Art Studio Love

Art Studio Love

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Amy sees the same guy eveywhere she goes. When she forgets to bring in a model for her naked piece for art class she is amazed to find Leo is willing to help her out. As things progress Amy and Leos relationship becomes quite heated.


Amy sees the same guy eveywhere she goes. When she forgets to bring in a model for her naked piece for art class she is amazed to find Leo is willing to help her out.
As things progress Amy and Leos relationship becomes quite heated.


Submitted: July 13, 2012

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Submitted: July 13, 2012



I see him everywhere, I don’t know his name or who he is but I seem to catch a gaze of that same man almost everywhere I go. It can be on my bus I get to university, in the park when I go running, at the local shops and sometimes even at the library. I don’t find it odd; as though he’s following me, because I know these places are just a part of his daily routine, as they are mine. I know this because he doesn’t seem to notice me; he just gets on with his day oblivious to my presence. Maybe this is why I find him so attractive; I like the fact that he doesn’t bother me like a lot of men do; he seems mysterious and private.

Today as I set off for my painting class I assume I’ll see him at the coffee shop as I normally do on a Monday morning. As I walk in and move to the counter to order my hot chocolate I look to my right to that table at the window where he would usually be reading the morning paper. Today he is not there; I suppose this could be due to my lack of time keeping this morning, he’s probably already been and gone. I don’t know what he does for a living but I can only assume that he needs to be somewhere fairly early every weekday and doesn’t just hang around this place all day waiting for me to ogle him.

As I get on my bus in an attempt to catch my ten o’clock lesson I can’t help but feel disappointed that I didn’t get to see my usual morning eye candy. I shake the thought concentrating on what I need to remember for my lesson. We’re doing life painting today, a subject I find quite daunting; I am much more of an abstract artist. I have never been too good at sketching out human features or managing to get the correct skin tones with my acrylic paints. I would much prefer to do something inspired by the likes of Picasso and works of the surrealist artists Dali and Magritte.

When I enter the class it seems I ‘m quite late; the lesson has already begun and Mrs Fletcher isn’t happy with me at all. ‘Stroll in at your own time Miss Kenzy, don’t worry about the rest of us’. Damn, everybody in the class turns and stares at me in my rushed state.

‘Sorry Mrs Fletcher’.

‘Just sit yourself in the spare seat at the front and get your sketch book out’. She’s very blunt in her speech, I can tell this will be brought up at the end of term review; it’s the fourth time I’ve been late in the last three weeks. I scurry over to the spare seat and pull my jacket off with my oversized backpack and sit down. As I fumble in my bag to try and find my sketch book and pencils I try to listen to Mrs Fletcher’s instructions.

‘Okay class so as you’re aware you were all meant to find a model for this afternoon’s practical. Anyone who hasn’t bothered to bring someone in with them today will have to see me after the first half and I will assign one of my colleagues to you to work from’. Aww Shit! A model; how could I forget! Mrs Fletcher is going to be so pissed at me. I dread to hear her words at my review.

The first half of the lesson goes by fairly quickly to my disappointment, if anything I want to put off having to ask Mrs Fletcher to set me up with a model after already turning up late this morning. The rest of the class get up from their seats to head off for their break while I pluck up the courage to irritate Mrs Fletcher some more with my request. ‘You Know Amy if you just tried concentrating on your time keeping some more you would be one of the top students in here. Your work is very good you have a lot of potential, don’t let it go to waste because of some petty mistakes.’ She speaks to me as if she’s answering a silent question. ‘I assume you haven’t brought in a model since you were barely even able to get yourself to class today?’

‘No ma’am, I forgot all about it, I’m sorry’. My words sound pathetic; if I were her I would be annoyed at me too.

‘Well, we’ll just have to talk about this at your review next week. Go for your break, I’ll have a model here waiting for you when you get back. Do not let me down again Miss Kenzy.’

‘I won’t ma’am. Thank you’.

My break goes by slowly in comparison to the first part of my lesson. I manage to go up to the cafeteria and grab myself a quick cup of tea and a biscuit. I can’t help but worry about the review from Mrs Fletcher; when my parents find out I’ve been late and not finding the correct resources they won’t be happy either. I try to forget about it as I clear my head; I need total focus if I’m going to be using a live model. I find it difficult to start with, never mind using somebody I don’t know; I don’t even know if it will be a man or a woman.

I return to the class before the rest of the students in hope that this will help Mrs Fletcher’s attitude towards me. ‘Ah Amy, I’m glad you’ve came back early, I’d like you to meet Leo. He’s the new sculpture consultant’. A smartly dressed man walks over to me from behind her; he’s tall and remarkably handsome with dark blonde hair and blue eyes. I stare for a moment in that beautiful face before it hits me. It’s him, the guy from the coffee shop. That guy that I see everywhere I go; this must be why, he works here at the university. He smiles at me with a crooked grin that makes me flush.

‘Hi Amy, glad I can help such a talented student like yourself’. Even his voice is heavenly. That grin remains on his face as he studies mine; this man that never notices me, yet I never fail to fall weak at his looks, is looking straight into my eyes for the first time.

