More than an office romance

More than an office romance

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Claire and Kyle have had a flirtacious relationship at the office for a while but it just isn't enough for fristrated Claire. Her needs havent been met for quite some time and she knows the person she desires to bed is also one of her closest friends. As Claire and Kyle realise their longing for each other things steam up in Claires home. Will this be a fleeting one night stand or turn into something more?


Claire and Kyle have had a flirtacious relationship at the office for a while but it just isn't enough for fristrated Claire. Her needs havent been met for quite some time and she knows the person she desires to bed is also one of her closest friends.
As Claire and Kyle realise their longing for each other things steam up in Claires home. Will this be a fleeting one night stand or turn into something more?


Submitted: June 21, 2012

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Submitted: June 21, 2012



Claire was relaxed in a luxurious bubble bath when her mind was wondering. She often had music playing while she spent an hour or two in the bathroom, this time she was listening to things such as Usher – Trading places and Kings of Leon – Sex on Fire; needless to say there was something on her mind, and it wasn’t what she was going to make for dinner that night.

For the last two years Claire had been single, she was free from all of the dramas of a relationship but there was something missing, she didn’t feel the sexy woman she used too when she had a man around the house. She often thought about getting back out there and finding herself a fella, but the thought of being tied down with any of the men she knew put her off. The one thing she really missed, aside from being wined and dined by beautiful men, was the way they made her feel in the bedroom. She could transform herself from the hard working woman she was, into a desirable animalistic lover that could let loose and really enjoy the company of her partner.

She had been thinking about one man in particular lately, his name was Kyle. She had spent many nights on the phone to Kyle, talking about anything and everything, he wasn’t her usual type, but there was something about him she couldn’t quite put her finger on. He was tall with dark hair and eyes, a body as toned and as beautiful as a Greek god – oh so she imagined after seeing a photo of him with wet clothes clinging to his torso – and a cheeky smile she couldn’t resist. She worked with Kyle at the office a few months back and kept in close contact when he was transferred. They always had a flirtatious relationship, cheeky grins as they passed each other, inside jokes about how they could both go for each other if it weren’t for work; they even had a few sneaky kisses at the Christmas party once. But lately things had started to heat up in their conversations, both of them hadn’t been with anybody in a while and it was starting to show as they joked about their exes  and the things they missed about being in a couple.

Claire was laying there in the water thinking about their last conversation, after weeks of debate in her mind, she finally realised how much she liked Kyle, he was sexy and charming and knew how to treat a woman. He obviously had similar feelings for her as he made it clear every time they spoke.

She pictured his body, his tanned skin so close she could feel the heat coming from him, his lips wet and moist pressed up against hers. She imagined his tongue, soft and sensual as it rolled around her own; his hands on her body, one on her waist and one brushing her hair aside so he could kiss her harder. Every time she thought about his touch her body shivered, she was so turned on at the thought of him wanting her so bad, ravishing her and ripping her clothes off so intensely.

She closed her eyes as the water swirled around the curves of her body; she concentrated hard on how his touch would feel to her. Her hands began to slide up and down her torso as she thought of Kyle’s masculine hands re-moving her top and sliding it up over her head. The music was still going and it made her imagination even better. ‘’I can’t take no more tell me you ain’t stopping’
Ushers lyrics were making her think of Kyle saying those words to her, ‘’you get on top, tonight I’m on the bottom’’ Her breathing was getting heavier, she traced her lips with her index finger, feeling how soft and warm her mouth was, the steam from the hot water made everything feel that much better. She licked her finger and slid it in and out of her mouth slowly, thinking about how she’d being doing that to a specific part of his body if he were there. Her right hand moved over her body, trickling water on the parts that were sticking out of the water, every drop of water felt like tiny electric pulses making her feel more and more turned on. Even under water she could feel how wet she was and just wanted him there and then.

That night Claire decided on a Chinese take-away and a movie, she would get all comfortable and have a cosy night in. It wasn’t often she could do this as she would normally be finishing off a ton of office work which would keep her up until 1a.m. She dried herself off with her towel and lathered herself up full of moisturiser, she often had compliments on how soft her skin felt and how good she looked. She was a toned woman with the most beautiful curves; her long dark hair fell all the way down her back and bounced full of life. She had dazzling brown eyes that she took full advantage of with her smoky make-up and had lips so full and juicy she reminded everyone of Angelina Jolie.

