The Ladies' Restroom

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group



Someone walked into the bathroom.

Ragan pivoted her head.

“I thought I told you ten minutes.”

“Yes, you did, however, you still waited. I guess desperation has no morals.”

Ragan looked into the woman’s eyes. You bitch she wanted to say.

The woman opened the door and looked out. She closed the door back and locked it. She slowly walked up to Ragan.

“What’s your name?”

“My name… ah…my name is...” Ragan remembered the name on her neighbor’s mail. “My name is Nadia.”

“That’s a nice name.”

The woman stroked Ragan’s cheek.

“Nadia, have you ever had sex with a woman?”

“I do not prefer the taste of female genitals.”

The woman yanked a fistful of Ragan’s hair.

“My husband has taken an interest to you, and what I pay for, I usually make the rules, and call the shots.” She pushed Ragan’s head backwards.

The woman turned to the mirror and looked at her reflection. She retucked a strand of her auburn hair back behind her ear. She looked back at Ragan.

“Ragan, I need you to take your clothes off.”

“I hope you are not suggesting in here.”

“I told you, I make the rules, and call the shots. Now take off your damn clothes.”

Ragan slid her arms from under the straps of the gown. She wiggled the gown down to her feet.

The gown gathered at her satin blue pumps.

Ragan stepped out her gown and kicked it aside.

The woman stepped in front of Ragan. She palmed her breasts.

“Nice, I know my husband will have a thrill with these.”

Ragan pivoted her head in humiliation.  She looked at the white tile wall as the woman’s hands explored her body.

“Very nice.” The woman gave Ragan’s breasts one final squeeze. She walked over to a tan settee and took a seat. “Come here Nadia.”

Ragan lifted her gown and walked over to the bathroom-adjoined sitting room.

The woman snatched the gown from out Ragan’s hand.

“No need for modesty.”

The woman threw the gown on the floor. She pulled her skirt up and held her legs up. She placed her palms over her downy hairs and stroked her clitoris.

“Have you ever seen a more beautiful cunt than this, Nadia?”


“Nadia, I need you to turn around and walk over to the door.”

“Excuse me.”

“Do as I say dammit!”

Ragan walked to the door and turned around.

“Now, I need for you to get down on your fucking knees, and no questions asked. My husband has put up a huge bill for your services.”

Ragan inhaled and exhaled. She bent down on her knees.

“Nadia, I need you to crawl over here and taste my pussy.”

Ragan scooted.

“Dammit, I said crawl. You whores can’t comprehend basic instructions.”

Ragan crawled up to the woman’s gaped legs. She looked down at her pinkish clitoris showered under a mat of soft dark-auburn downy hairs.

“Well go on. Do what I’ve paid you to do.”

Ragan grabbed the woman under her bent knees and pulled her lower body down to the edge of the settee. She divided the soft skin of the woman’s pussy and licked the path of her clitoris. She snaked her tongue inside the inner folds and suckled the soft flesh.

“Oh…right there.”

Vaginal juices accumulated in the back of Ragan’s throat.

Ragan spit the juices on top of the woman’s downy hairs. She kissed the perimeter of her pussy, and then kissed over an inner thigh. Ragan lifted the woman’s skirt higher. She kissed over her flat abdomen.

The woman wrapped her legs around Ragan’s back. She attempted to push Ragan’s head back down to her pussy.

Ragan grabbed a hold of the woman’s hands and bound them above her head. She detained her wrists with one hand and ripped open the woman’s silk blouse with the other.


The woman arched her back as the cool air swiped over her bare breasts.

Ragan kissed over the woman’s light-brownish nipple. She teased the other breast nipple between her finger.

“Ohm, you sure you haven’t done this before.”

Ragan released the woman’s wrists and pulled her face down; she kissed her on the lips. She stuck her tongue inside the woman’s mouth and rolled her tongue around hers.

The woman increased her detainment of Ragan’s body with her legs. She grabbed the sides of Ragan’s face and lengthened the kiss. She kissed the side of Ragan’s neck and then returned to her lips. She stuck her tongue inside Ragan’s mouth.

“Oh Nadia, stick your finger inside my wet pussy,” she mumbled between their lips.

Ragan inched her lips away from the woman’s mouth, stuck her finger inside her mouth, and then stuck it inside the woman’s tight anus. She leaned her head down and dipped her tongue inside the woman’s inverted navel.

“Oh Nadia, you’re making my pussy hunger for your tongue.”