‘Miss Kenzy here forgot all about bringing in a model today’. She turns to look me in the eye and scowl. ‘It’s just as well Leo here has nothing planned for the rest of the day in order to help out. Next time you might not be so lucky’. Mrs Fletcher’s words are spoken with caution and a sharpness that pulses through me and makes me nervous. She really has a way of making you feel about two inches tall in a room full of giants.

‘Thank you for being my model sir’. My voice is almost a whisper as I shake hands with my beautiful stranger, or Leo as Mrs Fletcher called him.

‘Please Amy, call me Leo. I’m a consultant here not a professor, ‘sir’ won’t be necessary’. My eyes move up from their fallen position and I see that grin that has yet to leave his face since Mrs Fletcher introduced him. His eyes seem to move over me and take me in, all the while his hand still cradles mine in an unusually long hand shake.

‘So Amy how would you like me?’ My immediate thought is not professional by any means, if I were really in charge of how I’d have this beautiful creature he would be in my apartment totally naked on my bed waiting for me. I push those bad thoughts away and focus on what I should be doing for my work.

‘How about sitting over there next to the window?’ I nod my head in the direction of the floor to ceiling window in the corner of the room; the lighting is beautiful there yet no-one ever seems to use that space.

‘As you wish m’lady’. Oh he’s cheeky and charming all at once, it surprises me. All he seems to miss is bowing down to me and kissing me on the hand to go along with his playful banter. It actually makes me giggle although I try to supress it and act mature. Heaven forbid I should use my annoying laugh and sound like a little girl in front of this man. ‘Should I Stand or sit Amy?’ I want to catch him in a way that I can look at him and study his shape more intently.

‘Actually I’d like you to stand please Leo’.

‘Like this?’ He moves over to the window and faces me in a strong stance. His legs are slightly apart and his arms are folded with his head held high. My god I could fall to the mercy of this man, he is beautiful. Perhaps if he was any better looking he’d sparkle and grow angel wings, I’m sure he’s fell from heaven.

‘Um, you know I think we could change it slightly. How about you turn slightly and look out the window holding the curtain back with your right hand’.

‘Sounds good to me. Will this do?’ He throws a crooked smile at me and stands in the pose I want him in. He looks good; I can see the shape of his arm under his pale blue shirt, the light bounces off his features perfectly. The only shadows present only emphasise his figure and allows his hair, eyes and skin to look radiant.

‘Perfect’ I smile back at him; I think he can sense how pleased I am that I forgot to bring in my model and ended up working with him instead. ‘Now just put your left arm up a tad so your hand is resting on your waist’. There, now he looks perfection, I just hope my painting skills don’t let him down. It would be a shame to mess up such a fine looking image as this, not to mention the affect it would have on my overall grade this month.

‘Hey how come Amy gets to paint Mr Sex-on-Legs?’ The rest of the class pour in and I can sense the jealousy of the girls that only brought in their friends to paint.

‘You see Miranda I told you he was fit’. Another voiced sense of appreciation from one of the girls for my god like model.

‘Ok class settle down. I want you all to get your easels set up and your canvases ready where ever you’ve decided to paint your first image. If any of you mess around or don’t find an appropriate setting you’ll have me to deal with, are we clear?’

The whole class hushes in an instant with a resounding sound of ‘Yes ma’am’.

‘Very good, now remember this is your first painting so I’m not expecting Da Vinci style material from you. Do the basics; get your shape, tone and shading correct and you can work from photos for the finer detail later. We also have the naked images to do afterwards so we need to make sure we have enough time to get everything done’.

Naked? I hadn’t realised this is what we were doing today. My face pales as I glance back to my beautiful stranger. I mean Leo. Coffee shop guy. God this is so surreal, it was only this morning I didn’t know his name and had never spoken to him before, yet I was sad to not see him sitting there reading his paper and sipping his coffee.

‘Ok class, you may start now’.

I’m nervous as I attempt to capture the fine specimen that stands before me; I take my time trying to get every angle of his figure correct and attempt not to stare too blatantly at his face, chest, stomach and ….stop! I need to shake these thoughts, they are very distracting and Mrs Fletcher will be near any second observing me.

‘I didn’t see you at the coffee shop this morning Miss Kenzy’. What? He recognises me, but I thought he never caught a glance at me all those times I looked at him and adored him during my morning routine. ‘I have to admit I was a little disappointed’. Oh my god this is strange, it’s almost as though he’s voicing my earlier thoughts about him.

‘Um, I don’t know what you mean sir’. Why am I saying this? He knows fine well I ogle him every morning, obviously; perhaps I’m just probing for information. When does he look at me? How come I’ve never noticed him eyeing me up too? Why hasn’t he spoken to me before this? That last one I could ask myself about him, why didn’t I bother to speak to him?

‘Come on Amy, I see you almost everywhere I go and you don’t know what I’m talking about’. He looks at me questioning my response. Shit, perhaps I said the wrong thing, maybe I should have gone along the lines of ‘I know, because I thought the same about you too’, but no, dumb Amy strikes again.

‘I need you to try and stay still sir’. I smile at him trying not to lose that connection with him. He knows I like him, I can tell by the way he looks at me. I’m embarrassed but I try to hide my flushing cheeks as I move behind my canvas to paint his legs.

