UnCollared Part 1- When My Master Betrayed Me.

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Erotic Horror  |  House: Dark Erotica

Married BDSM Master/Slave relationship gone wrong. Master breaks all the rules to breakdown his Slave.

It was a typical marriage, at least on the outside. I wear a diamond ring that publicly shows our commitment. There is another side to our marriage, behind closed doors. I trade in my ring for a collar. My husband is no longer my partner. He is my Master. It is my duty and pleasure to serve him. To do anything for him. To take anything he wishes to do to me, in accordance with the rules. I must admit my hard limits are lax. There is almost nothing I won’t do for him. No children and scat and watersports play can be on me but not in me. Most everything else is fair game and he certainly uses it to his advantage.

Friday morning, he calls me ten minutes after I get work and commands me to go home and be ready. This isn’t unusual and I must obey my Master. I tell my boss I have a migraine and head home. Once I close the door to the house, I strip naked, put my folded clothes in front of the playroom closet and head to the doorway of the bedroom. I kneel, ass up, forehead on the floor and wait. He is not home. He must be on his way? Stop. It is not my place to question Master’s directions or intentions. I was told to be ready. I must be ready no matter how long it takes.

Three hours later, my back and shoulders aching and needing to take a piss, I hear a car in the driveway and a key in the door. When he enters, I can hear his boots stomping toward the play closet. I wonder what he’s thinking, how he’s feeling, what he is getting and what he will do to me. I tightly clench my thighs hoping I don’t piss on the carpet. The rules of being ready mean do not move from the ready position until commanded otherwise, no matter what. I obey, no matter what.

Master comes up behind me. “Don’t speak.” He immediately covers my eyes with a black out blindfold. I raise my fist and put my pinky finger up to signal him I need to use the restroom first. He lifts me to stand by my wrist. Thank god, I think as I’m sure he is leading me to the bathroom before we begin, but after he raises me to my feet he lets go. “Don’t Move.”

Before I have a chance to think a paddle smacks my outer thigh, hard, almost knocking me over. Then my ass and my calf. I try my damnedest to stay on my feet. I’m not supposed to move--. I’m paddled again, this time on my breast and then on my other breast, my ribs then my stomach and my other thigh. I was not expecting this today, my instincts telling me scream out in pain, to gasp for air but he told me to be silent. I’m ok. Whack. I’m ok. Whack. The paddling continues. Between focusing on not falling to the ground or crying out between the hits, I feel it. Piss running down my thighs. He stops beating me for a moment. “Nasty slave. Pissing on the floor. You must be punished.”

I try to regain my composure, wondering what my punishment would be. Anything is better than this. He is acting unusual. Normally we talk before extreme play sessions. Usually he informs me of what he is going to do so I can prepare myself. My thoughts stop immediately when the paddle cracks against my cheek. Instinctually I cry out and fall to the floor. Is my jaw broken? Did that really just happen? I can feel the blood pooling into my mouth. My body is shaking in shock as I try to let some of the blood out of my mouth without the movement it would take to spit. I pray I don’t black out. I don’t know what he is capable of anymore. Crack! My shoulder is on fire. What is he doing? We haven’t done a strapping session in years and certainly not without my acknowledgement. I want to go to my happy place but the pain, that was so unexpected and intense is preventing it. “Get up.” I can’t. I stay half curled up in lying on the floor in my own piss. I want to listen, but I feel like I’m going to black out. I can feel my body start to shake as I bite my tongue trying to hold myself together. Tears gush down my cheeks as I swallow another gulp of blood.  “I said get up, slave”, he bellows.

I stumble blindly to my feet. He grabs my shoulders and tosses me onto the bed. “Lay flat. Spread your arms and legs,” he demands. I helplessly comply. This time is anything but normal.  His voice is deeper and louder than thunder. I can hear the chains on the bed restraints jingle as he straps the leather cuffs around each wrist and ankle. They are tighter than usual; I can feel the blood draining from them almost immediately. My limbs are getting weak. Alarm bells are going off in my head. I sadly begin to realize I do not know what he is truly capable of.