Ragan’s tongue glided up the woman’s body slowly. She mouthed the woman’s breast nipple and suckled it as she jammed her finger inside her anus deeper. She slid her tongue up and down her cleavage; she coiled it around a nipple, lapping at it. She then slithered her tongue back down the woman’s stomach.

“Uum,” the woman gasped, she uplifted her body.

Ragan kissed the small fine hairs covering the woman’s pussy. She lifted her mouth and stretched her head upward; she kissed under the woman’s chin.

The woman tipped her face downward. 

Ragan kissed the woman on the lips. She withdrew her finger from the chamber of her rectum and jammed two fingers inside the woman’s pussy. She mouthed one of the woman’s nipples and sucked on it.

“Ooo…Nad...Nadia…my…, oh… shit…, my pussy is so wet for your mouth.”

Ragan kissed over the peak of the woman’s other nipple; she jiggled the tip of her tongue over the perfect slope, and then slowly skated her tongue back down her body.

The woman placed her palm on top of Ragan’s head, and shoved her head down to her pussy.

Ragan teased, flogged, and flickered her tongue over the woman’s dampen cove. She stuck her fingers deeper inside of her, and then integrated her tongue; she worked the trio in and out the passage of her pussy simultaneously.

“Na… oh Nadia, I’m going to cum inside your mouth, fuck.”

The woman arched her back, gripped a fistful of Ragan’s hair and gyrated her pelvis against Ragan’s face. She sandwiched her breasts together and licked over one nipple; she then licked over the other.

Ragan wiggled her tongue inside the woman’s pussy side-to-side, palmed her hips, and pulled the woman’s pelvis into her face.


The woman mashed her palm down on Ragan’s head. She suffocated her face into her genitals; she grabbed the back of the settee with the other hand and seesawed her pussy against Ragan’s mouth.

“He…here it comes.”

The woman pressed down on Ragan’s head; she wildly rotated her pussy against Ragan’s mouth. She linked her legs around Ragan’s neck, grabbing a handful of her hair.

The woman’s vaginal muscles crowned and then relaxed; her vaginal juices tumbled down the back of Ragan’s throat.

“Uum, oh yes, oh…. Ye…yes, eat that wet pussy.”

The woman rested the back of her head against the settee.

Ragan suckled the woman’s climax.

The interior of Ragan’s mouth became moist from the liquidly residue.

Ragan lifted her mouth and kissed the woman’s clitoris. Her tongue made a pathway up her ivory skin; she kissed over a breast nipple, leaned back, and then spit the essence on the woman’s nipple. Ragan leaned her head downward and suckled the glistening juices. She gathered her breasts, nipped at one nipple, followed by the other.

“Oh, that feels so good,” the woman moaned.

Ragan licked up the woman’s cleavage, under her chin, to her awaiting lips. Ragan blanketed the woman’s mouth, transferring her saliva into the woman’s mouth. Ragan lifted her mouth and inched back; she instantly stood and walked over to the sink. She leaned forward and spit inside the porcelain basin.

“I think I will be seeing you on a regular basis. You have such an amazing skill with that wicked tongue, I will pay a hefty price for any night, and I want you in my bed, not my husband’s bed, but mine.”

“Don’t count on that affirmation; this required service is for tonight only,” Ragan tossed over her shoulder. 

“Nadia, my husband is a very prominent man. What I want, I usually will get. Come here.”

Ragan turned around and walked back to where the woman sat.

The woman centered Ragan between her thighs. She kissed her abdomen. She stuck her finger inside Ragan’s pussy and then rubbed it under her nostrils. She leaned downward and tinkled Ragan’s clitoris with the tip of her tongue. She planted small kisses to the mound of her pussy. The woman buried her nose in the wet opening of Ragan’s pussy and slowly inhaled the scent of her cunt. She kissed over her clitoris, licked up the lining, and then retracted her face. She pulled Ragan by the back of her buttocks and pulled her forward.

Ragan planted a foot on the cushioned settee.

The woman darted her tongue inside Ragan’s pussy.

“Umm,” Ragan moaned.

Ragan cupped the back of the woman’s neck and drew her mouth into the gulf of her pussy. She leaned forward as the woman slowly leaned backwards.

Ragan persistently thrust her pelvis as the woman arrowed her tongue inside her pussy.

“Yes…yes, eat that pussy.”

The woman palmed the sides Ragan’s thighs and twisted her tongue inside of her; wetting her silken folds.


The woman’s tongue escalated in giving.

Ragan held the woman behind her neck, danced her pussy hole on her tongue, and held her pelvis in place.