‘We’ll have less of the ‘sir’ Amy’. He flashes that grin at me and resumes his stance for my painting by looking out of the window. How does he do that; making me melt in my chair just with a smile?

‘Very good Amy! Keep it up, we’ve only got half an hour until the naked pose’. I almost die of shock when Mrs Fletcher bursts out her words next to my ear from behind me. Leo laughs and I shake with the shock. ‘Sorry Amy I didn’t mean to startle you’.

‘She was just concentrating too hard to notice you were there Mrs Fletcher’. His eyes shine as they move from Mrs Fletcher to me before going back to his pose.

‘I hope I get the same level of concentration on the next piece then Miss Kenzy’.

‘Yes ma’am’. I reply all the while sensing that amused smile radiating from Leo; he knows what he’s doing to me, making me nervous with his cheeky self. I continue to paint and am quite pleased with the result, it will need more time and attention later on but for once I don’t think my work is too bad.

‘May I see it?’ Leo asks nicely as I finish up putting my paints away.

‘Not yet; just hold that pose while I take some pictures to finish it off with later’. He does as he’s told and stays in the stance I put him in while I shoot about six photos of him. To be honest, I could just take photos of him all day, zooming in and out to catch him at different angles. How I’d love to photograph him in my bed…. Damn! Those distracting thoughts grasping my brain again; my mind yells at me. ‘Amy, stop ogling the poor guy and get on with your work!’, I should try to acknowledge my inner self but my raging libido keeps popping up to take over me.

‘That first part was very good class. I’ll give you all ten minutes before we start the naked pose, it’ll give your models a chance to relax and loosen up first’. I have to agree with Mrs Fletcher there; Leo must be feeling pretty stiff after standing in the same pose for an hour. He moves and sits down on the seat beside me rolling his shoulders at the same time.

‘Stiff?’ I ask as he parks himself down closer to me than is normally acceptable by someone you’ve just met. He turns to grin at me with his crooked smile and his sparkling blue eyes.

‘Not as stiff as I could have been’. Wow; a seemingly innocent answer sparks all sorts of dirty images in my mind of this man. ‘Amy Behave!’ My mind screams at me. I should take notice of my inner self but I can’t help but gaze deep into those ocean blue eyes.

Ten minutes go by with no time at all and I’m left with the thought of where to position this man when he’s stood stark naked in front of me. ‘How would you like me now Miss Kenzy?’ Oh my, he should really stop saying things like that; it would be easier to concentrate if he didn’t say anything at all. I wrack my brains for a moment not wanting those inappropriate thoughts to come to the front of my attention but it is incredibly hard when I see his finely tuned body. He stands near me, shirt off pants off, completely in the way god intended him to be and all I can think about is running my tongue over every inch of his skin and biting down on that lower lip. ‘Amy Louise Kenzy! Stop fannying about and just paint the man, he isn’t your personal toy to play with!’ There she is again, my inner self shouting at me while my libido challenges her every word.

‘You can sit on the chair now facing the same way as before, towards me but looking out again. This time just put your hands on your knees instead’. How I would have loved to put him in a more provocative position but I need to stay professional. It’s easier said than done though when you have a man like Leo sat naked in front of you willing to be put in whatever way you want – although I think he might object if I pushed him down onto the floor and jumped on top of him to ride his cock.

‘Amy!’ Oh shut up; I’m getting tired of hearing my inner self now; my libido is definitely winning this round and I can feel myself getting aroused just by looking at him. He was hot to start with and now that he’s naked I can imagine him in so many ways. I can see him on the floor with me on top, against the wall pulling me into him for a deep kiss as he takes me roughly while tugging lightly at my long hair; over Mrs Fletchers desk while I push myself back onto him as he stands behind me. I shuffle in my seat as I feel my underwear start to cling to my sex with the increases amount of moisture pooling between my legs.

He sits in the chair waiting for me to set up my new canvas and I feel his eyes follow me; he is so distracting I drop everything and have to scurry around trying to pick everything back up from the floor. ‘I would help you pick your things up Amy but it seems your class mates think I’m some sort of prize steak’. I look at him and he nods for me to look at the huddle of students eyeing him up waiting for him to move. They have that look in their eyes that would probably intimidate most men; they’re like infatuated school girls seeing their boy-band idol for the first time. I’m sure if he moves up to help me they’ll either faint or ambush him.

I can’t help but laugh as I turn back to face him. ‘Maybe they should have forgotten to bring a model in, and then they may have had someone like you to paint’.

He smiles that crooked smile at me again and whispers to me so the ambush of students can’t hear him, ‘I wouldn’t want to model for anybody else Miss Kenzy, I wouldn’t feel safe with those animals you call class-mates’. heh

The fact that Leo is naked has totally put me off my game; I felt quite proud of my first piece but then again I didn’t have the distraction of his manhood staring me in the face. I’m trying so hard to get the painting just right but it just isn’t working. I can feel Mrs Fletcher stand over me, questioning what’s happened to my obvious talent from before. To be honest, I can’t even begin to concentrate on my work when this man is in my presence like this; the only thoughts raging through my head are dirty and I should really be ashamed of them but it seems my inner self has given up and is not sat on her chair reading a magazine.

‘Miss Kenzy what has happened to that flair, that spark that I saw before?’