She heard her mobile go off as she went into the bedroom, a text from Kyle. ‘’Can I come over?  Been a rough day. K x’ She thought of telling him no, she had been waiting a long time for a bit of time to herself, then she had another thought, remembering what she had been fantasising about earlier. Claire quickly shook that out of her head, ‘He’s your friend, and he wants your company and nothing more’. At this point she picked up her phone and text him back. ‘Sure you can, I have a bottle of wine in the fridge, just come over and relax. J X ’.

It took Kyle only half an hour to get to Claire’s place; he rang the doorbell and waited patiently on the porch. When Claire came to the door he saw her in a whole new light. She was wearing a black silk night gown cut to the top of her thighs, covered lightly by a black silk dressing gown which was only slightly longer. The luscious material glided smoothly over her curves and Kyle could see her true figure for the first time. The neck line plunged down exposing deep cleavage yet she still looked classy and expensive. He looked at her hair how it was falling down wildly into loose waves, it looked like she had not long been in the shower and had let it do its own thing. He looked into her face and could see she wasn’t wearing make-up for once, he didn’t mind, to him she looked fresh which made her look even more glamorous than usual. Her dark brown eyes glistened as the light from the moon hit them, at this moment Kyle almost completely forgot about the events of the day and wanted nothing more but to take her right there.

‘Hey Kyle, you OK? Nothing’s happened has it?’

He walked into the house, pushing the door closed behind him and leaned against the wall.

‘Kyle? What is it?’

He leaned forward to face her and lifted her face so it was close to his. He stared longingly in her eyes for just a moment, enough to show her what he felt without making her uneasy with wonder. She looked straight back into his dark, handsome face and saw something she hadn’t seen before, it looked to her as though he was trying to tell her something but didn’t have the words to say.

‘Claire, it’s time I tell you something. I’ve been having the hardest time lately at work, the boss says there’s no longer a place for me here, and the work just isn’t available. He said that he can get me work down south, but that means moving my entire life.’

She looked at him in confusion, why was this so important to her, yes they were good friends and had shared more than a few flirtatious moments together, but why did he feel the need to bring this to her? His hand was still cradling her cheek, she hadn’t minded as he was always so touchy-feely with her, it was just the way he was, but there was something about his touch that was different and there was something about her which knew what it might be.

‘I don’t want to go away just yet, there are some things aside from work I haven’t managed to fulfil yet here. The last few months haven’t been the same without you around at the office Claire. I miss the laughter, and the fun you brought to the place.’
A crooked smile rushed across his face.

 ‘It’s just that, to me, there was always a hope, that one day we might be something more. I know there’s a spark between us, it was proven at the Christmas party remember?’

‘The kiss?’  Claire managed to squeeze out of her shocked mouth.

‘Exactly, don’t tell me you don’t think about that. I was always afraid that if I told you what that actually meant to me, then you would be scared off, but I’m leaving now, and I can’t bear not knowing what might have been.’

The truth was she had thought about it, on many occasions, but she had always tried to block it out thinking to herself that he was just a colleague and nothing more. She didn’t want a relationship after all. But the sad truth was she really wanted to let him know how much she liked him and that the only reason she didn’t want to admit it was because she was scared of getting hurt again.

Kyle took his other hand, and cupped the other side of her face making her look deep into his eyes. At that exact moment she couldn’t resist temptation any longer, she had to admit there were feelings there and with Kyle leaving soon, she might never have this chance again.

She leaned forward, pushing him hard against the wall and pressing her lips heavily against his, she felt him immediately pull her in closer and roughly kiss her back. It had been raining outside and she could feel the cold droplets fall from his hair down onto their lips as they kissed making it feel even more passionate. She pushed her chest up against him and felt the water on his clothes soak her own. The material of her nighty was clinging to her stomach as she lifted herself to reach her arms around his neck.  As they kissed she opened her lips slightly more as Kyle slid his tongue in and rolled it gently around hers. She could feel the pressure against her as she leaned in close to him, his erection pushing hard against the inside of his jeans.