He leaves the room briefly. I hear the play closet open and shut again. Why is he getting the chains? He already used the cuffed chains. I already can’t move. I dread hearing him come down the hallway swinging the chain. I can feel him breathing. I can hear the chain whirring as he spins around the end. I squeeze my eyes shut behind my blindfold. Please don’t. Please. “Please, Master, don’t do it.” “Cinnamon! Cinnamon! Stop, Master, please don’t! I can’t do this right now.” “Bitch, I told you to be silent.”

Thwap. The chain hit my stomach so hard I almost puked. “Cinnamon!” I coughed, out of breath, through the blood still seeping down my throat. Thwap! “STOP! STOP! I’m done! Let me up, NOW!” I screamed. “I will not.”, he said calmly. “You begged me to collar you. You begged remember? You said you would do anything for me. You signed the contract. I have not broken any of your hard limits. I have not broken the contract, and neither will you. You will continue to serve your Master how he sees fit.”

“…but the safe word..” I begged “I used our safe word. You NEED to STOP.”

“Use of a safe word was not in the contract.”

“It’s was in the Rules you bastard!...Your Rules, Our Rules.”, I cried.

“The contract included a new set of rules. You read it. You signed it. You begged for it. I own you.”

I started to scream at the top of my lungs, half knowing it was useless. We had sound proofed our room long ago as to not have the cops called during playtime. How I wish the cops could save me now.

“That will stop, NOW.” he commanded “and you will address me as Master.”

THWAP! I swear I could feel my organs rupture, with the last hit of the chain. I screamed until I choked. I mustered up enough energy and courage for one last plea. With my voice cracked and horse, “Baby please,” I begged “please. Please don’t do this. You can stop. I won’t say anything. Baby, please you’re hurting me. I’m not ok. THIS is not ok.”

I felt the rough fingers sweep gently across my cheek. I thought maybe he’d realized what he was doing, that he had gone too far, but his soft touch quickly disappeared. Instead he backhanded me multiple times and barked “You will address me correctly, slave.”

I heard him moving the chains again. I braced my body and mind the best I could, but instead being whipped with it I felt it slide gently across my stomach, getting tighter and tighter on both sides. Then I heard it, a click and spin. He chained my body to the bed with a padlock. He’s going to kill me. I know it. I prayed that I would black out before he carried out his plans. I wouldn’t be so lucky.

He left the room for a while. I lie there silently bleeding and crying. Trying to think of a way to escape, but it’s hopeless. I’m exhausted, I start to drift off to sleep. In my dazed state I hear a click and a hissing noise. I’m confused but too drained from struggling against the restraints while he was away. The hissing continues for a few minutes. My mind racing at what it could be.

He folds a leather belt and puts the doubled over end in my mouth. I struggle and manage to spit it out. “You’ll want this.” he says calmly and places it back in my mouth. I’m inclined to believe him. I take it. What now? What are you going to do to me? You are not my loving, caring Master. You are not the kind respectful man I married. Who are you? Ripping me from my thoughts, is an excruciating searing pain, my teeth involuntarily gnash into the leather. The smell of my own burning flesh and pain combo makes me puke. I throw my head to the side as hard as I can to release the belt, so I don’t kill myself by chocking on my own vomit.

“I own you.” he states.

Before I can even comprehend what is just happened, I feel the sharp teeth of clamps being attached to my nipples. I sink inside myself, knowing that not only has he just branded me without consent, he is about to electrocute me too. I pray again that I pass out from the pain so he can just finish me off.

Luckily for me the pain of electricity on my nipples is not a new sensation. I am able to slightly tune it out by focusing on the blaring pain from the brand on my hip. He removes my blindfold. My puffy red eyes cursing him and begging him to stop at the same time. I’ve never seen this look in his eyes. Cold. I’ve seen him primal before. This is much more than that. This is evil.