‘I don’t know ma’am, I’m finding this piece difficult’. She looks at me then looks at Leo before glancing down at me. Her eyes move over mine as if to say she understands the thoughts that must be going through my head; well what woman wouldn’t be attracted to him. His whole anatomy seem perfect, he has a dazzling white smile, a perfectly chiselled jaw with only the slightest amount of stubble which only gives his face an extra glow. His short hair is soft looking with multi-tones of blonde and light brown, and those eyes, those eyes of his that make you melt with a single glance. I squirm again in my seat knowing that the evidence of my arousal may become apparent if I don’t try to disguise it.

Time passes faster than I had hoped and I realise just how little progress I’ve made on the second piece; Mrs Fletcher calls out to let the class know that our time is nearly up and that if we want to finish it we’ll have to do it in our own time. Leo looks at me with a soft glance and it seems he can sense my frustration. ‘Is everything okay Amy?’ He looks concerned but why should he be; it isn’t as though we know each other very well or that my work is going to have an effect on him. I have to admit though that look is mega attractive; he looks protective and soft, almost like a guardian angel.

‘Oh this picture is just not working out at all!’ I give up with it; I put my head in my hands and lean on my knees. ‘This terms results are going to be shocking’ I mutter to myself. Before I can lift my head to take a deep breath in Leo is leaning next to me tying the belt to a cotton robe he’s found around himself.

‘It doesn’t look bad, just a couple of tweaks will do’. He takes my hand and puts my paintbrush in while cradling it with his hand as well. My arm follows his as he lifts my hand and dips it into the paint before dabbing it softly on the canvas. His touch is tantalising; his hands are surprisingly soft for being so big and masculine looking. The painting starts to look better but I’m too much in ore of this man to take my eyes off him; he turns his head to face me and smiles that angelic smile. ‘You see, it just needs dome TLC. Don’t rush it if you need to take your time’. His smile is warm and comforting and I already feel better than I did before, the stress is gone but I hear Mrs Fletcher move behind us and stare as Leo helps me with my piece.

‘I think perhaps another bit of shading around the thigh and it will look good Amy. However it isn’t up to par with your other piece, I have to give my honest opinion’. And with just a couple of words she’s shattered my confidence in it yet again; god that woman knows how to knock you down, there’ll be no arrogance in her presence from anyone. Leo shuffles in closer again moving a strand of loose hair behind my hair before whispering in it, ‘If you like we can come back later and you can try painting it again in peace’. I can feel that warm breath on my skin making the hairs on the back of my neck stand to attention; the effects of him being so close to me are making me nervous. My breathing is harsher and skin tingles where his breath blew onto me; my palms are sweaty and I can feel my cheeks flush with colour. I look at him as his head moves back from mine; he puts his hand out for me to take and stands up so I follow. ‘Relax Amy. We’ll go have a break from all of this, you can get yourself one of those hot chocolates you like so much and we’ll start again okay?’

I scurry around the studio putting my things away as he gets changed back into his clothes like the other models, I can’t help but take a sly look at him at every opportunity. The rest of the class seem to rampage out of the door in comparison to our slow stroll through to the exit. It’s about four in the afternoon and if I’m honest I’m sick of the sight of the university now; I just want to go home and hide under my quilt to forget the disaster that was my work this morning. I know however if I decide to leave I would be sacrificing the company of Leo; who I’ve come to find is an intriguing man, even more so than I thought before. We move through the car park and over to a black BMW before Leo gets his key out and opens the passenger side. ‘Jump in Amy, we’ll go to the coffee shop’. I stop for a moment but don’t think too much about it; I like having him near and I could do with a drink so I hop in and fasten my seatbelt.

We pull up to the coffee shop and Leo, ever the gentleman gets out first to open my door for me and lets me out. He grabs my hand as I stand up and shuts the door behind us. I follow him into the coffee shop as he holds the door open for me to go through first all the while still holding onto my hand. ‘Two hot chocolates please Mrs Harrow’. I’m not surprised he knows the staff here by name; or the past five months since I started coming here on a morning I have seen him sit by the window almost every day. To my surprise though he seems to know what I’d like to order without asking and I remember him saying to me in the studio that I could get one of those hot chocolates that I like so much. Has he really been paying that much attention to me over the last few months? I don’t bother asking and just follow him over to his usual table at the window.

‘It’s nice to have company while I’m in here for once’. His grin is infectious and as I sit myself down opposite him I can feel my own smile widen from ear to ear. ‘You should come and sit with me more often Amy. It would certainly brighten up my mornings’.

‘Sir have you been spying on me on a morning time?’ I can’t help it, I feel playful now that I’m away from the stress of university and Mrs Fletcher.

‘Why Amy I believe it’s been you that I keep finding staring at me with those hungry green eyes of yours’. He has to be looking close for him to realise my eye colour and the fact he knew all along that I look at him each day is embarrassing, yet for once, I don’t flush. ‘And…We’ll have less of the ‘sir’ while we’re here. I told you, I’m not a professor or anything so I don’t need to be treated as such’.