“Oooo.” Ragan’s held bobbed back. Her pussy walls pulsated and then caved in around the woman’s tongue.

The woman’s tongue continued its oral thrashing onslaught.

“Umm.” Ragan rubbed over the sides of the woman’s face.

The woman kissed around Ragan’s saliva dripping pussy opening. She kissed Ragan’s inner thigh and then stood. Her skirt fell to her knees. She grabbed Ragan by the back of her head and tenderly kissed her; she spaced her face.

“I will no doubt be seeing you again, Nadia.” She squeezed one of Ragan’s breasts, dipped her face and licked over the nipple.

Ragan grabbed the woman by a fistful of her hair and lifted the woman’s head.

“How about my payment?”

“There is two thousand dollars in it, of course, if you come back here tomorrow.”

“I may agree to that request, but where is the payment for tonight’s services?”

She really needed that money bad. The woman looked over Ragan’s nude flesh.

“I promise if you return tomorrow. You will get five thousand dollars, in addition, the one thousand dollars that my husband promised you tonight.”

Ragan bent over and lifted her clothing from off the floor. She stepped back into the gown and pulled it up her legs. She turned and walked over to the mirror; she looked at her reflection as she adjusted the straps over her arms.

The woman walked up behind Ragan and caught her reflection in the mirror.

“You are truly a very beautiful woman, and you are not like the other whores who I’ve had the pleasure of utilizing.” The woman glided her hands through Ragan’s curly hair. “Once you move to our bedroom, my husband will adore your services.” The woman kissed the back of Ragan’s neck, and then stepped back. “Nadia, I will see you tomorrow, eight o’clock sharp.”

Ragan looked into the woman’s eyes through the mirror.

“By the way, what’s your name?”

“My name… my name is…, Nadia.”

The woman pulled her ripped blouse close, walked to the door, and unlocked it. She opened the door and walked out the ladies’ restroom.

Ragan turned on the cold-water faucet knob and palmed some water into her hands. She splashed the water on her face. She looked up into the mirror. “I just got taken, that fucking bitch.”

Ragan licked over her lips. The bland taste of the woman’s pussy juices met her tongue. She turned off the water faucet knob, and then fluffed her curls.  Ragan turned from the mirror and walked to the door. She opened the door and walked out the ladies’ restroom.


Submitted: March 18, 2018

© Copyright 2023 Brown Eyes. All rights reserved.

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SEXY N HOT lesbian sex going on here. I like that it happened in a pulbic place like a restroom. the sex was hot and steamy. Lots of kinky pussy eating and slurping.

Tue, March 20th, 2018 11:17pm


You are so bad...and thank for reading and commenting

Tue, March 20th, 2018 4:54pm


Nadia, Nadia... Sweet curls of Nadia!

Thu, April 5th, 2018 7:09pm


Your tongue is so much better. Make me a believer.

Thu, April 5th, 2018 4:55pm


WOW!!!!! I wish I was Nadia right now! Hu hu! But what kind a girl's name is "Ragan"? That's a president's last name!

Such a great story though. I clicked on it thinking it was a poem. Glad for the mistake though! It was HOT!!!!!

Tue, April 10th, 2018 8:17pm


Why thank you for reading, Clarity, "Ragan" which is Gaelic, is the form when it is a woman. "Reagan" when it is a man, as in the late President "Reagan" Thanks for commenting!

Tue, April 10th, 2018 4:19pm

Aurora M. Soleado

:) Very nice. Loving the sultriness in this one...

Sun, May 6th, 2018 3:52pm


Why thank you, Aurora for taking the time to read and then commenting. Have a great day as well.

Sun, May 6th, 2018 12:27pm


Well don’t this make my Brown eyes, blue?! I really liked the 2nd read too!

Mon, July 30th, 2018 11:15pm


Umm...I'm sure you do stud.

Brown Eyes

Wed, August 1st, 2018 7:58pm


???????????????????? ??????????????????

Thu, August 2nd, 2018 10:02pm


Oh yes………O…oh….umm… clenched in heighted passion………………….woo, you satisfied handsome.

Brown Eyes

Thu, August 2nd, 2018 6:24pm


Cum for your pleasure at my careful ministrations, you can cum for me any time!

Sat, June 1st, 2019 12:25pm


Oh my love, my handsome poet, I have missed you, please excuse my absence, but I have been so busy between posting, blogging, and getting my 2020 calendar together, I hope you have been okay, physically, emotionally, mentally, and intellectually...

Love and Hugs,
Brown Eyes

Sat, June 1st, 2019 8:46pm

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