Steph vs Sandy

Steph vs Sandy Steph vs Sandy

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


When the world might be about to end you might as well make the most of who you're stuck with. Tom and Steph take on hurricane Sandy and win


When the world might be about to end you might as well make the most of who you're stuck with. Tom and Steph take on hurricane Sandy and win


Submitted: November 03, 2012

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Submitted: November 03, 2012




Steph v Sandy

Superstorm Sandy was coming, and I was still at work. We had been in our server building, half a mile away from the office and normally almost empty of humans, in a frenzy of activity all day, it was a matter of pride that no storm could knock us off the air. Generators were checked and tested, sandbags were filled and stacked, backups and connections doubled and tripled. All the time, on every screen in the building, a constant stream of news reports, warnings and updates from the Mayor and emergency services.

Gradually, people drifted away. The building could cope on its own. I was aware of them leaving, patting me on the back, wishing me luck, and diving out of the door to get home and look after their families and property. I kept going, racing the hurricane to finish my "if all else fails" script, a sort of doomsday, last resort way for us to take control and try to keep everything going even if the building was empty and cut off.

But I could hear the reports, the storm tracking closer and closer, the increasingly grim predictions of damage. The room around me was empty, and this was not a good place to get stuck. The building was right by the Hudson river and suddenly felt very exposed. My home felt very much warmer, safer and empty. It was time to go.

I grabbed my coat and literally ran down the stairs. As I reached the lobby and looked outside, I was shocked. It had started already, the street was covered in water and the wind was fearsome. The TV on the wall was on, and the governor was saying "the time to evacuate has passed. Stay wherever you are, do not go outside." I tried the door, but could barely push it open. The time to leave had definitely passed and I was going to have to spend the night in an empty building with only humming computers and howling winds for company. It didn't feel good, and I slumped in a chair in defeat.

A few minutes later, just as I had begun to get used to my gloomy fate, a door burst open and a tiny frenzy emerged, at high speed, hurled itself at the door and bounced off. "Fuck" it screamed, trying again and being blown back into the room. "Fuck fuck fuckity fucking fuckbags. Fucking shitting fuck".

"Fucking pissing fuck", I replied, in sympathy, nodding my head and was rewarded by a surprised and angry stare.

The tiny frenzy was a tiny girl, with short, dark, boyish hair, thick rimmed glasses, dark and clever eyes, not a trace of makeup or jewellery, standard-issue geek jeans, an unknown number of fleeces, goretexes and an absurd woolly hat with ears.

"Fucking shit. Who the fuck are you?" she asked, going back over to the door and kicking it. “You fucking scared the fucking shit out of me!”

"Tom. Not normally here. Idiot. Non scary." I said. "I think we're stuck". Outside, the water was sloshing closer to the door.

"We should move these sandbags" she replied, taking off her hat and flinging it on the chair opposite mine, followed by at least five layers of coats, sweatshirts and scarves. In her teeshirt ("wholly inaccurate and entirely misleading" it said) and jeans, she started stacking sandbags against the doors, surprisingly strong for such a small girl. I helped, and pretty soon we had built a sandbag wall about four feet high. She sat on top, her legs dangling and looked backwards at the maelstrom outside. The water was splattering against the door. 

"Well, we're not getting out now" she said and turned to me with a mischievous grin, thrusting her hand towards me. "Tom, it's you, me and Sandy. We might as well enjoy it. I'm Steph." I shook her hand, looked again at that grin and the dimples which went with it. "Glad to meet you Steph. So where's the best view of Sandy to be had, then?"

"Follow me", she said, and took my hand. 

I followed her up to the top of the building where a small cluster of almost empty offices sat behind the only windows in the place, almost a whole wall of glass in a panoramic sweep. The view was across the Hudson river to lower Manhattan. We sat on the floor, leaning against the wall, and just watched the amazing view. The river was frothing and angry, the wind was whirling and every now and again something would blow past the window - a bit of billboard or tree. It was mesmeric, huge and scary. We sat for a while just staring.

The Steph jumped up. "We need to nest, we’ll be here a while" she announced, and disappeared. I kept watching and in a few minutes she came back with an armful of nesting materials - the cushions from the chairs in reception, a clanking carrier bag and a slanket. She threw the cushions on the floor, and I sat on one of them, then she ran to the door, switched off the lights, and skipped back over, flinging herself on the cushion next to me. "All the better to watch the show" she said, then wrapped her slanket around her and started rummaging in her clanking bag.

"My stash", she explained, then handed me a beer. She must be one of the few who worked here all the time.

We sat and watched, beers in hand, as the awesome apocalyptic storm raged outside. It seemed almost unreal, a film playing against the windows, until a huge piece of lower Manhattan disappeared. The lights went out as if it had just blinked out of existence. "Whoa" we both said.

