The Pastor's Wife

The Pastor's Wife

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Its no secret- sex sells, and apparently, pretty damn good. More women are opting to ditch the practical work shift to become entrepreneurs of their 'golden commodities'. But at what cost?? In my book, The Pastor's Wife, we get an inside look at what it's like being an escort and how this wild and free lifestyle is tempting but as aforementioned, sex sells and the price isn't just paid by the consumer, but the women as well. I love hearing from my readers so add comments/discussions below.


Its no secret- sex sells, and apparently, pretty damn good. More women are opting to ditch the practical work shift to become entrepreneurs of their 'golden commodities'. But at what cost?? In my book, The Pastor's Wife, we get an inside look at what it's like being an escort and how this wild and free lifestyle is tempting but as aforementioned, sex sells and the price isn't just paid by the consumer, but the women as well. I love hearing from my readers so add comments/discussions below.

Prolog (v.1) - The Pastor's Wife by C.A.Mathis

Author Chapter Note

If you are a true fan, you may have seen my work posted under another one name that I no longer use. New pen name and a few writer's blocks later.. here we are! Comments and constructive reviews are appreciated. Thanks for reading!

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 28, 2017



The Pastor’s Wife

Jasmine Williams is an upscale private escort who, after living the spontaneous and lavish life of luxury, becomes the wife of a pastor- but the first lady of the church has more than the good book on her mind. As her husband is struggling to keep the church in order and save souls, Jasmine is trying to lose any possible evidence of her rendezvous.

Some of the church members have long expected her to be of no good, but Clark loves this woman and will have no one speak negative about her.

Despite their worthless tries, Jasmine knows she’s the lady of the house and there’s nothing that they can do about it. Nothing.

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction for adults. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. Make sure that you’re healthy enough for sex and always use protection..


The night was still young and Jasmine and Michelle wanted to make as much money as they could this Saturday night.

‘So what do you think-should I wear the black mini dress or the shiny pink one?’ Michelle struck a sexy pose in the black mini. She was dressed to kill and knew she looked good, but just wanted to hear it from her bestie first.

Michelle walked seductively over to the double vanity where Jasmine was contouring her face and blew a kiss into the mirror. The new rhinestone studded designer heels she wore made her dark ebony legs look ultra sexy.

‘Are you talking about changing again, Jasmine said, exhausted of giving what would be now the seventh or eighth fashion review tonight. C’mon you looked fabulous babe.’ She grinned at Michelle’s attempt to gloat and blew an overly exaggerated kiss back; finishing up on her translucent powder. The all white body dress that she had on looked like the white icing on a cinnamon bun, simply delicious and really complimented her smooth brown sugar complexion and was sure to turn some heads. She used the paddle brush once more on her super-straight, waist length dark hair.

Michelle held out the shiny pink dress on the velour hanger once more at arm’s length, giving it another prolonged intense look to rule out any imperfection. ‘I guess you’re right, if I change, I would have to do my curls all over again.’ Jasmine’s kabuki brush briefly paused; her eyes and lips narrowed simultaneously.

Michelle shrugged the idea of having to spend another hour on hair off and took the dress back to the walk-in closet and hung it near the front of the overly-packed rack of name brand dresses and jeans as a reminder to wear it next time; unless of course, if she didn't change her mind again. She made it over to the white sheepskin bench at the double vanity just in time for the two to pose cheek to cheek in the mirror for a few drop dead sexy selfies before posting them to their blog.They complimented each other like ying and yang with the black and white ensemble.

'It's show time Chelly.'

Jasmine's white stiletto pumps echoed across the cappuccino brushed marble floor as her long and super toned legs strutted effortlessly to the dresser for their clutch bags and the keys. The body dress was blessed to be that close to her brick house body and amazing ass, which seemed to have a mind of its own with each step she made. Michelle turned the security lights down to an amber glow and waited for her at the door.

---The River Bend--- The River Bend was an upscale restaurant near downtown Tampa. Sure it was almost a hundred dollars just to reserve a table, not even including the dinner yet, but the chance of meeting a handsome rich and single doctor was doubled at this spot.

Saturday night was always a good night because the restaurant would be filled with a lot of the med student guys from the nearby college who, after spending the entire summer reaching into the chest cavities of patients who volunteered to be used for educational purposes, enjoyed the company of someone who can take their mind off of it for a while. One that can actually hold a conversation back.

