him on big time, so that he would come over and fuck her whenever she wanted, maybe turn into one of her boy toys if he showed the talent she thought he had. She grinned a satisfied grin, what she had done was working, had done it's job, and she had really enjoyed doing it too, she got a big kick out of the outrageous flirting with barely of age teenagers.


She wrote: 'I'm just not sure where I stand, what does a girl do?'


He answered, 'What do you want?'


Kate liked playing her Internet games but the trap had been set, it was time to reel him in.


Kate wrote: 'What I want Jordin, is a hot boyfriend who uh, will let me have it, that's what I want.'


Jordin sat there panting after reading this, yes, yes! This was what he wanted, he had wanted it so bad he could taste it in his mouth, he had wanted to ask her but didn't have the nerve.


He wrote: 'What I'm willing to do Ms Ramson, is whatever you'd like me to do.'


Kate read this and smiled a ecstatic grin, she had him now! That was just exactly what she had wanted to hear. She leaned back in her chair at the computer and imagined herself spreadeagled out on her bed, her legs open wide and the kid just ready to penetrate her for the first time. A shit eating sexual lear came over her face as she imagined him fucking her. She squirmed her ass in her chair. Then another sexual fantasy came over her, it was over now and she was standing in front of him, her pussy hairs wet with sperm and cum, he just couldn't take his eyes off the creampie he's made, she had seduced him good!


Kate emailed: 'Alright honey way to go! Good answer! I'll let you know when I want you to come over, I live in a white two story house next to the Methodist Church.'


Jordin wrote: 'Great!'


Jordin waited nervously for email, text message or something telling when to come, nervously checking his email every twenty minutes.


He'd had hit the jackpot when it came to cougars.


Kate wickedly made him wait three days before she sent her email.


It read: 'Okay baby, nows your chance, do you think you're ready Jordin??? So get off the computer, get off the motherfucking couch and get yourself over here, now!'


'Yes Ma'am!” Jordin answered again.







Kate was ecstatic, she had wanted this young boy, and now, she was gonna have him, he was coming over in an hour for sex!


Her sex ritual had worked, again. It followed the pattern of showing her from first the rear, then from the front, then the creampie. Her pussy after it had been blasted with male cum, was the thing she wanted him to remember the most.


He drove over very excited, it was a short trip, he got out of the car and she came out to meet him. And they went in the house.


He walked behind her looking at the beautiful dark blond hair, “Would you mind if I touched your hair?”




He put his right hand up and stroked it.


She turned around and he stood there looking her up and down.


“Would you mind if I got a kiss?” he asked.


Kate came over and put her arms on his shoulders, “Rule 1,” she said, “men don't ask for a kiss, they take it, she has had you over, that means she expects to be kissed, and, she expects to be groped up, you want to put your hand on her ass, then you put your hand on her ass, and if she fights you, then you overpower her, because she is just pretending, women like alpha male behavior.”


Jordin grabbed her suddenly pulling her close and gave her a nice hot kiss.


“You're just as pretty and just as sexy as I thought you'd be from your pictures Ms Ramson,” Jordin said cooing at her.


“If you think flattery will get you somewhere, then you're probably right,” Kate said and giggled.


“Just simply beautiful Ms Ramson,” Jordin said, his eyes eating her up.


Kate felt her heart flutter, and a flash of heat.


“Well thanks,” she said smiling at him.


Kate was getting all excited and flustered, he was making her feel like she was 16 and with the captain of the football team. She laughed and laughed at him, all the while snuggling in his arms.


She leaned in and kissed him her hot tongue probing his mouth.


She grinned at him and said, “You're a little hottie Jordin.”


“Thanks,” the kid replied.


She pulled away from him and said, “How about a drink?”




Kate said, “Know how to shoot whiskey?”


Jordin said, “No, not really I've drank it a couple of times.”


“Well it's time you learned,” she said.


She walked over to a cabinet and took a bottle out, also two shot glasses.


“Jim Bean White Ghost,” Kate said.


“It's clear colored,” Jordin said, “I thought whiskey was usually tan colored.”


“It is,” Kate replied, “but I like this.”


She poured him a shot and handed it to him, “Try to gulp it down all at once, that’s how you do shots, it'll taste strong and burn your throat a little until you get used to it.”


Jordin took the whiskey and drank most of it, it did burn his throat and he coughed after wards.


Kate laughed at him and said, “You'll get used to it.”


Then she took her shot and said, “Here's to new friends,” and expertly gulped it.


Jordin was anxious to do anything that the older woman wanted him to do, within reason, and learning to drink seemed cool.


“Lets have another one,” she said pouring more whiskey.


They were in the bedroom now, and Kate stood next to the bed.


She went over and put her hand under his shirt and flipped it out, then she did it again.


“Take it off,” she said, “take it all off.”