‘Okay. Sorry sir’. I tease him and laugh as his eyes widen and his smile radiates even more. He leans back in his seat and rubs his chin with his hand while he looks at me. I wonder what he’s thinking; I don’t have to time to ask why he seems to be studying me with his playful look before our drinks come and the waitress from before gives him a rather flirtatious look. Leo seems oblivious to her gaze and her obvious attempt to gain his attention as she ‘accidently’ grazes his free hand with her own. The tall dark haired woman leaves realising she’s getting nowhere as Leo continues to watch me.

‘Do you like to do sculpture work Amy’ he says eventually while I sip my hot chocolate. It tastes good as the warm, sweet liquid moves down my throat – heating me up as it goes. I look up at him from behind my cup before answering; he still hasn’t tried his drink.

‘Well I like to look at sculpture and I can admire it but it isn’t really my thing to be honest’.

‘I see. Even so, if you wouldn’t mind Amy, I think you’d be perfect in helping me with a project I’m working on’.

‘Oh? How come? I’m really not very good at sculpture work’.

‘Don’t worry you won’t be the artist you’ll be the subject, just as I’ve been for you today. That is if you wouldn’t mind’. I owe him really for helping me out today, although really I have no idea how I can be the subject of a sculpture.

‘Sure that seems only fair’.

‘Perfect’. He smiles at me again with another infectious gaze.

‘Not right now though, we need to go and finish your piece remember? We’ve been here too long already’. Wow he’s right; we’ve spent so long just seeming to gaze into each other that time seems to have rushed by. It’s six now and we still need to drive back to the studio room. I finish up my hot chocolate and rise from my seat to follow him to the car.

‘You didn’t drink your hot chocolate?’ He hadn’t touched it the whole time we were in there.

‘No, I’m not a huge fan of it to be honest but you probably wouldn’t have had anything if I didn’t get one too and you looked like you needed a drink to relax’.

So he went out of his way to buy me something and make sure I have it? An odd move for someone that’s really only just met me, although it does seem like we’ve known each other forever. We pull back up to the university and make our way back to the studio; Leo has taken my hand again like he did at the coffee shop and the touch is electric to me. We move into the now deserted studio room and close the door behind us. Leo moves into the middle of the room and I follow before he turns around and pulls me close to him by both hands. He holds me here for a moment before looking me over, I feel like jelly, every time he touches me it’s like small waves that threaten to knock me over. He lets out a heavy breath as he looks at me, ‘Okay Amy, nobody is here, how would you like me? You can do this any way you like’. His tone is different, it’s as though he’s asking about the project while meaning something else entirely. What I’d do if I thought it was the latter. He starts to unbutton his pale blue shirt unusually slow and I look around the room for somewhere new to place him.

‘Over here at the workbench’. I take one of my hands back and point to the bench on the right.

‘Very well Miss Kenzy’ His shirt rolls off his shoulders and falls down to the floor beneath him; he unzips his trousers and is left standing in just those tight black boxers which cling to his shape, leaving little to the imagination. He looks well equipped and I have to force myself to move my eyes away from his crotch before he notices. He bends down and pushes off his socks and shoes before stepping out of the pool of clothing.

‘If you could sit on the edge of the bench please, I’ll go and set up the easel’. He obliges without hesitation and I watch him walk over out of the corner of my eye; he looks just as fine from the back as he does the front; perfect muscle tone and the most edible bum. ‘Amy Louise Kenzy this is not a free show, close your mouth’. There she is once more, my inner self peering over her copy of cosmopolitan with disappointment.

I set up my materials and stand in front of Leo thinking of ways to have him pose. I tell him to have loose legs and to lean back on his hands facing me. I draw out the sketch pretty quickly having the outline ready to add colour and definition. ‘Isn’t this meant to be a naked image? I’m still wearing my boxers’. I’m concentrating so much on getting his outline perfect this time that I hadn’t even noticed; it was a shock to me considering how shockingly beautiful he is that I hadn’t thought to tell him to take them off. I peer around the canvass and nod shyly.

‘Yes sorry I forgot to ask you to take them off’. My voice is very soft and small; he must think I’m so childish. He whips them off and tosses them to the side; they just land about two feet from my chair.

The light from the window changes as the time goes by and I need to reposition Leo and the easel to get the shading I had before. I move over to him and ask him to move slightly to the right. ‘Like this?’ he asks as he shuffles into position.  I use my hands to move his torso into position when he suddenly takes hold of my hands and pulls me onto his lap. ‘Amy; you are so very beautiful, why haven’t we spoken before today?’ My heart moves into my mouth and I’m rendered speechless as he puts his hands on either side of my face and pulls me into him for a lingering kiss. His lips press hard against mine, his tongue probing to open me up and let him in. My lips part as I fall mercy to his touch and I press in harder wrapping my arms around the back of his neck and pressing my breasts into his chest. His hands move slowly, pushing his fingers up through my loose hair before he releases me from his kiss to look into my eyes.

He gives me small kisses on the lips before resting his forehead on mine. ‘What do you do to me Amy?’

‘I wish I knew’. I whimper under my quickening breath. Our breathing becomes synchronised and he holds me like this for what seems like forever. My inner self looks at me in shock as if to say ‘What the hell just happened there?’ For once she’s gob-smacked. 

‘You should really be painting Miss Kenzy’.

