The Seduction of A Siren

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group


New Jersey Turnpike  

My moonroof sild back letting the night air creep in  
Whipping in and out of four lanes of traffic, speeding to get home from another bed of sultry sins  
A wad of cash stacked high on my passenger seat  
The BSDM, choking me on the verge of passing out, the lustful thrills, my body the carnal feast  

Whop Whop, sirens flashing behind my car  
Darn it, and New York, is not that far  
Pulled to the shoulder of a remote darken road  
Digging into my black Gucci bag, license out without being told  
If it’s that one handsome cop who keeps asking for favors in the throne of midnight, my car rolls  
Stalking me while on patrol  
He knows my car by heart, in the daylight and in the cloak of dark  
He feens for my taste something bad  
Taking me at a whim’s notice, no politeness to even ask  
Speaking in Valencian when his dick is inside my pussy to bask  
Enjoys licking up and down my pussy hole then tonguing the opening of my ass  
Clenching my hips, hammering my pussy backwards meeting his hard dick  
Breathless from the weakening moans, confide for his pleasure, handcuffed wrists  
His obsession, in between my thighs, hungry lapping like it’s a treasured gift  
My pussy hole on his mouth, tasting the juices seeping from my slit  
Calling him big daddy, scratching his back behind his girth invading hits  
Sighs echoing in his patrol car, his big hands, gently squeezing my clit  
Pleasing my body, capturing my mind, stealing pieces of my soul in the middle of his nightly shift  
Have eyed him circling the block of my brownstone  
Looking up at my bay windows to see if my lights are on  
Placing a ticket on my windshield for a tease  
Scribbled in red ink, why I’m avoiding his needs  
Call me please, with a rose left, telling me he misses my lips  
The naughty deeds from the thrust inside as his dick hungrily dips  
My legs around his back, the tip anchoring in and out with deepening slips  
No tickets ever, my slit pays those bills  
When he’s digging deep inside my butter rum sticky icky cunt, his passionate thrill  
Handcuffed in the back seat, his tongue twisting dominating game  
Legs bent over his shoulder speaker-mic, flipping me over, hips up, a finger, then dick quickly taking aim  
Fucking me in the ass, then nutting on my back, in my hair loving the humiliation of the shame  
A sinewy silhouette walking toward my vehicle, mmm…maybe a sweet compromise  
Hiking my form fitting black dress up, black stilettoes suede boots caressing my upper toned thighs  
Looking down at my red bra, no concealment for the eyes  
A tap on my tinted windows, I took a deep breath and rolled it down  
Darn it, it’s him, I cleared my throat, yes  
You were doing ninety at best  
I have to get home to rest  
“You’ve been avoiding me, and I don’t fucking like it”  
“No, just busy, and sustaining from trouble as I see fit”  
He looked both ways  
Advising me if there is enough time to play  
My pussy to slay  
He caressed my cheek  
You know, I could have you arrested for that pile of cash on your seat  
“It’s legal, I shot back”  
“Yes, from high-class prostitution, your naughty bodily requested knacks  
For every available wealthy Tom and Jack
And then a smack  
“Oh, I’m sorry…,” came out just like that  
“Get the fuck out!”  
“But… I said I’m sorry, please don’t doubt”  
The first time I heard him ever shout  
I got out my Mazda and joined him on the other side  
“And this time I will not allow your actions to slide.”  
“Hands flat on the roof,” his arousal spoke volumes of truth  
The outer side of his foot, spread my legs open  
His palms slolwy roamed up and down my curvaceous hips, smacking my ass hard, no words spoken  
“Why do you keep taunting me.”  
He dipped his hand under my dress, rubbing over my Brazilian waxed pelvic mound to ease  
Fingering my pussy, tasting it, then smearing it over my neck, moving my curls aside, a kiss to relieve  
“No panties on, pussy still wet, yet I want you to please.”  
“Get down on your knees.”  
He leaned against his patrol car waiting for his appease  
Zipper down, my head palmed, my mouth opened for his oral fixation greed  
You fucking bitch, dirty slut, you’re my fucking cunt, dammit my whore!  
Pulling at my curls, from out my scalp pores  
You know I want you all to myself, yet, you keep chasing the money, and more  
His dick darting past my lips, my head bobbing, his girth overcrowding the corridor of my mouth  
Rubbing my pussy, fingering my already sore south  
His grunts, his groans ringing out to the nightly skies  
No questions ever asked, and surely no whys  
“Swallow me.”  
Smashing my head into the clutch of his groin, my mouth under lock and key  
Galloping down my throat, his pearly seeds  
Yanking his dick out, pulling my dress to the top  
Taking my body backwards on a bed of graveled rocks  
Shooting his dick inside, thrusting, loving it, addicting me, Oh God, I can’t stop  
Linking my legs around his uniform pants legs  
Shuffling my pussy, upward, downward, pressing his gluteus downward, loving to hear him beg  
“Cum for me, damn you.”  
Mm… my butter rum, his roadside carnal food  
My pussy juices lingering, toppling, the oceanic stream spillage fused  
His dick inside me continued to move  
“Yeah you know how I like it.”  
Coveting his dick, then draining his pearly flow, plundering deeper inside my wet abyss  
A semi-truck horn blew  
“I demand you to call me tonight, no more fucking around, and no more excuses from you  
Or those tickets, may miraculously appear, giving you your day of just due”  
“You’re too sexy to be behind bars”  
After tonight, if I do not hear from you, you will be mailing out jail postcards  
On my way he finally let me go  
After fucking me in the backseat, marring my delicate skin as his ejaculation flowed  
Listening to his scanner calls, telling me no one better come to know  
My lips are sealed…


Submitted: July 30, 2020

© Copyright 2023 Brown Eyes. All rights reserved.

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Dick Wood

I found your story very hot and erotic....and familiar. I wrote a story similar to this called" Tina and the State Trooper set on the NJ Turnpike. I guess erotic minds think a like. :)

Fri, July 31st, 2020 12:18am


I just read some of the chapters of your recommendation, wow.. such a beautiful gem to stand in its comparison by nature, however, this was my way of life as I knew it to admit, and then convey it. Thank you for reading my poet and then commenting, Please have a super duper Friday and a great upcoming weekend.

Brown Eyes

Fri, July 31st, 2020 8:01am

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