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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group



Falling into the arms of an inviting succubus

A dark phantom once mounted of pure lust

Of its sweetest vine the elixir costs as it drips

One kiss to your lips, to another world of time, entwine souls, fusing in the slumbering bliss

Touching you, feeling you, pleasing you

You sinking in the depth of my lover’s due

In the midnight hour your mind calls unto a dimension to satisfy your wishes, your hidden cravings

Aching for those wet sensations our tangled bodies are making

Passionate love bites up the stature of your sweaty skin

Rendering your bodily defenseless as you dance  in the stratospheric tsunami of my sunken sin

Seeking the hunger, the taste of its spiraling desires, basing in the silken spill, you feel

No arms to console the joviality of me as you thrust deeper in the covenant of my seductive thrills

Sent from the flames of internal fire, your body, your mouth, tasting the trickles of my cream

Invading your mind, tender touches in the subconscious of your dreams

Arresting your body as the mind kisses its sweetest serene 

My soft palms worshiping the robustness of your virile masculinity

Suspending the will of giver with each hip movement weakening the receiver’s indemnity

Not moving under the seize of its tenderness, the calling of rapture twisting in the heat of its surrender

Handsome Incubus

Oh, how you send me with your hasten rush

Making love to, my body, my mind, my soul lost to the rapture, to relish of you becomes a must

In the toll of my nightly rides, the earth shakes beneath my feet when you crawl between my thighs

Harkening unto the wonders of Heaven for a pleasurable weakening ride

Within the sphere of your mind, my eyes closing as you slide inside

Mingled war of pouring satisfaction our bodies plays

In the flames of scorched bed sheets where we parlay

My body you perform like gliding over smooth piano keys

The longing to delve into you tenderly to please

Psalms unto the hemisphere our bodies chant, the concerto of your mind, my body when locked, you turn up the degrees

The painstaking caresses with each dribble, my body quivers, juices you swim into, the tight grip, allowing the flow to implode inside me upon the deliver

Whispering an Incubus’ song before you claim me in the state before dawn’s early light, we awake

Kissing my skin with every breath we forsake time, loose our bodies in the give and take

“Baby, wake up, you were moaning out in your sleep, again” 


Submitted: April 14, 2020

© Copyright 2023 Brown Eyes. All rights reserved.

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Awake I am, I see your cam;
You rock my jam, my eggs, my spam!
Yes man I am, so we have swam~~
My flood you drank, when in you sank...
Now me you want to shank, acting like perfect skank:
While deep within you sank, this pole, & not a prank!
Balls deep my spunk you feel, within a hurt you heal—
“Oh baby was it real?” “Of course, I’m hard as steel”
Make haste & seal the deal, forbidden apple’s zeal!!!

Tue, April 14th, 2020 9:42pm


However did you get that out in between you eating your silken meal.. next time remind me to smash your head down even farther...and thank you for reading and commenting as well...wink

Brown Eyes

Fri, April 17th, 2020 10:49am

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