‘I don’t feel up to painting right now’. I don’t want him to let me go; this beautiful stranger I see every day is holding me the way I had fantasised about and all I want to do is stay here in his arms. I pull him into me and push our lips together again, this time with more passion as I massage his tongue with my own. I feel his fingers tighten in my hair and he pulls my head back away from him. I’m left there breathing rapidly for a second as he looks at me as if wondering whether this is right or wrong.

He kisses me on that soft patch of skin in front of my ear before whispering to me with heated breath. ‘Are you sure you want this Amy?’ His voice is husky and it sends shivers running through me from head to toe.

‘Yes’ I hum. ‘I want this’. My voice is barely heard over my heavy breathing but as soon as the words leave my lips he brings his hands under my thighs and wraps my legs around his waist. I can feel him grinding into me from under my jeans as he becomes hard beneath me. His mouth trails kisses down my neck while his right hand rises up to my face, grazing the knuckle of his index finger along my cheek, down my jaw and following the line of my neck down. The trail he follows leaves a tingling on my skin that sends a direct reaction between my legs.  I can feel that moisture build up inside me as I move my hips into him to find some friction against my crotch. My sex begins to throb and I long for his gentle touch to move lower and caress me in my most intimate place.

I trail my hands around his back as he continues his kissing trail over my collar bone and back up my neck until he reaches my mouth. I explore his muscular frame; his muscles aren’t big, but they are definitely defined. I can feel every dip and rise when he takes a breath; with every inhale he pulls me in tighter and it seems we are sharing the same breath.

His hands move from my shoulders down the tops of my arms with the slightest touch before they move in and onto my breasts. He squeezes gently until my nipples are clearly visible through my V-neck t-shirt. His mouth is on mine, rolling our tongues together in a passionate embrace; his hands roll down again until they reach the hem of my shirt. Lips still touching slightly he takes in a breath before ordering me in his husky voice ‘Lift your arms up so I can take off your shirt’.

Without hesitation I do as I’m told, I lift my arms above my head and feel his hands run over my skin as the material of my top rises and is pulled over me and thrown down to the floor. ‘No bra?’ I sense his smirk although my eyes are closed trying to savour every touch. Although he’s only been gentle with me so far I feel a burning passion in me that hasn’t been present for a long time now. I feel more alive in this instant than I have in my whole life; none of my previous boyfriends have had this effect on me. Leo takes his time with me, letting the intense anticipation build up within me; my libido screams that it wants him to fuck me, to take me on this work bench before I explode and go wild.

His hands take their time to caress my chest, moving slowly to work up my appetite for him. His hands are firm and strong; he manipulates my breasts to fit perfectly in his palms before he dips his head away from my face to kiss and suck on and around my aching nipples. His mouth sends shock waves of pleasure through my body to that place between my thighs; I have never experienced this kind of pleasure from just having my chest fondled alone. I feel my sex swell and throb even more and I move my hips hard into him trying to find some release. He teased me move with his mouth and a startling orgasm ripples through me. It takes me by surprise as my body convulses at his touch, my hands grab fist fulls of his hair and my hips grinding even further into him as the spasms of pleasure take over me. He kisses me between my breasts as I push my chest forward in my orgasmic state of mind; the tingles of his touch are more intense and I can feel another wave of intense pleasure pulse through me and I scream out a miraculously loud moan.

I still for a moment as any physical movement feels like it might pierce through me; my whole body is sensitive and I feel like I’ve been a victim of some supernatural hurricane of pleasure. My head lifts up from its pulled back state and I hold onto Leo tightly as face him. I’m dazed and I’m sure my eyes show it; he just smiles at me puts his fingers back through my hair. My scalp feels like its prickling me from under his finger tips and I have a sudden urge to push him down and run my hungry mouth over every inch of his body.

He gives me a small, sensual kiss before pulling back from me to look at my body as my heavy breaths lift my chest up and down quickly. I flash him my own crooked smile before pushing him hard from his chest so he lies back on the work bench. I bend down to kiss him and pry his mouth open with my eager tongue before I stand up and take a look at him.

He looks pumped full of lust as he leans on his elbows to see me; his body looks even more tantalising to me now that I know what I want and what I can inevitably have in just a few short moments. My eyes scan over him as I bite down on my lower lip; I feel like this animalistic urge has taken over me, I want to pounce on him like the hungry tigress that I am but I want to make sure his need for me is just as strong first.

I move my hands behind my neck and slowly trail them around and over my collarbone as he watches me; with my arms being held higher than usual my breasts stand firm and full making them look at least two sizes bigger than normal. His eyes are completely fixed on me; it’s exactly how I want him. I can see how hard he is and how with every movement of my hands his dick twitches up in excitement. My hands move again over my already sensitive breasts and I make a show of pulling and fondling my nipples in front of him; I can see a bead of clear liquid form on the tip of his penis and I lick my lips as his eyes catch what I’m looking at.

I see another twitch when my hands move over my stomach and one hand slips under my jeans; I keep it there just for a moment as I look at him with the most sultry gaze I can make before taking it out and popping two of my fingers into my mouth. ‘God Amy that is so sexy’. He almost growls the words as he watches me lick and suck my juices from my fingers.

