Sarahs Surgical Training

Sarahs Surgical Training Sarahs Surgical Training

Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


Erotic story about a medical students experiences with teaching consultant. Please leave a comment to let me know if you like the abstract as I was thinking of expanding on the story into a novel. Please definitely let me know if you didn't like it and why.


Erotic story about a medical students experiences with teaching consultant. Please leave a comment to let me know if you like the abstract as I was thinking of expanding on the story into a novel. Please definitely let me know if you didn't like it and why.


Submitted: November 20, 2012

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Submitted: November 20, 2012



Sarah was flustered as she tried to not do anything to piss off Miss Moxey again. It seemed that no matter what she did or how hard she tried, she always managed to do something wrong. “Just stand there and don’t touch anything” Miss M had barked while they were in theatre. Sarah couldn’t really argue, she knew how fortunate she was to be watching Miss M operate, and once or twice Miss M had softened up a bit and given her some guidance. Mostly though there was something about being there with Miss M that made Sarah all the more clumsy than usual.

This had been a long day, there were complications with bleeding and then the anaesthetic, but in the end it had all worked out, but it meant that Miss M was slightly more fierce than usual. Sarah was already in the changing room getting out of her scrubs when Miss M walked in. Miss M was a blatant butch dyke with short slightly greying brunette hair, a powerful body and an awkwardly seductive smile. Sarah was already only in her underwear looking slightly overweight and awkward, with her persistently dishevelled hair and non-matching bra and knickers. Sarah was caught looking by Miss M who turned away to get changed. It was then that Sarah noticed the leather underwear and was fully engrossed in the woman in front of her.

“Is there a problem?” Miss M questioned sharply.

“Are you packing?” Sarah asked absent minded, almost not noticing her complete lack of changing room etiquette.

“Packing?” Miss M questioned as though unsure of what she was being asked.

Sarah caught herself and apologised hurriedly before looking to try and find her clothes. Miss M had stopped mid change, was stood in her bra but still wearing scrub trousers over her bottom half. “Why would you ask that?” Miss M quizzed, walking over.

“I’m so sorry” Sarah bustled, “I’ll just get on and leave” she was going bright red.

“Where were you looking?” Miss M purred, like a lion about to attack. “To ask if I was packing” she continued, as though to clarify the question.

Without thinking Sarah glanced straight to Miss M’s crotch, then up to meet her bemused eyes. This was definitely a strap-on strap that Miss M was wearing; the ring was clear beneath the scrubs to the trained eye. Gathering the last of her courage, Sarah grabbed the clothes that she was failing to put on and stood up to face Miss M. “I apologise” Sarah stated with some efficiency. “I realise that I have made an inexcusable error and will of course leave and apply to be transferred to another surgeon” She stated in as businesslike a manner as she could present while burning with shame. She turned to walk out the changing room in her underwear.

“What if I am?” Miss M had not finished playing with her yet.

Sarah stopped and twisted her head slightly to the side, “you tell me” she said, because she couldn’t think of anything else to say.

“Are you flirting with me?” Miss M asked, this time not fierce or toying, more uncertainty in her voice.

“What if I am” replied Sarah with growing confidence.

“Well in answer to your original question, I am indeed packing” Miss M seemed to have found her confidence again. “What would you like to do about it?” She invited.

With that Sarah felt urgency deep inside and realised that she was becoming really turned on. She walked back to Miss M as confidently as she could muster, threw her clothes back to where they had been before, wrapped her hand around the back of Miss Ms head, feeling the soft hair between her fingers and pulled firmly but not aggressively into a kiss. Miss M responded her hands moving over her shoulders as they kissed passionately in time with each other. Miss M pulled back, picked something up then took Sarah’s wrist and led her to the abandoned cubicles. She sat down and brought Sarah down on top of her face deliciously close to face and drew her in again to kiss once more. As Miss Ms hands slowly caressed her skin Sarah let out a small groan of appreciation, Miss M unclasped Sarah’s bra with one hand and slid her fingers expertly into the side of her pants moving down to the front to feel the pulsing expectancy of Sarah’s clit. Feeling the wet and the small gathering of pubic hair she pulled out carefully pulled Sarah off her, stood up, dropped her trousers and exposed her leather strap. Sarah was stood there turned on as hell, and more than a little disappointed that Miss M had done nothing with her hand down her pants. The teasing Miss M grabbed the dildo that she had picked up before and fixed it in place.