"What would you do if this was the end?" she asked. "I mean, if could be. This thing could blow something straight into this building and that could be it."

"It could cause a nuclear meltdown" I replied.

"It could crack the earth's crust and release an ancient colony of man-eating dinosaurs"

"It could send the machines mad and they could hunt us down and harvest us for energy"

"Jersey City could snap off the edge of the continent and drift aimlessly through the Atlantic"

"Shit man, we're fucked".

"Let me look in my stash" she said, producing a bottle of Absolut. "You'd better come under my slanket. For safety".

I wriggled closer, laughing, and we watched a bit longer. The storm raged, and we swigged, getting pleasantly drunk and enjoying the surreal moment. We saw an explosion across the river, a sub-station going up. "It's definitely beginning" she shouted and leapt up, running around the room. "the beginning of the end!"

She ran more, round and round. "Look at me!" she cackled. "Shit, it's storm psychosis" she shouted. "It's sending me mad"

"It's vodka psychosis" I muttered and she whooped and jumped around the room.

"Be afraid" she yelled from the other end of the room. "My list! I'd better try to finish it. This might be our last night on earth, we need to do our lists." and to my amazement she yanked off her t-shirt and flung it towards me.

"What list?" I asked? Her I'm-a-geek-not-a-girl outfit had been disguising an amazing body. She was slim and toned, her boobs which had seemed small and shapeless inside her baggy t-shirt were magnificent, shapely and the perfect handful inside a shocking pink bra.

"Are you looking at my boobs?" she yelled, with a huge grin, and skipped over to me. "Well OK then. Pretty good boobs huh? I like my boobs". She grabbed the vodka and took a swig, then skipped away again. "My bucket list, duh" she said. "I thought I had years. Now I have a lot to get through in a single night. Item 1: swim Hudson"

"What?" I said, then it sunk in. "WHAT? You're fucking mad!"

"Swim Hudson! It'll be easy, it's right outside the door, even closer than before" she trilled, swigging more vodka and charging to the door, pausing to remove her shoes and jeans, and then running down the stairs. 

I got up and and ran after her, not quite drunk enough to think this swimming idea was a good one, thinking I should stop her. But also chasing the glimpse I had of her matching pink knickers and perfect peachy bum before she had run off. 

I caught up with her in the lobby where she was shifting sandbags again. "Come on!" she shouted. I grabbed her hands and she stopped, silent and still for a moment, looking in my eyes. Then she looked outside and screamed. "Jesus fuck" and ran back upstairs. I looked outside and saw opposite, in another building, a film crew with their camera pointing at the chaos. If they had been lucky they had a shot of a mystery underwear-clad geek trying to get out into the storm. At least they had made her give up on her swimming idea. I waved to them, they waved back. They had seen.

When I got back up she was sitting under her slanket again, staring out of the window. Swimming seemed to have been forgotten. She waved me over, and threw the slanket to cover me when I sat next to her. She was still in her underwear. "Steph, you are quite hilarious" I told her. 

"And quite gorgeous" she added for me. 

"Yes, and quite gorgeous" I told her. 

"Why THANK you!" she squealed, exaggerating. There was a moment of silence. A bit too long. We watched some more, more lights went out. The wind howled louder and from a distant screen we could hear a TV reporter shouting over the wind to tell the world that the worst was yet to come. 

"What else is on your list?" I asked.

"Immoral earnings" she said. "Well. Questionably moral earnings. You want a massage? I am expensive but worth it."

I had no idea what she was on about. But she was quite overwhelmingly turning me on, this tomboy geek girl with the incredible body and ever more flirtatious attitude. 


"Great, you get undressed and lie down there on the cushions, I'll get ready".

I did as I was told, although I left my boxers on, and lay down. I was glad I did because when she came back she was wearing a paper boiler suit. I guess I didn't turn her on quite as much as I had hoped.

"We use these for messy work", she explained. I wasn't sure what she was implying. "Are you shy? That's OK, I'm a professional".

She kneeled next to me and started on my shoulders. It was nice, although also obvious that she was not exactly a trained professional. She moved down my back, rustling as she went, rubbing inexpertly. 

"How is that baby, is it good?" she asked, a bad impersonation of a flirty pro. 

"Wonderful, perfect. But you're rustling a lot"

"You want me to get undressed? It costs extra" she said, not waiting for my reply. She stood up and unzipped her boiler suit, letting it drop to the floor. She was back in her pink underwear again, and black socks. She moved on to my legs, rubbing her hands up and down the backs of my thighs.

"Have you been a masseuse long?" I asked.