I let out a slow ‘Mmm’, knowing that it will get him going; I see another twitch of his dick, this time moving with more frustration and standing at a higher angle than it did before. He sits up and puts his arms out to try and reach me to pull me into his embrace. ‘Ah ah!’ I forbid him from pulling me to him and he gives me a slight look of confusion before smiling with excitement. ‘I want you to undo my jeans Leo’. My command is fulfilled instantly as he hooks his fingers under the band of my jeans and yanks me forward.

His knuckles caress the skin above the jeans before he moves over to the button and pops it open. He pulls down my zipper at a slow pace with his head looking up into my face the whole time. I bite on my lower lip again and can sense that naughty tigress coming to the surface once again. He pulls down my jeans over my thighs as I stand in front of him and he trails more wet kisses down my front following his hands.

I step out of my jeans still wearing my kitten heels. Leo stills for a second starting at my now almost-naked body; I’m now left standing in the middle of my art studio class in just my small black thong and heels. My underwear now completely clings to the shape of my sex and the transparent material lets everything show; the juices of my sex now overflow me and I can feel the dampness now on my inner thighs as well. I don’t think I’ve ever been aroused to the point I’ve gotten this wet before; I’m ready for Leo to take me now, but I have other plans first.

I push his torso again and let out a playful ‘purr’ as I kneel down in front of him. He rests on his elbows again so he can watch me as I look over him and lick my lips before running my fingers over his thigh. I see another twitch and his dick looks large and throbbing from this angle. I tease him with my fingers on his inner thigh before following the pattern with wet kisses. I look up occasionally to stare into his eyes as I smile before giving him another kiss, moving higher up his thigh every time.

I feel my own arousal as my clit thumps and pulses ripple through my sex; I want him badly but I want him to feel the same way for me before we go any further. My kisses move up until I reach his balls; I lick lightly on the soft skin before taking one into my mouth for just a couple of seconds. I hear a grown from Leos throat as I take the second one in right after before taking my tongue up and over to the base of his dick.

I follow small wet kisses along the length of his shaft, feeling the twitch with every touch. As I reach the skin below his tip I lightly press my tongue to it and apply some light pressure before circling his head. Another grown escapes from his lips and I look up again to see him biting on his lip now. I grasp the base of his dick with my hand and squeeze it slightly to see the bead of clear pre-come appear on the tip.  My tongue circles him once more before I move over the top to taste the sweet clear liquid; he tastes divine. I take the tip of his penis into my mouth and hold it there just for a moment as I look up at him again.

He moves one of his hands down and brushes my loose hair behind my ear before holding it there to keep it from falling in front of his view again. I push him further into my mouth slowly as my hand follows suit. My hand and my mouth work in unison to work him into a state of frenzy; his hands becomes a fist in my hair before it stretches out again to push my head further into his crotch so my nose brushes again his public hair.

He’s big and as the tip hits the back of my throat I almost feel I’m going to gag. I take him slowly out of my mouth before taking him back in after a quick breath. My free hand starts to massage his balls and that small patch of skin just below until I feel him quicken up and thrust a bit further into my mouth. I don’t want him to come yet; although he tastes exquisite I only want him to release that warm liquid in one place. I release him from my mouth and give the tip of his dick a light kiss before trailing more up his torso and too his neck.

‘Oh god Amy you’re so good at that’. He pants as my kisses move over his neck and I move his head to the side with my hand. I feel his hand grab my wrist before he stretches out my fingers and inserts two into his mouth.

‘Mmm’. He sucks on my fingers and lets out a moan. ‘I can taste you, you taste so sweet’.

Those words are enough for me; I can feel his erection press into me as I lean over his body before kissing him deeply on his lips; allowing him to taste his own arousal on my tongue. He presses into me, his hands trailing over my back and across my bum as I straddle him again.

I push my crotch into him, feeling the pulsing dick press against my sweet spot; my underwear is so wet they cling to me as though I’m not wearing any, it makes the friction I feel more intense. We grind like this for a few minutes, just feeling each other and exploring our needs. Leo caresses me, following the contours of my body as his fingers trail down my side and over my hips before moving in to find the lining of my underwear. I feel him tickle me here for a second before sliding his hand under the soft material. He cups my sex, feeling my arousal on the palm of his hand while his tongue plays a game of torment over my neck.

Having his hand there just isn’t enough for me; I need some friction, some pressure to build me up. I’m already excited and need another release. ‘Play with me’. I whisper into his mouth as we kiss. He obliges within an instant; his fingers start to separate my swollen lips before circling around my throbbing clit. It’s almost as if he’s feeling the sensations I’m getting himself, as every time he moves he touches me in just the right place. It feels so much more intense coming from him as opposed to my solo routine that I’m used to.

His fingers continue this bitter sweet touch until I can’t take anymore. I roll over pulling him on top of me in the process; his legs move between my own and I can feel his body, heavy on top of me. He leans on his hands at either side of my head before kissing me. I push my hips up trying to meet his own but fail as he pulls back to tease me further. ‘How would you like me Miss Kenzy?’ He whispers that same phrase that he’s used all day into my ear. This time I can answer honestly, with my libido finally able to take over me completely I almost yell out the words. ‘I want you to fuck me!’

