Tom's big adventure

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Sci-Fi and Fantasy Erotica  |  House: Stripping and Humiliation

Tom was finally allowed out to meet his friends on his own for the first time, he couldn't wait and felt so grown up, little did he know a meeting with a group of youths on the train journey there would lead to a completely different type of evening then he planed........

Tom was very excited about the up and coming evening ahead, he had just recently turned 13 and as promised his mum had allowed him to go and meet friends without supervision for the first time. He’s best friend Mark had invited him to go up to his house and spend the afternoon, early evening with him playing in the woods at the back of his home. The journey there would include a short train ride to where Mark lived several villages away and his mum had reluctantly alowed Tom to take the train there. 


Tom looked at himself in his bedroom mirror, his blond hair was combed and jelled, he had blue eyes and baby faced features which made him look a little younger than he was. He had decided to wear his brand new red hoodie over a guns and roses t-shirt, he had also put on his brand new ripped jeans he had for his birthday, his mum hated them and called  them  rags much to Toms annoyance, but all the cool kids at toms school wore them and so Tom was insistent on getting a pair for his birthday. He had finished his outfit off with a pair of black trainers. He knew he wasn't going to be getting changed out so he had made do with an old pair of pokemon boxer briefs he had found in the draw, as he looked himself up and down he felt a real pride in how grown up he looked and headed out down the stairs. He called bye to his mum who  of course asked him if he really wanted to go out on a hot saturday afternoon dressed in ridiculous jeans that had more missing parts than the coverd ones but he had waved her off and said goodbye and left. 


Tom arrived at the station with 5 minutes before his train was scheduled he had paid for his ticket and used it to enter the platform  and now  stood waiting by some railings, he noticed a few older men and women waiting at one end of the platform and then to the other end a group of six or seven youths who he recognised as being in year 10 at his schoo,l they were laughing and shouting and pushing each other around messing about and Tom was sure he noticed them pointing and giggling at him a little. He resolved to sit in a different carriage to them and hurry to Mark's house after the train arrived in his village. 


The train arrived and Tom made to get on a middle carriage, when a large hand took his shoulder “ the kids all sit in the end carriage mate “ said the older boy who was steering Tom to the last door on the train, it happened so quick that Tom barely had time to speak before he was guided onto the train, “ err thanks” he whimpered as he took a seat at the back of the carriage. The older lad along with another boy sat write next to Tom while the other youths spread out along the carriage, Tom noticed no adults made an effort to enter that compartment of the train, he had just resolved to put his head down and remain quiet until the train reached his stop when a voice jerked him from his thoughts. 


“Hey what's your name “ shouted a rather large girl in a tracksuit from the opposite end of the carriage “ don't be a shy little man, what's your name ?” “ its Tom the boy responded nervously “Tom Woodman” “ well Tom Woodman there a snazzy pair of jeans you're wearing aren't they? very cool “ she laughed” “ err thank you” the boy muttered “ there's hardly any jean there it's mostly holes another girl laughed” “ I think they're cool Fay” the first girl scoffed. “Well, Tom Woodman came up here so I can see them a bit better don't be shy.”  “its ok replied Tom im fine here” “ i didn't ask” she  snapped. “ I could always get Jay and Ben there to bring you down if you like “ with that the two menacing larger boys stood up “ ok i'll come quiverd poor tom” Tom stood up and started to make his way slowly towards the large girl, about two steps in he was suddenly yanked back, he heard a tear noise and then a massive laugh as a girl he passed had grabbed at the hole in his jeans and tugged hard ripping the jeans further and exposing more flesh then Tom wanted, “ hey” he exclaimed there new” “ soz said the girl I just wanted to see a bit more flesh that's all “ with that she giggled “ come on'' fatty shouted from her seat “keep coming” she had a menacing tone and Tom continued another two steps then RIP another tug this time from the others side as a boy reached out and tore another handful of material from Toms jeans followed by another burst of laughter. With that Tom panicked and ran as fast as he could towards the big girl who had now stood up to block the exit to the carriage, 


Suddenly there were hands all over Tom's bottom half and material was grabed and ripped and pulled, he felt the fresh air all around his now exposed flesh and by the time he reached the big girl he's jeans were basically torn from bottom to top only being held on by the button and flies at the top. The big girl now held Tom by the shoulders “ oh that's a shame i didn't get to see them, they're all torn off now” she laughed along with her gang. “ please” whimpered tom let me go” suppressing a tear or two. “ Well maybe I could,” said the girl. Just then jay the boy at the back of the carriage walked forwards towards Tom and the girl” ha look” he gleefully shouted, he’s got yellow pants on” “ ha so he has” replied the other boy “ look they've got little Pikachus on, there little boys pants” the whole carriage laughed gleefully apart from poor Tom” “ i only had these ones to wear” he desperately pleaded. “ I know what would be fun “ smirked fat girl “ let's make him sir the rest of the way in only his little boy pants” yeah the rest of the gang shouted encouragly “ no please dont gasped little Tom” 