"Actually this is my first time", she said sincerely, "but I'm a quick learner". Her hands slid further up my thighs, under my boxers, and looped round to slide down between my legs. "Oh, here's my speciality" she said, cupping and fondling my balls. I started to enjoy the massage infinitely more as my erection grew. "How is that? I am particularly keen to master my bollock-twiddling skills" she said, playing and twiddling in the most excruciatingly perfect way. I could only groan my response.

"Now I need to do the other side" she said. "Please turn over. It's not possible to do this part of the massage with any clothes on so I'm afraid you need to remove your shorts. Don't worry, I'm a professional" she reminded me.

I rolled over and she slid off my boxers. At the same time I could look at her properly in all her glory, outrageous pink underwear, mischievous expression and air of concentration on her face. Those incredible tits. I reached out instinctively to touch them, but she pulled away. "Hey, lets keep this professional", she scolded, looking me up and down, smiling. "I need to finish the treatment". 

This time her feeble and cursory attempts at a massage were abandoned completely. She leaned over to study my cock, holding it between the palms of her hands and staring at it. "Very good, yes. Perfect. This is a truly delightful, friendly cock. I approve". She rubbed her hands up and down, wanking me between them before taking it in her right hand and massaging it up and down properly. I was incapable of any meaningful response and just desperately tried to avoid coming too soon. I didn't know what else she had planned, but I wanted to be ready for it. My cock had never had any particular compliments and I was slightly ashamed of it - hardly the mighty weapon which seemed standard issue in every porn film I had seen. I didn't really like people looking at it at all, and my sexual encounters usually involved darkness, fumbling and much more alcohol and apologies the next day. Yet here I was, enough light to see everything and totally loving this girl's scrutiny and control. I was more turned on than I had ever been. Perhaps it was making my cock bigger. She stopped.

"I think it will fit perfectly. I should check", she said. "Is that OK?".

I grunted and she leaned over, pouting her lips and kissing the tip of my knob before slurping the whole head into her mouth and swirling her tongue around it. I struggled to hold on.

She stopped and looked up quizzically. If she hadn't I would have exploded a second later. "Yes, it seems ideal," she informed me, "Perfect. Let me continue my examination".

She bent over again and sucked me in, properly sucking me off. In and out, in and out, I struggled to hold on. But she didn't stop, she twirled her tongue around my tip and held the base tight, all the while sucking me in and out, wanking me slowly with her hand. No human could hold out and I throbbed and throbbed and exploded in her mouth, pumping a week's worth of cum into the back of her throat. She kept sucking, swallowing and wanking until I could take no more then she looked back up at me. 

"Yes, perfect. I think it will do the job better than ever before. And you taste amazing, I have never let anyone come in my mouth before. Quite delightful". The words were so serious and perfunctory but her face was full of twinkle and lascivious intent, and she was kneeling next to me in the most provocative underwear I had ever seen. She was enjoying playing this role.

I reached over to her leg and ran my hand up her thigh, round under her ass and back to her knee. Then I moved to her stomach, her cute belly button and the soft flesh around it. She slapped my hand away.

"Hey, I'm not that kind of masseuse. Keep your hands to yourself please sir."

"You're not any kind of masseuse", I retorted, "but you are easily the sexiest, funniest, most fabulous girl in the world".

"How rude! And how nice", she responded. "You may touch me if you wish. It costs extra".

I decided I could afford it and reached back over. Her leg was firm and smooth. It was impossible not follow it to the top, and slide over to touch her cunt. She batted my hand away again, then grabbed it and redirected it to her bum and as I fondled it she unfolded herself and laid down next to me. I knelt next to her and told her I would take my turn to massage her this time. I had done this before and knew what I was doing. My hands glided up together, then separated and one went down the outside of her leg and the other down between, brushing her crack and lingering there before starting again. It was her turn to groan and every stroke I could feel her pink knickers getting wetter. 

I was already growing hard again, impossibly. "I think its time for your front too.”

She turned over and lifted her hips while I slipped off her knickers. She had the most beautiful pussy, trimmed but not completely waxed. A real, grown up, woman. So much sexier. I massaged her legs again, letting my finger brush her lips and then enter a little inside her soaking cunt. 

"You have the most wonderful perfect pussy" I told her, lingering my index finger on her clit and making her gasp. It was, well, neat. Like a painting. "It's ideal for my purposes".

"In that case you may fuck me now" she replied. "Lie back down."

"Does this cost extra again?" I enquired

She slapped my face. "What do you take me for, a whore? I fuck and suck strictly for fun" she said as she rolled on a condom from her stash. And with that she straddled me, and eased my rock hard cock into her sopping wet pussy. 

I stared up at her, her pink bra still in place, bouncing away on top of me with a giggle and an occasional look of intense concentration. I was amazed and glad I had come so recently because it meant I would last longer now. Her tight pussy contracted and relaxed around my cock and she wiggled her hips producing the most amazing sensations as I slid in and out. She whirled her hand above her head, like a cowgirl, bucking and bouncing.