He looked at her and her eyes locked on him, “Come on,” she said.


He began removing his shirt and did a little dance.


Kate sat down on the bed and watched him.


“That's it baby,” she said.


Jordin turned his back to her and began squirming his ass at her.


She began whistling and clapping, “Alright!” she exclaimed.


He did a pirouette and faced her, then removing his shirt.


Kate said, “Strip club, yeah!”


Then he took his pants down and threw them on the bed, showing off some more for her.


Kate clapped some more, “You go baby,” she said.


He turned around again and stuck his rear end at her, then ground it around in a suggestive circle.


“Way to go baby,” Kate said.


Jordin then pulled his underwear down and turned around again to face Kate.


“Wheetwhoooo,” Kate whistled when she eyed the hard on.


“That was great!” she said.


He came over to her and began pulling on her top.


“Well Kate,” he said.


She looked up at him, “I will not take my clothes off for you.”


Kate said, “You want them off, rip 'em' off.”


Jordin quickly took Kate's clothes off, and she fought him, half hardheartedly.


When her panties were pulled down she sat down on the bed and spread her legs wide, an open invitation to fuck, Jordin looked at the mouth watering pussy.


Kate said a saucy voice, “I've decided no, Jordin, I don't want to make love right now.”


The kid looked crestfallen, “Why?” he asked.


“I just feel like being a little bitch,” Kate said and smiled at the kid, “ and, I just wanted you get a really good look at what you're not going to get.”


He looked very unhappy and appeared close to crying, without saying a word, he glared at her and picked up his clothes and went into the other part of the house.


Kate watched him confused, she was just teasing him.


Then she began to get upset, she got up and headed for the living room.


He was sitting on the couch, he already had his trousers on and was working on his shoes.


“What do you think you're doing?” she asked.


“I'm going home,” he said grimly.


She came over where he was, “Look at me,” she said, “you are not going home, no you aren't, not now.”


“I don't know,” he replied.


“Why the hell do you think I brought you over here bab-by?” she asked tartly.


Jordin was beginning to think that she was just teasing about not fucking him, that was the way it was seeming, he looked up at her.


She leered down at him, then said, “Get off the Goddamn couch and get back in the bedroom, right now,” Kate ordered.


Jordin stood up then.


“Yes Ma'am,” he said.


He walked in front of her and she slapped his ass and laughed at him.


Kate said, “Maybe you could do another little dance for me.”


“Oh sure.”


“You were good,” she said, “I'd give you a twenty dollar tip.”


They walked back to the bedroom.


She helped Jordin take his clothes back off, in between she laughed at him and leaned over for kisses.


“Finish what you start Jordin, finish what you start, “Kate said beaming at him.


He grabbed her, picking her up slightly, gripping Kate tightly like he had before. Her body melted into his as she previously, Jordin loved the feeling as she wrapped herself around him and passionately kissed back.


Then she laid down on her bed, spreading her thighs invitingly wide.


“Finish what you start baby,” Kate said leering up at the young boy.


He looked at the wide rich tanned hips and beautiful wet cunt that was right in front of his face, hot delectable female flesh, just there for the taking. Jordin was beside himself for a moment, unbelievable pussy, right in front of him!


“Come on baby,” she said in a light voice.


“Come on baby,” she said again.


His trousers were already off and Kate stared, this was what was going to send her on her trip to the moon, a nice beautiful cock!


Kate had quite a bit of confidence in the kid, he had turned out to be an excellent kisser, and seemed to have a natural feel for foreplay, moreover he seemed to be really into her and was bringing a load of fiery hot emotion to his kisses and caresses, each burning hot kiss with his tongue dancing and exploring her lips was bringing out a passion in her that she didn't always reach, was it ever a turn on to have this hot kid want her like this!


Her cunt was soaking wet, it had even gotten the sheets wet, it was twitching and hot, and sending out a message loud and clear, where is my cock??


Then he laid down on top of her.


”Take your time,” she said, “rhythm is what builds passion, over and over again, like a drum beating,”


“I will try my best Kate” he leaning over to kiss her.


“Thick even strokes, then harder and deeper, harder and harder and harder, not faster, as he gets his piece of ass, that's what going to make her scream,” Kate said.


“Right Kate,” he said jamming his tongue into her mouth.


“Are you listening, because the Kate Ramson sex school is in session,” she said and giggled.


“Uh huh Kate.”


“Since I became a cradle robber a few year ago, I've taken a few cherries from boys, and taught them a couple of things,” Kate said.


He could feel the muscles in her arms as she got around him again, he loved the way she held on to him, a tight grip as though she didn't want him to get away. Her fingers kneaded the muscles of his back.


“Well good work Kate,” Jordin replied.


“I feel it's my civic duty to help the young along,” Kate said and laughed.


