Restless Leg Syndrome

Restless Leg Syndrome

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Submitted: January 09, 2019

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Submitted: January 09, 2019




Mmm my kitty cat needs scratched

Restless legs syndrome from being denied intertwined around a Tomcat’s back

Played the Catholic good girl not for me

Took my uniform off, my passion needs to breathe, be free

Mm....why you fulfill my desired needs

I have nine lives that needs fucked one by one until they all flee


Silk sheets fucking, to my gyrating song

You bring the honey, I got the cuffs, make me purr all night long

Oh it feels so good to be out my cage

Meow meow body stalking, mind prowling, my carnal pleasures one can never gage


Tomcats I hear your whispers

Take my body to the stars and sink inside me your big dipper

Relish in my skin

Between my thighs we make the eleventh commandment sin

Your wicked tongue on… wickedness in the sheets we begin


I am a virgin tonight, whore tomorrow

So break me in like its my first time and forget about those mundane sorrows

My legs still fit around your neck, perfect fit

Back arched in physical depravation from a hard sailing dick

Oh baby, this is what this pussycat has missed

Ass tightly clenched

Pussy been in exile, quickly drenched…yes…yes right there…wait…wait…I suppose to be the virgin tonight

Slow and easy, my pussy walls gripping that dick just right

Legs to your chest wall, headboard gripped

My famished pussy walls oiling your dick

Bodies slipping and dipping


Oh...fuck..don’t make me cum, not just yet

You feel too good marinating in my soft wet

Purring, moaning, grunting sounds

My body seesawing against yours losing ground

Oh God...move that dick inside me around and around

Rendering me senseless, without breath, as we relish pound for pound

Gripping you tighter, loving such sweet suctioning sounds


Lips to lips

Blindly gyrating my curvaceous hips

Thrusting, anchoring  for my sweet dip

Tongue licks bathing my nipples, ever so slow

Dick gyrating in comfort, weakening my body from the languish flow

Getting addicted from your wondrous gift

Plummeting deeper and deeper for that core dick hit


Hard groin mating against my pelvis, better than a wet dream

Scratching your back, mmm…making my butter rum slowly cream

Cupping my buttocks your erection thrashing inside, making me whimper, scream

Baby harder, your girth is still locked inside me drumming, dick and pussy slap happy

Back flapping, legs around your ankles, wrapping


Sweet mercy, it feels so good to be a woman

Oh God oh God…baby I’m cumming

Mm…oh yes I feel your release

Tongue to tongue dance as my pussy kisses your dick for a contented please



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