Michelle and Jasmine never had to wait in line, a guy they both knew in high school worked as a busboy at the restaurant and would let them sneak in through the backdoor of the kitchen, duck pass the glass-panel door of the boss’s office and into the hallway that separate the Ladies’ and Gentlemen’s wash rooms. He blushed and stuttered whenever he laid eyes on the duo in high school and was putty in their hands, even way back then.

All they had to do was smile at him and he would brag to the rest of his gamer friends for days to come about how well he knew the hot chicks from Chemistry, and the awesome conversations he frequently has with them both, most of which in actuality, was every bit of two minutes of profuse sweating and stammering.He would do anything to stay on their good side, in hopes of a chance to be out of the friend zone with either one of them...or both!

The River Bend was packed as usual and Jasmine and Michelle did their routine move around crowded restaurant- split up, turns some heads and,who knows. Michelle spanned the room, looking past a few ordinary joes who are either trying desperately to look important by wearing ridiculously fake knock offs and nostril-curling cologne, or the ones that try to stare long enough to catch her attention and make eye contact with her as if only destiny would have it that the two be heavenly paired- she often returned the starstruck look with an ice cold grimace of insufficiency.

She spotted Jerry. Michael Jerry,MD- A married for fifteen years, father of four boys, and longtime playmate who often fancied Michelle’s services. He was forty-eight, but still had a decent body. Sometimes Michelle, at twenty-four, would be out of breath before he was.

He claimed that Michelle made him feel young again and often rewarded her with clothes and jewelry, including the new shoes she was wearing.

Michelle saw his charming smile from across the room as he motioned for Michelle to meet him at his reserved table that overlooked the Suwannee River and was closest to the live jazz band.

Jasmine watched from afar, neat the other end of the restaurant. She knew Michelle would eventually get up first for the washroom, and so would Doctor Jerry about five minutes later. They often made bets on how long they thought he would be able to last during Michelle’s mind-blowing blow jobs.The warmth of her mouth and the skill of her tongue would send him overboard every time.

After dinner, catching up on stories of the problems at home with his wife and his most recent accolades, Doctor Jerry slid a hand under the table and onto Michelle's mid- thigh. She continued to sway to the music as if she didn't notice his hand, spreading her thighs just enough to whet his curiosity and appetite.

Michael's hand inched across her smooth soft skin, his mouth watered with anticipation. His pants tighten at the thought of her wearing no panties. Without missing a beat of the live performance, she guided his hand to her pussy. Just as he was about to explore her treasure, Michelle close her thighs shut, exchanged a devilish grin with the doctor then got up from the table.

Michelle waited in the hallway to let a small group of women pass by; most likely off-duty nurses. She noticed that all of their eyes were a bit glazed over and that one was laughing at her own jokes, obviously too drunk to think anything fishy was going on. Michelle went into the empty Ladies'room and chose the usual third restroom stall- she always thought the number three was lucky. Five minutes later, Doctor Jerry sneaks in, does his three knocks on the door, and it opens for him. She had already pulled the spaghetti straps of the black mini dress down, exposing the most beautiful pair of dark ebony tits that the doctor had ever seen. A perfect pair of black tear drops. Her nipples were begging to be bitten; she even wore the hanging hearts nipple ring that he enjoyed the most. She gave the adorned nipple some extra attention with her own tongue.

“I’ve been missing you so much Michael.” Michael stood with his back to the inside of the stall with the fly of his gray dress pants open, exposing the rigid hunk of flesh that was poking out the front of his boxers.

He had been enjoying the show Michelle was putting on and couldn’t resist the urge to stroke his white cock. Michelle knelt down in front of Michael, and began rubbing his thighs. She was a master at the art of love and understood that men crave special attention too. They enjoy the sensation of hands all over there bodies, and Michelle was willing to give him all the sensation he could handle. His ass clenched as Michelle’s finger vibe went back and forth to tease the underside of his balls. No words can describe the look of pleasure a man will have when you tug and play with his balls; especially when you pleasantly surprise him. Wanting to kick things up even a bit further, Michelle rubbed her face against his manhood. It was something about the way she flopped it across her nose and mouth that made Dr. Jerry almost melt like butter. Michelle extended her neck to maneuver his dick right into her mouth. Her thick full lips were just as good as her pussy, that was already drenched at this point. Sounds of her deep-throating skills throughout the ladies washroom.

Neither one of them gave a fuck about anybody walking in on them; they were too far gone into each other. That was the difference between Michelle and Jasmine. Michael and Michelle actually loved each other. Michelle understood that she was the other woman, and was completely fine with that.

