Red Shadows

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Erotic Horror  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Woman uses black magic to conjure dead boyfriend

The writing on the glass windows and door said Madam Morgana Morgana Psychic Consultations, the woman standing in front of it looked in her purse for money then walked in; a tall woman with blond hair, middle aged.


It was a dark room and it contrasted greatly with the bright day outside, after a few seconds a woman appeared, she had white hair and was of indiscriminate age, “I'm Madam Morgana Morgana,” she said.


“They call me Keet,” the blond woman replied.


“You wish a consultation then?” Madam Morgana Morgana asked.




Madam Morgana Morgana said, “Come this way.”


They walked into room that was blocked by a dark curtain, and Madam Morgana Morgana sat down on one side of a small table and Motioned Keet to sit on the other side. Madam Morgana Morgana wore a white dress and had a sort of tirara in her hair. The table had the signs of the zodiac on in and other symbols and a crystal ball close to where Madam Morgana Morgana was sitting.


“Do you want a general consultation or is there something specific,” Madam Morgana Morgana asked.


Keet said, “It's about my boyfriend, he left five years ago.”


“What do you mean he left?”


“I mean he died,” Keet said.


Madam Morgana Morgana said, “How did he die?”


Keet stared down at the table and didn't say anything for seven or eight seconds, “He committed suicide.”


Madam Morgana Morgana looked at Keet, she had a smooth face and almond shaped brown eyes.


“Do you want me to contact him is that it?” Madam Morgana Morgana asked.


“Not exactly,” Keet said.


“Contacting the spirit world would require a séance,” Madam Morgana Morgana said.


“I want to conjure him,” Keet said.


“Are you a witch?” Madam Morgana Morgana asked.


Keet said, “No, not really but I dabble.”


Madam Morgana Morgana said, “You mean in the black arts?”




Keet said, “I want to know if I can do it.”


Madam Morgana Morgana said, “Do you have a photograph?”


Keet reached into her purse and pulled a picture out,”Here,” she said.


Madam Morgana Morgana looked at it, it was an ancient photo, it showed two kids about sixteen or seventeen years old, sitting in the back seat of a car, the boy looked enough like Keet they could have been related.


Madam Morgana Morgana said, “Do you carry this around with you?”


“Yes,” Keet said haltingly.


“What was his name?” Madam Morgana Morgana asked.


“Duke,” Keet replied.


“You people seem to be fond of nicknames,” Madam Morgana Morgana said with the faintest of smiles.


Keet shrugged her shoulders without saying anything.


“Let me look through the eye of the world,” Madam Morgana Morgana said,” sometimes it takes me awhile to concentrate, sometimes I make noise, don't become alarmed.”




Keet watched as Madam Morgana Morgana stared through the opaque glass ball. Weird light seemed to come out of it and around it.


After about six or seven minutes Madam Morgana Morgana said, “Yes I can see him, you have brought him back to this world.”


“Really!” Keet said excitedly.


“Yes, you will be able to summon him,” Madam Morgana Morgana said.


“I can conjure him?”




Keet stood up, she seemed nervous and excited, “I don't know how to thank you Madam Morgana Morgana,” she said.


Then she got out fifty dollars and laid on the table.


“That's great dear, and please come back,” Madam Morgana Morgana replied.


“Good bye,” Keet said and went back out in the bright sunlight.


Keet quickly drove home, her hands trembled as she fumbled with the key in the lock, the house was cold for October so she built a fire in the living room fireplace. She sat there drinking soda and thinking until it got dark outside, the fire made red shadows on the wall, and they danced around like demons.


She watched the t.v. without watching, the Twilight Zone was on, episode; Death Ship.


This had been the house that they had lived in together, it was in Littleton outside of Denver, she had recently moved back into after years of her renting it out. The next day was the day and Keet concentrated feverishly on it.


Then the next day came and, it was dark now and close to midnight, Keet drew a circle inside a pentagram on the wooden floor with a magic marker. Then she lit candles in points around the pentagram. She had on a dark robe that made her look like witch. She checked her watch, it was midnight and time to start. She stepped in the circle inside the pentagram.


She said, “I summon my beloved who died in blood, I offer this blood.”


Keet cut her finger slightly with a small kitchen knife and let the blood drip on the markings.


Despite the cold outside the room was warm, she had made a substantial fire and it made a lot of heat, also the same weird shadows on the walls.


“I summon my beloved,” she said again, her eyes staring at one of the candles around the pentagram.


She closed her eyes and began chanting what was her summoning spell.


Then she started seeing little puffs of smoke, was it really happening?


Keet watched like she hypnotized, the smoke got thicker and thicker and then it began to take shape.


Then she began to see the form, it was him! Keet wasn't sure whether he'd naked or not, but he had clothes on, blue jeans and a leather jacket. He stepped up and looked at her.


“Hi honey,” she said almost shyly.


He looked exactly the way she remembered, around six feet tall with dish water blond hair, on the slim side but strong looking, with wide shoulders and muscular arms. They looked quite a bit alike the two of them, enough to be brother and sister, except they weren't. They were both tall, slim and light, and nice looking.


He looked at her and smiled.


“Keet,” he said.


Keet put her arms around him, “It's so good to see you,” she said, “you don't know.”


“It's nice to see you too,” he replied.


