Stolen Moments

Stolen Moments

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Lay’Luna Artesia Wockivoi, a New York prominent attorney. A woman on a mission to seduce and steal the heart of Tristano Giordano the III. Tristano Giordano the III, a New York CFO of Giordano Accounting Firm encounters Lay’Luna presence. Both share a night of wicked passion under a slew of silk sheets. Michael Barron, CEO of Barron Pharmaceuticals. A man who had an unsuspecting past indulgence with Lay’Luna, whom he crosses her presence in the future. Two men vying for Lay’Luna’s time, and an invite to share her bed. Stolen Moments, is a romance novel, of two people’s past, and future colliding. Experience the mental uncertainties, physical arousing, and the toe-curling heightened passion. This novel takes the reader on an emotional ride with a twisted plot to keep the reader’s mind engaged. Share in all the tender moments of unrelinquished wicked passion, jealousy, intimate possessiveness, and betrayal, whilst indulging your darkest sensual fantasies in physical joviality.


Lay’Luna Artesia Wockivoi, a New York prominent attorney. A woman on a mission to seduce and steal the heart of Tristano Giordano the III.

Tristano Giordano the III, a New York CFO of Giordano Accounting Firm encounters Lay’Luna presence.

Both share a night of wicked passion under a slew of silk sheets.

Michael Barron, CEO of Barron Pharmaceuticals. A man who had an unsuspecting past indulgence with Lay’Luna, whom he crosses her presence in the future.

Two men vying for Lay’Luna’s time, and an invite to share her bed.

Stolen Moments, is a romance novel, of two people’s past, and future colliding.

Experience the mental uncertainties, physical arousing, and the toe-curling heightened passion.

This novel takes the reader on an emotional ride with a twisted plot to keep the reader’s mind engaged.

Share in all the tender moments of unrelinquished wicked passion, jealousy, intimate possessiveness, and betrayal, whilst indulging your darkest sensual fantasies in physical joviality.

Chapter1 (v.1) - The Introduction

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 24, 2018

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 24, 2018




Lay’Luna Artesia Wockivoi

The Introduction



The Previous Evening

Artesia strolled through the doors of La’Ferrie French restaurant. She waited to be seated by the maître d’.

“Such an injustice for a beautiful woman to be dining alone,” a smooth baritone voice stated from behind."

Artesia smiled to herself and pivoted to face her intrusion.

“Yes, I agree.”

“Do you mind if I join you?”

Not at all.

“That would be nice.”

“Welcome to La’Ferrie Restaurant, will you be dining....”

“No, the beautiful lady will be dining with me.”

“Nice to have you back in our good graces Mr. Giordano. You and your lovely companion may follow me.”

Artesia arched her eyebrows at the formality between the two men.

Tristano gently clasped Artesia’s elbow and escorted her into the private dining room.

 “We are not dining among the rest of the diners?”

“Privacy is a benefit of time.”

“Poetic words that drip with honey, mmm, I like you already.”

“The moment I saw those long legs of yours, I was way beyond the concept.”

Tristano pulled the chair out for Artesia.

“Thank you.”

“Thrill me later.”

He winked at her, walked around the table, and sat across from her.

Artesia looked around. She must be on hidden camera; the man was certainly holding his own. She looked across the table at her dinner companion.

“Mr. Giordano, would you like something to drink before you and your lovely companion’s dinner is served?”

Tristano looked across the table. His eyes centered on the woman’s soft and succulent lips, from there, perfect thin arched eyebrows, which stressed the outward curvature of her almond shaped topaz-colored eyes, his eyes dipped to her full breasts. His mind raced ahead of him, causing him to clear his throat.

“Your best bottle of Chateau Cheval Blanc.”

God, this man had a pair of beautiful coal-black colored eyes she thought.

His velvety attributes peeked into the mirror of her soul.  His clean-shaven olive-skinned tone complexion upheld a beacon nose, and a sculptured jaw line. His mouth was wide and offset a genuine smile, which showcased a perfect set of white teeth.

A crop of jet-black tight ringlets plastered to his scalp, had a natural sheen to them. The chiseled cleft in his chin held her attention.

Artesia wondered what heritage his ancestry line originated from.

Is it acceptable to refer to a man as being picturesque?

She glanced down at his ring-less left hand.

“Are you from around this area…?”