She enjoyed anytime she could get with him, after all, he was paying the fifteen hundred a month for the studio apartment that the two women shared including utilities. It wasn’t just about the money- unlike some of Michelle’s exes, he was very gentle with her. He never made her feel like a slut for being the other woman, he never judged her for her choice of work.

In fact, the stories of her sessions with other men turned him on and he has volunteered to participate with Michelle while servicing a municipal judge with a private cuckholding fantasy.

Michael was beginning to lose his balance against the door; he attempted to brace himself by holding the sides of her head but it was bobbing so fast and hard it was making the stall rattle. She learned the trick of sucking his dick while her fing ball sack. Michael had to snatch his throbbing erection from her mouth. He did not want to cum just yet; he wanted to feel that tight pussy that he had been missing.

The bright red mushroom top was Michelle’s signal to change positions. He helped her up enough to bend her over the toilet. Michael hiked the skin tight black mini over her voluptuous hips. He stooped down to have a taste of her pussy from the back; running his chin across her sweetness before burying his face deep between her ass cheeks. The ebony porn he had been privately watching in between their rendezvous was no match to the real thing.

She always smelled so sexy and glorious. He bent her over further and suckled the inner lips that hung from her love cup. Michelle thrusted her wetness back onto the doctor's face and he in return assisted her with a gentle pull of her hips, every plunge getting more and more intense until she could no longer hold the moans or the orgasm. Michael had try to use every muscle in his body to prevent cumming right then right there. The feel of his dick finally reuniting with her softness was indescribable.

‘Can I please fuck you baby, damn it, your pussy is so good..’

‘YES M-MICHAEL! Fuck me right now, fuck me hard right now!’

He rammed his manhood back and forth, in and out of the pink opening before finally giving in to the much needed release. His body jerked as his body released more of the love juice. It took a while for the two to get back situated before going back out to the dining hall. After the deed was done they would try to arrive back to the table one after other and look innocent as if forty inutes were only a quick few. They’d laugh, a little more heartily than previously, have a few drinks and he would grab her hand and kiss it; slipping the folded sevenhundred dollar bills into her hand.

He gave her extra just because she was so damn sexy tonight. He couldn’t wait until the five day trip in Bahamas- he told his wife that he would be volunteering overseas to provide medical assistance to a shelter.

The wife never once thought to question this trip, after all, he was one of the country’s best ear nose and throat doctors and has helped thousands of people over his career. The unexpected is expected when you’re married to a doctor. Jasmine was joined at her table by the anesthesiologist she rather not see. He was a little too perfect for her taste. He bought clothes and shoes and treated her to weekly hair appointments, but would lloften remind her of “all these lovely gifts.. And how she should loosen up and be thankful.. That most girls don’t get to see a beautiful life as she did..”

Jasmine hated it, but the son of a bitch was right- both Jasmine and Michelle grew up less than privileged and if it weren’t for their stunning bodies, they would be condemned to the retail jobs that most women their age would have to succumb to work. She pretended to enjoy his company and finished her meal. He leaned over into Jasmine’s ear.

‘Hey, I know, why don’t we sit in the car for a few minutes, it would be a lot more private for the two of us.’

‘Okay sure, but first let me freshen up a bit.’

Jasmine excused herself from the table, pardoned her way past a server and made her way to the washroom,glancing over at Michelle and making eye contact as she walked by. They were a team and always used non-verbal communication for things like, ‘I’m ok.’ ‘jack pot’ or their perfected, ‘I’m heading out-BE A LOOKOUT.’ Jasmine followed Kedar Solomon the anesthesiologist to the black on black jaguar crossover outside. She hated his snobby attitude but he had every reason to be.

Born into a wealthy family of prestigious black doctors with everything a human being could ever want,was still a bachelor and those damn good looks- dark coffee bean eyes that seemed to hold the key to the universe if you stared too long and skin to match that seemed to fit his chiseled and beautifully aged body perfectly and a smile so smooth, a lie could slip out at any given moment and still sound heavenly. He was just as impressive in the bedroom but Kedar wasn’t the man that would allow Jasmine to be the Master and him the slave; he was much too headstrong and handsome to fully appreciate her looks and Jasmine did not like that.

Kedar and Jasmine got into the back of the crossover; the little gold light that lined the floor helped as she made her way in. Jasmine noticed the gift box in the driver seat but pretended she did not.

He grabbed to the two wine glasses from the built-in icebox and the pink mascato.

