Slippery When Wet

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Slippery When Wet

Kneel on your knees, sniff your desires before you take that plummeting ease  
Stick your finger inside my pussy, and feed it to me  
The taste of me on my lips drives me crazy with a wanton need  
Spread my soft folds and tenderly lick me as you please  
Wait, don’t forget that dollop of whip cream, a swirl on my fine hairy mound  
Sticking your tongue through the fluffy mountain, twirling your tongue around and around  
Inching your mouth even farther down  
With your tongue’s tip  
Snaking the sweet aphrodisiac into my wet slit  
Your tongue hungrily lapping at my sugary clit  
Sweet mercy, my pussy extracts mixing with whip cream  
Pleasures from the mastery of your tongue, mmmm, so much better than any daydream
Wet trickles of my essence to your lips it consoles
Strong hands roaming over me as your tongue up me slowly patrols
Forbidden temptation my greatest sin
Laying me down on his bed, my body he pins
Yes, I’m willing and ready
Steering the elongation of his lust inside, slow and steady
You like that tight feeling
My thighs opening wider… the realm of his passion my kitty gloving... his breaths I’m stealing
My lips to his sealing
This butter rum abyss, hooking him, tasting the wetness ... emotional reeling  
Parting the divinity of my nature, he feens to invade, bringing down the soft rains of a juicy cascade
His dick marinating deep inside my pussy’s essence blend  
The depth of my soul he has opened and exposed, once inside ecstasy has no end
Mm… closing my eyes, I hear the arousal in his baritone voice
To have his girth sliding in and out my temple, for me, for this, no other choice
Cautious I keep telling myself
Whispers to my ear, wisps of caresses, I’m against the rope with no defense left
Touching me in all the right places to make my cunt wet  
Suspending my mind, my pussy walls compressing, gyrating, with each movement of his flow
In and out his erection plummets, the deeper it sows
Mm…oh yes…oh God yes
Back arched, clenching his skin, climaxing, oh sweet mercy...the best surrendering feeling felt  
Circling his hardness inside me, my cunt tapping the tip of his head, my essence gushing as it melt
Slippery when wet, silk soaked sheets we lay once rapture has been dealt

Submitted: April 05, 2020

© Copyright 2022 Brown Eyes. All rights reserved.

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