He looked at her, she appeared to be close to some kind of nirvana.


She led him into the bedroom, then they snuggled together in the big old bed. The memories flooded back into Keet's mind. She had known Duke all of his life, their families had been friends growing up. She thought about the first time they were together sexually when they were teen-agers, young and full of life. She remembered how she acquired the nick name Keet, it was short for Chiquita Banana. She never knew how her boyfriend got the nick name Duke, they weren't together all the time growing up, their families lived apart. Duke had been her first love, and like a lot of people she never quite got over it, she had had other boyfriend's since his suicide but it wasn't the same.


He held her hand in bed like he had when they had been kids.


Presently he got on top of her, looking down, her face was contorted with passion. Duke leaned down and began kissing her, their tongues snuggled around each other. He could tell that she had very little on under the black robe she was wearing, no underwear at all that he could tell. Keet's tongue was extremely hot and she jammed into his mouth repeatedly waiting for him to put his lips over it.


He was ready, his large penis throbbed between his legs and was wanting to be satisfied. Keet could feel it too, she felt it on her left thigh.


Duke decided to pull her robe up out of the way so he could get to her, she caressed his hand encouraging him, “Yes,” she said.


Then he reared up and looked down at it, a pretty looking blond cunt, not very hairy, and extremely attractive.


“Nice,” he said.


“Thank you,” Keet replied and laughed at him, “when I conjured you, I decided not to wear any underwear.”


“Cool,” he said.


He was really turned on, the blasphemous process of being summoned, the old hot girlfriend dressed like a witch, and practically out of her mind with some sort of passion was getting to him big time. How pretty she was caused a big erection,


He got on top of her and guided himself towards her hole with his hand. He heard her moan as she could feel him getting close to her pussy. Then Duke got into her and the velvet heat of her snatch closed around his erection, she gasped and then she moaned, and her arms went around him and started pulling on his back. Keet was a tall girl with long legs and arms, and they grabbed at Duke like hot fleshy magnets. Duke had strong hips and legs and began to pound Keet's ass in a rhythmic pump.


The passion rose in both of them, as the heat they felt wanted some sort of release.


Her right hand pulled at the back of his neck and she pulled his head down to hers so she could kiss him. Keet snuggled up against him, her tongue jamming itself in his mouth and her arms caressing his back and neck.


Duke had a good rhythm going now, and he went in and out of her like a piston, she sighed grateful moans, Duke could tell that he was getting to her and she was really turned on, and this excited him even more.


He began to feel a fever pitch come over him, he ached to cum inside her nice hot snatch, then he poured it on, determined to finish this fuck session off right now! Harder and quicker Duke went, as fast as he could go. She responded fast right along with him, and began gasping for air with her pussy spasming. It went on like this for two minutes, with him pouring it on as hard as he could bringing both of them closer to orgasm. Keet felt her breath catch in her throat and a bright light somewhere above her went on. Duke could see that Keet was right on the verge of cumming and he tried to fuck even harder.


“Ohhhhh!” she screamed and reached a high point that sent her into orgasm. That was enough for Duke, he was hot and his face was beet red, then his cock opened up and shot her fill of hot cum!






Keet came into the living room to open a bottle of wine, she had put her clothes back on as the house was somewhat cold even with the fireplace. She had bits of cheese and a small bowl of soup. Duke came into the room presently, he was dressed in the same leather jacket and jeans that had on when first materializing from the other world. She watched him silently as he ate and drank.


Keet said, “You remember when you first came out to Arizona in Aunt Cindy's car, and we stopped in Albuquerque?”


“Sure,” Duke said.


“That motel was bad,” she said.


“Yeah, the air conditioning didn't work,” Duke replied.


“No, the rooms were full of moths,” Keet said correcting him.


Keet stared at the fire.


“You remember Xanadu?” she asked.


“Yes, Kubla Khan's palace.”


“Yeah, and what else?” she asked.


Duke looked at her not saying anything, with a vague puzzled look.


She said, “It was our favorite movie, we used to watch it together.”


“Things are different,” Keet said in odd voice, “I thought we could get the past back, but it's not the same.”


Duke looked at her trying to be sympathetic.


“You don't seem to remember a lot of things,” Keet said accusingly, “you don't remember how we used to play Stratego all the time when we were kids, or how your parents house in Illinois always had raspberries.”


He said, “I was away, things are different when you're in the other place.”


“I love raspberries because of that,” she said with kind of a wail.


“Give me a break Keet, I've been dead,” Duke said sardonically.


“You're different,” she said raising her voice, “you do everything right handed now.”


He smiled at Keet and came over to where she was and sat down there.


“Calm down Keet,” he said.


“You're different,” she said with a finality.


She glared at him.


He stood up and and looked down at her, the smile dropped off his face, then he said, “Duke told me some things, but not all of it, I felt kinda sorry for Duke.”


“What?” she asked in shock.


He said, “He didn't want to come back, so I came back in his place.”


She stared at him with a fixed look.


He said, “He killed himself to get away from you, but now I'm evening the score.”


He pulled a switch blade out of his jacket and flipped it open.


Keet looked at him with confusion, that quickly turned to horror, he grabbed her neck and she let out a loud piercing scream. He cut her throat from left to right.

Submitted: November 13, 2014

© Copyright 2023 Carl Grimes. All rights reserved.

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