‘ one of the most beautiful girls in the whole world. My Jasmine.’

Even the way he said My Jasmine made her hair stand on end for all the wrong reasons. At 25, she enjoyed her independence. This was the time of her life and she didn’t want to be held down by a marriage or a monogamous relationship. Customers were just customers to her and she only wanted them long enough to fulfill her shopping needs.

‘I got a little something for you.’Kedar reached for the pink box.

Jasmine gasped.

‘Two tickets to Port Ucaya, oh my goodness Kedar thank you, how did you-’

‘You’re welcome, anything for my Jasmine and any friend of hers is a friend of mine. I hope you two lovely ladies enjoy the trip.’

He had no idea. Michelle and Jasmine have been talking about traveling together for years.

Kedar went in for the kill with intense kisses on Jasmine’s lips; mimicking the darting action he hoped to be using soon. Her mind took a dive right into her stomach from the sensation. She felt extra sensitive for some reason.She questioned for a moment if it was the drink that had her feeling a little more relaxed than usual, but his kisses were too good to ignore.

She unzipped the dress as far as she could on her own and he assisted with the rest; guiding it over her head, not forgetting to grab two heaping handfuls of lovely breasts as the dress made its way on to the seat.

“All white..nice.”he sat back to admire Jasmine’s see through white lacy bra and matching panties;Her stomach was the only thing flat on her voluptuous body. He hurriedly undid his tie and dress shirt, his upper body still toned from the pick up football games. He undid Jasmine’s bra and his mouth watered from the slight bounce her breast made as they were freed.

Jasmine closed her eyes as his began to gently kiss each nipple slowly, occasionally making alternate clock-wise and counter clock-wise circles around them.

He definitely was a highly experienced lover. Jasmine had already climaxed, but that was just the first one. He enjoyed watching her barely being able to make a sound-her mouth semi permanently fixed in a open position.

He slid his way down to where the lovely pair of legs met and opened them.. She had been looking delicious to him all evening and he was finally getting a taste.

Jasmine pressed the back of her head into the back seat as she held Kedar’s head steady. Sometimes he would purposely move from her favorite spot just to make her beg for his skilled tongue. He continued to use his tongue, using his lips to create a slight suction, and without any notice, he enters two fingers inside her.The quick fluttering hand movements made Jasmine tip over once again, giving her a squirting orgasm. Kedar put the fingers in his mouth and didn’t want to miss a drop of Jasmine’s goodness.

Now wanting a piece of the real thing, Jasmine pulled him up and back to the seat; unzipping his pants and reaching for his manhood. She wanted to show her appreciation for the trip... and the amazing head.

Jasmine climbed onto his lap, being careful not to try to take it all at once. Their bodies begin to overheat and sweat as Jasmine rode him faster and harder. She could tell that Kedar liked it because he would taunt her with some dirty talk whenever he let his guard down and was really into it.

He held her tiny waist, pressed his feet into the floor and began pounding her as fast as he could until they both came in each others arms.

Afterwards was always the part Jasmine, didn’t like because he always made it seemed like he has had better before. She didn’t know if he was just being an asshole, or an asshole who hides his real emotions to not appear...i don’t know, human.

Jasmine checked her phone. She had one text from Michelle, reading that she and Doctor Jerry were heading back to the apartment and that she would wait up for her...

The Jaguar stopped in front of Jasmine’s and Michelle’s place.

“Thanks for everything, I really enjoyed tonight,” Jasmine said as she got her gift tickets and panties from back seat.

“You’re quite welcome; don’t forget to take your birth control you know, just in case...” ‘Son of a bitch,’ she thought.

“Okay I will.”

The thought of Kedar assuming she would want to create life with him, to be enslaved a lifetime to an entire family of snobs made her jaw tightened. Jasmine blanketed the other obscenities with a bright smile and wave and watched as he drove off before walking up the steps to the apartment door.

“Soooo, you slut, tell me about your night with Kedar.”

“It was the same, nothing special... “ Jasmine said in a nonchalant kind of way. “We got the tickets to Port Ucaya!” The two met each other with a huge hug and decided to celebrate with some rocky road ice cream . They were finally getting an international trip just like they always wanted.Together.

|Part Two|

‘Oh shit, it’s 11:30 in the morning.’ Michelle rolled over in her California King bed, through the lavender 1000 thread comforter and sheets and tapped Jasmine. After the late night binge on rocky road ice cream and episodes of Tales from The Dark Side, Jasmine fell asleep in her room. Jasmine raised her head from the pile of down feather pillows, squinting from the sun rays blaring through the vertical blinds. She reaches for the cell phone under the bed. Three New Texts. It was Kedar. Hope you ladies have fun on the trip. I have reserved the St. Duval guest house, great view and near the beach, should be fun. Remember to treat the guests kindly..Be at the airport at 4pm.