“What are you going to do now?” Miss M smiled and sat back down.

Sarah dropped to her knees, kissed Miss Ms neck and undid her bra, she moved at a gentle pace along the line of her collar bone and down between her cleavage before taking each breast individually into her mouth and caressing them, sucking and flicking at the nipple with her tongue. She moved on down her body taking a little time around the hips, teasing Miss M the way that she had teased her. She kissed the inside of Miss Ms knees before moving up slowly with her tongue. Sarah grasped the dildo in her hand and pulled the strap slightly up and off Miss M, before carefully slightly sliding her tongue across Miss Ms swollen clit. Sarah pulled at the dildo while going deeper and deeper into Miss M with her tongue, taking her pussy fully into her mouth and savouring every last drop.

Miss M was moving in motion to the sucking and little licks and flicks that Sarah was making on her clit. This was clearly not the first time that Sarah had been with a woman, her experience showing with every expert motion of her tongue. Miss M instinctively put a hand to Sarah’s head as she began to feel everything tighten and quiver. She couldn’t help but left out small groans of pleasure as Sarah worked between her aching thighs. Sarah wrapped her spare hand behind Miss Ms hips and in a flurry of light flicks with the tip of her tongue Miss M arched her back, felt her fingers grasp Sarahs hair and toes curl as she orgasm’d vigorously in Sarah’s mouth, warm juice flowing freely from her satisfied pussy.

Sarah was far from finished; she licked her way up the dildo still in her hand, the mix of saliva and Miss Ms pussy juices glistening along it. Sarah didn’t need lubrication, she was so wet herself, but saw the effect it had on Miss M. Sarah stood for a second before straddling Miss M and coming back down slowly onto the dildo. Miss M thrust gently to introduce it, thrilled by Sarah’s wanting return. They thrust together sliding the entire length of the dildo hard into Sarah, making her feel full and excited, throbbing around the attachment. Miss M grasped Sarah’s hips, pulling her down firmly with each thrust and steadying her movement as she writhed in pleasure on top of her. As momentum gathered the feeling of the strap against Miss M was bringing her back to her excited state and Sarah was panting and groaning with satisfied pleasure. As their bodies tightened Sarah pulled tight against Miss Ms breasts and cried out as they met a mutual orgasm. Sarah was exhausted, unable to even lift herself off the dildo which stayed inside her. Panting she collapsed onto Miss M who held her and gently kissed her shoulder.

A couple of minutes passed in this sweet caress while they recovered. Sarah carefully lifted herself off Miss M. “I thought you might be after more” Miss M suggested, still catching herself.

“Not here, not now” Sarah responded with care, she wanted more, lots more, only she never intended to have sex at the hospital, and was now acutely aware of her surroundings.

“But you would like more?” Miss M questioned with a hint of uncertainty in her voice, sitting exposed on the bench. Sarah gathered her underwear and proceeded to get dressed, and then kissed Miss M again, she nipped to her bag and grabbed a pen and some paper.

“Here is my private number if you would like some more, but not here.” Sarah pleaded with the still naked Miss M. “I think you should call me” Sarah stated clearly and calmly.

“When would you like me to call?” Miss M asked, sounding mildly bemused.

“I’ll give you up to a week” Sarah responded business like, “if you haven’t called me then we both know that this was a one off. You can call me as soon as you like, but I don’t want just another fuck” Sarah was beginning to regret this already. Last thing she wanted was to be seen as the slutty medical student. She dressed in silence, while Miss M sat in the cubicle, not moving, not dressing, just sat there watching her. Sarah felt shame and embarrassment creep up over her, she shouldn’t have given it up so easily, there should have been a build up of more than 2 minutes awkward exchange between them but the sex had been explosive. What about dating, what about dinner and enjoying each others company rather than just each others skills; Sarah knew she had sold herself short and was beginning to regret doing so. She would have liked more than just the fuck, no matter how good the fuck was.

As Sarah walked out of the department she felt her phone buzz in her pocket, the number was not recognised, excitement overtook her. “Hello” she answered, as calm as she could manage her voice.

“So would you like to get some dinner?” It was Miss M, almost as though she had read Sarah’s mind.

“I’ll check my calendar” Sarah replied jubilant at the call, “when were you thinking?”

“I can pick you up from outside the hospital in about 20 minutes” Miss M suggested sounding amused.

“I think I can make that” Sarah couldn’t control her grin, all her insecurities of the last couple of minutes completely washed away.

“I’ll see you there”

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