“Well we're grateful,” he said.


He guided his cock slowly and carefully towards the precious opening, nudging up against it.


“Come on baby,” she said encouraging him.


Then he spread the pussy lips and got inside her for the first time.


“Ohhh!” she said feeling herself being filled up.


Jordin began kissing her again and her fingers caressed his face and hair.


She jammed her tongue in his mouth returning his kisses.


He began the rhythm of their fuck.


Almost immediately the grateful sighs and moans began.


Her hot tight cunt felt like a velvety wall of sexual pleasure.


Wow does this ever feel good! Jordin thought to himself. I may not last very long.


He pulled himself up a little and began the long even strokes that she had asked for.


He looked down at her, she had an ecstatic look of sexual heat.


Wow! Was that ever a turn on.


How he had wanted the sexy older vixen, now he was getting her.


The hot necking and the passionate kissing continued as he went on fucking her.


In and out he went trying to make the thrusts harder, gradually increasing the thrusts.


Then after awhile, he began to pound away at her with everything that he could muster, he reared back to get in harder and deeper. It seemed like a glove was grabbing at him.


Her fingers caressed and massaged his neck and back.


The sweat came out of him, and his pulse quickened noticeably, as they raced towards the obvious conclusion.


Jordin began moaning to himself, he had not idea how long the fuck had lasted.


Kate sighed and gasped for air, her fingers ground away at his back. He had seen a few girls orgasm, or at least he thought they had orgasmed. She gulped again for air and he felt her cunt spasm.


He was absolutely dying to finish, how he wanted to let her have it!


Kate for her part had really gotten into this, how she had wanted to seduce this young boy, to possess him, now in a very few more minutes he would be hers. That fine young cock would open up and spray her sugar walls with nice hot cum!


Jordin had reached a fever pitch of sex, his mouth opened as his cock swelled to maximum length, and he shot loads of hot cum into her!


Kate was already close to orgasm from desire and all the kissing, her pussy spasmed again when his jizz hit her and she went up into the atmosphere of female orgasm, lights went on and off and it felt like she was floating in air.


“Oh wow!” she said.


Jordin lay against her panting, he was spent!


They were sitting back against the head board now.


“Well maybe I could put my panties back on get some of the cum on them and you could have those as a souvenir,” Kate said.


Jordin looked at her.


“You need some memento from our first fuck,” Kate said, “how about a photo.”


“I feel uncomfortable taking a picture,” Jordin said.


“Get the camera and take the picture, it'll be your picture and it will remind you of our first fuck,” Kate said.


'I don't know,” he said.


Kate got an exasperated look, then she said, “I can't believe I'm hearing this bullshit, get the camera and take the picture, now!” she ordered.


“Okay,” he said, a charge going through his system.


“Make sure you get my pussy in, you want the creampie in the picture,” Kate said.


Kate grinned a satisfied grin, she had really gotten her claws into him good! He was really into her, she could tell by the hot passionate fuck he had just given her.


“Alright,” he said aiming the camera at her.


She stood there grinning at the camera and posing, and Jordin remembered a photo like this that he had received, the same sultry hypnotic look was there.


Jordin was beginning to wonder if all the talk about him doing whatever she wanted was all bullshit as he had thought it was earlier. He seemed to compelled to do what she said, especially when she swore.


“That's a good creampie,” he said snapping the picture.


“Well you're the one that did it,” she said giggling at him.







She cupped the big hard on in her hands and aimed it towards her mouth, then kissing it and running her tongue all around the tip.


“Uhmmmm,” she said, making moans of pleasure.


She made an o shape with her mouth and began running the cock back in the direction of her throat.


Making sure that he was really stimulated, she pulled the dick out of her mouth and backed away from him.


“Shoot it on my tits baby, come on,” Kate said urging him to masturbate.


“Come on let me have it,” she said.


Kate said, “Hit me in the face with it honey.”


Jordin put his hands around his cock and began to jerk off. This he had never done before, he had fantasized about it, but had never done it.


“Come on baby,” Kate said.


He stroked away aiming at the beautiful cleavage about two feet away.


“Come on baby,” she said again.


Kate put her hands behind her head so that he could get a better look at her breasts.


“Stroke, stroke,” she said and then started laughing.


Jordin worked himself up into a fever pitch after a few minutes, then sweating and straining, the big cock opened up and big balls of sperm shot out.


Kate tried to catch them in her mouth as they had came right at her head, the first one hit her in the right cheek and rolled down. She caught the second one and third one hit her in the neck.


“Oh wow baby!” she exclaimed.


“Oh wow!”


It had started to rain outside in the last half hour, Jordin stood there, then he looked out the window, he could see rain falling. Water was gathering on the windowsill. It was like The Batman and The Joker together at the end of The Killing Joke. The drops of water came and made a puddle.









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