"Yeeeeee haaa!" she screamed. I don't know how I managed to hold on.

She looked up and out of the window. The storm raged on outside. Suddenly she jumped up and off my cock and ran over, pressing her nose against the glass.

"It's storm psychosis! We can do anything" as if remembering she had special permission from Sandy to be reckless. "Lets fuck as close to the storm as we can, let it join in". So we fucked right there, up against the window, her facing out with her hands on the glass, me standing behind, inside her and thrusting while staring out as well at the maelstrom. My hands drifted to her tits, fondling them outside her bra and then releasing them completely. I could see them in the glass, jiggling up and down. Without a doubt they were the most beautiful and perfect breasts I had ever seen, her pink, hard nipples sitting in the middle of impossibly firm and pert boobs. 

The wind was getting more fierce. Perhaps there was someone in the dark building next door, looking at us as the storm closed in, but it didn't feel like it. It felt like we were alone, like there was nobody else left in the world. It was Steph and me versus Sandy and the world might end at any moment. I had never felt more alive, more turned on, more virile and here I was fucking the most glorious, beautiful, alive and uninhibited geek girl I had never seen before. 

Steph was screaming, banging her hands on the window and trembling. I wondered if she would be able to stay standing. Then she wiggled free and spun round, looking intently into my eyes with a mad glint.

"This is fucking amazing. We're fucking each other and fucking the storm! Lets fuck the storm some more!"

Then she ran past me and I watched her beautiful bare behind disappear through the door and through the fire exit, black socks still on her feet. She was heading to the roof.

I followed and halfway up the stairs was almost blown back down as she opened the door at the top and the hurricane blew in to meet me. Seconds later the door slammed shut behind her and it stopped. Then I was outside, and she was at the edge, leaning over and screaming, doing a kind of naked rain dance and stretching her arms up. She turned around and screamed at me, I couldn't hear what she said but I walked over, cock-first, to the incredible lithe body which needed me to finish what I had started.

As I got close I could hear her. "Fucking fuck me! Fuck Sandy. Fuck the storm, we're fucking the storm" and I just kept move closer, pushing her back against the handrail and entering her again immediately. I had never fucked like this before, so raw and instinctive. It was rough and brutal and right, shoving myself hard inside her again and again and she screamed and howled and the rain ran down her face. We were wet and hot, cold and raw, we had become the animals lurking inside every human.

I looked up and the apocalypse continued. Over the river a huge skyscraper flickered and went out. Sparks flew from the exploded sub-station. The Statue of Liberty was alive, steadfast in the wind but somehow leaning into it a bit more, fighting it. Steph screamed and we fucked and we didn't feel the cold or the rain but we were wet and shredded by the storm we had become a part of. 

And then something flew past our heads, something big and dangerous, inches away, nearly decapitating us and that momentary brush with death did something to us both and we exploded. I came and came, and she screamed more loudly and shuddered, the storm absorbing and amplifying everything, until her legs gave way and she clung to me, hung from me, and I held her tight, still inside her, only just beginning to come down from whatever other plane we had gone to. 

We stayed like that for a while, I don't know how long, with the wildness still raging all around until eventually our human senses started to return and the cold and wet started to feel cold and uncomfortable. We peeled ourselves apart and scampered back to the door, suddenly aware of the strangeness of being naked and, well, fucked at work. We ran back to the office and dived under the slanket, grateful for cover and warmth, sort-of strangers again and embarrassed, avoiding staring at each other. We sat, panting for a while, then Steph moved closer to me and I felt her cold body pressing againt the side of mine. Her arms went around me, she put her head on my shoulder, and a peace returned along with warmth.

"What the fuck just happened?" she asked, as if she genuinely had become someone else.

"The most amazing thing in the world", I replied. "It will never be surpassed. You are extraordinary, that was incredible. You are a force of nature, hurricane Steph".

She looked up and smiled, her dimples framing her twinkling eyes as she stared up. She was the geek girl again, the shy girl hiding under t-shirts and baggy jeans, the hard-drive tech tending her machines. 

"I think it might go on forever. I'm glad we got stuck", she said simply, then cuddled me some more and stared out of the window.

I stared too, under a blanket in the office with the endless storm outside and the nakedest most beautiful geek girl and maelstrom under my arm, almost merging into me. I thought for the first time about all we had not done. We had ignored everything we're so sensibly meant to do. No questions, no knowledge, hardly any introductions. Nothing about what had happened was safe, and it couldn't have been, it would have been wrong. The world might have been ending outside.

But it didn't matter, and it didn't frighten me to think that perhaps it would last forever because we might just never not be together again.

Steph stayed in her cocoon, next to me, and we made it last forever.

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