‘We’re suppose to be at the airport by four ,we’re fine .’ Jasmine sat up in bed to watch the remaining of episode 102 of Tales From the Dark Side.

‘I can’t believe the son of a bitch even remembered me telling him about always wanting to go to Port Ucaya.

‘C’mon Jazz, it can’t be that bad with Kedar, he seems like a nice guy”.

Michelle walked over and opened the vertical blinds in a pair baby pink boy-cut panties and matching cami.

‘He mentioned something about some guests.’ That was the other thing Jasmine disliked about Kedar, he was unpredictable and hard to manipulate.

‘Oh really, well we shall see..’ Michelle got back into bed and was just in time for episode 103.

Jasmine loved how Michelle was always so optimistic and bubbly. She had been secretly admiring how cute she looked in pink. She would try to get a glance of her breast whenever she wasn’t looking.

Michelle had her face buried in her phone texting Dr. Jerry until she noticed Jasmine was watching some lesbian porn online.

‘Why don’t you get off the phone a little while and spend some time with me,’Jasmine began taking off her bra.

‘Are you jealous? Oh my gosh, Jasmine Brooke is jealous.’ Michelle put down the phone and got closer to her girlfriend.

‘I’m not jealous, I just don’t want our work to get in between us.’ Jasmine said as she rested her head in Michelle’s lap.

‘Babe c’mon, we’ve been friends since forever and when we became lovers, it was special to me and no one will have me like you have me.’ ‘You really mean it?’ “Of course.” Michelle leaned forward to kiss her lady. Slow and soft kisses were delicately placed right onto the cupid’s bow of Jasmine’s lips;eagettingslow and sensual. She reached under Jasmine’s head and pulled off her panties and motioned her to eat her pussy.

Jasmine jumped at the opportunity and worked herself between Michelle’s legs. Jasmine used her fingers to rub the small patch of hair right above her swollen clit and occasionally inside her.

“Eat it baby” Michelle whispered, barely able to keep her legs still. Jasmine darted her tongue in and out of Michelle’s pussy, sending shock waves throughout her body. She continued the darting action while using her thumb to stroke Michelle’s growing clit.

“oooh!” “fUCKIN’ EAT THIS PUSSY” Jasmine moved up as commanded and began sucking on her well endowed clit. It was huge, but oddly, very sexy. Michelle tugged her girlfriend’s hair and bobbed her head up and down. Her pussy was super wet and beginning to drip. Jasmine use her tongue to lick her gorgeous inner lips and went back quickly to the clit.

Michelle squirted her juices and Jazz was there for clean up; she held her mouth opened wide for the drink from the fountain. She swallowed and began working for a second one. Giving her no time to get ready, she began bobbing on the clit again, now the size of a very small penis.

“Spit on it ba-by” Jasmine harked the command and spat on her pussy, then licking it back up. “Suck it baby..yes,YES...YESS Her clitoris was so wet, it was hard to keep it in her mouth as she bobbled. She slobbered all over it, keeping it moist for her lover Jasmine sucked the tiny cock harder and faster, making Michelle cum all over her chin. Michelle grabbed her girlfriend's head as she tried to handle the intense orgasm. Michelle got the double dildo and love gel from the nightstand .

Jasmine was more than ready to feel the black life-like cock inside her but sacrificed her own pleasure for a moment to watch Michelle fuck herself. Michelle has always enjoyed having a show and pushed the dildo further up her juicy hole making her completely filled up.Her eyes rolled to the top of her head and watered slightly as Jasmine began to suck on the remaining six inches of dildo. Jasmine engulfed the cock and each time her lips met with Michelle’s pussy lips, it made her own ache with pleasure.

Jasmine spread her legs and was now getting her fair share of the dick. The two used the bounciness of the bed to their advantage and banged their pussies together, their sticky juices joining to make one hell of a Sunday.

“Ohhhhh God! Baby this is sooo fuckin’ good..” Jasmine lets out another “fuck!” before wetting the entire bed. Michelle’s beautiful black ass bouncing the matching cock was more than Jasmine’s twat could handle. The clear fluid shot out of her pussy like a geyser; she raised her hips hoping her cum would land on her girlfriend's face. She stood over Michelle’s head and rubbed her clit. She spanked it a few times and went back to rubbing it.