I struggle as hard as I can when I see him get the oral open mouth gag out. I toss my head and bite my lips shut. He punishes this by bitch slapping me until he can pry my mouth open. I try to bite his fingers but before I can I feel the silicone stretching open my lips and mouth and leather being latch around the back of my head. I start to cry again. I feel like throwing up but there is nothing left in me. I give in to my fate.

He turns the shock up higher on the clamps and I can barely take it. My body and mind become confused. I usually associate these things with pleasure and my mind is paralyzed in fear, my body is in shock but still starting to react to the stimulation. No don’t. I tell myself. Do not do give him the satisfaction. I watch with disgust as he climbs naked on top of me. His dick once one of his best qualities is now the bane of my existence. He shoves it violently in me. Faster and faster. He pulls all the way out and jams it into me again. I cry out, I beg him to stop knowing it is still hopeless, now more than ever. He pumps a few more times and pulls out. This time he goes directly and forcefully into my ass. It is so painful I scream but with the gag it came out like a moan. He smiles and continues brutally fucking my ass. I close my eyes. Please let this be over, please. I’ve been enduring this pain and betrayal for hours.

He pulls out and shoves his cock back into my pussy for a few more pumps. Then forces it back into my ass. I squeeze my eyes shut. Begging my body not to cum from the physical sensations it is conditioned to, but it’s too late. He fucks my pussy hard and fast and pulls out just as I involuntarily squirt all over him. He smiles again. I feel ashamed and humiliated.

“See, it’s not that bad is it, kitten?”

He wipes my cum off of his abdomen and rubs it sensually on his dick. A few moments later he is back in my ass. I feel as if his big throbbing cock will rip me apart any moment, when I feel him shoot his load. He throws his head back and moans while he finishes himself off in my ass. Cum leaking out around his dick and soaking into the bed as he pumps just a few more times. I think he’s finally finished. Maybe he’ll stop now. Even just leave me alone to recover. Rather he shoves his four fingers into my ass and curves them, covering them in his cum. He looks me straight in the eyes. I immediately look away. He starts to massage his cock with it. I am disgusted.

He gets off of me and turns off and removes the clamps. I sigh internally, at least there is some relief, other than my hip still raw and burning from the brand. After putting the clamps machine on the dresser, he climbs back onto the bed and straddles my stomach. He lifts his ass and places his dick between my breasts, grabs them squeezes my breasts around his dick and begins to fuck them. I thought he was done. He did this for a few minutes before abruptly stopping and rising on his knees.

I close my eyes again. I know what is coming next. There it is. His cock in my mouth. I struggle and gag as it hits the back of my throat again and again. He backs out slightly and I prep for a hard thrust, instead he pushes it toward the back of my throat carefully and begins to piss. In shock and disgust I launch forward, which only forces him further down my throat. I try to throw my head back but he grabs it with both ands and holds it there. With the gag and his cock in my mouth I have no choice but to swallow it. He lets out a long-relieved sigh, removes his dick by laying my head slowly back on the bed. He broke me. He owns me. Cinnamon.

Submitted: May 05, 2019

© Copyright 2023 Call_m3_kitten. All rights reserved.

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Lisa ☺

I think this could be made into a book add how they met In the first place and if she got away from him that story though to show you don't always know people the way you thought you did.

Mon, May 6th, 2019 7:56am


Hey Lisa!

Thanks for your comment. I agree but I don't have a lot of time to dedicate to writing. I am however working on a sequel short story to this where she gets her revenge, so perhaps it will get there one day! ?


Mon, May 6th, 2019 4:07am


Very tragic betrayal! Well written, you captured a lot of action and emotion.

Wed, May 8th, 2019 3:26pm


Abuse is not a turn on.

Fri, May 10th, 2019 3:50pm


Agreed, that is why it is a horror story not erotica although it contains sexual themes. It is a part of a rape revenge story set.


Fri, May 10th, 2019 9:00am

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