Artesia looked up.

“I’m sorry, my name is Artesia.”

“A very pretty name, for a very attractive woman.”

“If I thank you again, other than thrilling you, I’ll have to sustain you in bed longer.”

“And very quick with the tongue.”

“Very slow on any other occasion.”

Artesia winked at Tristano.

Tristano shifted in his seat.

The confined knot between his legs began to awaken.

The waiter returned, carrying a wine stand, and an ice-bucket. He positioned the stand near Tristano’s chair and placed the ice-bucket on the cushioned top.

The waiter pirouetted the chilled bottle, uncorked it, and then lifted the bottle from out its icy depth. He poured a generous amount of the darkish liquid into Artesia’s wine glass, and then duplicated his action with Tristano’s wine glass. He placed the bottle back into the ice-bucket.


“Do you have any doubts I would not?”

The waiter looked down at the perfect molding of Artesia’s breasts.  He cleared his throat.

“No doubt Mr. Giordano.”

The waiter departed.

Artesia lifted her glass of wine.

“Shall we make a toast to endless opportunities?”

Tristano lifted his wine glass and clicked his against hers. He placed his glass back down and leaned over the table. He gently cupped her chin and kissed her lips.

“Yes, endless opportunities.”

He stroked her cheek and sat back in his chair.

Artesia took a sip of her wine.

Tristano lifted his glass and took a sip.

The smooth liquid galloped down his throat.

Artesia shifted in her seat.

The lacy thong snuggled between her buttocks was dampening with each bated breath she took.

She nervously took another sip of her wine and repositioned the glass down on the tablecloth.

“Tell me about yourself, Artesia."

The sound of her name rolling off his tongue populated her skin with Goose bumps.

“I am the mother of two boys, divorced, and I own a small legal firm.”

“You’re an attorney.”

“Yes, criminal.”

Tristano lifted his glass of wine and took a sip. He set the glass back down and leaned back in his chair.

“What is your line of profession…?

“Pardon me, my name is Tristano Giordano the III, and I am the CFO of Giordano Accounting Firm.”


“Artesia, is Manhattan, New York your place of residence?”

“No, I’m from Vancouver, Canada; I’m here in town for the duration of the week.”

“Business or pleasure.”

She loved the sound of his voice as it dipped while addressing her.

“All business at those boring seminars, however, when the door closes, pleasure.”

Tristano nodded his head in agreement.

His dick was pulsating from a lack of exposure.

“Are you married, Tristano?”

“No. You mentioned you have two sons.”

“Well actually, they’re not my biological sons. They are my two nephews who have been entrusted in my care.”

“How old are they?”

“Seventeen year old twins.”


“You’re telling me.”

Artesia laughed.

“You have a nice smile.”

“Thank you.”

The waiter returned. He positioned each plate in front of the respective person. He turned and walked away.

Tristano and Artesia shared laughter during dinner. Each one shared tidbits relating to their lives, and their profession.

“I cannot take another bite.”

Artesia pressed her lips against the dinner napkin and placed it near her plate.

“Would you like dessert?”

Artesia lifted from her chair, leaned over, and kissed Tristano on his lips.

“Yes, naked and lying on his back.”

She stroked his cheek and sat back down.

“It’s comforting to know a woman who is liberal with the sexual side of her nature. It keeps me wondering what she is capable of doing next.”

“Once you pay for dinner. I’m sure there are ways to find out.”


740 Park Avenue

Manhattan, New York

Tristano’s Penthouse

Tristano inserted his key-card inside the portal of the secured door lock. He quickly withdrew it and turned the door handle. He placed his key-card in the side pocket of his Armani suit jacket pocket and opened the door. He stood aside to permit Artesia’s entrance.

Artesia entered the grand foyer of Tristano’s top-floor penthouse.

Tristano closed the door.

Artesia ventured farther inside. Her stilettos echoed on the Italian marble floor. She glanced around in all directions.

The winding staircase imprisoned her eyes.

“Wow, your penthouse is astonishing and very spacious.”

She found his eyes.

“May I ask how many rooms you have, and is this a duplex or triplex?”

“This duplex was bequeathed to me by my great, great grandfather many years ago. However, for me, I only utilize one floor of living accommodations, which consists of three bedrooms, three full bathrooms, a study, media room, library, a butler’s pantry, staff room, a formal dining room, and an eat-in-kitchen. My home gym is the entire second floor.”