“Squirt on my face baby yesss, rub that pussy!”

Jasmine gushed one more right into her mouth nearly drowning Michelle. The sight of her girlfriend's legs shaking uncontrollably was enough to make her cum once again as well. Jasmine collapsed on her mate.

“What time is it?” Michelle still didn’t want to miss this trip of a lifetime. “It’s 1:30, we better shower and get dressed.”

Michelle hopped off the bed and headed for the shower as Michelle pulled two identical below the knee-length ocean blue dressed ,made to fit the body like a glove the walk-in closet and waited for her turn.

The Airport

These two had to be beautiful everywhere they went including the airport. Still feeling in love they took plenty of selfies and posted a few on a social site. An old man sitting in the adjacent from them wanted to look but feared his wife would embarrass him publicly and decided that looking cowardly would be best. The male body scanning attendant was happy as shit when he thought he was scanning the two vixens. Jasmine and Michelle smirked as the plus-sized female supervisor grabbed the wand from him beating him to the point. The other nearby employees laughed at the guys foolery. Six hours later, the girls landed in Port Ucaya and were welcomed to the St. Duval guest house with several bouquets of some of the most beautiful local flowers, a tray of fruit and\ several bottles of wine. Near one of bottles was a card; Scribbled inside was the same message Jasmine got before in the phone-..Remember to be kind to the guests..

|Part Three|

It was fun in the sun for the lovers. They enjoyed recording their jewelry haul at the Market place and ‘Get ready with me’ videos. They even did a dual masturbation video for their Sizzler account. Everything was good. Michelle’s mom called and enjoyed talking to the two of them. The girls vowed to call her upon arriving back home. Jasmine never received calls from her mom or any of her family; they were skeptical of how she was able to afford the lifestyle she was living without ever having a real job and ousted her from the family without ever having to say it verbally, but did it by losing contact with her. It never bothered her really- it was just another reason to one day be able to get the fuck out of Tampa and be somewhere on an island with her babe.

It was now Wednesday and the girls quickly adjusted to having their private nude massages every evening at 8o’clock. Miguel and Thomas were tall dark and handsome times two-twins. They were very courteous and rubbed all their minor aches away with their talented strong hands.Tonight their talent was much needed after the two had been walking around all day. The two girls had their faces covered with steam towels and didn’t see the other six men enter into the sun room while Miguel and Thomas continued the task of giving their calf muscles a deep rub. It was the sound of pants unzipping that caught Michelle’s attention and cautioned her to remove the towel from her face.

|Part Four|

Jasmine was fast asleep on the massage table under the hand of Miguel’s firm but not too firm shoulder rub down. Michelle shook her awake. There were six naked men, all too pale to be from Port Ucaya, they all looked Swedish with flaxen hair and body builder bodies. Thomas and Miguel’s tall dark and handsome looked almost doll sized now comparatively. The twins joined the other six men now , removing the beach shorts and exposing their twin 10-inch cocks.

“What the fuck is going on here, who are you?” Jasmine yells. A cell phone rings. It’s Jasmine’s. The tension in the room was so thick; Jasmine was afraid to get off the table to answer the phone in her bag on the dresser.

“Answer the phone will you?” one of the flaxen men said in a Nordic accent. Jasmine runs over and gets the phone then runs back and answers it.

“Are you enjoying your gift sweetheart?”

“Kedar?”Jasmine is pissed, “ What the hell is wrong with you, we are in a place we barely know and you send men we’ve never met, I’m not even dressed..”

“Listen Jazzy dear, don’t get sassy with me.” “Do you think I’m spending nearly fifty-fucking thousand dollars to see you frolic in the sand?” “ Be careful what you wish for next time and as long as you remain kind, you’ll win the game.”

“Game, what do you...Kedar??”

He had already hung up.

Michelle began to shed a tear as she saw the look on Jasmine’s face and knew it couldn’t have been good news.

|Part Five|

Jasmine and Michelle were terrified. A phone rings again, this time, it was one of the flaxen men’ phone. The girls try their best to make out what was being said. “..OK. Let them in.” The girls didn’t get much out of such a small clue. “Please just tell us what is going on here,” Michelle sobbed. Her face goes ghost white. It was the woman that she has seen before in a picture of Doctor Michael Jerry’s sons- it was his wife and Kedar was right beside her, hoping to be the rebound man and part heir of Michael ’s 2.2 million dollar estate now that the cheating husband had been caught and bludgeoned with a “World’s Best Dad” trophy.

