Tony and Kate

Tony and Kate

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Kyle is the heir to a multi-million pound hotel chain; but with so much money makes it hard for him to find a genuine woman, until he meets Kate. When Kate finds herself talking to a handsome dark haired man on a dating site she can't believe her luck. This story follows the characters on their quest for love and security.


Kyle is the heir to a multi-million pound hotel chain; but with so much money makes it hard for him to find a genuine woman, until he meets Kate.
When Kate finds herself talking to a handsome dark haired man on a dating site she can't believe her luck. This story follows the characters on their quest for love and security.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Tony and Kate

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Kyle is the heir to a multi-millionaire pound hotel chain; but with so much money makes it hard for him to find a genuine woman, until he meets Kate. <br /> When Kate finds herself talking to a handsome dark haired man on a dating site she can't believe her luck. This story follows the characters on their quest for love and security.<br />

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 22, 2012



The time had come; this was the day that they were finally going to meet up. After months of talking online, over the phone and through letters, the time had finally come where Tony would meet Kate face to face. He was nervous; his palms were sweaty, his body was shaking, he could feel his temperature heightening. There was still time to prepare himself for the ordeal ahead of him; he would get himself into a slightly colder shower to shock his body and heat it up right before he got out to relax himself. His clothes were already ironed and ready for him to change into, he had opted for a smart style, going with a classy black shirt and dark grey suit pants. He had planned to spruce himself up by getting his hair cut at the barbers earlier that day; his thick black hair was now shorter on the sides and was shaped nicely at the front; he planned to spike it slightly as he often had compliments from his friends when he wore it like that. Tony had a collection of fine jewellery to choose from, but went for the more expensive of his set for tonight. He had never let on to Kate how much money he had, thinking it was best to keep it a secret, women often threw themselves at him when they realised he was set for life.

His family owned their own set of hotels right across the world and Tony had taken on a huge chunk of the profits from several of their venues nearby. Although the women were tempting, he couldn’t trust them long term, he wanted something more than a quick shag in his car, or a fleeting fling that only lasted a few months. He was ready to settle down now, at thirty-two years old, he wanted nothing more than to find a woman that would love him and give him children to pass his fortunes down too. It was a challenge finding love though in a world as materialistic as the one he lived in, which is why he joined a dating site online; he had hesitated before though, knowing that meeting people through the internet held a dangerous aura, but then he got talking to Kate.

She seemed like a lovely woman, humble and fun; to be honest, Tony never quite knew why she was still single, she was twenty-nine and already had her own business running her own restaurant so he knew she wouldn’t be after him for money since she had already made something of herself. She had plans too, to expand her business and open up a new stall in the nearby shopping mall. She was interested in a wide range of things which caught Tony’s attention; she was planning on using the stall for her own line of perfume and skin care products she had been working on for the last two years. She enjoyed painting and going for long hikes around the mountains. He thought she was so interesting it took him by surprise that he’d find someone so motivated through a dating agency.

He picked up his silver chain necklace and diamond Dior watch to go with his outfit. A sprits of his favourite aftershave and he looked the part. The nerves had settled although he still had some time to kill before he left the apartment. He sat down at his table and logged onto the dating site. He sat there for a few moments in his towel and flicked through Kate’s profile pictures.

Tony had always assumed that the type of people to use these sites were not the most attractive people; that there had to be a reason they couldn’t find a partner in their day to day lives. Tony soon realised though, that after the many women that had screwed him over and used him for his cash that in fact, you could find some of the most genuine people on there; that they were there for one reason, to find someone that could love them and that they could give their time and attention too.

He looked at her first photo; it was his favourite, Kate was laughing with her nieces and nephews at a wedding; she wore a long red dress that had a slight slit in the side which showed her long legs off and a plunging effect at the back. He noticed how it went down quite far, and that in order to pull it off she couldn’t be wearing a bra. His eyes moved up the image, looking at her neck, and moving up to her head. She had flawless skin, a testament to her new skin care range; pouty red lips with neutral eyes. Her brows framed the rest of her face perfectly, her expression one of joy and care. He looked at her long flowing blonde hair, imagining what it would feel like to run his fingers through it; he imagined it would be soft and glossy. She looked like the kind of woman that really looked after herself. Tony could imagine her scent, a sweet aroma he thought, something mature yet breezy. He kept skipping through her photos, looking at her eyes, lips, everything really. He checked his clock not realising the time. He had been sat there for half an hour looking at her profile; needless to say he had gotten himself quite excited for the night ahead.

Tony jumped up from the table, pushing the laptop closed then headed for the bedroom. He put his clothes on quickly and checked himself in the mirror before heading out. He added final touches, like a touch of extra after shave, an extra spike to the hair and since it was a big date, added some diamond cuff links to his black as night shirt. All set and ready to go he picked up his wallet and keys and headed out the door.

Beautiful acoustic music was playing in the wine bar at the hotel they had chosen to meet each other. It was a classy place with a formal yet, not too over the top atmosphere; it was cosy with dimmed lights and a nice aroma – not like the smell you get from a local pub or a cheap cocktail bar – it had a sense of sophistication which is why Tony liked it so much, he never really brought any women here though, he thought of it more of a special place, one that he wanted to share with someone that was worth it.

He walked in and sat down in the corner; it was his favourite spot in there, it was somewhere he could still get service from the waitresses yet be away from the noise of the other guests, it was somewhere he could think when he was alone and somewhere he could share intimacy with when he had company – tonight was a night for the latter.