He pulled his face slightly away from hers to look close into her hungry eyes, in that same instant he moved his hands slowly down her sides feeling the soft silk ripple under his hands. He found the belt holding the dressing gown in place and pulled slowly so it fell open revealing even more of her fantastic cleavage. His hands moved around her and up her front to her shoulders where he slid the gown off completely. He took one moment to look at her as she stared up into his eyes. Her tanned, flawless skin took hold of him and he knew exactly what he wanted. He picked her up on the spot turned around and forced her into the wall. She moaned as she realised what was going to happen and wrapped her legs tightly around his waist.

He leaned in to kiss her neck and moved down the silk straps of her nighty revealing her pert breasts, he kissed his way down and ran his soft warm tongue over her nipples and moved back in to kiss her hard again on the lips.

Claire wasted no time now that she knew what she wanted and moved her hands to pull his soaked t-shirt over his head and throw it away. His body was even more godly than she imagined, he was finely toned with strong arms and a well build torso. He had tanned skin which complimented his black hair perfectly. She couldn’t help but take a second to take it all in, he was beautiful and for that whole night he would be hers completely.

He tugged at her wild locks of hair and nibbled on her neck and collar bone as things heated up. She took his head in her hands and pulled him in tighter towards her, wanting to feel his soft yet animalistic touch. Her heart was racing and she could feel herself pulsating for him, she longed for him to touch her every which way he could and wanted to give him a fuck he wouldn’t forget.

She moved her hands over him frantically trying to find the buckle for his belt, her hands were shaking with excitement and her pulse was racing. As her breath quickened she moved his zipper down and could see instantly the excitement she was causing him too. She pushed his jeans down releasing his hard penis and whispered in his ear. ‘Now, I want you now Kyle.’

The words made his spine tingle and at the same time turned on even more – if it was even possible to want her more than he already did – he lifted her more and she held on tight as if she was ready for him to enter her. He moved his hand under her nighty and felt her smooth, waxed skin already wet for him, he was surprised she wasn’t wearing any underwear.  He used two fingers to gently massage her clitoris and felt her moan into his mouth as he kissed her at the same time.

She grabbed onto his forearm as he moved so fluently over her and pushed it down. He took the hint and moved his fingers lower and slowly moved them in and out of her, going deeper each time until he thought she couldn’t take the suspense any longer. His hands were sliding easily and he felt his hard cock throbbing for her.

Kyle looked into her almond shaped eyes as he held one hand under her bum to hold her steady and used the other to hold onto his hardened dick as he slid it into her. It felt so warm and wet as the walls of her vagina closed in around him, Claire hummed into his ear as she felt him fill her. Every sound she made made Kyle want to please her even more; he wanted to ravish her as he often thought about. A voice in his head saying to himself that he couldn’t believe he hadn’t done this sooner.

He thrust into her slow and subtly at first, finding a rhythm that felt good and steady, Claire pulled herself tighter around him to feel every last inch of his manhood. It had been so long since she had a man that it felt much better than she could remember. It was as though she had been putting it off for this exact moment, she had been waiting for him.

Kyle’s thrusts became faster and the pressure was building up each time, he felt good to her, she was grabbing fist fulls of his hair as she moved her head back in pleasure, squeezing her eyes shut to concentrate on every touch. Their bodies were rocking together, Claire’s hips were moving in circles as Kyle’s pressed into her, it felt amazing for her as his solid dick was rubbing against every side of her vagina. She was really getting into the swing of things when Kyle took her by surprise. ‘I want you in your shower’.  She was speechless for a second, then the thought of the water trickling down their bodies made her heart skip a beat. Her rushed breathing made her pant out the words, ‘You can have me anywhere you like’ and Kyle’s face lit up. He kicked away the clothes from underneath him and carried her through the hallway into her bathroom.