“I’m curious to know, what type of business your great, great, grandfather was into.”

“He was the CEO and founder of Capital Management Corporation.”

“Capital Management Corporation,” Artesia repeated.

“Hedge Fund Accounts.”

“And you live here alone?”

“I do.”

Artesia admired the expensive art pieces that graced the walls throughout. Rare relics here and there, coupled with Greek statues from pre-dated eras, settled the tone of the furniture’s blended color coordination in superb taste. She noticed a white baby-grand piano in the far corner of the vast living room.

Artesia turned to face Tristano.

“Do you play?”


Tristano stood back and studied the ravishing creature he plans to make love to throughout the night. He knew he would have her on her back, from the time he glanced down, and was treated to a pair of long toned legs.

The black skimpy dress she wore molded her voluptuous frame.

Tristano leaned against a marble supporting pillar beam. His eyes never wavered.

“Come here.”

Artesia slowly walked over to where Tristano stood.

Tristano pulled Artesia into his arms. He obscured her lips in a hurry.

Artesia united her arms around Tristano’s neck and pressed her body closer to his. She reciprocated the hunger.

Tristano rested his head against Artesia’s forehead.

“I have to have you,” he whispered.

Artesia kissed the side of Tristano’s neck. She inserted the tip of her tongue inside his ear canal and wiggled it; she then, flicked her tongue over his earlobe.

“Oh God, what are you doing to me,” he hoarsely moaned.

Tristano grouped Artesia’s derrière and grind his groin against her pelvis. He fixed kisses to the side of her neck; he dipped his knees and kissed her cleavage. His tongue sluggishly voyaged to a protruding breast nipple.

Tristano cupped Artesia’s breasts; he licked over the other flourished nipple through the material of her dress.


Artesia threw her head back in undeniable sweet rapture.

Tristano lifted Artesia in his arms and carried her back to his bedroom suite. He laid her in the middle of the bed. He looked down at the bronze-skinned beauty.

Tristano kicked off his shoes and bent down to take off his socks. He removed his suit jacket followed by his tie. Letting both drift to the carpet. He unbuttoned his shirt and took it off. He threw it on the bottom of the bed, unbuckled his belt, and then unsnapped the button to his pants. He then unzipped them and pulled down his pants and briefs in union.

 Both items of clothing gathered at his ankles.

Tristano stepped out of both and kicked them aside.

Artesia’s eyes magnified at the expansiveness of Tristano’s muscular chest wall.

A field of chest hairs dominated his upper torso. His triceps and biceps outlined contoured muscles. Her pussy pulsated after her eyes drifted from a six-pack abdomen, down to his groin region. Wow she thought! A lengthen oversized stretch of taut skin extended from a blanket of black hairs, and a fatten helmet, ready to enter a game of hide-and-seek.

Artesia sat up and scooted down to the edge of the bed.

This part of her plan was getting out-of-hand.

“I … I have to use the restroom.”

“It’s the door to your left. Would you like something to drink?”


 Artesia opened her legs. She pulled Tristano’s body between her thighs and wrapped her palm around his dick; she teased the helm with her tongue. She inched her lips down and layered the rigid skin with a quick kiss. She inched back and kissed across his lower stomach.

Tristano inched back. He bent his face downward and gently kissed Artesia on her lips.

Artesia placed both hands on the sides of Tristano’s face, pulled his face closer, and intensified the kiss. She kissed his chin and sunk the tip of her tongue into his cleft.

Tristano kissed the side of Artesia’s temple. His dick was throbbing. He had to stop or surrender to pre-cumming.

“Why don’t you go and freshen up why I pour us something to drink,” he whispered in her ear, and then straightened his posture.

“Okay,” Artesia replied.

Tristano stepped back.

 Artesia stood.

“If you want to get comfortable, there is a robe hanging on the back of the bathroom door.”

“I will, thank you.”

 Artesia walked to the bathroom.

Tristano walked out the bedroom. He made it over to the bar.

Artesia closed the door. She stood on her toes and glanced out the window. She was too many floors up to try and escape, and besides, she has not met her purpose. She pivoted to assess her reflection in the mirror. She unzipped her dress from the side.

The silken material slid down her legs.