It didn’t take Jasmine long to figure out what was going on. That son of a bitch Kedar Solomon was already rich but would do practically anything for another buck. He swooped in like an eagle on its prey when he noticed Mrs. Jerry was home alone a lot and Michael was spending a lot more time with Michelle.

He’d often walk next door and play a few rounds of tag football with the four boys . It only took one invite inside from Mrs. Linda Jerry for Kedar to realize she was near depression and could probably use a good rump in the sheets. It took his patience to commit to listening to Linda’s sob stories about leaving nursing school years ago to become a stay at home wife and mom and her suspicion of Michael cheating, but he finally won her over. He had later captured some pictures of Michelle and Michael out together, smooching in the car. They were fucking so hard in the third stall that night at the restaurant, they didn’t notice him we he sneaked into the restroom and into the fourth stall shortly after them and recorded the moans and rattling they were making. He befriended Michael months before during breaks at the hospital and offered him a ticket to Port Ucaya that ‘he won in a sweepstakes’. In actuality, it was just a fraudulent, albeit well- made copy of one of the tickets he bought for Jasmine and Michelle. He made up a fake story about overhearing Michael during a phone call with Jasmine and that Dr. Jerry was planning to leave the states for good for his lover. Linda was devastated; and revengeful. |Part Six|

It was Linda’s idea to have her husband whacked. She had begun to not give a damn about his ridiculous excuses to get out the house. Kedar played the modest role at first when Linda first told him about the maniacal plan she made. She enjoyed seeing her boys happy, before they were locked away in their rooms on the computer and now they were much more active. He took them out to the woods one weekend and they actually said they would do it again. It had been years since they boys had a chance to play with their dad; he would always be more into his phone than into family time.

“Mrs. Jerry, let me explain, I never wanted to hurt you or the..” Michelle rapidly tried to explain her side, fearing what Mrs. Jerry was planning to do as she neared. Michelle stood motionless as Mrs. Jerry burned holes into her skin with her glossy beady eyes. Before she had anytime to brace herself Linda slapped Michelle and made her lose her balance. Jasmine was about to step in, but two of the flaxen grabbed Jasmine and forced her back on the massage table.

“Don’t you ever fucking touch me again you fuckers,” Jasmine was enraged.She couldn’t believe that once again she had been played by another shitty man, and even worse for a older, less attractive crazy bitch. She understood it perfectly for a opportunist’ view but never once thought he would do such a low thing,not even for an asshole like him.

“That’s enough out of you young lady,” Kedar spoke as if he didn’t know her. Before Jasmine tried to burst his bubble, he ordered the two flaxen men to stuff her mouth with some sort of cotton- made gag and sealed it shut with duct tape.

Linda and Kedar heard the helicopter outside and ordered the eight hired men to have their way with the two sluts before leaving the chaos. Jasmine and Michelle tried all they could to scream for help, but to no avail. They were on a private island- the closest island to them was a few miles away. No one could hear them.

|Part Seven|

The eight men were more than ready. They were here only to carry out a job but were equally taken on how beautiful the ladies were. The men’ cocks ranged from an impressive curved nine inches to the biggest one, 12 inches.

“Now, we’re going to play a little game; the longer you can handle being fucked, the less you have to be punished.” “If you tag out, you will have to suffer the consequences, be it our discretion.” The flaxen man with the bird beak nose looked dead serious. “Try anything funny business, I will not hesitate to shoot you,” Thomas the masseuse added. “C’mon kneel on the floor.” The biggest one commanded with authority. The ladies’ mascara was now a mess from all the sobbing. They did an unfamiliar type of eye-to-eye communication this time- There looks to each other this time meant something much more important. I was comforting and scary at the same time. It was a look of, ‘ in case I don’t make it, I LOVE YOU.’ THE GAME

Miguel removed the duct tape from Jasmine’s mouth. Her stomach was in knots and she vomited on herself when the gag was removed. “ugh, fuck!” He was repulsed and use a bottled water nearby to douse her face and rinse her mouth. Jasmine nearly choked from the water in her nose and the rod in her mouth. He ordered her to look into his eyes as he slammed his hips to her face, making her swallow and gag on his ten inches. The other men cheered him on as he kept thrusting. Three of the men stood over Jasmine while she blew him and pissed on her. One man of the other watchers was near his first ejaculation and quickly stood over her. He ordered her to open her mouth and swallow his cum. Jasmine refused and was slapped for not playing the game right. Michelle was being gang banged in all three holes. She tried to close her eyes and wish it all away but couldn’t. Their dream come true had suddenly become a nightmare.

|Part Eight|

Hours had passed and the men were still having their way with the two women. A couple men lost interest in them and turned the painful pleasure on to each other. Miguel and Thomas sat adjacent to each other on the massage tables while being sucked down by two of the Nordics. Two others came over to try out the dark and handsome duo. Lowering the tables to hip height, the two were able to lie back and pleasure them.