Ironically, ‘Lady in Red’ began to play just as his date arrived. Tony spotted her walk in through the thick oak doors and looked around unsure if she had walked into the right place; he waited a moment watching how she conducted herself. She looked around for a moment before moving towards the bar. She wore a magical burgundy dress which fell to the floor, it pulled her in at the waist and accentuated her bust; the silky material clinging to her curves yet not showing off too much of her assets. Kate looked fantastic, the dress reminded Tony of her profile picture he had been tantalised by earlier; she looked amazing.

Kate was looking nervously around from the bar; she was worrying that her fears may have come true. He hasn’t shown up. She fiddled around flustered in her silver clutch bag, anything to distract herself from the fumbling mess she thought of she must look. The bartender came over to her end of the bar as she leaned against the top.

‘What can I get you ma’am?’ He was polite and attentive; Kate thought for a moment that she saw him eyeing her up and down, not knowing if it was a good thing or not. Did she look ridiculous? Overdressed? Underdressed? Nerves were kicking in big time as she felt herself doubt more and more that Tony wasn’t coming to meet her.

‘I’ll have a glass of red wine please’. She found her voice eventually, trying hard to look cool and collected, after all, this was a snazzy looking place; she didn’t want it to be obvious she wasn’t used to the glamour.

‘Allow me miss. Put it on my tab Leandro’.

Kate hadn’t even realised anyone was standing near; she was shocked at the sound of a husky voice from behind her. Turning herself around slowly to see the man she had been becoming so close to in the last couple of weeks, she was stunned at the figure she saw before her. A tall, well build man towered over her as she looked up; his dark eyes wide and amused. She noticed his dazzling smile immediately, almost melting at the sight of it. Wow!

Kate couldn’t quite get her words out; all she could do was look at him. Look at him and his perfect smile, perfect teeth, perfect eyes. Her heart was racing with nerves and shock; eventually she stood up to meet his gaze and glared into his eyes as he did hers.


‘You look a bit stunned there Miss Turner’ His amused eyes shift to look at her in her dress. ‘I must admit I’m feeling quite stunned myself. You look radiant. Even more beautiful than those pictures you sent me.’

Before she could speak he took her hand and led her to his table. His strong hand almost completely covered hers. Kate’s heart was in her mouth as she was whisked into a private booth in the corner of the restaurant; her breathing quickened and her nerves becoming more frantic. As they reached the table Tony pulled out a seat for Kate and asked her to sit as he pushed it closer to the table for her. She wasn’t used to anyone being so gentlemanly towards her; it was a nice change to all the sleaze bags she had gone out with previously.

‘Thank you’ she whispered as Tony sat himself down on a seat beside her.

‘The pleasures all mine Kate’. He smiled a flash grin at her, melting her again with his gaze. ‘You know, I thought you might not have turned up tonight, but I’m so glad you did. You have no idea how much I’ve been looking forward to seeing you in person’. He looked into her eyes as though he had known her for years.

‘You have that the wrong way around sir; I believe it was me that was weary if you were even going to show up’. She threw a quirky smile his way in response trying to ease up the atmosphere with a bit of light play.

‘I guess we’ve both surprised each other then’. Tony threw the same cheeky smile back at her. Kate began to think that this evening might not turn out so bad after all. He was worried I wasn’t going to turn up? Please, who could resist a man that looks like THAT?

After a couple of glasses of wine Kate had relaxed significantly, her body language showed she was less tense than before-her legs no longer crossed and angled towards Tony, her arms were less defensive and relaxed nicely on the table as she leaned in more to hear what Tony had to say. From a distance you would think you were looking at a couple that had been together around six months, there was so much intensity in the atmosphere surrounding them and their eyes became locked onto one another’s even more as the night went on.

Every word Tony said to her made Kate more and more interested; she wondered why he was using a dating site, it wasn’t as though there wasn’t any female attention; practically every woman in the room had been looking at him when they walked through towards the private booth. Surely Tony could have any woman he wanted, yet there was something about him that seemed so…genuine. It had been a long time since Kate had felt any real chemistry on a first date, heaven only knows how many dates she tried out after signing up to the dating site. It was him, it had to be something about him that was tantalising her so much; maybe it was his perfect, cheeky smile he seemed to use so much. Maybe it was his finely chiselled jaw, or perhaps his mysteriously dark eyes which were filling her with warmth at every glance. She found herself keep looking at his hair; that gorgeously soft black hair which pointed up in the middle and that feathery light piece at the front which swept over his forehead in such a defined way. She knew he had taken the time to look this good for tonight, although she didn’t think he needed all the preparation; he would probably still look like a tanned Greek god without the expensive looking clothes and the bling designer jewellery.

‘So what got you into making your own perfumes and things?’ I can’t believe he seems so…interested, genuinely interested in what I do. He started leaning in more, eyes intrigued and fascinated by the beauty in front of him; her eyes were wide and warm, her skin supple and soft looking. She hadn’t over done herself in make-up either, Tony could tell every time she blushed and he liked her this way - a natural beauty.

‘Well, if you really want to know it’s what me and my mum used to do when I was a kid. We’d spend our weekends travelling around looking for new flowers and other nice aromas we could use. It was her thing you see, she always used to say you can tell a lot about someone by their scent.’ He could see there was something about the way she spoke of her mother which made her seem to both sadden and light up. ‘She always told me to keep going with it and I have. It gives me so much joy when I do it; I have such fond memories of the two of us together’.

‘Memories?’ His tone is subtle, he had an idea where she was coming from; he recognised that look she had on her delicate face. Those eyes, filled with pain and sadness, yet also full of hope and optimism. He must find out how she’s so balanced, something that he himself had never gotten right.

‘Yes. She died when I was thirteen years old. There was an accident on the train lines when she was coming to collect me from school one day.’ Tony’s eyes gazed into hers with sympathy; they’d only just met, but he had the strong urge to hold her and protect her from her own memories.

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