Artesia stepped out of her dress. She reached down, picked it up, and laid it over the towel bar. She unstrapped her sandals and stepped out of them. She looked around the spacious bathroom.

The golden-plated fixtures gave her an instant adrenaline rush.

Yes! She finally hit the jackpot. She knew the man had money to burn or give away. She did not mind either way, as long as she was the lucky recipient.

Artesia walked over to a glass-encased shower. She slid the glass door back, stepped inside, and slid it close. She adjusted the dual water settings and turned the shower knob clockwise; she stepped under the shower nozzle. The water shrouded her skin. She blindly reached out and fumbled to locate the soap.

Artesia lifted the bar of soap and slid it over her body.

How the hell was she going to get out of this?

The man was handsome, huge on the pockets, and packing some serious beef. She ducked her head back under the nozzle.

Tristano stretched his neck to look down the elongated hallway. He placed both glasses of Cognac down on the bar and walked out the living room. He entered his bedroom and looked around. He heard the shower running; he walked over to the bathroom door and placed his ear against it.

Tristano took a deep breath and reached for the doorknob. He gradually twisted it and entered. He almost choked on a lungful of steam. He studied the silhouette of Artesia’s body through the glassed enclosure. He walked to the shower and slid the door back.

Tristano stepped inside and slid the door close. He enclosed Artesia’s waist from behind and kissed a wet shoulder blade.

“I thought you got lost.”

 Artesia turned around in Tristano’s arms.

 “At least I know I’m missed.”


Artesia stood on her toes and imprisoned Tristano’s lips.

Tristano linked his arms around Artesia’s waist. He descended his face and sunk into her kiss.


Tristano’s lips followed the stream of water droplets rolling down Artesia’s chest. He kissed over the mound of one breast and squeezed it; he zoomed his mouth over the dark-brownish nipple. He placed his hand over the other breast and teased the other nipple in the V space of his two fingers.

Tristano grabbed Artesia’s arms, lifted them, and stationed her hands together by her wrists. He immediately nursed on a breast.

“Oh…,” Artesia whined.

She closed her eyes and fell into a vortex of his tongue angrily punishing her breast nipple.

Artesia reopened her eyes. She kissed the top of Tristano’s head and suctioned her body against his.

Tristano’s tongue lapped at the droplets decorating Artesia’s skin. His impatient mouth found hers. He released her hands.

Artesia assembled her arms around Tristano’s neck. She felt the tip of his dick nudging against her downy hairs. She instantly opened her legs.

Tristano’s dick slipped between Artesia’s inner thighs.

Artesia kissed his neck; her tongue became lost in the fine hairs on his chest. She reached her hand down and squeezed his manhood. She palmed it and centered it near the opening of her vaginal cave; she then wiggled it around the opening.

“Sweet...sweet mercy...”

Tristano threw his head back.

The fine mist of water blanketed his skin.

He lifted his head and looked down into her eyes. 

“I want you Artesia with a burning ne…”

Artesia smothered Tristano’s speech. She kissed his lips. Her mouth greedily slid across his skin. 

The water droplets tidal waved into her mouth. 

Tristano lifted Artesia’s chin. He kissed her lips before his tongue invaded the corridor of her mouth.

Each one’s tongue fought for superiority.

Tristano lifted Artesia.

Artesia wrapped her legs around Tristano’s back. She knotted her arms around his neck and kissed his shoulder blade.

Tristano backed Artesia against the tile wall. He kissed her thoroughly, stealing her breath in the process.

“I need you.”

He palmed his manhood.

Fuck, no glove, usually means no love for him, but for the last breath in his body, his willpower to stop, fled him the moment his lips touched hers.


Tristano kissed Artesia. He inched his dick into the narrow opening of her pussy.


Tristano squeezed Artesia’s buttocks, and then spaced them apart.


He kissed her lips, while he snaked his manhood up into her womanhood even farther. He held her arms over her head. He licked, teased, suckled, and then nursed on one of her nipples.

“Oh, Tristano I’m…about to…to cum,” Artesia gasped in the back of her throat.

Her body weakened at the admission. Her vaginal muscles crowned to a vibrating thump, and then relaxed.  Her vaginal juices spurted.

“Ooo baby,” Artesia moaned out. “Oh Tristano.”

Tristano pounded his dick upward.