I feel his grin at my ear before he gives me a small kiss at the side of my mouth. He moves his hand down the side of my body in the same way as he did before, however this time without the gentle petting. He grabs the side of my underwear and I hear the tear of the soft material come from under his hand. The sheer rawness of what he’s doing, the thought of me not being able to wear them to go home that night excites me and I almost combust under him. This effect he has on me and he hasn’t even entered me yet. I have never had this intense feeling before with a man; I feel like I’ve been missing out on the best experiences; perhaps we should have got to known each other sooner.

He throws me underwear away (or whatever is left of it) and slides down my body using those small kisses that send electric shocks through me. His mouth reaches my sex and his tongue begins to work on me; he moves slowly at first, going up and down my length with the perfect pressure. He does this for just a short while before parting my swollen lips and teasing my clit. I can feel my juices as they flow around me getting me ready for him; my inner walls are contracting and releasing quick rate and my breathing is heavy. I lean on my elbows in the same way as he had before and see his smile as he stops for a second to look me in the eye.

He holds my thighs apart and moves into me with his tongue; tasting me and making me shiver with ripples of pleasure and desire. I lift my hips into him before a loud moan of his name leaves my mouth uncontrollably. ‘Oh god. Leo!’

My sex pulsates and my body spasms as my head flies back in an intense orgasm.  I have no time to settle before Leo is on top of me again; this time pushing his dick into me to feel my inner walls wrap him up tightly.

‘Ahhh!’ I cry out; not in pain, but in complete pleasure. I never knew love making could feel so intense; I had never had a man enter me mid-orgasm and the feeling made my climax even more intense. My toes curl and my legs wrap around him as I try and pull him into me as much I can; I can feel every inch of him inside me, stretching and filling me up.

We rock our hips together slowly as my orgasm tries to subside but with every thrust I feel another intense wave wash over me. My moans become hums as I bury my face into the dip between his shoulder and neck. As he speeds up I feel the need to scream but try to supress it feeling embarrassed by my sudden vocal sounds. Instead I graze my teeth over his skin; he lets out his own growling moan at my touch.

My hands run over his back again feeling his defined shape; with each thrust I bite down lightly on his shoulder and dig my nails in lightly to his back. He pushes into me harder drawing out each thrust before slamming back into me. As his enters me hard again my nails drag down his back in frenzy, moving down to his bum.

‘God Amy I’m going to come’. He pants into my ear as he pumps into me again. I want this; I want him to fill me; I dig my nails into his bum hard as he thrusts one last time. He pushes hard into me and stills while I pull him in with my hands as hard as I can. My teeth push into his skin as I try to stifle my loud grown as his warm liquid shoots into me. He moves only slightly as my nails dig into him harder and more come fills my sex.

He goes limp above me and we hold each other for what seems like forever; I could hold him to me like this for a lifetime. His head leans on my chest as he lies down beside me; he pulls out his now soft dick and I feel the pools of our juices trickle out of me onto the work bench below. I squirm at the thought of him leaving me; we had been entwined together in the throes of passion for god knows how long.

Leo eventually leans over me; he kisses me on the forehead before lifting my chin to lock our lips together. ‘You are so beautiful Amy’. I smile at the sweet compliment leaving his lips, suddenly feeling embarrassed and shy under his gaze. I flush as I suddenly feel aware of my nakedness on display.

As we finish putting the materials away from the easel we leave the half-finished piece on the drying rack. There was no-way I could finish painting him after our wild love-making on the work bench. We had gotten ourselves dressed after losing track of time before heading out to the car park. Leo grabbed my hand again leading me over to his car. ‘Hop in I’ll take you home’. I hop into the car without thinking about it and fastened the seatbelt around me as Leo moved around to let himself in.

He walks me up to the front door of my place and pulls me in tight to his embrace; I rest my head against his chest not wanting to let go. Sensing that any second he’ll be leaving and not knowing whether we’ll meet up again I invite him in for a drink.

‘I’d love to Amy but I have a meeting early tomorrow morning. Its already late I should get going’. I’m disappointed to say the least; does he not want to spend any more time with me? Was today just a fleeting accident that shouldn’t happen again? I hope not; I want to see him again, to feel his warmth, his touch and to see that crooked smile of his. I feel shy and foolish not knowing what to say when he lifts my face to meet his.

‘You’re still going to help me with my sculpture work aren’t you?’

‘Yes’. I almost forgot about that, he had asked me earlier today if I would give him a hand and I had agreed. This won’t be the only time I see him; I jump for joy in my head with wild celebration. He smiles at me and gives me a kiss on the cheek.

‘This is my number; call me tomorrow afternoon about three-ish. I should be finished in my meetings by then. I want to take you out for a meal if you’ll let me’. His smile dazzles me, all I can do is nod my head and within an instant our lips are locked together once more, our tongues roll around together for a minute before he pulls away from me and moves down the steps to his car. I watch as he waves to me; I’m breathless from our parting kiss and I stand almost statue like as I watch him get in the car and drive away.

It takes me a moment to get over the day’s events; this morning I was devastated the beautiful stranger wasn’t there for me to look at. Now I am jumping for joy in my head after that beautiful stranger has made love to me in my studio class; taken me in the most passionate way of my life and is wanting to see me again tomorrow. I go inside with a grin reaching from ear to ear. I will see him again.


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