Miguel took both of the man’s balls into his mouth; switching to his dick intermittently. Miguel got sucked more intense now as the scene was almost too hot to handle. Thomas and his cock sucker now traded positions- he positioned the man on the table on all fours and roughed sexed him in the ass.

A deep and rugged “fuck yeah...” came out of the man ass-up on the table. He took a few cooling breaths from the gaps in his teeth to try to delay the orgasm. Miguel squeezed his balls. The brute fucked him harder in the ass showing no mercy and was only thinking of his own pleasure. He held his hips still, plowing deeper into the man cave until he released. Loads of hot cum filled the gaping hole. The cum shot caused the ripple effect between the other two men, making them cum.

All the men now were two exhausted to do any more harm to the girls. The bottles of champagne helped to numb the pain. They were swollen and mildly bruised from the rough handling. They eight men heard the second helicopter. The men quickly snapped out of the love trance and straight to work as they scoured the place of cellphones and destroyed them. The girls screamed as the men left them on the island. The women used the little strength they had to crawl to each other and let out the most tormented- sounding cry ever. They were just thankful to be alive.

|Part Nine|

The night had passed. The sun glaring in the guest house reminded Jasmine of being awakened by it a few days before all of this madness. A pit of anger boiled in her stomach as she looked around; empty wine bottles, her recently purchased phone smashed into innumerable pieces, her girlfriend in the fetal position a couple of feet away. She noticed a smear of blood on her lover’s bottom lip. Jasmine tries to forget the pain in her legs and limps over to Michelle. Michelle wakes up in shock, thinking that Jasmine was a brute waiting on his turn. “It’s ok, It’s me Michelle.” Jasmine rested a hand on her lover’s shoulder. “We need to get up so we can get into town for help.” Michelle responded back with only a nod; she was still exhausted. Jasmine got up and continued around the house to the restroom and ran a tub of warm water for her girlfriend. It was the least she could do since she felt like most of this was her fault. She hated herself for being so stupid to believe anything from that son of a bitch Kedar. It was more painful for her to see her girlfriend in so much pain; even at the mildest temperature the warm water was almost too much for Michelle. Jasmine used the separate shower to wash the memory of the heartless pigs away. She scrubbed as hard as she could but could still feel their hands on her. She washed her hair and it was clean, but the memory of the fuckers who pissed on her made her feel the need to wash it three more times. Her head was throbbing. It reminded her of how they used her long black hair as a rope to pulling and dragging her from one man to the next. Tears filled her eyes as she washed away their filth from her body. She dismissed the attention her own pain needed to help Michelle out of the tub. The two dressed, much more casual this time in some jeans and t-shirts. Unsure of what was going to happen next, the two girls left the guest house with their bags of clothes and slowly made their way near the marketplace hoping to find another English-speaking native. Most of the people near the market place either shrugged their shoulders because they couldn’t make out what the girls were saying, others continued as if they didn’t care and weren’t interested. Hours had passed and the girls were about to give up until they noticed a small group of people with identical sky blue shirts on. ‘Tourist?’ Jasmine adjusted her eyes to read the writing on the shirts. Hartford Community Church Missionary Team. ‘English tourists!’ Jasmine and Michelle waved and approached the missionaries and told them that they had been attacked and abandoned and were seeking help to get back home. They didn’t give specifics, just enough to raise the alarm of the group. The group offered the women some blankets they brought along and helped them into the church van. They were afraid but figured that this would be their only chance of getting back home and didn’t hesitate to take it. Clark Williams, the driver of the van and youth pastor of the church felt compelled to help the ladies. He wondered how could this happen and why. Even with the bruises on her cheeks, he could still see Jasmine’s beauty. Why would anyone want to hurt her he thought, but not wanting to lean against his own judgment, he emptied his mind and focused on getting them to the closest hospital.

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