“Oh…you have…”

Artesia shielded Tristano’s lips with hers. She held him around his neck tighter.

Tristano banged his dick deeper. His dick was violently pulsating, on the verge of erupting.

“Artesia…, I…. I have to…”

Tristano’s dick dug deeper, feeding the vaginal walls of Artesia’s wet pussy.

“Tristano.... I’m about…”

Tristano slammed Artesia’s pussy down on his dick harder.

The fine mist drenched their skin.

 “Oh Tristano…”

 Artesia climaxed again. One of her legs slipped down.

Tristano’s quick hand caught it.

“You… you want this dick huh…You like this cock inside this tight sweet pussy.”

Artesia slammed her pussy downward, answering his question.

“Yea…yes...Oh Tristano, yes I do.”

Tristano slapped Artesia’s buttocks and gyrated her pussy on his dick harder. He nibbled on her neck.

“Here…here it…shit.”

Tristano threw his head back in surrender. He held Artesia’s buttocks down on his groin. His ejaculation climbed out of him.

“Yes..., yes...bab…”

His body spasm.

Artesia kissed Tristano. She held onto him tighter as his body continued to convulse.

Tristano leaned his head downward and kissed Artesia’s lips. He stationed his forehead against hers.

“Shit this pussy is damn good. Stay with me Artesia until your departure, please. I will provide all your essentials.”


Artesia kissed Tristano’s forehead.

“We will talk about it later.”

Tristano squeezed Artesia to his body.

“I take it that’s an invitation to share my bed for the night.”

“I wouldn't refuse.”

“You are very light."

“And you are very tall and very handsome.”

Artesia traced over Tristano’s lips with her tongue. His eyes were so velvety; his strong arms felt like columns of concrete supporting her.

Tristano glimpsed regret in Artesia’s eyes. He laid his forehead against hers.

“What’s wrong?”


“Are you hungry?”

“For your touch, I’m starved.”

Tristano inched back.

Artesia unraveled her legs and slid down Tristano’s body.

“You play chess.”

“I’m quite good at it.”

 “It appears you have met your match.”

 “Bring it.”

 “Consider it brought.”

Both laughed.

Tristano looked at Artesia. 

“You are very beautiful, even in your prune state of existence.”


“Well you are.”

“How about you finish washing up. In the meantime, I will rustle up something to chow on.”

“That sounds like a plan to me.”

Tristano kissed Artesia on her lips.

“Oh...I meant...ah…, to ask you. You’re clean, correct.”

“Pardon me.”

“You know, no sexual diseases.”

“Yes, I’m very clean. How about my beautiful guest?"


“That’s a good start for us thus far.”

“I agree, enjoy your shower.”

“I don’t know, the best part of it is leaving.”

Artesia kissed Tristano on his chest, and gently swatted him on his gluteus. She slid the shower door back and stepped out. She slid the shower door close. Artesia grabbed a white fluffy towel from off the towel bar and wrapped it around her body; she knotted it and walked out the bathroom.

Tristano knotted a towel around his mid-section. He snatched another towel from off the bar and began to towel dry his hair.  He walked out the bathroom and ventured into the living room.

Artesia’s presence was not accounted for.

Tristano mounted three widen marble steps. He leaned against the marble pillar and quietly watched Artesia singing while setting the table. He glanced down at her legs.

A loud whistle escaped his lips.

Artesia pivoted. She stepped away from the table.

“I hope you don’t mind I borrowed one of your shirts.”

“I must say you look much better in an Armani shirt, then me.”

Artesia blushed.

“Dinner will be served in about ten minutes. The chess board is set near the fireplace, along with a bottle of wine.”

Tristano traveled deeper into the dining room. He lifted the towel from around his neck and threw it over Artesia’s head.

The towel enclosed her waist.

Tristano pulled Artesia’s body closer to his body.

“Well now, we can always skip the food.”

Tristano smelled the side of Artesia’s neck, and then nudged it.

“After the meal, how about dessert on my back.”

Tristano inched back.

“You and I are made for each other.”

“Is that a yes?”

“Most certainly.”

“You may have a seat.”

 Tristano pulled the chair out for Artesia.

“Thank you.”

Artesia took a seat.

Tristano walked around the table, pulled out a chair, and sat.

The meal was eaten over heavy conversation, plenty of laughter, and a quick sex interlude on the table.




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