He pushed her back into the wall of her shower in the corner of the room and pushed his dick back into her, it felt even warmer this time and he groaned out in pleasure pushing his head against her neck to kiss and caress her skin. Claire moved her hand out for the dial on the shower and turned it right up so the water would be hot. They both leaned the tops of their bodies back so that the hot water could run down both of the chests. The sudden temperature change got them even more worked up and they held onto each other tightly. Their moans became louder with every thrust.

Claire took in every inch of Kyle and looked intensely at his body, he looked astounding in the water, every droplet of water looked as though it was evaporating instantly on his hot body. The water ran down him, emphasising his muscle and how strong he was, he was holding Claire up without any struggle at all. He was admiring Claire’s entire figure too; he held onto her legs wrapped around his waist and could feel her soft skin under his hands; he rubbed them along her wet skin to feel every part of her. Even the outside of her body felt just as good as the inside. He couldn’t imagine a better view than what he could see in front of him right there; he looked down to see her move her hips over his, saw her tight stomach pull in and out as if she was dancing, looked at her breasts with water trickling down. He followed the trail of water with his warm tongue; he kissed over her body, the water making it even hotter. He slid his tongue over each breast and felt how hard her nipples were. His kisses ran up past her collar bone and moved over to her neck. Every kiss let out a soft moan and as their lips eventually met he felt her hands cling onto his arms even harder. Claire was breathing even harder and her hips rocked with more speed. She pushed one of her arms down so she could reach her clitoris with her hand. She reached her fingers out and could feel Kyle’s hard cock wet from the water of the shower and covered in her own juices. He moaned and groaned as he felt her soft fingers wrap around him for a split second, then felt her hand move to pleasure her sweet spot.

She moved her fingers in a circular motion and moved her other hand onto the wall to steady herself so she could still move her hips at the same time. Kyle was thrusting even harder and faster now and could feel himself close to coming, every plunge made him almost buckle at the knees. The intensity of their fuck was building and both of them were moaning with every touch, the water and steam made the experience even better and Claire was feeling a burning sensation starting to build up inside her, it didn’t hurt like a burn, but she could feel the heat and knew what was coming, she didn’t want him to stop, not now, not ever.

Their bodies became a blur as they rocked together, both breathless and hot, Claire’s hand slipped along the wall pushing the dial right down, causing icy water to blurt out of the shower head. The surprise of the temperature change made both of them come instantly together, Claire’s muscles tightened around him and fluttered uncontrollably, her body shook and she let out a shockingly loud moan. She yelled out his name right after not wanting to let him go. ‘Oh god! Kyle!’

The sound of Claire’s voice, the freezing cold water and the feel of her tight wet pussy pulsating around him made his legs shake. He felt a build-up of pressure and suddenly felt a super intense orgasm, his jaw clenched and he leaned his head against her neck as his hands held onto her thighs tightly. He felt his warm liquid shoot out of him the more Claire’s muscles fluttered around him. It lasted much longer than normal, and he had to be careful he didn’t bite her soft warm skin.

Claire reached out again and turned the dial down so the water stopped running, she pulled Kyle in close to heat herself up, her skin was tingling everywhere and she felt electric. She wrapped her arms around Kyle as she tried to catch her breath, his head was leaning between her neck and shoulder; she pulled her arms around his back and put her hands in his hair.

They were both breathing heavily, trying to regain some strength but were too weak to move, they held each other for a while in the same position, Kyle leaned up and kissed her. ‘That was the best thing that’s ever happened to me’. He gave her a cheeky smile and rested his head back onto her chest as she cradled his head.

‘It was beautiful; I can’t believe you have to go.’ A hint of sadness entered her already low voice. She kissed the top of his head as she ran her fingers through his wet hair.

They stayed there for about ten minutes, just holding each other, both not wanting to let go of the moment, knowing that this could be the last time they saw each other.

They spent the rest of the night, drinking the bottle of red wine Claire had in her fridge whilst wrapped up in a blanket in front of the fire, they stayed up until about 3a.m talking about anything and everything, but mainly about how they felt about each other and why it hadn’t happened sooner. With Kyle leaving they made plans to see each other on their weekends off, Kyle would come up one week and Claire would go down to see him the weekend after. They were both so happy they couldn’t do anything but cuddle in together all night with smiles right across their faces.

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