With that the big girl pulled Tom forward and down so that he was now lying on his stomach with the girl holding his shoulders `` strip Him” she gleefully ordered. Tom felt hands on his feet and his trainers being undone and the yanked off, hands where then on his waist undoing his button and yanking down the remaining bits of his ruined jeans, simultanlsy the fat girl placed her hands at the bottom of t-shirt and hoodie and with impressive strength she managed to yank both off over his head in one quick motion, “take his socks too “ she demanded and Tom felt fingers slowly sliding his black socks off his feet, the gang the suddenly stood up leaving tom on the ground. “ Well get up the Tom Woodman “ the big girl commanded. Tom slowly stood up to a barrage of giggles now only wearing his yellow pokemon boxer briefs, he felt the dirty cold carriage floor under his bare feet as he was told to sit on a seat, “ look at him, he's going to cry” shouted Jay but tom knew he wouldn't give them that satisfaction. He sat down hoping they would give him his clothes back when the train stopped just  staring down at his yellow pants and his naked legs and feet.


About ten minutes had passed and Tom new he was only a couple of minutes from the last stop, “ please can i have my clothes back to get off in” he asked the big girl, “hmm i don't know, it would be funny seeing you have to get off in those pants and be in public” everyone laughed “ “bitch” tom had mumbled it under his breath but she herd him alright “ what the hell did you just say ?” she screamed” “ err nothing sorry “ replied Tom. “He called you a bitch” smirked Jay from the back” “sorry squeaked tom” “ oh you're going to be” said the fat girl “ throw his clothes out the window “ she ordered “ please no yelped Tom, but as he did two big arms grabbed him and forced him down onto his seat, with that the window next to him was opened and Ben stred to throw all his clothes out of it. He watched his trainer disappear then his hoodie and t-shirt, the rags of his trousers and even his two black socks went out. “ Now you no clothes you little twerp “  the big girl stated “ “ well technically Beth that's not true “ Ben gleefully pointed out, looking at Tom's yellow pants. ``Please, I'm so sorry,” replied Tom. “ throw his pants out too then” she snapped “ nooooo” whimpered tom as Jay strengthened his grip and the other gang members including big beth surrounded him in anticipation. Ben moved forward with a smirk on his face and placed his fingers in the waistband of toms boxer briefs, Tom tried to squirm and kick but was too small to make a difference and really could do no more then watch his pants descend down his body exposing first hairless groin and the his floppy penus wich jiggled about has he struggled, his pants were pulled down and off his naked feet and he watched as Ben casually

 threw them out window wear the wind caught them and away they went. 


Tom sat nude on the seat as it pulled into the station, the whole gang took turns in making comments about his body and laughing in the group. “ his willy is quite big for a small boy” “yeah its bold though, like a babys “ he must be so embarrassed” “ nah he likes it, he’s not even covering up look” “ yeah but if he did will just lie him down and look anyway” the train stopped and all the gang quickly got up and left poor tom on the train while they departed to the platform “ by little nude Tom Woodman “ the fat girl laughed as she left giving him a little wave. 


Tom sat for a little second before realizing he had to move before anyone else got on the train to go on the return journey,  with a big gulp he covered his genitals as best he could and ran like the wind out of the doors, though the platform area and out the doors of the station he heard several gasps of shock and many giggles as he ran past a fair few people on his way to marks home which thankfully was only 2 minutes from the station, Mark had laughed hysterically when he had answered the door to a naked Tom, them felt pity for him as Tom seemed to almost cry, “come in mate “ he had said and as fortune would have it his parents where out so he led tom into his house and upstairs 


“ so they liturly srtripped you naked rite there on the train '' Mark asked amazed “ yeah  and threw my clothes out the window the swines” tom replied. They sat in marks room,Mark in his best going out outfit and Tom completely naked, “ can you get me home please he asked his friend” “ What no way i've been looking forward to going to the woods with you all day” the larger boy replied” “ I just want to go home though Mark”  pleaded Tom“ sorry can't let you Tommy boy” “ i'll lend you clothes to wear but only if you stay if you go you have to go naked i'm afraid”

 Tom was annoyed with his friend but knew mark just wanted some company “ ok then il come with you” tom eventually replied 

As the boys left the home after an hour or so on the X-box Tom was feeling a lot better, he was wearing clothes several sizes too big for him that was for sure  and the loose shorts he had on of marks were falling down every few minutes much to marks enjoyment but he was cooler in the outfit he now had on in the hot summers day weather, “ lets go to the woods then and have a laugh “ cried  mark “ ok Martk lets go “ and with that mark pulled Toms shorts right down, exposing his balls once again to the fresh air, Tom pulled them up” i'll get you back “ he playfully shouted as he followed mark in to woods 


To be continued ……………………………………………..


Submitted: April 22, 2020

© Copyright 2022 Callum white. All rights reserved.

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Amazing! Please continue!

Thu, April 23rd, 2020 8:57am


Thank you ????

Fri, April 24th, 2020 1:32am

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